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Miracle economic solution
Here's some banking info. on my "deep N.Dak. background".

Solution to the Economic Crisis? North Dakota's Economic "Miracle"It's Not Oil

By Ellen Brown

URL of this article:

Global Research, September 2, 2011
Yes Magazine
Western N.D. pics where the oil is. The largest part of the Bakken oil formation is in N.D. not Montana.
Where this new ND oil strike happened is where Harvey O. appeared in 1954 in Stanley ND accd. to John Armstrong's research. A part of the reason for the existence of the N.Dak. State Bank is that Finnish communists lived in & around Stanley. This is possibly why a paper trail for LHO was laid in Stanely to implicate him as a communist since he associated with these communists and tried to get them to run guns to Cuba. See my "LHO in ND" series archived here on R. Della Rosa's site.

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