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Dick Cheney hiding till the bitter end
Article in the Australian age today

Very strange than even the mainstream media reports this.

If indeed it is correct, the power that man must have.

No wonder he is so corrupt.
An almost undiscussed phenomenon is some arrangement between some intelligence agencies and GoogleEarth where they [via computer] conseal or distort 'sensitive' locations. On the EF on one thread someone had posted a Google Earth photo of the address of a person they [and others] have said was the likely Oswald 'double', still alive. I noted that the roof of their home [unlike all other homes in the view] was NOT real, was a fake computer image, and was much larger than a normal roof - hiding many features around the house and all of the house. Just try to use Google Earth for looking at a military base, Area 51 or homes of spooks, etc. Surveillance is uni-directional - they watch us - they don't want us watching them.

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