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Panetta to issue guide on how military should talk cuts
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Pentagon notebook: Panetta to issue guide on how military should talk cuts

By John T. Bennett - 09/19/11 07:00 PM ET
[FONT=Georgia !important]NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. -- Defense Secretary Leon Panetta soon will issue special guidance spelling out how the military services should interact with Congress as further defense spending cuts loom, a senior Pentagon official said Monday.
Air Force Secretary Michael Donley told reporters the services need to know "how we can address" lawmakers and congressional staff to provide them data on the likely impact of $350 billion in security cuts ordered in the August debt deal, and $600 billion more that would be triggered if a congressional supercommittee fails to agree to $1.2 trillion in additional cuts.
During a typical budget cycle, service officials would remain "mum" about their internal budget processes, deliberations and tussels, he said during a conference here. But with Pentagon officials worried about a "doomsday" scenario should those additional cuts occur, this is no typical budget cycle, Donley made clear.....

More at the link:

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