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"space week" local events



[Image: ksfpw11_poster.jpg]

Stop the Drones
No Missile Defense
End the wars & occupations in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya
Bring Our War $$ Home
Convert the Military Industrial Complex

Local Events (List now in formation)

* Albuquerque, New Mexico (Oct 5) Showing documentary Pax-Americana & the Weaponization of Space 6:00 pm at the Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice. Contact Stop the War Machine at 505-268-9557 or

* Albuquerque, New Mexico (Oct 8) Anti-war and use of space for war protest at the University of New Mexico bookstore plaza, Central Avenue. Contact Stop the War Machine at 505-268-9557 or

* Andover, Massachusetts (Oct 3) Vigil at Raytheon (where Patriot PAC-3 missile defense interceptors are made) at 7:00 am For more info call 978-686-4418

* Bath Iron Works, Maine (Oct 1) Vigil across from administration building on Washington Street (Aegis destroyers built at BIW) 11:30-12:30 am Smilin' Trees Disarmament Farm (207) 763-4062

* Brighton, England (Oct 1) Symposium on Power in Outer Space' - How can human activity in outer space be understood in relation to social power? How can this social power be contested? Keynote speakers will be Dave Webb, Leeds Metropolitan University, and Peter Dickens, University of Cambridge, and Visiting Professor at the University of Brighton. More info available at:

* Canterbury, England (Oct 1) Ground the Drones vigil and stall, anterbury City Centre, Noon 2pm Contact: Gerard Bane:

* Canterbury, England (Oct 8) Ground the Drones vigil and stall, Canterbury City Centre, Noon 2pm Contact: Gerard Bane:

* Colorado Springs, Colorado (Oct 3) Bannering outside the west gate at Schriever AFB (home of the Space Warfare Center and numerous other Star Wars programs) 3:30 - 4:30 pm

* Colorado Springs, Colorado (Oct 7) Congressional office visits (Bennet, Udall, Lamborn) presenting Stop the War petitions, 4:00 pm

* RAF Croughton, England (Oct 1) Rally at U.S. communication base, March to main gate 1 mile - starts Croughton village 12.00 midday. Returns 3:00 pm, Oxfordshire Peace Campaign,

* Fort Mead, Maryland (Oct 9) The Pledge of Resistance-Baltimore will visit the National Security Agency (NSA) at Fort Meade at noon. Contact Max Obuszewski at or 410-366-1637

* Gangjeong, Jeju Island, South Korea (Oct 1-8) Public screenings of space films such as 'Arsenal of Hypocricy,' and 'Pax Americana,' during the space peace week in the Gangjeong village

* Guntur, India (Oct 8) Meeting in Andhrapradesh state with local intellectuals to discuss space weaponization issue

* Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (Oct 5) Public screening of award winning documentary "Pax Americana and the Weaponization of Space". We will also give an update on the 4-year protest by villagers against the construction of naval base on Jeju Island in South Korea. Organized by the Halifax Peace Coalition and the Nova Scotia Public Interest Research Group (NSPIRG) at 7:30-9:00 p.m. Room 307, Student Union Building, Dalhousie University.

* Kaua`i, Hawai`i (Oct 15) Kaua`i Alliance for Peace and Social Justice intends to hold protests, in several locations around the Island, beginning with the Pacific Missile Range Facility on the West Side of the Island. Navy Aegis "missile defense" systems will be tested here to be deployed at Jeju Island, Okinawa, Guam and other locations.

* Leicester, England (Oct 5) Protest outside Thales/ U-Tacs factory, Leicester, 3.30pm 6pm Contact: Penny Walker:

* Menwith Hill, England (Oct 4) - "The Alternative Tea Party" demonstration at U.S. NSA Spy Base from 6-8 pm. Contact Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases

* Menwith Hill, England (Oct 16) "A Guided Walk Around Menwith Hill" - 2nd day of the CND Annual Conference in Bradford

* Nagpur, India (Oct 1) Demonstration at 5 PM at the All India Radio Square jointly by the All India Peace & Solidarity Organisation, S.E.C. Railway Pensioners Assn, Pragatisheel Raillway Mahila samaj and the Indian Women for Peace & Development

* Nagpur, India (Oct 2) A Workshop on different types of space weapons including Drones

* Nagpur, India (Oct 5) A joint pogramme by the All India Peace & Solidarity Organisation, Indian Women for Peace & Development and the Matru Seva Sangh Institute of Social Work, 2 pm

* Nevada National Security Site (Oct 9) Vigil at nuclear weapons test and development site from 9-11 am and vigil at Creech Air Force Base 1-2:30 pm (major drone control base) both northwest of Las Vegas, NV. This day of action is the conclusion of an international gathering of Catholic Workers; for more info, visit or contact

* Oakville, Ontario, Canada (Oct 4) Oakville Community Centre for Peace, Ecology & Human Rights and Physicians for Global Survival sponsoring a talk by Anna Jaikaran, founding member of People Against Weapons in Space, and showing winning films from the No 2 Nuclear weapons competition, Oakville Town Hall at 7:00 pm

* Omaha, Nebraska (Oct 2) STRATCOM (Strategic Command), Offut Air Force Base, Kinney Gate, 2:30-3:30 pm,

* Oxford, England (Oct 1) Women in Black Down the Drones' silent vigil, 2.30pm Contact: Annette Bygott

* Ridhora, India (Oct 3) A talk and a rally of the Students at the Central India Management & Tehnology Institute, in the state of Madhya Pradesh

* Sioux Falls, South Dakota (Oct 8) Pax Christi Southeastern SD will view documentary film "Pax Americana & the Weaponization of Space," followed with prayer that includes the Sermon on the Mount Vow of Nonviolence. Caminando Juntos, 617 E 7th St., 1-3 pm

* Stockholm, Sweden (Oct 3) A group of women from different peace organisations (WILPF, Women for Peace, Swedish Women´s Left Association, Swedish Peace Committee) will hold a vigil in front of the Parliamentary Building on International Childrens Day at 12.00-14.00. We will hold a banner: DRONES KILL CHILDREN and hand out leaflets.

* Tucson, Arizona (Oct 3) Vigil at Raytheon (where "missile defense" kill vehicles are made)

* Valley Forge, Pennsylvania (Oct 8) Nonviolent resistance at Lockheed Martin, the world's largest weapons corporation and space weapons contractor, 1- 2:30p.m. at Mall & Goddard Boulevards, (behind the King of Prussia Mall)

* Vandenberg Air Force Base, California (Oct 5) Vigil at space launch base front gate from 4:00-5:00 p.m.

* Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (Oct 5) The "Wednesday Peace Vigil" meets 12:00-1:00 pm at the Cenotaph at the B.C. Legislature, Government Street at Belleville Street. This is also the day we will be observing the 10th anniversary of the weekly vigil which is opposed to all wars. Contact:

* Visakhapatnam, India (Oct 9) Workshop "Everything on Weaponisation of 'Space" at Visakhapatnam in state of Andhrapradesh.

* Waddington, England (Starting Sept 3rd) "Ground the Drones" Peace Camp at RAF Waddington, Lincolnshire, where a new squadron is being formed to fly killer drones direct from the UK. For details of the camp contact Yorkshire CND on 01274 730 795 or

* Wandsworth, England (Oct 1) Anti-drones stall, Clapham Junction, 11am 1pm Contact: Wandsworth Stop the War Group:

* Washington, DC (Oct 8) "Stop Missiles - all Defensive missiles are Offensive - from Jeju Island to Hawaii," with Ann Wright, 11am, Stop the Machine, Freedom Plaza

* Washington DC (Oct 8) Tom Neilson will sing and discuss Keep Space for Peace Week at Freedom Plaza at 7:30 pm.

* Waterville, Maine (Oct 6) CodePink Maine Ground the Drones candlelight vigil on KMD bridge (Kennedy Memorial Drive, near Hannaford) at 7-8 pm, fmi 207-399-7623

* Weld County, Colorado (Oct 8) Vigil at Nuclear Missile site N-8 in Weld County. Car Pool leaves Colorado Springs at 8:30 AM, vigil at noon

Keep Space for Peace Week is co-sponsored by the Women's International League for Peace & Freedom, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (UK), Swedish Peace Council, Drone Campaign Network (UK), and United Against Drones (U.S.)

posted by Bruce K. Gagnon | 7:26 AM
"Where is the intersection between the world's deep hunger and your deep gladness?"

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