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New U.S. strategy: Going for the gold (Wayne Madsen)
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[TD]September 28-29, 2011 -- New U.S. strategy: Going for the gold

There is a coordinated effort by the U.S. Department of Defense, State Department, and CIA, spurred on by Goldman Sachs elements in the Obama administration, to destabilize certain major gold-producing nations in order to bring them firmly into the U.S. orbit. With gold becoming the new strategic commodity, overtaking oil, Indonesia, which ranks seventh in gold production after China, the United States, Australia, South Africa, Russia, and Peru, and the world's most populous Muslim nation, has become the latest target for American destabilization, according to intelligence sources in Asia.

As the dollar, euro, and other currencies plummet in value, gold has skyrocketed in value and countries that have large mining reserves of the precious metal have attracted the attention of the world's financial powers. One of the major spoils of the NATO campaign against Libya is the disposition of that nation's gold reserves, estimated to be over $10 billion. Syria's gold reserves, estimated at 26 tons, would also be up for grabs if the Bashar Al Assad regime gives way to a pro-Western regime.

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's (SBY) independent path between Washington and Beijing has rankled feathers in Washington, which would like to see a return to a more cooperative government in Jakarta, such as that of the late dictator Suharto. Suharto cane to power in 1965 in a coup supported by the CIA. Before being elected president, SBY served as national security minister to Sukarno's daughter, Megawati Sukarnaputri, the previous president. Both continued a policy of steering Indonesia toward a more independent path of the United States.

With Indonesia now more strategically important because of its gold reserves and China's increasing military presence in Southeast Asian waters, the CIA has increased its influence over Indonesian Islamist and jihadist groups to apply pressure on the government in Jakarta to align itself more closely with Washington.

The recent suicide bombing of a Protestant church in Solo, central Java, is part of a coordinated effort by the CIA, using "Al Qaeda" and "Jemaah Islamiya" intelligence assets, to foment communal and sectarian strife in Indonesia, akin to similar CIA tactics employed in Pakistan, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Yemen, Algeria, Lebanon, and Iraq.

The suicide bomber of the Solo church was identified as Achmad Yosepa Hayat, who was linked to the 2002 bombing of night clubs in Bali, other bombings in Bali in 2005, the bombing of the J W Marriott hotel in Jakarta in 2003, and the Australian embassy in Jakarta in 2004
. Hayat's colleague, Sigit Qordhowi, was killed by Indonesian police on May 15 after he and Hayat were tagged as being responsible for the April 15 bombing of a police mosque in Cirebon.

Pakistan's Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) and Indonesia's Badan Intelijen Negara (BIN) state intelligence agency have been sharing and comparing notes and they have discovered CIA links to "Al Qaeda" operatives active in the two countries. On March 31, ISI
arrested Umar Patek, a member of Jemaah Islamiya. Patek is a Javanese Arab and an Indonesian national who was trained at CIA camps in Afghanistan in the 1990s. in 2006, Patek was reported to have been killed in a counter-insurgency operation in the Sulu province of the southern Philippines, where the Abu Sayyaf jihadist group is active. It appears that Patek's "death" was a CIA ruse to enable his exfiltration from the Philippines to Pakistan. Patek was arrested in Abbotabad, the same town where Osama Bin Laden was allegedly killed by Navy Seal Team 6 members but an operation that has been clouded in mystery and suspicion that it was a staged event.

Patek's colleague, Hambali, is now in prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba after his arrest in Thailand in 2003. Patek was repatriated from Pakistan to Indonesia in August, Since being jailed in Indonesia, the CIA has attempted to gain access to the prisoner. The CIA is clearly worried about Patek being handed over by Pakistan to Indonesia and the information Patek has spilled to both ISI and BIN on his links to the CIA and its various "false flag" terrorist attacks, some of which, like the 2002 Bali bombings, were carried out with the assistance of Israel's Mossad.

Jemaah Islamiya was once known as "Komando Jihad." There is suspicion in Indonesia that the U.S. Special Forces-trained Indonesian "Red Berets" -- KOPASSUS -- set up Jemaah Islamiya from Komando Jihad elements in order to carry out "false flag" terrorist attacks in Indonesia. One Jemaah Islamiya leader, Kuwaiti-born Omar al-Faruq, was believed to have been involved in the October 12, 2002 Bali bombings. Faruq had been arrested by Indonesian authorities on June 5, 2002 and was turned over to U.S. authorities. However, Faruq was allowed to escape. Indonesia'sTempo magazine quoted A. C. Manulang, the former chief of the Indonesian State Intelligence Coordinating Board (BAKIN) as saying that Faruq had been recruited by the CIA as an operative.

On March 24, 2011, WMR reported: "
Reports now coming out of Jakarta strongly suggest that the Obama administration is involved in backing a generals' revolt with the aim of toppling democratically-elected President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, a former general who is now considered a political reformer. [size=12]Fears that a possible coup against Yudhoyono is being planned by right-wing active duty and retired Indonesian army elements are being fueled by an Al Jazeera report that a cabal of Indonesian generals have held secret meetings with leaders of Indonesia's radical Islamist groups to help plan terrorist attacks in the country that would then be used as a pretext for an army coup against Yudhoyono. The generals would claim that the ouster of the president was necessitated by his weak leadership in the face of terrorism. In fact, the renegade generals consider Yudhoyono to be too much of a reformist. The rumors of a planned coup against Yudhoyono come amid the publication by WikiLeaks of U.S. embassy Jakarta cables that report alleged widespread corruption, personal enrichment, nepotism, and spying on political opponents by Yudhoyono's administration."

Indonesia is also concerned about Australian and U.S. involvement in West Papua's secessionist struggle. West Papua is a major gold producing province where indigenous Papuans have striven for independence ever since the former Dutch colony opted for annexation by Indonesia in a dubious 1969 UN-sponsored vote by Papuan "elders." Ever since, many West Papuans have fought a protracted struggle for independence, dealing with both the Indonesian armed forces and private security contractors hired by the major gold mining company active in the province, Freeport McMoran. With destabilization of Indonesia now a matter of policy by the United States, there is fear in Jakarta that Freeport McMoran, which is linked to Henry Kissinger, could switch horses from supporting Jakarta to supporting the West Papuan rebels, with covert assistance being given to the rebels by Australia and the United States. After seeing East Timor become independent and becoming a de facto colony of Australia, Indonesia understands that a dangerous precedent has been set, one that could see it lose its major gold-producing province, which borders on the world's eleventh largest gold producing nation, Papua New Guinea, which is under Canberra's and Washington's firm grasp.


"Where is the intersection between the world's deep hunger and your deep gladness?"

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