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a gallery of protests (the Big Apple versus Chile)

Gallery: Student Protests in Chile

September 29th, 2011Resistance…
U.S. style: Lots and lots of iCrap-TwitFace connectivity, diabetes, obesity, people eating McDonalds food, limousine liberals, very expensive cameras, not many participants (sometimes more cops than protestors in other galleries and video)…
Chile: General strike, streets clogged with thousands of people from all walks of life, protestors attack cops, not just the of the other way around, Communist student leader (Camila Vallejo) looks like a model/movie star, riot dog-type dogs doing back flips as the water cannons unload…
It's just incrediblethe nonsense that I have received over this Occupy Wall Street thing, when it looks like shuffle board at an old folks home/fat camp.
What the Hell happened to Americans? No, really, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO AMERICANS?! At what point did Occupy Wall Street (and the like) start to count for resistance in some people's minds? Who or what is responsible for this?
The guy with the McDonalds slop at the anti-corporate "occupation"… I wish I hadn't seen that. That one is going to haunt me for a long time…
Via: Boston Herald:
The ongoing student demonstrations in Chile began as a protest over the costs, profits, and fairness of higher education there. They have since attracted other segments of Chilean society venting frustration over wages, health care, and other issues. Uniting the protesters is common dissatisfaction with hugely unpopular President Sebastian Pinera and social inequality. Workers joined a 48-hour general strike in August which, like many demonstrations during the course of the protests, was met with police using tear gas and water cannons on the participants. With changes in the education system still unsettled, the student protests are likely to continue.
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"Where is the intersection between the world's deep hunger and your deep gladness?"

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