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The Oswald Films: An Outline
Came across this,old posted article, it may be of interest to those who are into the photos and films it was done by Martin Shackelford updated in 1996...thanks martin...b

The Oswald Films: An Outline by Martin Shackelford
The Oswald Films:An Outline by Martin Shackelford (July 1993) [updated 4-25-96]Pre-Assassination. Speculative Films There may existpresently unknown footage of several types which show Lee Harvey Oswald.One possible type is home movie footage, taken either by members of theOswald family, or by relatives, or by people who knew Lee Oswald(schoolmates and their families, Civil Air Patrol cadets, etc.). A secondpossible type is home movie footage taken when Oswald was abroad, bytourists on the 2 ships, in Europe or in the Soviet Union or Mexico, orby people who knew him in the Soviet Union (there may be families inpossession of such footage who have no idea Oswald is even in it; theMonica Kramer photos of Oswald in the Soviet Union turned up only afteran intensive search of tourist photos taken during the relevant timeperiod). A third possible type is footage shot covertly by or for theKGB, the CIA or other intelligence organizations.1. 1. The Home Movie (11-22-62) In one of the many ironic twists in this case, thefirst known motion picture footage of Lee Harvey Oswald was taken oneyear to the day before the Kennedy Assassination. It was a home movietaken by his brother Robert Oswald's wife Vada when the family gatheredthat year to celebrate Thanksgiving. Two color frames published in theOctober 17, 1967 LOOK Magazine excerpt from Robert's book show a smilingLee Oswald seated on a couch near his half-brother John Pic and Pic'swife, with Marina standing near Lee, and Robert playing with his sons onthe floor in the foreground. The two frames are also available from TheCollector's Archives (Box 2, Beaconsfield, Quebec H9W 5T6). On November26, 1990, the film was shown on "Hard Copy," a tabloid television showfeaturing an interview with Robert Oswald, under the title "Oswald's HomeMovie." This may also be available on video from The Collector'sArchives.2. The New Orleans films Oswald's activities in New Orleans attracted the attention of both tourists and a professional cameraman. 2a. The Jack Martin Film (8-9-63) In another of those aforementioned ironic twists, a tourist named JackMartin was in Dallas in August 1963. His film records his view from theairplane. Next, he visits General Edwin Walker, under whom he had served,allegedly target of an assassination attempt by Lee Oswald in April ofthat year. The film documents the scene of that attempt: the windowthrough which the shot was fired, the bullet hole, and the wall frombehind which it was most likely fired, ending with shots of Walker'sflag and mailbox, and a nearby building under construction (allegedlyalso photographed by Oswald prior to the attempt!) . Then we see theentrance to a movie theater, cypress trees, a seal at the edge of a pool,and the statue of Andrew Jackson in Lafayette Park in New Orleans.Aroused by a commotion on Canal Street, Martin crossed to see what washappening, and began filming. We see Lee Oswald, leaflets in hand,standing on the sidewalk, being harangued by anti-Castro militantsincluding Carlos Bringuier. Four police officers are seen arriving. Thefilm ends with a view of the yellow leaflets scattered on the sidewalkafter Bringuier knocked them out of Oswald's hands, and a brief aerialview of a subdivision. Parts of the film have only been used, to myknowledge, on the French television documentary, "Le Mystere Kennedy." The documentary is available on video, and frames from the film as well,from The Collector's Archives. A still from this film was finallypublished in Robert Groden's 1995 book, The Search for Lee Harvey Oswald,an essential photo archive on Oswald. 2b. The James Doyle Film (8-9-63) James Doyle was a 16 year old teenager, visitingNew Orleans with his family in early August 1963. His film begins inLafayette Park, New Orleans, and includes a view of the Andrew Jacksonstatue. He, too, then noticed a commotion along Canal Street, crossedover to investigate, and began filming. Lee Oswald, back to the camera,is talking with Carlos Bringuier, when a police officer arrives, pushesBringuier aside, and talks with Oswald, who gestures. Oswald is then seenthrough the crowd, under arrest, obscured, moving to the left, and we seehim and the officer at curbside. The film ends with harbor views. To myknowledge, this film has only appeared in one television program, theBritish "Dispatches: The Day the Dream Died," available (as are frames)from The Collector's Archives or from All That Video (405 Hopkins Court,North Wales PA 19434, phone (213) 361-1365.) A still from this film wasalso first published in the 1995 Groden book. 2c. The Johann Rush Films (8-12 & 16-63) Johann Rush was a newscameraman for WDSU-TV in New Orleans in the August of 1963. He was onhand on August 12 when Lee Oswald appeared at the New Orleans courthousefor sentencing after his August 9 arrest. Rush filmed Oswald's approach,then Oswald posed for the camera in a courthouse corridor. The footagealso includes Carlos Bringuier and the Cubans. Rush next filmed Oswald'sleafleting at the International Trade Mart on August 16. This is thefootage which shows Oswald and two colleagues (one of them Charles SteeleJr.) distributing leaflets, a figure in the background alleged to beClay Shaw, and two foreground figures alleged to be Charles Rogers andChauncey Holt. I won't attempt to catalog the sources in which bits ofthis footage appears, although the videotape "The Two Kennedys" (MPI HomeVideo, 1-800-323-0442, may still carry this title, or try The Collector'sArchives) is a good source, and stills from the footage appear in manyplaces. 2d. The WWL-TV Film (8-16-63) The most famous still, however, is from a brief bit of footage also takenduring the August 16 leafleting, but by a rival cameraman for WWL-TVnamed Mike O'Connor, and shows Oswald thrusting a leaflet toward apasserby. Captioned "Garner Deposition Exhibit 1," it appears in theWarren Report, and the footage is used in various documentaries. 2e. The Mike Lala Film (8-21-63) The final bit of NewOrleans footage was taken by cameraman Mike Lala during an interview ofOswald at WDSU-TV on August 21. It shows Oswald in left profile as hespeaks. In the semi-fictional film "Executive Action"(1973, NationalGeneral Pictures, Warner Home Video),, the footage is used as a trainingfilm for an Oswald impostor. As with the other New Orleans TV footage, itis widely excerpted. The Collector's Archives offers two frames from thefilm. Post-Assassination3. The Ron Reiland Film (11-22-63) WFAA-TV cameraman Ron Reiland was filming at the site of the Tippit shooting when police were called to the Texas Theater, and Reiland went with them. As a result, he got the only footage of Oswald's arrest. One dimly litscene shows Oswald being held by police inside the Texas Theater(underexposed, this appears only on "The Kennedy Tapes," which containsthe complete Reiland footage, and on "Films From the Sixth Floor"videotape, which includes the films from the Dallas Book Depositoryexhibits). He then photographed Oswald being led out, placed into apolice car, and driven away. 4. The Arrival Film (11-22-63)An NBC cameraman filmed Oswald when he arrived at Dallas Policeheadquarters, and was led into the Homicide Division offices, pastwitness and co-worker Billy Lovelady.5. The "Press Conference" Films (11-22-63) Various footage exists from the late-night showingof Oswald to the press, and this is some of the best-known footage ofOswald in custody. After the video ends on one film, the audio trackcontinues with Oswald's voice for a short time longer. 6. The Hallway Films (11-22 to 24-63)Soon, the Dallas Police Departmenthallways were swarming with reporters and cameramen. There is footage ofOswald being led from room to room at Police Headquarters taken by ABC,,NBC, CBS, local stations, and foreign cameramen. This includes thefootage of Oswald's various denials: "I didn't shoot anybody, no sir." "I don't know what you people have been told, but I emphatically denythese charges." his statement that this was all happening "because Ilived in the Soviet Union," etc. A great many of these films are includedin the series "The Men Who Killed Kennedy" (Time-Life Video). There isalso Hearst newsreel footage of Oswald in the hallway. 7. The Shooting Films (11-24-63) ABC footage shows Oswald being led off thejail elevator, and through the jail office area. Another piece of footageshows Oswald from behind as he moves out toward newsmen in the jailbasement. Then a number of cameras (including the three networks andHearst newsreel) captured him from the front as he is led out, and JackRuby lunges forward and shoots him. He is then out of the scene briefly.Most of this footage is also widely available. 8. The Post-Shooting Films (11-24-63) When the ambulance arrives, Oswald is brought out ona stretcher, and loaded into it. We see Oswald inside as the ambulancedrives away. We next see footage of the ambulance arriving at ParklandHospital with Oswald, Oswald being pulled out on the stretcher, andrushed into the hospital. This is the last known footage of Oswald alive,as well as the last publicly available. It is widely available. 9. The Exhumation Autopsy Videotape (10-4-81) Lee Oswald's body was exhumedon October 4, 1981 at the request of British author Michael Eddowes, withthe cooperation of Marina Oswald and over the objections of RobertOswald. A partial autopsy was performed at Baylor Pathology Laboratories,and the procedure was videotaped. Following a lengthy dispute aboutpossession of the videotape, it is my understanding that Marina Oswaldregained possession of it. There are no plans to make it available toresearchers, but it may enter the record at some point in the future.Some Commercial Video Sources of Oswald Footage"Executive Action" (Warner) Fictional film includes a variety of New Orleans and DallasOswald footage."The Two Kennedys" (MPI) Includes much of the WDSU footage taken in New Orleans, as well as some of the Dallas footage."John F. Kennedy" (CBS) This has appeared under various titles, and includes Oswald Dallas footage."The Plot to Kill JFK: Rush to Judgment"(MPI) includes some Dallas footage of Oswald."Four Days in November" (MGM/UA) This 1964 Wolper documentary includes a variety of the Dallas Oswald footage."The Men Who Killed Kennedy" (Time-Life) Parts 1, 4 and 5 of this 5-volume set include much of the professionalOswald footage, except for the Johann Rush footage. "Films from the Sixth Floor," Available from the exhibit in the Book Depository, includesmuch good Oswald footage in the segment "Crisis Hours," including the rare footage of Oswald still inside the Texas Theater."Man Against Humanity"(Front Row) This low-budget video includes most of the NewOrleans WDSU footage, as well as some Dallas footage."Declassified: The Plot to Kill President Kennedy" an edited version of the Anthony Summers documentary, also includes a variety of Oswald footage from New Orleans and Dallas. "Texas News: John F. Kennedy" (Independent Historical Films) includes Oswald Dallas footage."The JFK Assassination: The Jim Garrison Tapes" (Vestron) includes a variety of New Orleans and Dallas Oswald footage. "Who Killed JFK? Facts, not Fiction"(CBS) includes a variety of New Orleans and Dallas footage."Beyond "JFK": The Question of Conspiracy"(Warner) includes much of the New Orleans footage."The Assassination of JFK"(MPI) also includes much of the New Orleans, and some Dallas footage.
I believe the "Oswald" figure seen ducking behind Sturgis in 'I Due Kennedy' isn't Oswald. I believe it is his CIA double seen lurking in the tan jacket in the railroad yard parking lot.

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