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A Secret Order: Investigating the High Strangeness and Synchronicity in the JFK Assassination
If anyone has the book en route, be aware that a printing error has affected one page of the text, between pages 419 and 420. (A picture appears between those pages but a brief portion of the text has been skipped). Trine Day publisher Kris Millegan advises that future printings will be corrected. The complete section of missing text is below:


Following Buick's trial, during which he was found guilty, Robert Buick wrote a series of additional letters to the U.S. Attorney. After receiving a telephone call from Buick, and after consulting with Buick's attorney, Assistant U.S. Attorney Richard M. Coleman agreed to meet with Buick. Reads an FBI report: "Coleman had received information that Buick, in a letter to his wife, made reference to the `news from New Orleans' saying `it adds perfectly well' with what he has."

Coleman and a U.S. Secret Service agent met with Buick on March 23, 1967, but Coleman stated at the start of the meeting that he was only there to "discuss matters pertaining to [Buick's] trial." The FBI report states, "Attorney Coleman refused stating they were present to discuss information Buick claimed to have concerning the assassination." Again, Buick refused to discuss his trial if the assassination could not also be included in any discussion. The meeting ended on this note.

On March 24, 1967, Buick telephoned Coleman to tell him that he was "writing to the President of the United States with copies for the Attorney General, the Director of the FBI, and others. Buick asked Coleman if the jail where he was being held would censor the letters. Coleman told Buick "that the FBI had no control over jail regulations."

An FBI report written about Buick's problems with Coleman reads: "Review of psychiatric reports on Buick disclose that Buick in these interviews also indicated he had information concerning the assassination. One psychiatrist reported "this defendant is playing a very skillful game of trying to convey the impression that he has valuable information but is unable to divulge it except to such people as the Chief Justice of the United States. He has the typical effrontery of the sociopath."

A February 2, 1972 FBI report provides more details about Robert Buick's ongoing case. The report reveals that on February 1, 1972 a man named August Ricard von Kleist, who lived in New Mexico, contacted the FBI and advised the Bureau that he had "certain information concerning a plot to assassinate President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. According to von Kleist, this information came to his attention from Robert Clayton Buick, a convicted bank robber on whom he was preparing a story for publication in True magazine; however, this story was not accepted by True magazine and remains unpublished to date. The story about Buick is not connected with the alleged assassination plot, but rather reports he was a bullfighter in Mexico at the same time he was robbing banks in California." (Von Kliest was most likely unaware that True magazine maintained a very close relationship with both the FBI and CIA through its editor and several of its top feature writers.)


H.P. Albarelli Jr. notes that Pt. 2 of the book is in preparation, and a couple of chapters from that forthcoming volume may appear in the near future on Russ Baker's site.
Have started reading this via Kindle and there's a lot to chew on - various MK-Ultra rogues like Jolyon West have started popping up in odd and interesting ways related to the JFK assassination - but, perhaps unfairly, Albarelli's sporadic, derogatory references to 'conspiracy theorists' in the text and footnotes shits me just a little. It'll be interesting to see what others get out of the volume when they read it.

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