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The Chicago Plot: Edwin Black's Ground-Breaking Investigation
The alleged plot to kill JFK in Chicago on November 2, 1963 remains one of the most tantalizing and otherwise significant assassination-related, pre-Dallas events.

Thanks to James Douglass, we have been directed to a ground-breaking investigation by the noted journalist Edwin Black that was published in the Chicago Independent magazine of November, 1975.

An incomplete posting of that article may be read as a .pdf file on

Len Osanic is to be congratulated for making this material available. I've scoured the Internet in search of an original copy, but to no avail. And I've contacted Len to ask if in fact his posting is lacking the final section of Black's piece, sub-titled "The Cover-Up."

My hypothesis regarding the Chicago provocation: It was designed A) to be discovered and thwarted, thus cleansing the security system of growing concern about rumors of a rifle team that would shoot the president from buildings along a motorcade route in a major U.S. city, and thus remove objections to a security stripping exercise during the Dallas motorcade; B) to foster, via the creation of LHO doppelgangers, post-Dallas cognitive dissonance among honest investigators; and C) indicate to those who ultimately controlled the investigations the true power of those they foolishly would be tempted to pursue.

Read the article via the link provided above. This subject is worthy of lengthy discussion.
is this article not available any longer.... posted by len......thanks...b
Is this the same one?
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Magda Hassan Wrote:Is this the same one?

I hope so, thank you much...take care b..
Yeah, let us know. There was a 404 error on CD's link.
"Where is the intersection between the world's deep hunger and your deep gladness?"

This link will bring you to my subsequent, more detailed Chicago-based thread on which a working connection to the Black article in its latest Internet incarnation likely can be found.

I regret that I lost my patience somewhere along the way; please forgive my frustrations as they manifested in less than temperate remarks about other posters there -- good, well-meaning members of DPF who don't deserve such treatment.

Whatever gifts I may bring to our table, patience is not among them.

My original hypothesis, I submit, has not met serious challenge to date -- the counter-arguments of Jim DiEugenio, though well-informed and otherwise "serious" in terms of their intent, included and respectfully welcomed.

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