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9/11 News Update Before The Attacks 8:01 AM NBC News
#1 (3:10)

Saying nothing about Tom Brokaw's promo for the nightly segment, note especially the object with the hole in it that appears to be approaching the East Coast on that "severe clear" day during Al Roker's weather report at the mark of the 3:10 video.
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More interesting to me was the evening special on the 911 emergency call system. That was a tropical storm headed toward NYC area. Dr. Woods talks a lot about it, because [to her] it disappeared rather mysteriously. Don't know. Storm do sometimes just disappear. Other than Woods, don't know many who have studied this, but personally can't see how it could be involved in the day's events...but who knows.....
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Confirmatory evidence (video or other) for the presence of a tropical storm or near-hurricane (that was an eye, I think) approaching the area from which the Nat'l Guard aircraft were launched, to say nothing of the massive amounts of commercial aircraft departing Boston, would be nice. News footage is often archived, and weather reports should be available. If the storm was there sometime just prior to the critical events of the day, there must be some record of it; tropical storms do not suddenly bloom out of the colder waters off of New England, I don't think. On the map loop in the video, one can see a fast-moving frontal boundary which quite possibly might have sheared the guts right off the top of that storm, but it had to exist previously (both the front and the storm). Was this a HAARP-generated event to insure proper flying conditions in NYC? Too much speculation; not enough facts.
"Where is the intersection between the world's deep hunger and your deep gladness?"
Ed Jewett Wrote:... News footage is often archived...

There's a report on such a project specific to 9/11 from the Amy Goodman show Democracy Now as posted previously by Peter Lemkin:
"Where is the intersection between the world's deep hunger and your deep gladness?"

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