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Required viewing(DARPA's iXo A.I. Grid: "The Official Version"
Required viewing: (20:04)

[Why on earth isn't there a simple conjoint, mutually-definable and mutually-agreeable series or methods of interface between DPF & Bruce Gagnon and others at Space4Peace?

Many of my posts come off his blog. Many more should. ]

My viewing format: YouTube to HD 17" screen using Koss 4A headphones at volume.

Your preferred viewing format: Big screen, pause button readily at your fingertips, sound turned down (or at least dampen the bass so you don't wake up Aunt Thelma downstairs.).

Viewing prep: Put the cat out, the tea on, and PB4UGO.

First viewer to post a printable transcript of all on-screen graphic statements (all from at-least-quasi-or-contractor DOD agents, if not higher and more formal) wins my semi-permanent adoration.
"Where is the intersection between the world's deep hunger and your deep gladness?"

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