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Kerry Thornley - How Deep Was He?


At 4:10 the subject of Garrison alleging Thornley impersonated Oswald.

Continued in:

On page 53 of On the Trail of the Assassins Garrison disputes Thornley's characterization of Oswald's "Marxist leanings" as a suspicious outlier among those who knew Lee at the time.

Garrison writes on page 89:

Even after Kerry Thornley s appearance before the Grand Jury, the strange intersections between his life and Lee Oswald's remained enigmatic. Was Thornley an agent of the intelligence community? Had he impersonated Oswald or coached others to do so? Did he know more than he was saying? I did not know the answers back in the late 1960s. And the whole bizarre saga of Thornley became even more enigmatic when we later discovered a letter he had written to a friend in Omaha, Nebraska. Writing in February 1964, a few months after his arrival in the Washington, D.C. area, Thornley made a brief reference to President Kennedy's assassination:

The whole thing was very interesting for awhile, the assassination, becauseon the surfacethere was good reason for the unenlightened SS (sic) and F.B.I. to suspect I might've had a hand in it. We had some polite conversations and finally, I guess, I was cleared. No word from them lately. I hope, though, my move to this area scared the piss out of em. Whether or not I'll be asked to put my 2 cents in at the Warren hearing, I don't know. Or care. When it is all over, though, I may yet go piss on JFK's grave, RIP.

On page 76 Garrison states that Mark Lane who with Mort Sahl was working with Garrison asked Fenella Farrington to look at 17 photos to find who'd inquired at the Mexican Consulate in New Orleans regarding taking firearms into Mexico. She identified two photos: Oswald and Thornley.

On pages 81-2 Garrison relates Barbara Reid a long-time French Quarter resident who had known both Thornley and Oswald, described seeing them together on several occasions. One of them was in early September 1963 at the Bourbon House, a combination bar and restaurant in the French Quarter. Thornley, who usually wore his hair extremely long, had just returned from a trip out of town. This time he was wearing his hair unusually short and closely cropped, as Oswald invariably did. Reid recalled having said to them, "Who are you guys supposed to be? The Gold Dust Twins?"

On page 83 Garrison notes that Thornley, like virtually all the young men connected with Guy Banister's operation, had a box key for the Lafayette Square post office. "I never learned exactly why, but probably it was for receiving mailed instructions from their intelligence case officers or to provide an explanation for their periodic presence in the building where the Office of Naval Intelligence was located."

Garrison notes Thornley was in Dallas just after Lee and Marina vacated their Neely Street apartment and surmises Thornley might've been the subject in the suspicious backyard photos.

Here is the Weisberg photo interview at Jones Printing resulting in the positive identification of Kerry Thornley as the one picking up the leafletsplease open toolbar and use search on Thornley to page 6 of 26: Subject Index Files/HW Manuscripts/Inside the Assassination Industry/Itai-18.pdf

Jones was firm in his identification, in picking that one man, and in rejecting all the others, including several of Oswald, one of which was the New Orleans mug shot of his August, 1963 arrest there.

I thanked Jones. I did not tell him whose pictures he had selected and insisted were the pictures of the man who picked that Oswald handbill print job up.

He had selected pictures of a man who had served briefly in the Marines with Oswald, Kerry Thornley.

Him alone.

I would say judging by the attempts of Thornley to foist "Nazi" elements in NOLA on Garrison, and Thornley's grand broad brushstrokes for the interviewer London, that Thornley was an agency-run doppelganger setting up Oswald.

The rest of his loquacious bull is read off a hallucinogenic teleprompter near the ceiling.


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If Thornley delivered handbills for Banister he was of a level that gives him no excuse for not providing further details if he was actually "confessing".

His overemphasis of "pissing on JFK's grave" makes me wonder if his Banister cabal hatred for Kennedy was given an unconscious boost by the Technical Services Division?

We might be looking at a possible Lone Nut understudy here.

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