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  1. _NSAKEY
  2. CIA funds chatroom surveillance
  3. The NSA Doesn't Spy On Citizens. They Hire It Out To The Israelis.
  4. "Fusion Center" Analysts Paid for Surveillance of Facebook Pages
  5. US spy chief Clapper defends Prism and phone surveillance
  6. Panopticon of global surveillance
  7. Just About the Best Single Short Summation of Where American Electronic 'Intelligence' Has Led US!
  8. How cryptography is a key weapon in the fight against empire states
  9. Carlyle Group. How cash secretly rules surveillance policy
  10. Sold out for 10 million. RSA back door.
  11. Furture of open internet
  12. Nullify NSA: the NSA has an Achilles heel
  13. Otis Pike, the first Congressman to battle the NSA
  14. Secret EU surveillance drone project revealed
  15. You Know Who Else Collected Metadata?
  16. How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet - Greenwald
  17. Vodafone's Unprecedented Report Reveals Extent of Gov't Snooping
  18. NSA Whistleblower: Snowden Never Had Access to the JUICIEST Documents
  19. How the NSA can 'turn on' your phone remotely
  20. Mozilla to Provide WebRTC-based Free Firefox To Firefox Voice and Video Calling feature
  21. Just a couple of years ago total surviellance was considered a 'conspiracy theory'
  22. Biggest anti-mass surveillance event in the U.K.
  23. CIA rendition jet was waiting in Europe to SNATCH SNOWDEN
  24. NZ Welcomed Back to Spy Network
  25. Brilliant Speech From NSA Whistleblower Thomas Drake!
  26. Russia Government Chooses GNU/Linux with Chips
  27. How the secret police tracked my childhood
  28. NSA Utah Center Has 'Malfunctions' = Explosions!
  29. NSA Whistleblower Confirms Snowden Allegations, and adds more!!!!
  30. NSA Wins A Round Against Greenwald et al. - What Role Omidyar?!
  31. Surveillance Capitalism
  32. Germans Arrest BND agent as possible double agent with NSA/USA.
  33. Ministers to pass law tracking mollie phone
  34. More Snowden disclosures
  35. Aaron Swartz Can’t Fight the New Cybersecurity Bill, So We Must Do It!
  36. UK terrorism watchdog scrapped by new law --- free rein to spooks?
  37. NSA in da house US embassy in Germany
  38. BRICS vs Pricks
  39. UK's Orwellian Terrorism Law
  40. US/UK state brainwashing/torture/murder
  41. CIA admits to hacking Senate computers
  42. Israeli Intelligence Eavesdropped on Kerry’s Phone During Palestine-Israel Peace Talks
  43. A new leaker?
  44. Defensive Shift - Turning the Tables on Surveillance
  45. Newly Released Bush-Era Legal Memos Are ‘Deeply Disturbing,’ ACLU Says
  46. 'Five Eyes' surveillance pact should be published, Strasbourg court told
  47. Big brother’s little helper inside the European Commission
  48. The ‘Primary Source’ Of NSA’s Spying Power Is A 33-Year-Old Executive Order By Ronald Reagan
  49. MI5 spied on leading British historians for decades
  50. Supercookies
  51. The National Security State Has Filled Us With Fear but Not Improved Our Well-Being
  52. Snowden to blame for failure of intern national tracking system of paedophiles
  53. The All New, Singing, Dancing Anti-terrorism Bill - Guaranteed To Be Unjust
  54. New Australian terrorism bill to facilitate targeted military killings
  55. A report that is guaranteed to be ignored
  56. New Electronic Spying Discovered In Central Oslo Government District
  57. GCHQ to have Ofcom prosecute people who use hard wiring for their networking...
  58. Google gave FBI Wikileaks staffers emails - and kept quiet about it
  59. NSA level iof electronic spying is "stunning" says Europe's top human rights body
  60. Snowden Wins Debate Over NSA Employee, Most Agree.....
  61. The Future of Freedom - A Feature Interview with NSA Whistleblower William Binney
  62. How The CIA MADE Google! - We Should Have Guessed This All Along!
  63. Angela and the Skinheads
  64. Russian blows lid on NSA linked trojan spying group
  65. UK admits illegally tapping lawyer-client conversations
  66. GCHQ and NSA hacked into major sim card manufacturer
  67. Lenovo Admits Putting Tracking Software On Your PC
  68. Is your printer spying on you?
  69. White House exempts itself from FOIA regulations.
  70. Brazil to build own fibre optic network to avoid NSA
  71. Senate lets NSA spy program lapse, at least for now
  72. The FBI's "Arir Force", aka the Eye in the Sky
  73. NSA/GCHQ hacking anti-spyware/encryption programs to invade your computer!
  74. Schrodinger’s Cat Video and the Death of Clear-Text
  75. Pierre's Next Venture
  76. U.S. Secret State and the Internet
  77. Ramstein Air Base, Germany - Key To US's Drone Programme
  78. KARMA POLICE - another NSA+GCHQ Program revealed
  79. Zenmate Security
  80. HR 658 Authorizes 30.000 surveillance drones over the USA - to be increased!
  81. The Limits of The Panopticon
  82. AP Sues US Gov’t over Fake FBI News Article Booby Trapped with Surveillance Virus
  83. US spying on Israel
  84. The Brave New World of Pre-Crime
  85. Edward Snowden May Return to the US If Guaranteed a Fair Trial
  86. Germans Announces It Will Use Spyware To Monitor Citizens
  87. Anonymous Releases Personal Police Data in Response to Cincinnatti Police Shooting
  88. How data is used
  89. Pentagon admits domestic spying with drones
  90. FBI Quietly Changes Privacy Rules For Accessing NSA Data On Americans
  91. A Bit Dramatic...But So Is The Real Story....SNOWDEN by Oliver Stone
  92. You're a Criminal if You Use Tor Browser
  93. Windows 10 as spyware
  94. No reasonable expectation of privacy on your PC
  95. TSA Asking For Social Media
  96. WikiLeaks offers award for #LabourLeaks
  97. When the Entire Internet Seems to Break At Once
  98. How to Appoint "Favourable" Judges and Suppress Criminal Culpability
  99. Skynet & The Club of Yoda - How the CIA Made Google
  100. NSA Director Secretly Meets Trump
  101. UK Set to Approve Most Extreme Spy Bill in 'History of Western Democracy'
  102. Trump's Campaign Against Rigged System
  103. Rule 41; the FBI Is Now Officially the Enemy of All Computer Users
  104. The Dubious Case of Russian Hacking
  105. Even a Child's Doll Can Now Spy On Them and Parents!
  106. CIA Hacking Tools Revealed by Wikileaks - Rivals much NSA can do!
  107. Another Whistleblower Steps Forth: 47 Hard-drives and 600 million Pages of Information
  108. The Revelations of Whistleblower Russell Tice
  109. Facebookville? Social Media Giant Is Building a Private Town in Silicon Valley
  110. Dumbo : how the CIA blind surveillance cameras
  111. Facebook Can’t Be Fixed
  112. Secret Commands Can Be Sent To Your Electronic Devices
  113. Lifelog, a DARPA Project that may have become 'Facebook'
  114. Chris Hedges and Barrett Brown on the Corporate State’s War on the Press
  115. Internet Neutrality Faces Big Test Tomorrow!
  116. Do THEY have your voiceprint yet? You betya if you aren't mute!
  117. Don't say you haven't been warned......Google, Facebook, et al. will destroy Democracy and you!
  118. Vaxxed-
  119. Google helping Police to GET you in trouble.....
  120. NSA Gives Israel Everything
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