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  1. How Nixon Got Into Power
  2. Did the "Manhattan Project" succeed thanks to Nazi enriched uranium
  3. NATO: an idea whose time has gone
  4. Dave Emory’s interview with Jules Archer on his The Plot to Seize the White House (1973)
  5. The Protocols of Zion?
  6. Ilich Ramirez Sanchez - Carlos
  7. "The Meaning of Timothy McVeigh" By Gore Vidal Vanity Fair September 2001
  8. Poll--Was Watergate directly related to JFK cover up?
  9. Were the Atlanta youth killings done by KKK?
  10. Treason in America by Antoine Chaitkin
  11. Two small victories for researchers.
  12. Soviet Strategic Forces on Alert Three Times September-October 1962 Because of Cuba situation
  13. Iran/Contra and Mockingbird
  14. LITEMPO Mexico City CIA documents 1968 Tlatelolco massacre. Summary by Jefferson Morely
  15. Bush - World-Class Bad Act - Worst President Ever?
  16. Previously Secret Documents from Soviet and U.S. Files On the 1988 Summit in New York
  17. "Deep Throat" dead at 95. Mark Felt dies.
  18. Huey Long--Why does he get so little attention?
  19. The CIA and Joanides
  20. Kissinger phone conversations released - We can bomb the bejesus out of them all over North Vietnam.
  21. New Year's Inspirational Talk - By Zinn
  22. Is this our future?
  23. FOCUS | Keith Olbermann | Bush Years: 8 in 8 Minutes http://www.truthout.org/011809Z
  24. Anyone Heard Of Last-Minute Pardon's By Bush?
  25. Secret, back-channel efforts by Kennedy, Kissinger, Carter, Clinton to restore relations with Cuba
  26. Coincidences of 1947! Is this all a set-up for 2012?
  27. Anti-Communist propaganda comics from the 1950's
  28. Robert Maxwell - PROMIS - KGB - Mogilevich - Lukanov - Janchev
  29. Russian view of the 1930's depression. Seven million missing.
  30. Panzer Pope's Pal in Poop Scoop!
  31. Venezuela says no to CIA's Polish puppet Walesa
  32. Georgia Guidestones
  33. Frank Wisner Jr, Enron, Ken Lay and the Pentagon
  34. Veblen demolishes Maynard Keynes
  35. Some Thoughts/Reflections On Socialism - Blum
  36. Conspiracy History (not theory) from the 19th Century
  37. Oklahoma City as a Precursor to 911
  38. The Falklands conflict, a convenient war.
  39. The Angola Three: Torture in the USA's Own Backyard
  40. Former MI6 chief says Britain was 'dragged' into Iraq war
  41. Just when you thought it was safe....
  42. Mother's Day Proclamation
  43. The People's Historian - Zinn On Obama and Change
  44. The Moscow talks in 1939: a missed chance
  45. UN Secretary General: "I will ask the General Assemly ... to Strip Israel of its Membership"
  46. The FBI in Mexico During WWII
  47. Marko Prešeren: Slovenia Fired the First Shots in Yugoslav Civil War
  48. Implications of the Aquisition by Israel of Nuclear Weapons
  49. Bernard Barker Dies
  50. Power to the People: The Lost John Lennon Interview 1971
  51. Video about the USS Liberty
  52. Victim of British torture tells of his life of suffering
  53. Remembering Panama
  54. Nazi slaves of the haciendas: Hitler fanatics forced orphans to build new Fatherland in Amazon
  55. The American Revolution
  56. Romeo Spy John Symonds
  57. Collaboration in US Universities and the Third Reich
  58. Clinton Admits Who She Really Takes Instructions From!
  59. Anthony Blunt Soviet spy and courtier told colleagues he was illegitimate child of George V
  60. CSI approach to the missing 18.5 minutes?
  61. Potted Histories from 1948
  62. Coca Cola Under the Nazis
  63. Reparations for fascists and collaborators
  64. Check this
  65. No evidence of 8,000 Srebrenica massacre
  66. Evidence of how Royal Dutch Shell saved Hitler and the Nazi Party
  67. Fascist America - Are We There Yet?!
  68. Chernobyl 26 April 1986
  69. N/S/A'S update
  70. When Zionists made deal with the Nazis
  71. Katrina and the FBI
  72. Hoax or Cloaks? Valid or Squalid? "Report from Iron Mountain"
  73. Genocide Forgotten: Armenians horrified by treaty with Turkey
  74. Hitler's skull? It's female...
  75. Jonestown clean up DoD photos
  76. Zionist deals with Nazi Germany
  77. Berlin Wall Legend Shattered
  78. Balkan Shadow of Berlin Celebration
  79. History in the Making and re-writing it
  80. Kissinger, Rumsfeld, Haig et al on Apollo
  81. How we lied to put Suharto in power
  82. The Rape of Russia by Anne Williamson
  83. More American history not taught in schools by Joe Perez at Making the World Safe for Hypocrisy
  84. Victor Jara, Victim of USA-Chilean Fascist Coup Reburied Today
  85. Pearl Harbor: Make it So!
  86. Jewish anger as Pope Benedict moves Pius XII closer to sainthood
  87. limit cia role to intelligence dec.22/63 TRUMAN
  88. Thatcher 30-year rule papers
  89. More fascist rehabilitation in the UK
  90. Miep Gies Dies - Hid Anne Frank and Family
  91. Dr Strangelove and the Air Force versus Hollywood
  92. Sanitized History?- The Un-Disclosed Niels Bohr
  93. Nine Months Before Op. Northwoods, Government Leaders Suggested False Flag Terror in Dominican Rep.
  94. How the DEA Scrubbed Thomas Jefferson's Monticello Poppy Garden from Public Memory
  95. Instances of Use of United States Armed Forces Abroad, 1798-2009 Congressional Report
  96. German fight to keep Eichmann files secret over claims officials and Vatican colluded in escape
  97. Living off the Dispossession of Other Peoples
  98. South Africa commemorates Sharpeville Massacre of 1960
  99. Oscar Romero Presente!
  100. Kent State Anniversary Blues
  101. Christian ‘Doctrine’ Fueled Dehumanization
  102. 40 Years Since Kent State
  103. Barack faces tough task repair cracks nuclear dam
  104. Oliver Stone's "Secret History of America"
  105. Ballerina Margot Fonteyn Plotted Revolution in Panama with Castro Help
  106. Bloody Sunday Report
  107. Anniversary of Nazi invasion of USSR
  108. Hiroshima after the bomb
  109. Oper. Paperclip: Nazi Scientists Guilty of War Crimes Smuggled to Boston Harbor, Courtesy of US
  110. Massacre at Sabra-Shatila
  111. New Forrestal Document Exposes Cover-Up
  112. On This Day: Attica Prison Uprising Begins On Sept. 9, 1971
  113. Custer at Little Bighorn: A Deep Political Hypothesis
  114. Germany finishes paying for WW1
  115. British Nazi SS soldiers
  116. What Henry Kissenger and the FBI knew about Cubana Flight 455 Bombing
  117. A Long History of America's Dark Side
  118. How Stieg Larsson trained Marxist guerrillas in Eritrea
  119. New Website Examines the Iran Contra Affair
  120. October 25, 1917: The Great October Socialist Revolution in Russia
  121. Nestor Kirchner, former president of Argentina and husband of current president, has died
  122. List of anniversary candidates - Input is always welcome
  123. Remembering the October 1917 Revolution
  124. Fetzer/Burton Moon Landing Debate Finale
  125. Retired general confesses to burning mosque to fire up public
  126. Archive of EF Appollo Moon thread
  127. November 18, 1978: Jonestown and the murder of the CIA's arch enemy in Guyana
  128. JULIUS NYERERE: A Unique Victory
  129. November 22, 1963: The 1963 coup in which President Kennedy is murdered in the US
  130. Chalmers Johnson Is Dead
  131. November 24, 1963: Murder of patsy Lee Harvey Oswald in the US
  132. November 26, 1963: LBJ signs NSAM 273 reversing JFK's plan to withdraw US from Vietnam
  133. November 27, 1963: Mayor Moscone & City Supervisor Harvey Milk are murdered in US
  134. Supergrass: Versace murdered 'because of debts to Mafia'
  135. December 7, 1941: US naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii is attacked by the Imperial Japanese Navy
  136. December 8, 1980: John Lennon is assassinated in the US
  137. BLOODY SUNDAY: 30 January 1972 in Derry Northern Ireland
  138. Richard Holbrooke Dead
  139. Hand written letter of Saddam Hussain to the American people
  140. Laos general and Hmong leader Vang Pao dies in exile
  141. Bulgarian Secret Service Files Researched
  142. 50 Years Ago
  143. Sonny Clark
  144. Britain’s Nazi King; Another take on Edward VIII
  145. February 13 is an infamous anniversary; The firebombing of Dresden
  146. 50th Anniversary of Bay of Pigs
  147. Malcolm X was murdered today 1965.
  148. COINTELPROs: Then and Now
  149. Augustus Owsley Stanley III, LSD Chef Also Known as Bear, is Dead at 76
  150. Allegations regarding "Butch" Merritt, Watergate, Intelligence Agencies and "Crimson Rose
  151. What went on in Dallas in the 60's led to what went on at Watergate in the 70's.
  152. A Look Back At The 80's...
  153. 50th Anniversary Of Treaty Outlawing Cannabis Worldwide
  154. Nazi who arrested Anne Frank 'became a spy for West Germany'
  155. Wikileaks: Turkey seeks to target “hidden Armenians”
  156. FBI/SOE/NKVD and the Canadian Government 1943
  157. Chronology of events of the Bay of Pigs invasion from 1959
  158. John Sinclair:The White Panther Party
  159. Gil Scott-Heron, the poet, musician, activist, humantirian, hero is dead at 62.
  160. Secret Nixon tapes expert Ken Hughes:
  161. The Holocaust: ISIS trips, stumbles, and falls . . .
  162. 1939-1945: The Edelweiss Pirates
  163. Japan in WWII: A Casualty of Usury? / Was WWII Fought to make the World Safe for the Bankers?
  164. Hemingway ‘driven to suicide by the FBI’ (?!??)
  165. Oskar Schindler's typist, Mietek Pemper:
  166. Confederate Secret Service: A little-known Civil War story
  167. Skull found in Pearl Harbor, could belong to Japanese pilot..
  168. Interesting Summary Of US Interventions, Wars, Assassinations, et al.
  169. US Judge Orders Nixon's Secret Watergate Testimony Released
  170. NSC Intelligence Directive No. 7: Domestic Exploitation (12 February 1948 )
  171. the Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group
  172. Last Pink Triangle Holocaust Survivor Rudolf Brazada Passes Away
  173. The Great Hiroshima Cover-Up—And the Greatest Movie Never Made
  174. If congress heard those tapes they would NOT have authorized the tonkin resolution.
  175. Nancy Wake ("The White Mouse"), celebrated WWII resistance fighter, dead at 98
  176. "Burying the Darfur Genocide Myth"
  177. The Berlin Wall: Disturbed By Lack of Warning, JFK Asked Intel Advisers to Review CIA Performance
  178. Untold Story of the Bay of Pigs
  179. the secret service; the union's spy game.
  180. On This Day: James Meredith Graduates From Ole Miss
  181. Dag Hammarskjöld: evidence suggests UN chief's plane was shot down
  182. CIA man who captured Che Guevara wins payout from Cubans
  183. 'Klan buster' Stetson Kennedy dies at 94 in Florida.
  184. Abraham Lincoln created the Secret Service the day he was shot..
  185. Bay of Pigs report shows extent of CIA's power in 1960s
  186. ultra-rare 'Double Eagle' coin pursued by the Secret Service for 70 years
  187. On This Day in History: September 6. 1901 Anarchist Kills President
  188. Anna Lindh murdered this day 2003
  189. Cornel West:Attica Prison uprising
  190. 16th Street Baptist Church bombing Cynthia Wesley Carole Robertson Addie Mae Collins Denise McNair
  191. The Revolutions Were Tweeted: Info Flow During the 2011 Tunisian and Egyptian Revolutions
  192. SAS Secrets Revealed
  193. How the US Planned to Destroy Britain Just a Few Years Before World War II
  194. intelligence service recruited mass-murdering Nazi
  195. Taking a Bush Secret to the Grave [Iran-Contra & Bush secret flight to Paris?]
  196. "The Real Hunt for Red October"
  197. Uncle Sam's terrorist attack on a civilian airline.
  198. Letter-from-spy-father-on-hitlers-stationery-lands-at-cia-museum
  199. Five Military Misadventures: Cuba, BahĂ­a de Cochinos
  200. Nixon's long-secret grand jury testimony released - latimes.com
  201. Theodore Roosevelt on Film - Sound Recording Transcriptions - (American Memory from the Library of C
  202. Another Occupy movement from another time and how they dealt with it.
  203. World War II: After the War - Alan Taylor - In Focus
  204. G20 case reveals 'largest ever' police spy operation
  205. Coverup: Behind the Iran Contra Affair (1988) [Info. Clearing House]
  206. Lana Peters, daughter of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin who defected in 1967, dies at 85
  207. German intel agency destroyed Nazi files - UPI.com
  208. History of Cuban exile pilots who served in the Congo in the early 1960s being preserved - Cuba -
  209. Did you know?
  210. Kennedy Bashing Is All The Rage
  211. Think Again: Pearl Harbor: Another (Unhappy) Anniversary
  212. Who Killed Che? How The CIA Got Away With Murder
  213. Japanese Mistakes at Pearl Harbor
  214. The CIA, Cuba and Operation Peter Pan
  215. Vaclav Havel Dies at 75 this morning
  216. North Korean leader Kim Jong Il dies, report says
  217. Air Force to award silver star to U-2 pilot Francis Gary Powers..
  218. A NOBLE LIE, the Oklahoma bombing, MK-Ultra and False Flag terrorism..
  219. Clique Schemed for US Defeat at Pearl Harbor
  220. Abandon Liverpool, minister told Thatcher
  221. Instruments of Statescraft...
  222. A Brief History of Plutocracy
  223. 1913 Massacre
  224. The Assassination of Pablo Neruda
  225. Hitler Speaks: Hitler’s Private Movies
  226. The seventies were great: don't believe the myth of Thatcherism
  227. Tavistock Agenda, how deep does it go? New Jigsaw Pieces
  228. Tommy Douglas’s enthusiasm for eugenics being airbrushed by Canadians: MD
  229. The Paris Commune
  230. U.S. Documents detailing the Great Depression of 1929 to be released
  231. Anniversary of Vietnamese people's victory and US defeat in Vietnam
  232. On this day. Follow your leader!
  233. Vidal Sassoon, "anti-fascist warrior hairdresser", dies
  234. Stephen Lawrence - justice denied by criminal corruption?
  235. The European Atrocity You Never Heard About
  236. War Against The Weak - Eugenics in the USA
  237. A Wonderful Thrill:
  238. Gore Vidal Dies - Another Great Human Is Gone at 86
  239. FBI Memo on Radiological Warfare in Korea 1951 to "dehumanize" an area
  240. Hiroshima Day!....a good piece by Chris Hedges
  241. New Unknown King Interview Found - Contains Important Matterials on Non-Violence
  242. 9/11, the JFK Assassination, and the Oklahoma City Bombing as a Strategy of Tension
  243. Holy crap army sprayed st. Louis pruit igoe housing project
  244. Fact Checking
  245. New from the JFK Library: Clouds Over Cuba
  246. Oliver Stones' The Untold History of the United States series - Episosde 1 - WWII
  247. Remember Ed Hill at the Sortei of the NEVADA at Pearl Harbor
  248. Presidential Library Opens $11 Million Exhibit That Reconsiders LBJ
  249. Were U.S Marines Used as Guinea Pigs on Okinawa?
  250. Local BC historian uncovers dark secrets on epidemic as genocide.