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  1. Who really bombed Paris?
  2. State-Sponsored Terror: British and American Black Ops in Iraq
  3. The Mystery of the 1994 Mull of Kintyre Chinook Crash
  4. Operation Sarkozy: how the CIA placed one of its agents at the presidency of the French Republic
  5. Could this ‘police officer’ be a soldier?
  6. Australia's Investment & Securities Commission bugged?
  7. The US in Bolivia
  8. Abu Nidal, notorious Palestinian mercenary, 'was a US spy'
  9. Burlesconi to cover up for CIA rendition
  10. Extraordinary Interview With Bill Ayers & Bernardine Dohrn - Obama buggaboo
  11. Our Nazi Allies - Past, Present, Future?
  12. Walter Bowart's book "Operation Mind Control - The Cryptocracy's Plan to Psychocivlise You"
  13. Italy and the Strategy of Tension
  14. India- interesting timing
  15. Regan's Drug War.. Secret OPS
  16. Obama, Ayers, Dohrn, the SDS, the Weather Underground, the media and more.
  17. The Turkish "Deep State" in the service of the U.S.
  18. Maria Gatland from PIRA pin-up to Tory Councillor
  19. The US military's human-terrain handbook.
  20. Evan Long's remarkable Columbine massacre website
  21. London Bombings - Hanky Panky - By Eyewitness & Victim
  22. US army field manual Special Operations Force - Unconventional Warfare
  23. Gannongate threatens to expose a huge GOP pedophile and male prostitution ring
  24. Greek Riots 2008 Agent Provocateur Cops Caught Red-Handed
  25. If You Trust me (and yourself) Look Here!..(hint, about H. Pinter!).
  26. Free & Educational Bush Dart Board
  27. What do y'all think of CIA chief Leon Panetta?
  28. 'False-Flag' Activists - Take 1
  29. Bush Admin - When Covert Secret Govt Surfaced Overtly
  30. IDF troops posing as Hamas
  31. Leaked documents from US and UK insurgency and counterinsurgency doctrine
  32. My Lai = Phoenix Program
  33. The War on Terror is a Hoax
  34. Agency says radioactive materials recovered in home of man allegedly slain by his wife.
  35. If Half Of What Tarpley Says About Obama In This Video Is True....
  36. Does your state have this provision!!
  37. Russian warships and British and French nuke subs incidents off the Atlantic coast
  38. President of Guatemala apologises to Cuba for role in Bay of Pigs
  39. Bush & Paraguay: a resource-rich Colonia Dignidad for C21st criminals
  40. NSPD51 - why?
  41. Extraordinary Rendition and the "Jackal"
  42. China-US naval confrontation
  43. 10 die in Alabama shooting spree
  44. Revealed: police databank on thousands of protesters
  45. Hersh Allegation Denied By CIA, Move Along, Move Along....
  46. Torture Anyone? War Crimes Anyone?
  47. Treasurygate
  48. 'Will you open fire on UK citizens' Army personnel being asked
  49. Moldavia events
  50. FBI Train Anti-Mapuche Prosecutor
  51. Heavy Interview With NSA/Justice Dept. Intercept Whistleblower
  52. Polish government knew about CIA prisons in Poland
  53. Morales assassins: Bolivia gang "fought in Balkans"
  54. New Bill Allows President To Control Internet In Full.
  55. German media on state terrorism
  56. Secret Operations of the Pentagon
  57. CIA Targets Education Forum, Conspiracy Section.
  58. Police caught on tape trying to recruit Plane Stupid protester as spy
  59. Resist Or Become Serfs - Hedges New Article!
  60. The ethnic cleansing continues. Kosovo almost 100% Albanian. Hardly any Serbs, Goranji, Roma remain.
  61. Lockerbie appeal. Lack of media interest.
  62. Torture, Secrecy and the British State
  63. Osama bin Laden was US operator: President Asif Ali Zardari
  64. The Democratic State v. The Deep State - Great Paper!
  65. MPs Expenses affair - deep skullduggery afoot
  66. Colonia Dignidad: Chile's Nazi colony
  67. Blackmailing the military....
  68. Ethno-Political Conflict Simulator: Influencing Leaders and Followers
  69. Post 911 All Kind Of New 'Crimes' - Even Giving To Charities
  70. How MI5 blackmails British Muslims
  71. Same Old S**t, Differnt Day- Another Bin Laden Tape
  72. Chavez accuses CIA of backing plot to kill him
  73. Air France Jet - A bomb?
  74. Turkish Coup Planned
  75. CIA attempts to topple Ahmadinejad at SCO Yekaterinburg summit
  76. Spies and Traitors
  77. "Khobar Towers Investigated: How a Saudi Deception Protected Osama bin Laden"
  78. US intelligence sent Afghan mercenaries into Iraq, to attack Iraq’s civilians and military.
  79. Secret and unusual places of geographical interest for UK residents and visitors.
  80. Pilger, One Of The Best Of The Best Political Analyst/Researchers Outdoes Himself!
  81. Kelly’s book of secrets
  82. Someone Somewhere Hacking USG Websites As July 4th Present
  83. How to control the superficially powerful
  84. The Antrax Wars and the Mysterious Deaths Of Anthrax Experts
  85. The problem of evidence
  86. Fensterwald's First Law
  87. Life In The Time Of False-Flag Operations: This One Cyber-Terror.
  88. Friedrich Buchardt the Nazi monster recruited by MI6 to spy for Britain
  89. Documents of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) United States - Sebastián Piñera Detention in 198
  90. Appeal by Francisco Herreros, journalist threatened
  91. Bombshell: Bin Laden worked for US till 9/11
  92. Amazing First Inteview & Real Story Of John Walker-Lindh
  93. Cynthia McKinney news
  94. US Black Ops in Iran
  95. CIA collusion with “Al Qaeda” financiers and attack planners
  96. Israeli guns, Georgian crew, British captain, Islamic 'terrorists' and what else?
  97. Libya and Pan Am flight Lockerbie
  98. Greek Stock Exchange Bombed: False Flag?!
  99. Thai court ruling to potentially expose U.S. and Israeli connections to arms and other smuggling
  100. CIA used Blackwater-linked mercenaries as journalists
  101. The shoe bomber-NOT
  102. Big Safari, the Kennedy Assassination, & the war for control of the Venice Airport
  103. One Strange Doctor
  104. EU social network spy system brief, INDECT Work Package 4, 2009
  105. False flag operations in Argentina
  106. anti-war protest in USA involves police action
  107. MI6 'halted bid to arrest bin Laden'
  108. German levers of destabilisation in Iran
  109. Note From One Human To His Surveillance Officer or Computer
  110. Welcome Douglas Valentine to DPF! Author of definitive books on Op Phoenix, FBN and DEA.
  111. Monaco's former intelligence adviser says the prince owes him money for cover ups.
  112. Police Spotter Cards
  113. Equatorial Guinea grants pardon for Mann
  114. Will the CIA go SPECTRE-AL?
  115. Joseph Moshe?
  116. October Surprise
  117. USAID Officer Arrested with Terrorists in Islamabad
  118. CIA Torture "Black Site" for Alleged Terrorists found in Lithuania
  119. MI5 and MI6 given go ahead for secret hearings into abuse
  120. Alfred McCoy on Creating the "Domestic Surveillance State"
  121. Climate Change proponents emails and files hacked
  122. Memory Scrub About Why Ft. Hood Happened Is Almost Complete ... If It Weren't for Archives
  123. Israeli agents operating at international airports
  124. Blackwater psyop: Erik Prince as Col Walter Kurtz
  125. crytome
  126. Douglas Valentine: Obama's Dirty War
  127. CIA Requests its Own Documents from Author. Links to Olsen and JFK
  128. Georgian North Korean arms transport plane part of CIA sting operation
  129. Nigerian Plane Underpants Bomber - Mind Control Suspect? LIHOP?
  130. Franklin Case - Tip Of Iceberg To All Kind 'O Horrors
  131. Are Presidents Afraid of the CIA? Is the Pope a Catholic? Are the Kennedys gun shy?
  132. BS alert! This written by alleged informer and agent provocateur Czech-Australian Max Wechsler
  133. The Technique of a Coup d'etat
  134. Russ Baker:Guns and Butter
  135. MKUltra and Monarch
  136. The Aviary
  137. National Security State 101
  138. Former 'mole-hunter' Stephen De Mowbray speaks out
  139. Deja vu all over again. Intelligence links to the Sen. Landrieu attempted break in
  140. Royal Dutch Shell Learns What Goes Around Comes Around
  141. Cyber attacks against Australia 'will continue'
  142. Dubai seeks '11 Europeans' for Hamas killing
  143. Making Friends on Facebook (*v*)
  144. Winston Churchill demanded answer on UFO's
  145. Uranium-Rich Niger Undergoing Coup
  146. Pentagon shooting (9/11, pot and Sabow?)
  147. Top lawyer says Princess Diana 'was killed after plan to frighten her went wrong'
  148. Conversations with the Crow
  149. US Intell planned to destroy Wikileaks
  150. just another agent of death and destruction
  151. America's Secret Prisons
  152. Strange Triple Suicide in UK
  153. Chemtrails: Absence of Evidence is Evidence of Evidence
  154. 2nd mystery 'hit' Israeli jet flyover amid slaying in Hungary
  155. Russia Gets Its Own 9-11 / 7-7 Today
  156. The Destabilization Game
  157. Project Camelot interviews Michael Schratt an aviation historian
  158. US Planning Special Anti-Castro Archive Op?!
  159. Ahem.... yawn....'shoe bomber' on Denver flight subdued by air marshall
  160. Main Core, PROMIS and the New American Fascism
  161. Operation Black Dog
  162. LA reunion of FBI agent provocateurs ends in mock skirmish
  163. Sophisticated Counterfeiting Operation Run Out of Apt. Facing Fed'l Reserve Bldg. in LA
  164. Car bomb in Time Square
  165. US still using spy ring
  166. Claim that faked british passports being used by CIA IN TERRORISM ABDUCTIONS
  167. international media mis-adventures; the pentagon's private spy ring
  168. Article: Taiwanese Spying in China
  169. German Paper Reports CIA Counterfeiting US Currency
  170. Wikispooks - Whistleblowing and Anonymous Uploads
  171. Eric Massa, Gen Petraus, Dick Cheney and plans for a coup
  172. Diana death 'linked to arms trade' says QC
  173. Task Force 7 from Tosh
  174. New BP Judge Hughes: Connections to Wilson-Quadaffi-Bush-Lockerbie?
  175. Every Russki in America arrested for spying
  176. Iran Contra Conspirator Joseph O’Toole Charged with Gun Smuggling
  177. A New Capture of a Mossad Agent in Lebanon
  178. Rethinking Iran-Contra: A Much Darker Story?
  179. Cointelpro, Provacateurs, Disinfo Agents
  180. Gunman Raoul Moat was a police informer
  181. Thousands of Laptops Stolen from contractor in US Special Ops
  182. BP not an accident?
  183. TF 373 dedicated thread
  184. US and Colombia Plan to Attack Venezuela
  185. Gulf of Hormuz: Japanese tanker damaged
  186. Google, CIA Invest in ‘Future’ of Web Monitoring
  187. Nuclear Forensics Skill is Declining in US (set-up for false flag?)
  188. USG, USM, USI target Assange, Wikileaks and others for termination by any means?
  189. 61 trucks loaded with 300 tons of explosives go missing in central India
  190. Bin Laden is Dead; Long Live “Bin Laden” Who’s keeping the terror myth alive?
  191. Scientists Simulate Terror Attack on Boston Subway
  192. Coming To A Police Force, Private 'Security' or Stormtroopers near you soon!
  193. Catholic priest's involvement in bombing covered up by British deep state
  194. Police find body in bag at MI6 man's London flat
  195. Mossad in America Israeli intelligence steps up its activity in the U.S. — and gets away with it.
  196. JSOP Hiring for Covert Programs
  197. Police provocateurs caught in action
  198. Police Release Scientist in Miami Airport Scare Who Had Previously Been Involved with Smuggling Plag
  199. Other US Death Squads
  200. Russians arrested outside US Power plant
  201. Oregon/Canadian (and other?) gun-running op
  202. Zionist Paramilitary in the US
  203. Bomb-Plot Witness Says FBI Sent Him to Terrorist Camp
  204. Does computer worm "stuxnet" attack Iranian Nuclear Program?
  205. Anti-War Activists 'New' Target For Illegal Search & Seizure
  206. Mock drills held hours before real attack (last week, Jama Masjid, India)
  207. MI5 smears Russophile Lib Dem MP
  208. The Murder of John Lennon - by Mae Brussell
  209. Who or What is Behind Martial Law In Ecuador NOW?!
  210. Crypto Wars! Obama Wants New Law to Wiretap the Internet
  211. One Program to Watch Them All: DARPA’s INSIGHT
  212. KiKi Camarena's Murderer May Have Been Identified
  213. They Have X-Ray Machines To Look Into Our Vehicles And Homes!
  214. Wired Complicit in Federal Crimes by Hacker (Cryptome Hacked re: WikiLeaks)
  215. Lawyer Caught up in Secret CIA Flights Dies...
  216. CIA Funds 'Predictive Behavior' Start-Ups
  217. Interesting and Rare Inteview With 'John Le Carre''
  218. Inside the Pentagon's cyber war games
  219. Homeland Security’s “Social Networking Monitoring Center”
  220. Torture and Mind-Control Psychologist Gets No Bid $31 Mil Mil Contract!
  221. Wolfowitz Directive Gave Legal Cover to Detainee Experimentation [Torture] Program
  222. The "Cyberwar" Is Over and the National Security Agency Has Won
  223. Anwar Al-Awlaki: chief terrorist patsy-handler for the CIA?
  224. The Dirty War On The Rock Stars Included Rolling Stones
  225. Sarkozy an Israeli Intell asset says Le Figaro
  226. “wiki” style espionage lands $300 billion dollar super-plane plans
  227. Newspaper bomb threat traced to police
  228. Defence manufacturer Chairman tells it as it really is
  229. The US had a secret surveillance group in Oslo
  230. Diary of a Domestic Extremist One of the lads! Police agent provocateur exposed.
  231. French police infiltrated protests against Sarkozy austerity program
  232. NY Times-"Secret Papers Detail U.S. Aid for Ex-Nazis" (Operation Paperclip)
  233. Bomb on German bound Namibian plane
  234. Evidence of Iran Nuclear Weapons Program May Be Fraudulent
  235. CIA Must Disclose Data on Human Experiments
  236. 'Wikileaks documents show Turkey helped al-Qaida' and US helped Kurdish rebels.
  237. The truth about Israel, Iran and 1980s U.S. arms deals
  238. FBI thwarts terror bomb attack which it set up
  239. Bomb Kills Iranian Nuclear Scientist
  240. WikiLeaks cables claim first scalp as German minister's aide is sacked
  241. Spooks, Misdirection and Wikileaks
  242. Wikileaks Payback - Offensive and Defensive
  243. Two explosions in Stockhom today....Hmmmm
  244. WikiLeaks cables: MI5 offered files on Finucane killing to inquiry
  245. WikiLeaks cables: Sinn Féin leaders 'were aware of' Northern Bank heist plans
  246. WikiLeaks: Swedish government 'hid' anti-terror operations with America from Parliament
  247. Worth a read: FRR / Special Reconnaissance Regiment
  248. Israeli spies
  249. Operators of the World’s Most Successful Atomic Smuggling Ring Worked for CIA
  250. Former cia director calls homegrown terror witch's brew