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  1. John McCain: A Manchurian Candidate?
  2. UFOS - the serious new deep political research topic?
  3. Was Charlie Manson sheep-dipped?
  4. Big Brother IS Watching - German Version
  5. The myth of the Tragedy of the Commons
  6. The MK-ULTRA iceberg
  7. President Clinton apologizing for MKUltra
  8. Eugenics, population control and genetically engineered foods?
  9. Detecting Photgraphic Fakes In The Time of Computers
  10. Obama wants to see your blog comments
  11. "Minority Report" intelligent "predictive behaviour"cameras on UK high streets soons
  12. Chemical Warfare Secrets Almost Forgotten
  13. Scientists extract images directly from brain
  14. Microsoft Internet Explorer security flaw
  15. S Army - Psychological Operations (PSYOPS), Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures FM 3-05.301
  16. Veterans say CIA tested drugs, mind control on them
  17. BBC Human Laboratory transcript
  18. New computer "worm" out of control
  19. NSA whistleblower speaks out on Olbermann show.
  20. Electric sports car launched
  21. CCTV Is Destroying Your Privacy
  22. Obama begins cybersecurity review
  23. Big Brother, Thy Name Be Ye Google?
  24. Mystery 'Fireballs' Fall From The Texas Sky
  25. Googled!
  26. Most of the Universe is missing
  27. Hollywood does a chemtrail movie
  28. Bionic eyes give bind man sight
  29. Corporate bioterrorism
  30. More web fears. They ARE watching us.
  31. We are being watched... Good show
  32. Armed Robots Are In Use. Hope You Never Meet One.
  33. The Sound of Silence
  34. Anthrax vaccinations
  35. Afrikans In Science - van Sertima
  36. Obama and chemtrails
  37. US defence secrets salvaged from Schiphol crash
  38. Is This The Long Awaited Pandemic?
  39. Bird Flu as a Weapon? A Bit of History of Biological Weapons
  40. USG Giving Minorities Disease Is Not New - Tuskegee Syphilis
  41. "Hobbits" aka "homo floresiensis" really are a new species
  42. Patriot Act at Work
  43. Seeds Of Truth - Seeds of Destruction
  44. It won't even be pet-friendly fascism....
  45. Merck published fake journal. Academic fraud. Business as usual.
  46. And it won't even be healthy food friendly fascism.....
  47. Questions Surround Mexican Genome Project
  48. US Association of Physicians calls for Moratorium on GMO Foods
  49. From 2002 and the Moonie News...but Weird!
  50. Uncle Sam's Human Lab Rats
  51. The Internet....Now You Have It....Soon You May Not!
  52. Israeli "Robo-Snake" Slithers Centre Stage
  53. Vaccine whistleblower
  54. Polar bear expert banned by global warmists
  55. Judge Orders Man to Stop Using Mind Control Beams on Plaintiff
  56. John Holdren, Obama's Science Czar, says: Forced abortions and mass sterilization needed.
  57. How to Stage a Revolution: Mathematical model reveals how.
  58. Swine flu vaccine patented before outbreak
  59. Swine flu more dangerous than Al Qaeda
  60. "Bringing The (Bio) War Home"
  61. Kurt Blome
  62. Crypto-Eugenics Population Control: Policy and Propaganda
  63. Messing with our heads
  64. Active Denial Systems....
  65. Dutch Moon Rock Turns Out To Be Fake...
  66. Birth control: antibodies against the human pregnancy hormone
  67. Inslaw and Danny Casalero
  68. CIA doctors face human experimentation claims
  69. Neuropsych'rist: 'Eliminate Muslim Zealots'
  70. 'Advances' in Fascist Psychiatry - pathologising dissent.
  71. I'm living an Orwellian nightmare, and it keeps getting worse.
  72. A plate full of toxins
  73. The Abnormal Behaviour Police are here ...
  74. Massive FBI Data-Mining Project/NSA Facility
  75. IBM Builds 'Bar Code Reader' for DNA
  76. Arthur Machen’s Victorian vision of psycho-surgery
  77. Swine Flu national emergency
  78. 40,000 contract serious virus in Ukraine, kills 30 Not Swine Flu
  79. USAF: ‘Overwhelm Enemy [Brains] w/ Bioscience
  80. Britain's WWII brainwashing
  81. The scientist site link
  82. KPFA: Mind Control and Jonestown
  83. Pharmaceutical Giant Paid $500,000 to Psychiatrist Who Used Chicago's Poor as Guinea Pigs
  84. How to prepare for a flu epidemic?
  85. The Dark Side of Population Control
  86. Cop Killings in Tacoma - Mind Control?
  87. DHS testing spread of airborne contaminants in Boston subways
  88. Weather Modification
  89. No clinical proof that Tamiflu works
  90. Homeland Security: to Read Our Minds & Emotions
  91. New evidence of health risks associated with GE corn
  92. Chemtrails
  93. Personal Introduction / MC
  94. Robots Apply Scientific Theory, Make Discovery
  95. Monitoring of conspiracy groups
  96. US Doing Scientific Research to Boost Interrogations
  97. Three Approved GMOs Linked to Organ Damage
  98. Mad-cow proteins created in the lab
  99. Immortal ‘Synthetic Organisms,’ Molecular Kill-Switch Included
  100. Stammering decoded
  101. The Government Has Your Baby's DNA
  102. Boeing 747 uses laser to destroy missile
  103. Monsanto 'faked' data for approvals claims its ex-chief
  104. Roots of Rendition (Albarelli & Kaye)
  105. Schools Spying on Students at Home Thru Laptop Webcams
  106. Open Source Connections toward Progress
  107. You Have Used Me as a Fish Long Enough
  108. Virulent Bird-Human Flu Hybrid Made in Lab
  109. "Nobody's Home": Weaponizing Classical Music
  110. The thrilling potential of SixthSense technology
  111. Intelligent CCTV
  112. Future neuro-cognitive warfare
  113. The mind-reading machine: 'Psychic' computer invented that can tell what you're thinking
  114. Ex-Worker Sues: Exposure to Genetically-Engineered Virus
  115. the cloak of invisibility will soon be on-scene
  116. Plum Island, Off Long Island - Nazi Paperclip Past; Bioweapons-DHS Present
  117. Pentagon: Replace Human Intel With High-Tech ‘Guard Dog’
  118. Mike McConnell, the WashPost & the dangers of sleazy corporatism
  119. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Russia’s “flying saucer”
  120. Writing About the Unspeakable (AIDS, CIA & bio-warfare)
  121. The Israeli Mind Behind the Blue Brain Project
  122. Potentially deadly fungus spreading in US, Canada; Fungus is unique genetic strain
  123. Stephen Hawking Warns Over Making Contact with Aliens
  124. Can I Get an Amen?
  125. First Police Tasers, Now Hypodermics?
  126. Against the grain
  127. Death by plastic
  128. Was the unabomber born at harvard
  129. Chemtrails
  130. Darpa’s Beady-Eyed Camera Spots the ‘Non-Cooperative’
  131. Gitmo Taliban Leaders in Af, Pak and Yemen
  132. The Strange Story of Sally Hartman
  133. Doctors “calibrated” pain for CIA interrogations
  134. Sinkholes
  135. CIA accused [again] of recent medical experiments on prisoners and detainees!
  136. Swine flu scam
  137. Scalar Waves (Tesla, HAARP et al)
  138. Ten Ways We Are Being Tracked, Traced and Databased
  139. Cia mind control experiments mk-ultra
  140. Columbia Univ. Brain Imaging Ctr. Routinely Injected Mental Pts. w/ Potentially Dangerous
  141. Florida Dengue Fever Outbreak Leads Back to CIA & Army Experiments
  142. More complaints against torture psychologists
  143. US army heat-ray gun in Afghanistan
  144. American Soldiers Brainwashed with "Positive Thinking"
  145. 2010 Annual Ritual Abuse, Secretive Organizations and Mind Control Conference
  146. Army’s Vaccine Plan: Inject Troops With Gas-Propelled, Electro-Charged DNA
  147. Smoke from Russian fires blankets Moscow
  148. The Hidden Tragedy of the CIA's Experiments on Children
  149. AVI BioPharma works to protect monkeys against Ebola
  150. The Eyes have it for Techno Fascists! Coming To Your City Soon!!!!
  151. The Weird Russian Mind-Control Research Behind a DHS Contract
  152. Guatemalans 'died' in 1940s US syphilis study
  153. To Catch a Thief: Invisible DNA body spray technology may soon be installed at a business near you
  154. This is going to please lots of Brits...
  155. Russian Authorities Claim Capture of Hypnotist/Mastermind of Suicide-Bomber Ring
  156. Making of Suicide Bombers (and more)
  157. Speed Camera Also Checks Insurance, Taxes and More! New British Invention/Invasion of Privacy
  158. Potter's "invisibility cloak" becomes reality
  159. Genetically Altered Mosquitoes Released into the Wild
  160. Scientist Who Studied How Mosquitoes Transmit Diseases Dies After Ingesting Cyanide
  161. Tory peer: welfare system encourages poor people to breed
  162. Brain Implants
  163. Human Resources: Social Engineering in the 20th Century
  164. "Electromagnetic Frequency Research" - Dr. Terry Robertson
  165. North Carolina: Police Will Take Fingerprints from People in the Field
  166. The 1977 Senate MKULTRA Hearing - a new PDF Copy
  167. Spacecraft Saw ULF Radio Emissions over Haiti before January Quake
  168. WikiLeaks Says EPA Is A Buzz Kill For Bee Colonies
  169. The Hidden Tragedy of the CIA's Experiments on Children
  170. Gorgon Stare
  171. Germany, US plan secret spy project?
  172. China tests stealth fighter
  173. Decades of Weather Modification for Military Purposes and Climate Control
  174. CIA implanted electrodes in brains of unsuspecting soldiers, suit alleges
  175. War, Ecology, and Emerging Intelligence
  176. Gigantic, Faster, Super, Cyber Intelligence Data Center Under Construction In Utah To Spy On You!
  177. Cuba claims to have first vaccine against lung cancer
  178. Jasons ponder military role in gene research
  179. 254 flu deaths since September
  180. Churchill and Eugenics
  181. Monsanto versus Steve Marsh: First GM legal battle in Australia
  182. Domestic Use of Aerial Drones by Law Enforcement
  183. Downfall of Science and Humanity
  184. Color this one very weird - and while it might be possible - it is NOT immune from decryption!!
  185. 25 Years later Remembering the Challenger
  186. Exoplanet Bonanza Boosts Count by 1,200
  187. Mass tree deaths prompt fears of Amazon 'climate tipping point'
  188. U.S. Has Secret Tools to Force Internet on Dictators
  189. Radioactivity from 1890 madame curie
  190. A Small but Significant Controversy in Music
  191. Nabbed by MySpace
  192. Faulty cia' COMPUTER MODELS Failed to Predict Egypt Uprising
  193. Stuxnet code
  194. Is it a bird? Is it a plane?
  195. How a Geek conned the CIA into handing over 13m for a pc program
  196. electron microscope photos
  197. milky way stuffed with alien worlds...
  198. CIA Experiments on “War on Terror” Detainees
  199. On the Ethical Conduct of Warfare: Predator Drones
  200. For OUR Global Warming Friends
  201. DISCOVERY takes off...
  202. Scientists discover water trapped inside rocks billions of years...
  203. CIA report internet usage by country ; china tops users..
  204. End of the open, free universal net. Up go the walls. Coming soon: to each nation, its own internet
  205. Strange chemtrails during Japanese earthquake.
  206. Massive Quake Sped Up Earth's Axis
  207. Ultradestructive Megawatt Power, Navy’s Death Ray Laser
  208. How scary is this? And was it used on 911?
  209. CIA Psychologist's Notes Reveal True Purpose Behind Bush's Torture Program
  210. Facebook has saved the CIA millions of dollars;
  211. NASA; Brutal Winter May Have Killed Mars Rover
  212. Nightmare at the hands of the CIA's evil doctor Sargant
  213. Does ET Speak Neutrino?
  214. Scientists target drugs that improve behaviour
  215. “UFOs” are Not “Alien” but Advanced Tech with Nazi Roots!
  216. CIPAV: FBI Spyware
  217. Patent No. 4686605 Method and apparatus for altering a region in the earth's atmosphere.
  218. Billionaires For Eugenics
  219. The Story of Obama: All in the Company. Part V
  220. Geotime: u click They track
  221. Area 51 'Uncensored': Was It UFOs Or The USSR?
  222. Toxin from GM Crops Found in Human Blood
  224. Navy calling on gamers to help with security
  225. Obama Administration Seeks to Test Anthrax Vaccine in Children
  226. Nat'l Geographic: "When Aliens Attack"
  227. Founder of electric shock autism treatment school forced to quit
  228. Secret memo from JFK showing his interest in UFOs possibly linked to assassination
  229. U.S. space leadership slipping
  230. Aussie student finds universe's 'missing mass'
  231. Mobile Phones' Microwaves May Well Cause Brain Cancers!
  232. WHO says E. coli strain responsible for European outbreak is new strain never detected before
  233. Mystery Science: More Details on the Strange Organism That Could Destroy Monsanto
  234. Chemical Suppression of Bad Memories
  235. One in four US hackers 'is an FBI informer'
  236. Toronto firm i4i wins $290M patent case against Microsoft
  237. Cyber Attacks on Major Institutions Increase
  238. Create Your Own Internet in a Suitcase
  239. Did the Nazis Have a Space Program?
  240. Face Recognition Isn't Creepy, But Just You Wait
  241. Scientist talks about her Near Death-like Experience and brain function.
  242. Bioweapon 1: Chimera Viruses
  243. Sinister Public-Private Partnership to Spy on Web Users
  244. What's Really Going On at the Israeli Institute for Biological Research?
  245. When Asteroid '2011 MD' Zips Past Earth : Animation WHY !!
  246. Mummy Stash Found in Italian Church: Photos
  247. NASAwraps up 30 years of space shuttle full of Balogna !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  248. Brain in a Dish Comes Alive
  249. Security Grifters Partner-Up on Sinister Cyber-Surveillance Project
  250. Who wants to live forever? Scientist sees aging cured