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  1. Our Starting Point -- The Basic Truth
  2. "In the Blossom of Our Sins" -- An Old Friend Revisited
  3. Evica on the Carcano: Oswald Never Possessed the Rifle
  4. Oswald Never Possessed a Mannlicher-Carcano: More from Evica
  5. Oswald Never Took a Rifle Into the Depository: Evica Makes the Case
  6. The Vehicle on the Grassy Knoll
  7. Lack of continuity between Dallas & Chicago plots
  8. The Rusted Rifle
  9. Altgens and the head shot
  10. UPI and the strange case of filmic amnesia
  11. CIA installed Fidel Castro
  12. Did Weitzman lie to the WC about misidentifying the scope ?
  13. New speech by Joan Mellen on LHO
  14. The Invasion of Cuba: Never the Intention of JFK Hit Sponsors
  15. Robin Unger's JFK research photo gallery
  16. CIA covert action in London against trade with Cuba, 1964
  17. Allen Dulles quote
  18. Obama plot: Remember chicago
  19. Howard Hunt Mocks Us from the Grave
  20. Silverthorne Passamaquoddy
  21. The dark game of M.S. Arnoni and The Minority of One
  22. For George Michael, with Love
  23. Early print reports of the Zapruder film and its contents
  24. How President Obama Can Keep His Campaign Promises: From JFK, with Hope
  25. New article: interview with Parkland doctor, McClelland.
  26. Tosh Plumlee, posted with Tosh's permission
  27. Gordon novel polygraph exam
  28. "Tech puts JFK conspiracy theories to rest"
  29. 2008 Interview with Wesley Buell Frazier
  30. What Will Constitute Victory?
  31. JFK Public Files, Discoveries, and the DP Map
  32. "Was JFK Developing an 'Industrial Policy?', and/or Was He perceived as Such by His Enemies?"
  33. How are people commorating this 45th anniversary?
  34. On the Staying Power of Disinformation: White Windbreaker Man ID'd?
  35. COPA- Cyril Wecht, MD, JD. and hero
  36. Richard Starnes' "Where Violence Rings," NYWT&S, 26 Nov 1963, p.23
  37. BEYOND THE FENCELINE released Nov. 22
  38. Evidence of Revision
  39. Revised Paper/Talk by Joan Mellen On LHO
  40. Two Questions for Joan Mellen
  41. The Times of London on the CIA revolt against JFK, 1961-1963
  42. Questions for William Turner and Mort Sahl in re a Garrison/RFK Meeting
  43. Under the 'magic-limbed-ricochet-tree': Z-188, then, Z-203 to 206
  44. To Honor Jim Garrison - the "Profile in Courage" Award
  45. Interesting Talks by John Judge on JFK Assassination
  46. The 'Strange' Death of Hale Boggs
  47. Prouty To Garrison Letter
  48. New information re motorcade route
  49. The enduring relevance of Richard Starnes v The CIA
  50. The JFK Plot: A Structural Model
  51. Napoleon Valeriano -- Number One Son of a Bitch
  52. Photo Comparison - King of the Tramps?
  53. Update on Jeff Morley's CIA/Joannides lawsuit
  54. A Coup Against or By the State?
  55. Presidential autos
  56. An intelligent president like JFK was a problem for people like Rockefeller-who want a dumb populace
  57. Larry Flynt deserves his own thread here
  58. Connor Cruise O'Brien, Warren Report critic, dead
  59. Torbitt Document - flawed, but hits some nails on the head
  60. Secret Service Agent John Rice
  61. What was the added value for each Warren Commission member?
  62. John Judge's mother and assassinated peaceniks
  63. Graphic model of JFK assassination perps
  64. Question for Charles Drago
  65. What is it about World Trade Centers?
  66. Does anyone have Walt Brown's Master Analytic Chronology?
  67. Liz Smith on the JFK Assasination
  68. Occam's Razor Too Dull to Dissect Intel Ops
  69. Forgive My Mirth
  70. The Right Direction
  71. James W. Douglass article
  72. Who is General 'Y'
  73. Military heirachy and orders question.
  74. So much to say, first let me get a request out of the way...
  75. The Purported 3 Operational Flights Out Of Dallas On 11-22-63
  76. Gus Russo-Stephen Molton by Jim Di Eugenio
  77. Valkyrie at Dealey Plaza
  78. Triple agent Oswald Herbert Philbrick
  79. The Anti-James Douglass Appears
  80. The Chicago Plot: Edwin Black's Ground-Breaking Investigation
  81. Jim Bishop's Book
  82. The Ostensible Cenotaph that May be a Tomb
  83. From Tree Frog on double LHO
  84. A PUBLIC APPEAL TO WALT BROWN: Release Jay Harrison's Archive
  85. Need Information
  86. Armstrong's Hypothosis - Harvey and Lee - Applied to Tippit
  87. Richard Case Nagell - More Than Meets The Eye
  88. The People's National Archives: A Joint Deep Politics Forum-CTKA Presentation
  89. Joanides CIA documents?
  90. Who Needs Soviet Airbrushes: At U. Va. It's Alway's History's Miller Time!
  91. The Art and Science Of Misrepresenting Evidence
  92. Emergency Help Needed: Re JFK and Vietnam
  93. Is this Lansky?
  94. Suspicion in Plenty: An anthology of scepticism published in Britain 1963-1973
  95. Mort Sahl On Significance Of Dallas - 1968 Interview
  96. Altgens destroys Zapruder: Z film a blatant fraud
  97. Newcomb and Adams on the alteration of the Z film, 1974
  98. Reflexions on JFK by Fidel Castro
  99. JFK Assassination: Defending the Gangster State
  100. Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald - by Joan Mellen
  101. Were bombers in the air over Dallas Nov 22, 1963?
  102. Looking for input on Mary Ferrell
  103. The Wacky Questing Skills that Made Arlen Spector Senator For Life
  104. John Birch Society
  105. Anyone familiar with Kennedy's Ideological Organizations Project?
  106. Was Felipe Vidal Santiago an information conduit to Edwin Walker?
  107. Wecht Wins Major Battle, But Not the War - Yet!
  108. Jim DiEugenio's review of new Garrison book by Joan Mellen
  109. Latest Article On Joannides CIA Files
  110. CONNALLY: Where is His Right Sleeve Cuff Link?
  111. All Charges Against Cyril Wecht Are Dropped
  112. ARRB docs show JFK Viet putllout was REAL
  113. JFK v. CIA in Vietnam
  114. A Simple Question
  115. ARRB docs show Media conspired with CIA to destroy Garrison investigation
  116. Interesting & Full-To-Bursting w/Connections To DP Rambler Wagon
  117. What are best sources on JFK Ben Gurion and Nuclear Issues?
  118. Autopsy Article by Dr. Evica??
  119. Sorensen says Kennedy was "implored" to go to Texas
  120. Smathers says JFK didn't want to go to Texas
  121. Forebodings of Dallas visit by Horace Busby
  122. New COPA project
  123. Dan Rather to Endorse Family of Secrets
  124. Sign My JFK Act Petition? - Bill Kelly
  125. Who Are: Mack, Perry, Russo, Zaid, Loomis, Pozner, McAdams, et al.?!
  126. The Assassination of JFK, 9/11 and David Rockefeller
  127. Robert Strange McNamara is Dead
  128. Please Help CTKA Expose Gary Mack's JFK Cover-up Activities
  129. Bill Hicks on JFK assassination
  130. Discrediting Secret Service complicity in the elimination of JFK…
  131. New JFK Program on Maria Heller Show
  132. Another simple question
  133. Morley v. CIA - The Battle Continues.....
  134. Oliver Stone calls "JFK & The Unspeakable" "the best account I have read"
  135. New FPCC-Oswald article
  136. M-26-7
  137. evidence of revision
  138. White Russian players in the assassination
  139. On Rostow and the WC
  140. COPA: Who plans to attend this year?
  141. Interesting Inteview w/ Robert Groden
  142. Ted Kennedy Dead - Taking Many Secrets To Grave With Him.
  143. Marina and Facebook
  144. RIP Cyril Nicholas Henty-Dodd
  145. Project - Locating the bullets/bullet holes in Dealey Plaza
  146. Remembering Teddy and smearing Jack
  147. Today's Tidbits
  148. Chatham House Chomsky
  149. SIS’s Richard Tomlinson – researcher for LWT documentary “On Trial: Lee Harvey Oswald”?
  150. September 12, 1953: Jackie and John were married 56 years ago today
  151. City buys paine home
  152. re-internment
  153. Joe West
  154. Photographers in Dealey Plaza 11/22/63
  155. Where in Dal-Tex was Zapruder's office?
  156. Don Roberdeau's incredible Dealey Plaza map
  157. JFK Time Line
  158. Familiar Faces in Dealey Plaza
  159. Exclusive: 27-Year CIA Vet says Obama May be Afraid of the CIA ... For Good Reason...
  160. A hypothetical discussion on the JFK assassination
  161. A Simple Explanation of "Hidell"
  162. gadhafi jfk assassination
  163. Debate: DiEugenio v McAdams
  164. Lobster magazine articles
  165. Clay Shaw
  166. JACK???Bledsoe document ruby lho fight
  167. Gil Jesus' JFK You Tube Channel
  168. DPF You Tube Channel JFK videos
  169. Gore vidal on jfk & u.s.a.
  170. kennedy consp in hamburg
  171. jack did you ever hear of or see this photo.???
  173. McAdams gaffes again in Part 2 of Debate
  174. Could this man be an Oswald impersonator ?
  175. Mary Ferrell Electronic Archive of 1960's Political Assassinations
  176. Are JFK Research Organizations Uniting?
  177. Lho and the cia
  178. Paxton mini series shooting
  179. New book...A DEEPER, DARKER TRUTH
  180. A New JFK Book? HA
  181. The CIA lied to panel
  182. "A Certain Arrogance" -- George Michael Evica's Last Book to be Updated, Published Soon
  183. the feinman report the w/c
  184. We Researchers miss so much because of our egos
  185. New York Times Acknowledges CIA Delay
  186. Lambchop brings JFK's last smile
  187. TSBD in the 1970's and 1980's
  188. Gil Jesus tonight 9 PM on BlackOp radio
  189. Text from Last Night's BlackOp Program
  191. Dallas docs files breakdown
  192. Dallas docs files breakdown
  193. False Defector Program
  194. ruby a good guy BARF...
  195. Recovered history: Top kennedy military aide says lbj was badly shaken after assassination
  196. heyman demolished
  197. NSA Release New Evidence Diem Assn.
  198. "Bobby and Jackie: A Love Story" Lisa Pease review
  199. Scientist claims Oswald picture not faked
  200. ruby auction
  201. Spirit
  202. new source of jfk photos
  203. Oswald and employment after his return to the US
  204. honest joe\s article
  205. dallas dp archives on line...new univ site
  206. COPA conference, Dallas, November 20th-22nd
  207. new documentary ''the mob killed jfk''..nov.22 sunday
  208. Were the Oswald lineups valid ?
  209. November 22, 2009--To mark the occasion
  210. photos of motorcade found dumped in Ft. Worth
  211. what informantd are still out there??
  212. Dealey plaza 2009
  213. epstein lho article
  214. kennedy obama parallels
  215. douglas horne # 4 book AVAILABLE ZAPRUDER FILM ALTERED
  216. galbraith kennedy out of nam video
  217. Jfk vanity fair
  218. Lbj's driver
  219. Harvey and Lee
  220. JFK-The Ruby Connection Jim DiEugenio
  221. dr.malcolm perry has died
  222. At last: Shickshinny Knights of Malta linked to the Draper/Vonsiatsky Condon ManCand crowds
  223. The Elevator Escape Theory
  224. Kennedy Considered Supporting Coup in South Vietnam, August 1963
  225. Nut Country by Dr. Jerry Rose (and The Jung Hotel Meeting)
  226. On the 60th Anniversary of the Defeat of Fascism
  227. The U. S. Council for World Freedom (The U.S. WACL Chapter)
  228. New gil jesus jfk channel at youtube
  229. Hornes books and president obama ; pease..
  230. Debunking All the Bunkum: Ulric Shannon on Robert Morrow and L. Fletcher Prouty
  231. JFKU: review by Lisa Pease.
  232. Wickliffe Draper funded the MissSovComm, Sen. James Eastland, American Mercury and the IAAEE
  233. The John Birch Society - ManCand, OSJ, Morris, Willoughby, Walker, Hunts, etc.
  234. Hal Verb
  235. The Hierarchy of The Entire JFK Assassination Cabal
  236. Old JFK studies revived
  237. "What Happened to JFK--and Why it Matters Today"
  238. "Critical Thinking about Conspiracy Theories"
  239. seeds of doubt
  240. Young Americans for Fascism ...err Freedom and William F. Buckley, Jr.
  241. ARRB..Zavada reports to go with HORNE BOOKS..
  242. Fbi files
  243. Evica's "A Certain Arrogance" Reprint Cover Preview
  244. David Crosby on JFK
  245. Did the Mob kill JFK? Jim DiEugenio
  246. The Chameleon
  247. American FreePress covers both Conferences in Dallas
  248. Guy Banister now linked into MissSovComm, Draper, Eastland and Morris
  249. Nixon, Bush Assassination article..
  250. A christmas present PRESENTING DA PIG