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  1. Songs and music
  2. Free documentaries
  3. Die to my interest in Knights Templars, here's 2 favourite paintings
  4. Poetry
  5. Saatchi gallery is a pile of poo
  6. Harold Pinter – Nobel Lecture
  7. Soderbergh takes a revolutionary approach to 'Che'
  8. Miriam Makeba folk singer and political activist dies in Rome
  9. Richard Bartholomew: political cartoonist
  10. Death of Adriam Mitchell - Shadow Poet Laureate.
  11. Can ya handle tha truth?
  12. The Dead Are Alive
  13. Jazz
  14. Shakespeare portrait
  15. The Good Shepherd
  16. We hate to see them go - Anti war song
  17. Dean Reed
  18. Il Divo
  19. Gravity's Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon
  20. Bravo! Polish Artist Tells USA Shape-Up Or He Ships Out!
  21. Music Video With A Difference - An Inside Job
  22. Eyes Wide Shut and 9/11
  23. New Pynchon August4th: 40% chance of horsetraders/VHF TV managers 20% chance of Manson
  24. A BALLAD OF DRUGS AND 9/11 Peter Dale Scott
  25. Grace Slick
  26. The Jacket - 2005 movie
  27. Leon Gieco
  28. Noisettes & Never Forget You
  29. The Deer Hunter
  30. Mercedes Sosa dies aged 74
  31. Caption contest!
  32. Buffy Sainte-Marie interview DN
  33. Movie about the great Bill Hicks debuts in London October 23
  34. R Crumb The Doo Da Man
  35. A musical treat - Palin conducts Beethoven symphony and Rachmaninov piano concerto
  36. Facts Behind 'Men Who Stare at Goats' By Lisa Pease
  37. A Spy In Time A history in two acts by M I C H A E L D O N O V A N
  38. RATM Smackdown of Simon Cowell
  39. "The Tillman Story" at Sundance
  40. In "The Company Men" John Wells Explores Corporate Downsizing
  41. Gil Scott-Heron
  42. A Clockwork Orange official trailer
  43. Do you hear the people sing
  44. Bobby McFerrin: the power of the pentatonic scale
  45. Who financed which film?
  46. Ruppert/Collapse Live Streaming Q&A
  47. Ghost Writer by Polanski review by Gilad Atzmon
  48. When the Music Could Only Do So Much
  49. cannes and plame
  50. License to Spill
  51. The Tillman Story
  52. 'Disgusting' sculpture stays on show in Milan
  53. Media alert: Hollywood - weaponised dream factory
  54. Well, A Hats Off To Wesley Snipes For Taking On The Big Bad Guys!....
  55. Film "Waltz with Bashir"
  56. Subcultures, Pop Music and Politics: Skinheads and “Nazi Rock” in England and Germany
  57. Alexis has been gone for two long years.
  58. Let America be America again - Langston Hughes 1938
  59. Magic Trip: Ken Kesey's Search for a Kool Place
  60. HBO plans Dick Cheney Show.... Oh brother....
  61. Atlas shirked?
  62. Bob Marley:30th anniversary of death
  63. Forty Days: Anguish and intensity…
  64. Hiroshima pictures exhibit and articles
  65. FBI miffed over Eastwood movie ("J. Edgar")
  66. Geronimo E-KIA, a poem by the 1491s
  67. US gubmint blocks payment of Ahmad Jamal because his name sounds too terrist-y
  68. "Wind Chases the Sun"
  69. HEAT: why doesn't the ending work?
  70. "Contagion"
  71. Parallax Views and Ipcress Files
  72. Contagion Spreads Truths about Bioterrorism
  73. TONY BENNETT When the Kennedys died...
  74. Latest Architects of Israel's Museum of Tolerance Threaten to Follow Frank Gehry Out the Door
  75. Happy Birthday John Lennon:
  76. Out Walked Monk
  77. Stewart Lee on David Cameron, Democracy and the Bullingdon Club
  78. Willie Dixon Comes of Age
  79. The Wolf Caged
  80. Etta James Passes On
  81. Rumi Symphony: Andrew Harvey and Hans Christian
  82. Original Bluegrass Clog Dancing
  83. THE BRUSSELS BUSINESS - Who Runs the EU?
  84. Farewell to Levon
  85. The Day the Nazi died
  86. Shaft and French Connection 1971
  87. INTERVIEW / Jonah Raskin : Paul Krassner Is Still Smokin' at 80
  88. Game of Thrones: Decidedly worth a watch!!!!
  89. The Brian Jonestown Massacre
  90. The Last War Crime Debuts At Cannes - But Censored In US.
  91. Oregon Country Fair
  92. African-American entertainment promoters cite institutional racism at firm run by Ari Emanuel
  93. London Officials To Erase Banksy’s Latest ‘Olympic’ Street Art
  94. London Officials To Erase Banksy’s Latest ‘Olympic’ Street Art
  95. A poem about Vietnam by Oswald LeWinter
  96. Tony Scott chooses death
  97. Dave Brubeck has Returned to the Source
  98. Jacob's Ladder - Redux?
  99. Sitar master Ravi Shankar dead at 92
  100. Kenneth Anger's Hollywood Babylon (Nigel Finch, 1991)
  101. Minimum Wage Machine
  102. Vineland by Thomas Pynchon
  103. Bolshoi ballet was 'giant brothel' claims former dancer
  104. Asimbonanga / Biko
  105. Weirhere
  106. Secret State TV series
  107. Born to Die
  108. I do so enjoy listening to this...
  109. La Garriga is Playing for Change
  110. The Long & Winding Road
  111. We Gotta Get Outta This Place - The Animals
  112. Pink Floyd album designer Storm Thorgerson dies
  113. Continuing the programme
  114. Tony Blair - The Fast Show
  115. Richie Havens, Folk and Woodstock Legend, Dead at 72
  116. Santa Feria en Nueva Semana Buinense
  117. Full Metal Jacket - shooting script versus film
  118. Eyes Wide Shut - a steganalysis
  119. Operation Chastise
  120. The best music - definitely not for the tacky list
  121. Paul McCartney
  122. Digital Deception
  123. First draft of Oliver Stone's movie JFK
  124. Buddy Holly replacement Jerry Naylor ‘was an asset for the CIA’
  125. A Great Day in Harlem - Jean Bach
  126. Deep Politics soundtrack
  127. Russian Duma Hymn
  128. Hitler's book "I'm Kamp" and Bitchkrieg from Harry Enfiled
  129. Pixar gone bad...
  130. A New Mark Murphy CD
  131. Light art on US embassy United Stasi of America. Artist now faces inquiry
  132. Sunshine Daydream in Hi Def
  133. Steve Hughes
  134. Cedar Walton Now Appearing with the Choir Invisible
  135. Happy Birthday, Bird
  136. NSA owns the letters N.S.A.
  137. "The Snake and The Mongoose" film.....
  138. X-Files - Season 3 - Jose Chung's From Outer Space
  139. 1,000 guitars in homage to Victor Jara
  140. An intellectual evening in - name a painter.
  141. Huge hide of Nazi art plunder found
  142. Laurie Anderson's Farewell to Lou Reed
  143. Great Flashmob!!!! What one coin can buy!
  144. Tribute to Blacklisted Lyricist Yip Harburg: The Man Who Put the Rainbow in The Wizard of Oz
  145. Zappa. 20 years ago he left
  146. Boycott! The Art of Economic Activism -A traveling poster exhibition
  147. The Origin History of the term "Hardcore Punk Rock"
  148. Wonder Why Hollywood Produces So Much Jingoistic & Violent Trash?!
  149. Sir Paul and Ringo
  150. Pete Seeger Dies at 94......sigh
  151. Movie "The Great McGinty" on TCM Tonight
  152. Grammy awards speech by Lorde suppressed because of its scathing contempt of capitalism
  153. Has There Ever Been a Better Patron of the Arts Than the CIA?
  154. Franz Kafka in Prague
  155. Sia - Chandelier
  156. Sam Greelee Dead at 83 - FBI 'Pulled' His Film! [They Censored It!]
  157. Play "An Interview with Gaddafi" in theatre now
  158. Secret State - the hidden world of black locations snapped by photographer
  159. Jersey Boys- the movie
  160. Buena Vista Social Club
  161. Mahalia Jackson - Abraham, Martin & John
  162. The secret history of the jazz greats who were freemasons
  163. Lauren Becall Dies at 89 - Famous Actress with and wife of Humphrey Bogart
  164. Charles Bukowski letter - a curiosity
  165. "Fuhck the Bahnks" by the Bondi Hipsters
  166. The Medusa Touch
  167. Harvey Keitel interview
  168. You've got to reap what you sow...
  169. Fite dem back
  170. Artist Creates Stunning Data Visualization of the Afghan War Diaries
  171. W.H. Auden - 1st September 1939
  172. Pink is Phink
  173. Something for the weekend Sir?
  174. Convidando está la Noche by Juan García de Céspedes.
  175. Limbo
  176. Red Chamber's Dance of the Yao People
  177. Fashion de Jour
  178. Sometimes the older ones are the best ones
  179. Naked Noise : Zaz performs 'Je Veux' LIVE
  180. Federico García Lorca was killed on official orders, say 1960s police files
  181. Horse - a Russian folk song (subtitled)
  182. Kurt Cobain - Soaked In Bleach
  183. Rod Serling and Ray Bradbury - The Untold Story
  184. Ewan MacColl - Dirty Old Town
  185. Arab woman of color ... We come in all shades of anger
  186. Wow. Adriana Triana
  187. Loudon Wainwright III - Pretty Good Day
  188. The Man in the High Castle
  189. London Spy
  190. A sympathetic translation from French...
  191. The Tracker
  192. the Big Short
  193. David Bowie and the occult
  194. Parapolitical podcast: Limetown
  195. The Night Manager
  196. Jorge Ben - Os Alquimistas Estão Chegando
  197. The Godfather III that might have been
  198. The Common Entrance: Do you have a record of juvenile delinquency?
  199. Chappaquiddick
  200. Deep Web
  201. Contemporary Masterpiece Page Eight
  202. In the Mood for Love: a modern Chinese classic
  203. Cover versions of 60s classics
  204. Soviet sci-fi movies on-line
  205. Leonard Cohen Dead at 82! Another of my heroes....gone.
  206. Defiance in song: Ukrainian flash-mob sings in Russian in Zaporozhia station, 14 November 2016
  207. Hold Everything Dear
  208. Best singles of the 1970s
  209. Best singles of the 1980s
  210. A wonderful piiece of Deeply Political Performance Art
  211. Video of DJ Avicii For A Better Day