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  1. Mary Ferrell Foundation
  2. Mary Ferrell Chronologies
  3. The Family Jewels - CIA violations and dirty trick over 25 years
  4. National Security Archives - George Washington University
  5. History commons - timelines for historic events
  6. Mae Brussell
  7. Third World Traveller
  8. Making the World Safe For Hypocrisy
  9. Free download of Howard Zinn's 'People's History of the United States'
  10. Source Watch
  11. Right Watch - Individuals and organisations on the Right.
  12. JFK Timeline
  13. Financial market forums and informed gossip from inside the finacial markets
  14. Institute for the Study of Globalization and Covert Politics
  15. Learn to use the Freedom of Information Act.
  16. Namebase
  17. Dave Emory's "Spitfire" anti-fascist free download books
  18. Stop N.A.T.O. archives and daily digest.
  19. Reopen JFK Case - Forum and web site
  20. a JFK film and video forum
  21. The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia
  22. How-to examples
  23. All the newspaper archives you could possibly want
  24. Public records, BDM, census, military, immigration, land titles and more
  25. Lexis Nexis
  26. Federal Contractor Misconduct Database
  27. History Commons - Great Resource and Model
  28. History of Kosovo from early times until US puppet state.
  29. Politicsforum.org
  30. Kennedy Assassination Newspaper Archive
  31. FBI, DEA, CIA files involving Tosh Plumlee
  32. Any opinions on globalresearch.ca?
  33. The Invisible Web Revealed
  34. 85 billion web pages here. The Way Back Machine Internet Archive
  35. Central Bank Research Hub
  36. Many Excellent JFK Assassination Related Videos by Gil
  37. MANY Great Articles, Books, Thoughts, Speeches, Etc.
  38. List Of, And Details About What Are War Crimes
  39. Skolnick's Report - A Treasure
  40. Douglass Interview Followed by J. Judge Interview
  41. How to Do Corporate Research Online
  42. Does anyone know of good historical timelines?
  43. The Best of the Best (of the Best)
  44. Overview of Capitalism-Militarism-Politics-National Security State
  45. Bug Me Not
  46. Lots Of Links On Electronic Spying And More!
  47. Tor. Information and download here.
  48. Government Attic
  49. US Defense Department Contracts
  50. New Website About Military Corruption
  51. Search Engine
  52. German FOIA law
  53. Great Site Of Progressive Online Lectures I Stumbled Upon
  54. Another Great!!!!!! List of Links!
  55. codshit Blog
  56. Lobster magazine articles
  57. Penn Jones Collection Baylor University
  58. ACLU FOIA 2004 proceeds/links: torture
  59. User Guide for COFEE
  60. Lib of Congress Country Studies page
  61. John F. Kennedy/Dallas Police Department Collection
  62. Excellent list of links for research and information
  63. Today's front pages
  64. Muzzle Watch
  65. The only democracy in the Middle East
  66. National extremism tactical coordination unit (netcu) watch
  67. Microsoft Spy Guide
  68. Little Sis - Profiling the Powerful
  69. U.S. Police Misconduct Statistics & Reporting Project
  70. Old Telephone Books
  71. New text to speech translator many languages
  72. Wikispooks - Whistleblowing and Anonymous Uploads
  73. MAPLight: Money and Politics: Illuminating the Connections
  74. Black Op Radio
  75. For the Rocord - Dave Emory readio programmes and anti-fascist resources.
  76. Allen W. Dulles Papers, 1845-1971 (bulk 1918-1969)
  77. BOLO for Open Source Intelligence conference proceedings
  78. Two Russian parapolitical websites
  79. Some useful links on groups watching the right and religious right extremists.
  80. links
  81. “The Google Panopticon”
  82. Covert Action Quarterly (all 78 issues for $165)
  83. Activist Security
  84. Yahoo correlator
  85. golemxiv-credo.blogspot.com and debtgeneration.org
  86. Douglas Valentine Vietnam Phoenix Program research documents available
  87. Wikileaks and clones. Other ways and places to leak documents, films etc
  88. jfk kennedy presidential digital archive online access to a legacy.
  89. Former DCI's on CIA Domestic Spying
  90. Herdict
  91. Reading List of FBI Crimes
  92. Wikileaks historical data base and uploads available again
  93. List of Federal Agencies
  94. The University of Texas at Arlington Libraries
  95. fbi booklet; mary ferrell site; photos, floor plans, parking lot,TSBD link
  96. The Chiquita Papers N/A
  97. Eisenhower Presidential Libe releases 56K pages of Richard Bissell files
  98. 57 documents at cryptome
  99. Sign up for Secret Service on twitter....
  100. record radio off the web for free and dowload as mp3's
  101. Life Magazine's For Research
  102. Office of Historical Documents
  103. The Making of the Cheney Regional Defense Strategy, 1991-1992
  104. A Little House Of Secrets On The Great Plains
  105. kennedy dictabelt recordings
  106. "Taking Aim with Ralph Schoenman and Mya Shone"
  107. Bush's October Surprise File Dispute
  109. FBI UBL Threat Updates & CIA Alec Station Memos of 9/11 Commission (at Cryptome)
  110. Procedure for getting documents declassified from US State Dept.
  111. CIA annual reports, OSS formation, Sprague report, CIA organisation, spying requirements etc
  113. Berlin Crisis CIA Newly Declassified Documents and Free CIA Multimedia DVD-ROM Available
  114. Terms, Names, Organizational Abbreviations, and Code Words in OSS Record
  115. LittleSis* is a free database of who-knows-who at the heights of business and government.
  116. lho HQTS file...
  117. South Florida Research Group
  118. Black and White Photography printing and finishing forum from Photo.net
  119. Super Searchers Go to the Source
  120. JFK Library Historic Speeches
  121. Search Digital Archives JFK Library.
  122. HSCA Segregated CIA Collection
  123. JFK Assassination Documents;; Collections from the Investigations
  124. JFK Research Archive
  125. The Timothy Leary Papers NY Public Library
  126. Secrecy News
  127. Top 9 free vpn services out there
  128. 2,619 CIA Sources: The Robert Trumbull Crowley Files
  129. Israel Lobby Archive
  130. Syrian Files Wikileaks
  131. Innodata Isogen Databreach
  132. Iranian News From Iranians In Iran
  133. How to download complete website or blog.
  134. Don't be a Petraeus: A Tutorial on Anonymous Email Accounts
  135. Has anyone had the experience of doing a FOIA request of their FBI file?
  136. Prism Break
  137. PRISM/NSA/Etc. -Free Search Engine?.....maybe...they seem to be trying.
  138. FacePopular
  139. Transcribable: Free the Files to Go!
  140. The FBI Files - An unofficial Repository of History
  141. NASA's Massive Free E-Book Collection
  142. Media email contacts - quite a list you may find useful, at times!
  143. Preservation of Mae Brussell research collection
  144. My Kind of Search Engine! Finds Declassified Documents
  145. Guide to using TOR as safely as possible
  146. From Tor Project and Electronic Freedom Foundation - Let's Hope It Works!
  147. New Free Legal Academic Torrent Site Just Begun
  148. A Computer OS for those who want to be anonymous!
  149. Ben Rogers on the state of Mae Brussells archive: Please read
  150. Ed Snowden Taught Me To Smuggle Secrets Past Incredible Danger. Now I Teach You.
  151. Keeping Track of Government Edits on Wikipedia
  152. The Best Browser Extension To Protect Your Privacy
  153. The best search engines for deep politics research
  154. thememoryhole2.org
  155. Interesting Meta-Archive of FOIA releases related to the National Security State