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  1. Deep Events and the CIAs Global Drug Connection by Peter Dale Scott
  2. US Intel listed Colombian President Uribe among Important Columbia Narco-Traffickers in 1991
  3. The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia
  4. Elite Families and their Origins as Drug Dealers?
  5. The Politics of Heroin in Afghanistan
  6. Albanian Terrorism and Organized Crime in Kosovo and Metohija
  7. Rigged Clinical Trials: Drug Studies Favor the Pharmaceutical Companies
  8. War on pot rejected by voters
  9. Aspartame-Thanks Rummy
  10. Statin drug dangers
  11. The VA and ME
  12. Don't take steroids,take LSD
  13. Reports Link Karzais Brother to Afghanistan Heroin Trade
  14. Profumo Sex Scandal Link to Astor family?
  15. Roaches Rule: The Dope Option
  16. U.N. crime chief says drug money flowed into banks
  17. NATO commander: Afghanistan drug raids imminent
  18. Cocaine plane trail is open challenge for Obama administration
  19. CA moves to legalize pot!
  20. Senator Hart and the 'Drug War"
  21. America's Mexican Border Wars
  22. Colonel Al Carone
  23. NY cops get life for mafia hits
  24. UN debates drug policy's impact
  25. Morales to Propose Decriminalization of Coca at UN
  26. When Obama Is 'Off Script' His Minders Correct Him.
  27. SDECE and Interpol
  28. Hemp for Victory
  29. NATO, Drugs, Kosovo and Afghanistan
  30. A very serious drug trade problem
  31. Mexican Opium and the history of Sinaloa and the Guzman clan
  32. The Murder of Manuel Buedia and DEA Agent Ki Ki Camarena
  33. 30 Years of the Colombian Mexican Drug War
  34. Questions Surround the Sarkozys Private Visit to Mexico
  35. Cover blown for network of drug informers
  36. The real Berry Seal contract operative MI/CIA
  37. Luis Colosio assassinated in Tijuana MX March 23, 93
  38. Cross-Continental Narco-Trafficking: Colombia Let KLA's Ceku Go Free
  39. Meria Heller Interview of May 05,2009
  40. Stanford, DEA iformer and Mexican drug money launderer
  41. World Health Organization global Cocaine Project Study suppressed by the United States for 13 years
  42. US confirms U-turn in Afghan counter-narcotics policy
  43. Retail and wholesale prices of heroin in US have fallen dramatically since 1990's
  44. Flood of Afghan heroin fuels drug plague in Russia
  45. In spite of US anti-narcotic agents incompetence Bolivia raids 'huge cocaine lab'.
  46. Marine Col Sabow and now DEA Celle Castillo Murdered
  47. Barry Seal Video....
  48. Harvest Time
  49. Supervised trial of supplying addicts with heroin shows large reduces crime
  50. Drug Trafficking and Genocide in Mexico
  51. Medical Marijuana
  52. The CIA, Nugan Hand, Drugs, And An Australian Killer Cop
  53. DEA Agents Accused of Dealing Heroin As Part of 1990s Pakistan Connection
  54. Hilary's drug deal?
  55. First US marijuana cafe
  56. Teflon Don rides again
  57. Obama and Afghanistan: Americas Drug-Corrupted War
  58. Death row Briton to launch last-ditch appeal
  59. German/Balkan-linked company accused of drug smuggling in Afghanistan
  60. Guatemala,corruption has no bounds
  61. 60 yrs. of Drug Trafficking @ Venice Municipal Airport
  62. The Age of Obama as a Racial Nightmare
  63. Southwest Border Violence: Issues in Identifying and Measuring Spillover Violence
  64. The War Next Door
  65. Cocaine users 'making global warming worse'
  66. Russia criticizes US, NATO over Afghan drugs
  67. $50-75 million pharmaceuticals stolen
  68. Wachovia pays $160 million to stop drugs probe
  69. Wealthy Colombian businessman is a drug-trafficker, CIA operative alleges
  70. Ahem....U.S. Turns a Blind Eye to Opium in Afghan Town
  71. Move to Legalize Marijuana in California
  72. Theater of Jackals
  73. MI5 running drug growing/distribution rackets?
  74. Alfred McCoy on The Opium Wars of Afghanistan
  75. book review: "Orange Sunshine"
  76. The True Inside Story of the Catastrophic Mexican Drug Wars
  77. Doctors Again Dabbling in Psychedelic Drugs
  78. From madhouse to mainstream
  79. The Psychiatric Drugging of Infants and Toddlers
  80. Corporate Crime In the Pharmaceutical Industry
  81. The Afghan War: "No Blood for Opium" The Hidden Military Agenda is to Protect the Drug Trade
  82. Is the CIA behind Mexico's Bloody Drug War?
  83. El 'narcoempresario' espaol que entraba en palacio
  84. Can the US Triumph in the Drug-Addicted War in Afghanistan? (PDS)
  85. Fungus hits Afghan opium poppies
  86. Charles Manatt & "Mr. Coke"
  87. U.S. Uses Kosovo To Transit Afghan Narcotics To Europe
  88. International forum against Afghan drugs opens in Moscow
  89. Evil Iran interferes in business activities. Another reason for sanctions and an invasion.
  90. Global Organized Crime Becoming New Superpower: U.N.
  91. Narco sub is no rumor....
  92. Opium-Addicted Children: Paying a Heavy Price for the Afghan War
  93. Kyrgyzstan, America and the Global Drug Trade: Deep Forces, Coups d'Etat, Narcotics and Terror
  94. Pilot in DC9 5.5 Ton Cocaine Bust Escaped Custody in Three Separate Countries
  95. CIA to UNICEF, big aid has a very dirty secret
  96. All in the "Family." Global Drug Trade Fueled by Capitalist Elites
  97. The Great Marijuana Boom
  98. Judge: Life Sentence for Fla. Keys Drug Smuggler Who Worked for U.S. State Dept.?
  99. Scientists Suggest Fresh Look at Psychedelic Drugs
  100. Chief investigator of Mexico mass killings goes missing
  101. Zetas advancing paramilitary forces along u.s mexican border
  102. The Imperial Anatomy of Al-Qaeda. The CIAs Drug-Running Terrorists and the Arc of Crisis
  103. British Troops Allegedly Transporting Heroin on Military Aircraft
  104. Parterns in Crime: The US Secret State and Mexico's "War on Drugs"
  105. Former surgeon general calls for marijuana legalization
  106. Kadyrov Claims That Western Mind-Control Drugs Are Used to Create Islamist Suicide-Bombers
  107. Marijuana legalization defeated in California
  108. Terror Pot. Far Out, Man.
  109. Yair Klein, Colombia, FARC, the US, and drugs
  110. Operation Paper: The United States and Drugs in Thailand and Burma
  111. American Corporations, Paramilitary Death Squads, Class Warfare and FARC
  112. FAA Loses Track of 119,000 Aircraft; Situation Could Facilitate Terrorism and Drug Trafficking
  113. 'Jailed Afghan drug lord CIA informant'
  114. Central Asia Militants: A Rhetorical Question of Funding & Sponsors
  115. Very important wikileak cables on the dea!!!!!
  116. Aggressive Marijuana Growers Busts in San Luis Obispo, California - Big Drug Importers Not Touched
  117. 27 decapitated bodies found in Mexico resort
  118. Doug Valentine reporting
  119. "War on Drugs": CIA- Recruited Mercenaries and Drug-Traffickers
  120. “Project Democracy,” Reagan’s Knife In America’s Heart–OCTOBER, 1999
  121. Secret Contra Resupply Airstrip In Costa Rica–a.k.a., “Point West”
  122. Not enough crime- Dutch govt to close 8 prisons
  123. Weedmart: Marijuana Superstores. IPOs. Reality TV.
  124. Don't Forget Reagan's Failed war on drugs'..
  125. from apache , arizona
  126. Mexican President's Guard Leaked Secrets To Drug Cartels
  127. CIA Investigation
  128. Cocaine found at NASA Salon.com
  129. Kris Millegan's true story--amazing!
  130. The Afghan Drug Trade and the Elephant in the Room
  131. Claim: Multi-Ton Cocaine Trafficking Activities Sanctioned by DOJ, DEA and DHS/ICE
  132. airplane, cocaine, crash into lake , Southwest US internal transit, deep divers, etc.
  133. The Unabomber and Tylenol tampering case
  134. Panama seizes Learjet, imprisons 2 Houston pilots
  135. Huge doses of potent antipsychotics flow into state jails for troubled kids
  136. Blog del Narco and WikiNarco.Com Fight Drug Wars
  137. U.S. Special Ops Troops Deployed in Mexico, Leaked Briefing Confirms
  138. Lindy: "No Knock Raid" - a song about the drug war's deadliest tactic.
  139. The US government and the war on cancer
  140. Markets, Murder and Trash: The Real New World Order Emerges in Juarez (Chris Floyd)
  141. Hackers unearth FBI report on ‘KopBusters’ filmmaker Barry Cooper
  142. War on the Border
  143. Designer Drug Behind Rash of Deaths ; Bath Salts
  144. "Massacre" of Amazonian tribe prevented?
  145. Bolivia: arrest of "big fish" in Santa Cruz cocaine mafia leaves trail of intrigue
  146. The Agony and the Ecstasy: The Quiet Mission to Fight PTSD With Psychedelic Drugs
  147. The Power(s) Behind Afghan Heroin & the Real Profiteers of the International Drug Trade
  148. Russia Offers Steps To Fight Drug Production In Afghanistan
  149. TSA officers arrested on drug charges in Conn.
  150. Finance Guy In London Explains How To Order Cocaine From A Restaurant
  151. U.S. Drug Policy Would Be Imposed Globally By New House Bill
  152. Deep cannabis politics
  153. FBI Says Drug Trafficking at Boeing is No Big Deal
  154. The Modern-Day British East India Company: The CIA
  155. Obama Warned [He] Now Heads World’s Most Dangerous Drug Cartel
  156. Anonymous Hackers Threaten Mexican Drug Lords
  157. Bolivia Vice President Says U.S. Drug Agents Not Welcome Back
  158. Mexican Authorities Bust Communications Tower Used by Drug Cartel
  159. In Mexico, a Universal Struggle Against Power and Forgetting
  160. Merck Pays a Pittance for Mass Deaths
  161. "..US admits to guarding, assisting lucrative Afghan opium trade"
  162. DEA Launders Mexican Profits of Drug Cartels
  163. Trafficking Networks and the Mexican Drug War
  164. "Under Umbrella of “Drug Control” US Is Preparing Death Squads for Azerbaijan and Central Asia"
  165. How Teens Smuggle Booze Right Under Your Nose.......
  166. The Pentagon's Privatization of the War on Drugs
  167. Gunpoint Medicine: Forced vaccination in Maryland
  168. Drug War is a farce! Introduction by a Drug Warrior: John Carman
  169. Compromised: U.S. Drug agencies are working WITH Mexican CARTELS to go after "Other" CARTELS
  170. Original Kleptonian Neo-American Church
  171. Raided Mexican Ranch Linked to U.S. Drug War Corruption
  172. U.S. Customs Over Flight List Exposed by John Carman See link/attachment
  173. Transmissions from The Timothy Leary Papers: Welcome!
  174. US-CIA Heroin Transit Base Proven
  175. Update: Customs Corruption 4-3-2012 form an article posted on or about 9-10-2006
  176. Daniel Hopsicker: The San Diego DEA’s Dirty Secret
  177. “Hollywood Head” Was Drug Cartel ‘Concierge’
  178. The Scariest Drug of All - Scopolamine
  179. Afghan Heroin Myths and Facts Recapped & Simplified for Mainstream Followers
  180. DRUG-FINANCED SALAFI JIHADISM - The Afghan Drug Trade, A Threat to Russia and US Relations
  181. American Narcos: The Real 'Masters of Paradise'
  182. Flashback: NBC's Dateline investigates gov't drug running
  183. Alzheimer’s disease, 'statin drugs', and an FDA warning
  184. By the numbers: Bad medicine vs. mass murder - Big Pharma in Action
  185. Nicaragua nabs fake reporters in cash scheme
  186. Part 1 - History of Drug Control by the United States - Mexico, China and Asia
  187. Col. Fletcher Prouty on The Government Drug Business
  188. Rudi Dekkers Behind Bars for Drug Trafficking
  189. Shift from Afghanistan to Burma for opium
  190. Former DEA Administrator Peter Bensinger interview by Tyler Bass.
  191. Drug trafficking soars 60 times in Russia's Dagestan
  192. Ban fizzy drinks in school says Hunt
  193. The shadowy cartel of doctors that controls Medicare
  194. Uruguay legalises marijuana
  195. Britain's Turkish heroin trade - a "protected" business
  196. One Small Victory!
  197. Mexican citizens militia take on cartel and police who protect them
  198. The NSA of narcotics?
  199. Weed Legalization As Privatization, Disempowerment
  200. Mayan Jaguar aircraft flew tons of cocaine to Africa for European market
  201. A Dark Narco-Alliance Reborn: The DEA-Sinola Connection
  202. Peter Dale Scott on CIA Drug Trafficking, Managed Violence & the Russian 9/11
  203. The Pope weighs in.
  204. documentary "Psychedelic Intelligence" The CIA and Counterculture by Jan Irvin
  205. Doug Valentine featured through out this documentary.
  206. Has anyone read the new autobiography on Freeway Ricky Ross???
  207. Millions missing from DEA money-laundering operation
  208. Billy Graham, Drug Trafficking, Ebola, and the CIA?
  209. Drug Trafficking as Strategic Intelligence The CIA & Drugs, Inc.: a Covert History by DOUG VALENTINE
  210. BBC reporter downwind from burning drugs
  211. Narcotics and Mobile Phones
  212. Drugs as weapon of war
  213. In the wake of Afghanistan's poppy fields re-planted
  214. New drug scandal
  215. Andrew Getty Death: Autopsy Shows Oil Heir Died Of Meth Intoxication, Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage
  216. Bolivia Boots Out the DEA
  217. Saudi prince held in Beirut airport drug bust
  218. Vintage 1988 Rolling Stone expose on Iran-Contra
  219. Drugs & The Dark Quadrant
  220. The 60's Drug Culture and Intelligence
  221. UN report: These maps show how dangerous illegal drugs flow around the globe (link)
  222. Ouch! Pablo Escobar's Son Reveals His Father Was CIA
  223. The Economics of Legal Marijuana - Many State's Dreams Going Up in Smoke?
  224. Cannabis in Alchemy: Green Lion