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  1. American global exterminism as fronted by Obama-Biden
  2. RAND Lobbies Pentagon: Start War To Save U.S. Economy
  3. NATO Members, Strategic Partners Nearing Half The World's Nations
  4. German business merges with the organs of repression. Again.
  5. CIA want a bail out too. Well, a get out of jail free card at least.
  6. Anti war prostester who deserves wide audience.
  7. Cluster bomb treaty signed by 111 nations
  8. "War is a Racket"--And no one explains it better than Major General Smedley Butler
  9. The US Has 761 Military Bases Across the Planet, and It Is Simply Never Talked About
  10. The meshing of TNCs and the State and promotion of war as vehicle for private industry
  11. Half of US military in Iraq today is made up of mercenaries and 25,000 of its members have deserted
  12. Two war criminal countries agree with each other that their crimes should go unpunished
  13. NATO and criminals into Palestine/Israel
  14. Unusually Large U.S. Weapons Shipment to Israel: Is there a Broader Middle East war planned?
  15. The clusterfuck that is Afghanistan
  16. Missile Defense Shield - Star Wars
  17. Global Military Bloc: NATO's Drive Into Asia
  18. Who benefits: The companies benefitting from Israeli occupation
  19. Polar bears and Eskimos to attack Europe: NATO must act now
  20. How Taxpayers Finance Fantasy Wars
  21. Kyrgyzstan moves to shut US base
  22. Psssst. Tired of Hearing about Corruption As Historical Constant?
  23. France Back In The NATO Fold
  24. Marketing the Police State to children
  25. Torture, Rendition, Terror & Oil: A Primer on "Deep Politics"
  26. Blackwater gets a makeover
  27. Rice-bowl spending rules OK
  28. Police Departments new military SWAT equipment expenditure
  29. Droning On Secure From the Homeland...
  30. Haven't a clue what they're doing but they must do it anyway.
  31. Is Afghanistan Obama's Vietnam?
  32. Straw vetoes publication of cabinet Minutes on Iraq war
  33. Arms dealer jailed for 30 years
  34. Russian roulette
  35. Blair urged to reconsider job
  36. Is it over yet? Iraq War - I think not.
  37. Japan to pay Afghan police salaries
  38. Oh, Canada! How much you've changed
  39. Gates warns on pre-emptive strike
  40. Majority 'want Iraq war inquiry'
  41. US drone 'kills five in Pakistan'
  42. Russia announces rearmament plan
  43. Abu Ghraib Marine instructors unveiled
  44. U.S. Military Hardware missing as far back as 1987-97 to current time frame
  45. The Guardian's Simon Jenkins does a Starnes
  46. Obama now set to become another war president
  47. The Lies Of These Wars & Why Your Grandchildren Will Be Paying For Iraq/Afghanistan.
  48. End of Scandinavian Neutrality: NATO's Militarization Of Europe
  49. It Began with a Lie: How German Officials Lead their Country to Another Aggressive War
  50. Some times people fight back...
  51. Damning evidence against Croatia unearthed at The HagueTribunal
  52. The Pentagon's Cyber Command: Formidable Infrastructure arrayed against the American People
  53. Drone Update: Army Tests Flying Robo-Sniper
  54. The USA Does & Has Always Tortured - McCoy
  55. Georgian troops 'launch mutiny'
  56. Snake-speak
  57. Scahill On Yet Another Torture Gang At Gitmo - Still Operating Under Obama
  58. More On Torture Under Bush and Obama Administrations!
  59. The Case of the Missing H-Bomb: The Pentagon Has Lost the Mother of All Weapons
  60. Aparently waterboarding IS torture if it happens to a right wing radio talking head.
  61. War is business conducted at gun point - George Carlin
  62. West Plots To Supplant United Nations With Global NATO
  63. France opens UAE military base
  64. Pentagon Plans Latin America-Wide Intervention Ability for New Military Base in Colombia
  65. Shadow Wars - War without Declaration
  66. US Armed Forces In 'Building Mission' In Guyana
  67. Obama on "Prolonged Detention"
  68. Obamarama! Intell nominee withdraws over water-boarding knowledge
  69. Release of CIA Torture papers - cover-up proceeds
  70. Is that goosesteps I can hear?
  71. Brown Botch War Enquiry
  72. Peter Dale Scott's Take On Obama's Cairo Speech
  73. Confidential memo reveals US plan to provoke an invasion of Iraq
  74. The Gate-Keepers of the Revolving Doors Shielding our Multi-Daddy Statesmen & Generals
  75. Shadow Secrets a new film
  76. New Website About Military Corruption
  77. A good day for the Empire - A deadly day for those not part of it.
  78. Britain’s Secret Torture Policy Exposed
  79. War on Photographers
  80. The Fascist state - At a town near you right now.
  81. Rudd won't go soft on terror
  82. Israeli officer promotes war crimes at Harvard
  83. Biological weapons development in the US
  84. The re-armament and re-activation of Germany as a military power
  85. Manifesto
  86. Surprise! AfPak war chief wants lots more troops.
  87. Billions in graft behind Baghdad kidnappings
  88. Really scary figures!
  89. Army Advertises For 'Internment Specialists' Hmmmm!
  90. "The money was good so I started throwing the chips all over"
  91. Sodomized to Protect Our Freedoms
  92. Australia Gets Its 'Turn' In 'Terrorist' Threat
  93. Blackwater Founder Implicated in Murder
  94. US Makes Its Bid For The Treasure Of Africa Via AFRICOM
  95. Keeping Track of the Empire’s crimes
  96. A human being suffering from a conscience quits MoD
  97. Two Days Late - 'Happy' Hiroshima Day
  98. The Real Grand Chessboard & the Profiteers of War
  99. Italy, Germany and Japan: Former World War II Axis Nations Repudiate Bans against "Preparing for War
  100. Who is funding the Afghan Taliban? You don’t want to know
  101. Israel to actively participate in a NATO operation
  102. My Lai massacre leader speaks
  103. An Interview with Col. Lawrence Wilkerson by Andy Worthington
  104. Private Military Contractors - Data Dump
  105. Questions unanswered in U.K. liquid bomb trial
  106. Us Troop with draw from Iraq and are replaced with even more US mercenaries
  107. Iran Proposes Control System Aimed at Eliminating Nuclear Weapons
  108. Don't mention the War!
  109. A Picture Worth More Than A Trillion Dollars
  110. Ridding The World Of Pacifism - Blum
  111. Argentina: Dubious Past? No Problem for Private Security Firms
  112. BAE Systems
  113. James Bond fantasies real life intelligence gathering
  114. FBI Tries to Deport Muslim Man for Refusing to be an Informant
  115. Legal Case Filed Against 4 U.S. Presidents and 4 UK Prime Ministers for War Crimes, Genocide
  116. Better off on the dole
  117. Army abuse claims 'being ignored'
  118. NATO Plans To Wean Armenia From Russia, CSTO: Liaison
  119. WHAT THEY DON'T TELL YOU about North Korea
  120. Tony Blair and the business of covering up war crimes
  121. Serbian Defense Minister: All Of Europe Belongs To NATO
  122. Agent Orange still killing after all these years
  123. Sweden: From Neutrality to NATO
  124. Cashing In On The War Dividend
  125. Depleted Uranium
  126. Pentagon propaganda documented
  127. Top nine insane weapons of war
  128. N/s/a update..
  129. Does Military Service Turn Young Men Into Sexual Predators?
  130. Panetta on Drones, Assassination ad nauseum
  131. Interview with a torturer
  132. The Historical & Strategic Context of Western Terrorism in The Gulf (Part 1)
  133. Amnesty International: Foreign Arms Supplies To Israel/Gaza Fueling Conflict
  134. Honduran Newspapers Deliver Photo Images of Resistance Participants to Police
  135. Persistent accounts of western forces in Afghanistan using helicopters to ferry Taleban fighters
  136. When The War Comes Home - Soldier Against Soldier
  137. The final straw
  138. Galbraith's vast, undisclosed interests in the policies he spent years advocating as an 'expert'
  139. Army Sends Infant to Protective Services, Mom to Afghanistan
  140. Delegates to NATO join anti-war demo
  141. A Smoking Gun New Evidence Jack Straw Guilty On Torture
  142. Taliban to play role in Afghan govt: UK
  143. British forces should buy off potential Taleban recruits with “bags of gold”
  144. Pakistani and Afghan militants using ‘Israeli weapons’
  145. War and business in Afghanistan and other places
  146. The bravest woman in the world
  147. Gilligan: Iraq report: Secret papers reveal blunders and concealment
  148. What Are They Saying?
  149. Holbrooke intends US to run Afghanistan directly
  150. We Found WMD – and It Was Ours
  151. The Audacity of Ethnic Cleansing Obama's plan for Afghanistan
  152. Gates on go getting Bin Laden
  153. A Message From The Taliban Who Is Responsible for the Anarchy in Afghanistan?
  154. Obama Declares War On Pakistan - Tarpley
  155. War Is A Racket by Major General Smedley Butler
  156. Obama Declares War On Pakistan
  157. Unpersons
  158. Bloggers Name and Shame Torturers
  159. Disposable Army - Foreign Contractors in the US military
  160. An Interview With Cindy Sheehan
  161. Iraq: dead Americans 73,000
  162. Inside the Military-Industrial-Media Complex
  163. Grinding a Greater Axis of Evil
  164. Vatican gold case dismissed
  165. Why? - Douglas Valentine
  166. Welcome Home,hold your tongue
  167. Will Globalists Trigger World War?
  168. RAND study on “hybrid” military/law enforcement unit"
  169. Growing Rich From Misery
  170. Duplicate internet for gov war-malware trials
  171. International Arrest Warrants Requested Against Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld et al by Prof Francis Boyle
  172. Wars not as deadly as they used to be, UN told
  173. $85 million War on Terror scam
  174. UK terror threat raised to 'severe', Home Secretary announces
  175. With Nuclear, Conventional Arms Pacts Stalled, U.S. Moves Missiles And Troops To Russian Border
  176. DoD “Clarifies” Doctrine on Psychological Operations
  177. Obama Administration Misses Deadline To Close Guantánamo
  178. Gates pledges steady growth in Pentagon budgets
  179. "War is SIn" (by Chris Hedges)
  180. Drone surge: Today, tomorrow and 2047
  181. "If we wanted you to have a family, …we would have issued you one.”
  182. Blackwater / Xe's Youngest Victim - An UNBELIVABLE FILM - DON"T MISS IT!
  183. Hillary Clinton's Prescription: Make The World A NATO Protectorate
  184. Singapore arms sales and fair
  185. NPR Agrees With Taliban
  186. Appearing Soon in a War Zone near You
  187. ‘Flight plans’ Could Spark New Cuban Missile Crisis
  188. Israel junket: ‘live penetration raids in Arab territory’
  189. The Sword & the Shield: Missile Defense/First-Strike
  190. The Planning of War Behind Closed Doors Brussels, London, Istanbul: A Week Of Western War Councils
  191. Obama's secret war in Pakistan-3 US soldiers dead in school.
  192. The Terror-Industrial Complex
  193. biomorphic micro air vehicles to spy/kill (bzz)
  194. Iraq 'expels Blackwater security employees'
  195. Sweden: The tyranny of Small Steps - From Neutrality to NATO
  196. Say goodbye to Miranda rights.
  197. Europe's Complicity in Evil
  198. Institutionalizing Fear Inc. vs the reality
  199. Cheney speaks - “a big supporter of waterboarding” and he and others demanded it.
  200. Afghan surge
  201. Spying for Dollars, by Tom Burghardt
  202. Police officer 'instinctively' shot colleague during training exercise
  203. Rick Rozoff Stop NATO list and blog
  204. Killing the intellectuals
  205. Dutch government fall due to disagreement of role in Afghanistan
  206. Casting a Global Shadow: US Military Machine
  207. John Yoo speaks
  208. Great Talk On National Nuclear Security State!
  209. Oh God, let's have a just and holy war. Please.
  210. Future: US Electronic, Troop-less Wars
  211. America's Permanent War Agenda
  212. US Enriches Companies in Defiance of Policy on Iran
  213. "... Breaking The Fever of Militarism"
  214. Predatory sexual culture on warship, inquiry hears
  215. AFRICOM's First War: U.S. Directs Large-Scale Offensive In Somalia
  216. DARPA goes Quantum
  217. Sounds like they are gearing up for W.W. 111.
  218. Mid-East Arms Bazaar (bizarre?)
  219. So who was pulling their strings?
  220. American Fingerprints: Brain-Washing in Waziristan
  221. Special Forces into Central Asia
  222. Legality of US drones questioned
  223. Medicating the military
  224. Have a Nice World War, Folks
  225. CIA report into shoring up Afghan war support in Western Europe - Wikileaks
  226. Faces Of American Terrorists:Don't Laugh Now!
  227. Darpa Chief: Fix America’s Critical Geek Shortage
  228. Air Force Debuts Biofuel-Guzzling Attack Aircraft
  229. McCrystal admits war crimes killings
  230. The Serious Matter of Three-Headed Babies
  231. Believe It or Not: The 2010 Imperial Edition
  232. How Many Americans Does It Take To Slaughter A 3rd World Child?
  233. Iraq War Vet: "We Were Told to Just Shoot People, and the Officers Would Take Care of Us"
  234. Occupied Washington DC
  235. Warmonger Alert! False-Flag Set-Up?!
  236. Court Rules Against NSA's Illegal Spying, Illegal NSA Spying Continues
  237. Engineers of Human Souls: The Pentagon's Cult of Killing Strikes Again
  238. The World's Biggest Arms-Makers
  239. Al-Qaida ‘Scammed’ in Its Quest for Nukes?
  240. Gods and Monsters
  241. Nuclear Blast Victims Would Have to Wait for Obamacare
  242. A Pair of Articles on One American Soldier's Experience
  243. Human Terrain System = Military Intelligence Program
  244. Dr. Strangelove, Made in Israel
  245. Howling Wind: The Unrepented Genocide
  246. Pentagon's Cyber Command: Civilian Infrastructure is a "Legitimate" Target
  247. The Man Who Coined The Word Genocide & Wrote The Genocide Convention
  248. Autonomous Rotorcraft Sniper System
  249. Anybody's Son (or Daughter) WIll Do
  250. Firm Run by Ex-Israeli Special Forces Soldier Wants US Contracts in Jerusalem, Iraq, Afghanistan