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  1. The Lord McAlpine of West Green Claimant - and - Sally Bercow Defendant - Judgementhttp://www.baili
  2. EU Arrests Former Kosovar Guerrillas In War Crimes Probe
  3. Stand for Bradley Manning this Saturday at Fort Meade!
  4. President of International War Crimes Tribunal May Have Worked to Shield Israelis From Prosecution
  5. FISA
  6. Snowden on Board? Bolivian President's Plane Forced to Land in Austria
  7. Barret Brown
  8. Kafka's America: Secret Courts, Secret Laws, and Total Surveillance
  9. 'Eminent Domain for the People' Leaves Wall Street Furious
  10. Senior Plod engaged in more unlawful activity
  11. Auschwitz guard charged over nazi crimes
  12. Saudi women's rights activists sent to jail
  13. Guatemalan army officer convicted over 1982 massacre
  14. E-Borders scheme is balls up?
  15. Another shooting in the US
  16. New Reports Details Worldwide Police Crackdown On Peaceful Protests & Criminalization of Dissent
  17. NYPD Undercover Detective Arrested In SUV Driver Beatdown - Had Spied On OWS
  18. 10 To Watch From The Home Affairs Select Committee
  19. Brits want to have secret court hearing on Libyan's rendition
  20. Amnesty says US drone strikes are war crimes
  21. Continuing the police madness in the US
  22. You may not mention you have been tortured, it's classified!
  23. US after British hackers again
  24. MafiaLeaks - the new omertà get around
  25. The First Chief Justice Said 'The USA Should Be Run By Those Who Own It' - Thomas & Scalia Agree.
  26. More police brutality
  27. No Bankers in Jail
  28. Lurid Subprime Scams Unveiled in Long-Running Fraud Trial
  29. Is Encryption Becoming a Crime?!...rather than a 'best practice'?!
  30. NSA Spying likely-unconstitutional...
  31. Report on CIA Torture Has Now Been Suppressed for 1 Year by Obama & Co.
  32. American Injustice System
  33. Putin Frees Khodorkovsky
  34. You no longer have the right to remain silent.
  35. Some leaks are more equal than others.
  36. Turkey corruption investigation focuses on Erdogan
  37. The lowest caste are USA-prisoners. You may be the next one. Dog food and solitary. No Problem.
  38. Americanization of English justice system
  39. Jury finds Duggan killing lawful
  40. Met police corruption report - gangsters have infiltrated Scotland Yard at choice
  41. SFO cods revealed - business as usual...
  42. "Devastating" dossier on abuse, torture and murder by UK forces in Iraq
  43. Supreme Court hands Monsanto victory over farmers on GMO patents!
  44. British plod sell arms, run brothels and distribute child porn...
  45. A Seminal Moment of Injustice - Cops Confirm they are Corporate Shills
  46. Nullify NSA: the NSA has an Achilles heel
  47. Another moment of injustice pending...
  48. Judges Were Paid Big Money To Send Children To Prison...and they DID!
  49. Incredible & Disgusting Double Standard of 'Justice' For Rich and Poor / Black and White
  50. Police Brutality, Insensitivity and Militarism/Robotism is all the Rage Now!
  51. America moves back to the bad-old-days of discrimination enshrined in law.
  52. drinking booze when pregnant could be made a crime in the UK
  53. The Police State Is Ratchetted Up One More Notch In U.S.A.
  54. Racism, Not Evidence, Led To 30 Years Falsely On Death Row - Man Just Released
  55. Police Brutality, Insensitivity and Militarism/Robotism is all the Rage Now!
  56. Corrupt cops
  57. Obama Admin. vs. Justice & Constitutionality - Again!
  58. The Supremes Do It Again and Again and Again....Democracy in USA is DEAD!
  59. Rubin Hurricane Carter Dead At 76
  60. Why Kidnapping, Torture, Assassination, and Perjury Are No Longer Crimes
  61. Interview with Russell Tice: NSA whistleblower
  62. How Far Would YOU Go To Tell The Truth? - New Film 'Whistleblowers' just out!
  63. UK Rape Prosecutions Fall - Even as Rapes Increase
  64. Gerry Adams
  65. FBI uses thinly masked death threats to turn people into informers......Justice?!
  66. Vatican battles UN over sex abuse scandals
  67. Martial Law, Detention Camps and Kangaroo Courts
  68. Bahrain Prince could lose immunity over torture claims
  69. Drone Lawyer: Kill a 16 Year-Old, Get a Promotion
  70. The government and the Bill draw up battle lines
  71. FBI guy who worked for the Mob wiins
  72. Co-founder of The Pirate Bay arrested
  73. The new legal threat - London on the Potomac
  74. After Punching OWS Protester, Policeman Gets Paid Pension!
  75. Benghazi Terror suspect on a "slow boat" to the US for trial.
  76. Governor Scott Walker part of a "criminal scheme"
  77. The People Don't Win Many - But They Won This ONE!....after 25 years!
  78. Fox News has been telling us it would come to this.....
  79. Supreme Court upholds warrant requirement for cell phone search
  80. British spookdom spanked on botty
  81. Another stunning expansion of corporate rights: corps have right to religion
  82. US Courts Cannot Protect US Citizens Tortured by US Abroad! How Nice To Know!
  83. New Orleans Mayor Nagin gets 10 years in prison for corruption.
  84. Critical governments files to be used as extraordinary rendition evidence lost due to water damage
  85. Emergency surveillance laws to be brought in
  86. ISPs take GCHQ to court in UK over mass surveillance
  87. Obama drops investigation into CIA spying on US Senate
  88. Benghazi "suspect" turns up dead.
  89. Libyan dissident appeals to UK judges over MI6 involvement in rendition flight to Tripoli
  90. EFF to take NSA and USG to Court over Electronic Spying on Everyone, Everywhere, All the time!
  91. NYPD "chokehold case" ruled a homicide by medical examiner
  92. The real story behind the indictment of Texas Governor Rick Perry
  93. Jeffrey MacDonald - Justice 'American Style' - Fatal Vision murders
  94. War crimes, grovelling UK judges, naked power and the complicit Guardian newspaper
  95. Yet ANOTHER case of wrongful convictions! Many convicted are convicted for being poor and Black.
  96. From Boston to Ferguson - Have We Reached A Tipping Point in the Police State?
  97. Russian MPs say Mikhail Gorbachev should be prosecuted for treason
  98. Patriot Act’s absurd new spawn: Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse
  99. Highway Interdiction or Just Give Me Your Money
  100. CNN show re Whitey Bulger not your average mainstream media piece
  101. More racism and sexism by the met police
  102. Conservatives to scrap European Human Rights Act
  103. Mass grave of Mexican students
  104. Bent British Cops are Widespread says Parliamentary Report
  105. US Supreme Court blocks lower court's ruling on Texas new discriminatory voter ID law
  106. Please America, don't elect this dozey president
  107. G4S and Serco in illegal restraint of children in custody
  108. White House fence jumper declared incompetent.
  109. Judges [along with everyone else] for sale in USA
  110. Social Cleansing in Fort Lauderdale
  111. Air Strikes on Gaza could be War Crimes say Amnesty
  112. The Corporate Plot to Control the World by Suing Governments
  113. Eric Frein surrenders peacefully but winds up with rifle stock sized bruise on face.
  114. Ferguson MO grand jury no bills the officer that shot Michael Brown
  115. Notice anything?
  116. Kerry to delay US torture report
  117. Is it just me?
  118. PROSECUTE THE PROSECUTORS! The only way toward some Justice?!
  119. Injustice and the USA
  120. Pope demolishes curia
  121. True Relationship Between Crime and Law Enforcement
  122. al-Libi dies [conveniently] a few days before trial on major terror charges.
  123. Germany Files War Crimes Against Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld And Other CIA Officials
  124. Rumsfeld should be charged with conspiracy to torture says lawyer
  125. Cops arrest public defender for defending her client...
  126. Disgusting & Disgraceful! Palestinian Scholar Sami Al-Arian Deported!
  127. Three Lovely, Intelligent, Peaceful Young People Murdered for being Muslim in N.C.
  128. "Elsa the Snow Queen" is arrested, Cold Case solved.
  129. Gary Glitter goes to prison....finally.
  130. Dallas Cops Shoot Man
  131. Governor signs law making Utah only state with firing squad
  132. Federal agents accused of stealing $1M in online currency from Silk Road
  133. Mumia Abu Jamal Rushed to Emergency Care - Family Denied Access!
  134. Jimmy Carter Speaks Out About Israel's Occupation of Palenstine
  135. FBI lab admits 20 years of flawed and biased testimony
  136. N.S.A. Collection of Bulk Call Data Is Ruled Illegal
  137. Former IMF chief Strauss-Kahn acquitted of pimping charges in French trial
  138. Nicholas Winton - Hero of the Holocaust in Occupied Czechoslovakia - Dead at 106. Sad News.
  139. Federal authorities raid home of Subway spokesman Jared Fogle
  140. SFCA Pier 14 shooting: handgun belonged to federal agent.
  141. Cincinnati University Cop Charged With Murder
  142. Gun 'Em Down Texas Style
  143. US DOJ to focus more on executives, not just companies, in criminal cases
  144. Cameron's Drone Strike in Syria Illegal
  145. Saudi prince avoids felony sex assault charges after arrest at Los Angeles mansion
  146. Saudi Arabia about to Behead then crucify a 17 yr. old pro-democracy Protester
  147. Spanish court issues arrest warrants for Netanyahu and other officials
  148. Obama's EWar on Truth --- Simply Appalling Tactis
  149. Saudi millionaire who said he 'fell' on teen and 'accidentally penetrated' her cleared of rape
  150. Making a Murderer
  151. "Paths to Radicalization" to be Cutoff
  152. Wildlife Standoff in Oregon: FBI makes traffic stop? 2 men shot, 1 killed, reporter arrested
  153. Julian Assange - UN Rules in His Favour?
  154. People Have A 'Fundamental Right' To Own Assault Weapons, Court Rules
  155. Former LA County Sheriff pleads guilty to corruption charge
  156. Eliot Spitzer is back up to his old tricks
  157. New head- chair of the Republican Party in Travis Cy - Austin- TX.
  158. Obama picks centrist high court nominee; Republicans unmoved
  159. Wikileaks Publishes a Searchable Hillary Email Archive
  160. Killing The Republic - The Arrogant Error of American Exceptionalism
  161. The UK Kill List
  162. Leslie Van Houten Paroled
  163. The Horror of TTIP
  164. Daniel Berrigan, Another of my heroes, dies at 94
  165. Michael Ratner, CCR, A Great Warrior For Justice & The People's Law Has Died at 71
  166. Two Of America’s Richest Men Secretly Tried To Sway Montana’s Judicial Elections
  167. Plea change for Guccifer, hacker who says he breached Clinton server
  168. Ken Starr, the Man Who Probed Clinton, is fired from his own presidency in a sex coverup scandal.
  169. DEBUNKED: The Clintons to Be Indicted Under the RICO Act
  170. Some Small Measure of Justice for Victor Jara - tortured and murdered in 1973
  171. Prosecutors drop charges in 2001 death of Washington intern
  172. Two Benghazi parents sue Hillary Clinton for wrongful death, defamation
  173. Presidential 'Debates' Managed by Private Corporation run by both Repubs & Dems - Others Excluded!
  174. US House serves the FBI with subpoena for Clinton records
  175. UK's Investigatory Powers Act allows the State to tell lies in court!
  176. OJ Simpson - CNN To Air Bill Dear Case
  177. US Justice Department Ducks Assange Querstions; Won't Come Clean on it's Intentions
  178. Security Video Shows Police Lied In Michael Brown Shooting
  179. Lynne Stewart: A Classic Case of Judicial Abuse & the [in]justice system in the USA
  180. Wikimedia Scores ‘Important Victory’ in Fight Against NSA Surveillance
  181. State of US Legal System Today!
  182. Trump-Sessions-DOJ seek to get identity of ALL persons who participated in 'anti-Trump' actions
  183. On Assange's Arrest - First they came for the.......