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  1. A brief guide to a most unusual website The different power blocks that can be found in the West
  2. The people with the endless bios An introduction to the world we live in
  3. JASON Group | Part-time defense think tank for university professors
  4. Bohemian Grove
  5. The Dutroux & Nebula files
  6. Population Growth "Alarmism" as a Deep Political Control Device
  7. How the NYPD, with the CIA’s help, became one of the country’s most aggressive domestic intelligence
  8. Classified Belgian police report on Nebula receives another look
  9. Russia gave agents license to kill state’s enemies:
  10. Third edition of Rogue Agents by David Teacher published - includes 175 internal documents
  11. Week in Review: Afghan Drug Trade; Police State Business and Bilderberg Conference and More...
  12. North American Union - Laying the Foundation for a North American Security Perimeter
  13. Updated reference page for importantant NGO's
  14. Attack on Sovereignty
  15. Anti-Globalizatiuon and the World Social Forum
  16. Lots of new information in the ISGP archive
  17. ISGP Major updates
  18. ISGP archive back on-line
  19. Fourth edition (2015) of ROGUE AGENTS by David Teacher