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Magda Hassan
06-09-2012, 08:58 AM
The Elephant in the Room that’s as big as a Whale: Normalising Radiological Pollution.I’ve noticed in the forums that people have a fascination with the point of origin of the cloud of fission and fuel which is orbiting the earth. TEPCO live cam at Fukushima NPP is widely view by the online community. And some with sufficient skill are wizards at placing frames and clips into the timeline of events at Fukushima. I am not one of those. I have been asking myself the question why would TEPCO go out of its way to be so open as to allow a live 24/7 feed from its live cam? People can what the radioactive soup rise up on steam and mist with horrified amazement. And many can go outside and measure the result with their rad detectors. Industry hacks can challenge the resultant youtube videos, which show the rad meter reading 5 – 8 x background, with howls of “It’s only radon idiots”. Well it is not only radon, and that is a TENORM anyway, if you are up in Canada like Ray M is. (Don’t overlook local emitters, busily flipping reactor lids to refuel under the cover of Fukushima).Despite what some skills eyes perceive (over and above TEPCO’s aim for the live cam), there is a non technical, sociological event going on at the TEPCO live cam.The Normalizing of Radiological Pollution. TEPCO and nuclear advocates the world over make the statement: “Here is the cause, show us the effects” That question is the elephant in the room which is as big as a whale. This normalizing project has been going on ever since Groves was informed that Trinity site was too small and that downwind towns in New Mexico had been smothered by fallout from the Gadget in July 1945. The victims of that have all been isolated and denied.
(A community awareness of the impacts does remain though, according to someone I knew in the USA).A normalization program for radionuclide emissions which has remained in place from World War 2, through the 1950s to the 1990s, encompassing the period of Clinton’s disclosures, Chernobyl and, in an unbroken line to Fukushima’s disaster and TEPCO’s webcam.The gravest sorrow is felt when the fact hits home that the current government and public administration in Japan agrees with the famous lie of General Groves: “There is no radiation sickness in Japan”. That is as a big a lie today, uttered by Noda and his nuclear bosses and hence by all the underlings as well.When one brave Japanese doctor has to go on national tour to raise awareness of the illnesses, when the most recent press report of medically diagnosed radiation related symptoms is dated August 2011 (standing alone as the sole mass media report, when Japanese nurses tell a freelance journo “we don’t treat radiation diseases because the government is involved”, when a Professor of internal medicine has to cut crook at the Diet, only to be given an impossible decontamination task (the fallout is still landing and the people are living amid the cleanup- shame), people around the world watch the colours change in the radionuclide smog as it vents and rises up at Fukushima.It has been a long row for nuclear authorities to hoe, this normalizing of radionuclide pollution. It has been going on, as I mentioned, since 1945.All the suppressed, isolated victims, with their varied illnesses and sufferings, successfully thwarted. All the nuclear veterans, fighting to their last in courts around the world. All the advocates of peoples as far flung as the fallout itself have not been able to maintain a public perception of persistent governmental and organizational campaign to normalize nuclear pollution.The message of the TEPCO cam is: This is the new normal. Get used to it.I guess a large proportion of people who stumble on the videos from the TEPCO have insufficient technical insight to discern more than that which TEPCO planned.The constant stream of nuclear steam and mist is horrifying to behold. And the industry asks “Where’s the bodies? “This is normal.” (A famous quote, uttered by an Australian nuke “expert” on the explosion at Reactor 3 which shattered the containment and the reactor – “this is normal.” “It’s just hydrogen.” (The CTBTO data shows otherwise))Little children suffer daily blood noses, aches, fatigue and, if they bring their own lunch, in preference to the Fukushima farmed fare the schools often dish up – ridicule from teachers. In response government authorities claim a mental weakness is present in the group. Toughen up or be bullied.It all reminds me so much of Carol Gallagher’s writings. Of Nevada and Utah in the 1950s. If you complain your child was afflicted by a radioactive cloud, well you should be proud at the sacrifice, even though the child took 2 years to die. Any complaint was deemed “communistically inspired”.We should not forget that though the labels change, the aim of the nuclear establishment is to normalize their pollution. They have failed, in large part, in many parts of the world. Populations remain divided. It is a running sore. Times change and political abuse of victims will not wash. So today in Japan there is social exclusion, bullying and overt abuse of psychology. All so that nuclear industry can obtain even slacker and even cheaper emissions and cleanup standards.This, I believe, is function of the TEPCO live cam. To normalize. The question “What is in the smog” is an important one, and must be asked. However the answer to that question does not answer the unspoken, insistent question the industry asks : Here’s the cause. Where is the effect? Show us the victims? If the people of Japan stay silent, if those of us watching from outside of Japan don’t help the expression of human experience, the answer will never come. For as usual, the victims, whose bodies bear proof of the effects, will never be allowed to present their answer. “Here I am, you did this to me!” This is not normal, the victims, from New Mexico, to the black rain suburbs of Hiroshima, to Nevada, the South Pacific, the Soviet Republics, Amchitka and Alaska, Northern Australia, Southern Australia, and all around the world the story is the same. Lallie Lennon, engulfed by a bomb cloud in 1953 had to wait until 1982 for a diagnosis.If we don’t wake up the same will happen in Japan. In the interim, from cause to recognition of effect, 30 years will have past, and hundreds of reactors perhaps will have been built in the meantime. Throughout Asia at least.NORMALISING RADIOLOGICAL POLLUTION – it may be pink, it may be yellow, whatever. This is a fight for the recognition of effects from the cause, not matter what colour it is.The long road to normalisation:http://nuclearhistory.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/ctbo.jpg?w=450Local hotspots are not reflected in averaged external dose.
CTBTO picture from http://www.ctbto.org/press-centre/highlights/2011/fukushima-related-measurements-by-the-ctbto/fukushima-related-measurements-by-the-ctbto-page-2/It is clear that victims of the nuclear test era were suppressed, isolated and denied in a similar manner to those of Chernobyl.How the world sees the victims of the past may change if the new victims of the Japanese disaster are properly appreciated.The victims of Japan have a better chance of recognition if the victims of the past are appreciated.There is an advertising campaign going on here, worse than any dreamt up by Big Tobacco. Big Nuke is far worse. It holds government in its clenched fist, with its foot over the throats of the afflicted.imo.The usual array of typos in this. Will fix in 2030. In the meantime, this is the story of how they suppressed Lallie Lennon:
(Lallie wants people to read this, so that it does not happen again. We are running out of time for the people in Japan.)
http://www.mediafire.com/view/?rzv88z7oczvicb9By all means watch the TEPCO live cam. But please, please don’t get hypnotized by it. It’s the cause. The effects are suppressed.The weapons of choice in the battle to tie cause and effect, tie the normally unseen cause to the effects within a household of suffering and despair are: sufficient technical understanding of dose vectors to enable tracking of dose delivery and the skills of social work to perceive and report impacts upon the family and the individual as they fight affliction and official rejection. Modern Health Physics hates this skill. Hates it. It hated in Australia, in the Marshall Islands and in Nevada and Utah. Just ask Carol G.What is happening at Japanese Ground Zero Three is officially sanctioned radiological child abuse. Radiological Social Workers are urgently needed, so that at least, the kids can get passed the government body guard into the arms of the nurses and doctors. For proper diagnosis and treatment. Nothing scares the pants off the owners of the TEPCO live cam more than this thought. It would be like the day the first smoker succeeded in court against Big Tobacco. (Who sat on the cancer findings for the previous 30 years. This is little different. Both industries probably share personnel. In the US, one enjoys the protection of the Atomic Energy Act, including its secrecy provisions.)