View Full Version : Maldives government paid $2 million for Kosovo recognition by US

Magda Hassan
03-16-2009, 09:59 AM
I wonder how many other small countries were bribed for Kosovo's recognition? For some strange reason my country recognised the Camp Bondsteel creation and I don't even think they needed a bribe.


Miadhu News (Maldives)
March 25, 3009

President orders investigations of IDP allegation on Kosovo

The Maldivian government’s recognition of Kosovo's independence has caused a great deal of stir in the country, with President Mohamed Nasheed ordering a police investigation of the allegation that government officials accepted a US $2 million bribe to recognize Kosovo independence.

The allegations made by Islamic Democratic Party early in March have been dismissed by Maldives Foreign Minister Dr. Ahmed Shaheed as mere speculations aimed at discrediting the government.
The US $2 million bribe, as alleged by the IDP, was delivered by a Kosovo businessman, Behgjet Pacolli. However, Pacolli, who heads the New Kosova Alliance party (AKR), has firmly denied the allegation.
Pacolli, who has been promoting himself as a lobbyist for Kosovo’s recognition, especially in Middle Eastern and Central Asian countries, said that he was facing an active counter lobby from the Serbian side.
Just weeks after Maldives recognition of Kosovo, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton thanked the Maldivian government for its decision to recognize Kosovo Independence.

In a message sent to Maldives Foreign Minister Dr. Shaheed, Clinton stated that government’s decision greatly contributes to efforts to promote a stable and prosperous future for Kosovo and the Western Balkans.

Jan Klimkowski
03-16-2009, 06:38 PM
Not content with bribing everyone from businessmen to senators to judges, They now resort to bribing entire countries.

They truly have no shame whatsoever...