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Ed Jewett
08-04-2012, 05:51 AM
How The NSA Harasses Thousands Of Law Abiding Americans Daily By The Usage Of Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM)
John St. Clair Akwei
NSA, Ft. Meade, MD, USA

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NSA Mission & Operations (http://emhdf.com/akwei.html#Mission)Communications Intelligence (http://emhdf.com/akwei.html#COMINT)Signals Intelligence (http://emhdf.com/akwei.html#SIGINT)Domestic Intelligence (http://emhdf.com/akwei.html#DOMINT)Independently Operating Personnel Target Citizens (http://emhdf.com/akwei.html#Target)NSA's Domestic Electronic Surveillance Network (http://emhdf.com/akwei.html#Network)Signals Intelligence Remote Computer Tampering (http://emhdf.com/akwei.html#Tamper)Detecting EMF Fields in Humans for Surveillance (http://emhdf.com/akwei.html#Detect)NSA Signals Intelligence Use of EMF Brain Stimulation (http://emhdf.com/akwei.html#Stim)
Capabilities of NSA operatives using RNM (http://emhdf.com/akwei.html#RNM)
NSA Signals Intelligence Electronic Brain Link Technology (http://emhdf.com/akwei.html#Brain)Table:Â An example of EMF Brain Stimulation (http://emhdf.com/akwei.html#Table)NSA Techniques and Resources (http://emhdf.com/akwei.html#Tech)Remote RNM Devices (http://emhdf.com/akwei.html#Device)Spotters and Walk-Bys in Metropolitan Areas (http://emhdf.com/akwei.html#Spotters)Chemicals and Drugs (http://emhdf.com/akwei.html#Chem)Intelligence/Anti-Terrorist Equipment (http://emhdf.com/akwei.html#Brief)Resources (http://emhdf.com/akwei.html#Resources)Further Resources (http://emhdf.com/akwei.html#Further)

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Adele Edisen
08-04-2012, 08:06 AM
Ed, I lifted the section below (NSA Signals Intelligence Use of EMF Brain Stimulation) from your link. Now this is really scary. I have often wondered if such a thing could be possible, and how one might protect oneself from such a personal invasion.

Here's a idea that has occurred to me. May not work, but it's worth thinkng about. Would you happen to know what a Faraday cage is? I used to use such a device in my experimental work in recording nerve action potentials from the cat's spinal cord. A Faraday cage can be used to keep out extraneous electrical voltage fields (electromagnetic activity) from interfering with delicate electrical recordings. It's a grounded metal wire cage of any size needed to surround an experimental subject. It could be the size of a room, or a building even, I would think. It isolates electrical activity inside from whatever is on the outside. For example, overhead fluorescent lights created detectable voltage shifts to my sensitive electrical recordings, interfering with my nerve action potentials, but a Faraday cage prevented these voltages from affecting my recordings. I assume that whatever electromagnetic activity was occurring inside the cage would not be detected outside the cage.

I am wondering if a Faraday cage could be a protection against this remote neural monitoring (RNM). Maybe a personalized grounded pliable metal meshwork that one could wear, like a total body stocking? All of these devices would have to be connected to ground somehow, I think. It's not exactly like wearing a tin hat with no ground connection.

Note: EMF = Electromagnetic Frequency; NSA = National Security Agency (AE)

NSA Signals Intelligence Use of EMF Brain Stimulation

NSA Signals Intelligence uses EMF Brain Stimulation for Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) and Electronic Brain Link (EBL). EMF Brain Stimulation has been in development since the MKUltra program of the early 1950's, which included neurological research into "radiation" (non-ionizing EMF) and bioelectric research and development. The resulting secret technology is categorized at the National Security Archives as "Radiation Intelligence," defined as "information from unintentionally emanated electromagnetic waves in the environment, not including radioactivity or nuclear detonation."

Signals Intelligence implemented and kept this technology secret in the same manner as other electronic warfare programs of the U.S. government. The NSA monitors available information about this technology and withholds scientific research from the public. There are also international intelligence agency agreements to keep this technology secret.

The NSA has proprietary electronic equipment that analyzes electrical activity in humans from a distance. NSA computer-generated brain mapping can continuously monitor all the electrical activity in die brain continuously. The NSA records aid decodes individual brain maps (of hundreds of thousands of persons) for national security purposes. EMF Brain Stimulation is also secretly used by the military for Brain-to-computer link. (In military fighter aircraft, for example.)

For electronic surveillance purposes electrical activity in the speech center of the brain can be translated into the subject's verbal thoughts. RNM can send encoded signals to the brain's auditory cortex thus allowing audio communication direct to the brain (bypassing the ears). NSA operatives can use this to covertly debilitate subjects by simulating auditory hallucinations characteristic of paranoid schizophrenia.

Without any contact with the subject, Remote Neural Monitoring can map out electrical activity from the visual cortex of a subject's brain and show images from the subject's brain on a video monitor. NSA operatives see what the surveillance subject's eyes are seeing. Visual memory can also be seen. RNM can send images direct to the visual cortex. bypassing the eyes and optic nerves. NSA operatives can use this to surreptitiously put images in a surveillance subject's brain while they are in R.E.M. sleep for brain-programming purposes.


Peter Lemkin
08-04-2012, 08:41 AM
So, the tinfoil hats were not so far off the mark...only lacked the ground wire. A Faraday cage hat -with drooping sides might be enough [in the 50s my mother wore a hat with a net in front of her face - might become all the 'rage' again for both sexes!]. Do you think one would need a full Faraday bodysuit - sounds uncomfortable - especially in summer? It would be like long underwear with an internal metal mesh or carbon/silicon fiber mesh. Grounding could be worked out with shoes built to ground out [although would work only on certain floor or outdoor surfaces. Isn't it wonderful that we now have to protect ourselves in every way from the 'benevolence' of our government and their minions. Never when I read 1984 and Brave New World, etc. in high school did I think that in my lifetime most all of that would come to pass...though I was aware and afraid it could at some point, and needed to be prevented. Now it has to be rolled back. Prevention now is a bit too late....expect for the few additional measures they have up their sleeves for the very few coming years. We sure do live in 'interesting' times [in the Chinese sense]. I have to admit that I once wanted to live forever and now look at such a prospect with horror - due more to the political changes than my aging body. I feel sad for the next generations...they really have their work cut out for them...if they are going to have anything approaching a normal and happy, let alone free life! Maybe some anti-fascist scientist[s] with the right training and lab equipment could develop the parameters for this and even prototypes. Hard to believe, I write the above with a straight face.

Jan Klimkowski
08-04-2012, 09:48 AM
Ah yes, Harlan Girard.

Adele Edisen
08-04-2012, 09:55 AM
I think we now know for sure that the inmates run the asylum (this crazy world)..

Peter, I got a kick out of your idea of a metal veil like your mother wore with her hat. Quite stylish. Perhaps lightweight metallic cloth could be devised for clothing with netting over the face. Oh, dear, it is so bizarre to even be thinking of this.

I read some of the other entries in Ed's links, and it is very sad and depressing.

What has to happen is that all such methods of mind and behavior control must be stopped, as well as the microwave killings. None of these serve any decent purpose. People should be informed of these psychotic plans of the uber-riche, who have no concept of what it means to be human. We must, somehow, restore our true sense of humanity and sanity and not be intimidated if we wish to survive as human beings.


Magda Hassan
08-04-2012, 10:11 AM
I have an image in my head of us all walking around looking like bee keepers :bee:

Ed Jewett
08-04-2012, 06:58 PM
in re: the Faraday cage, see the movie "Enemy of the State".

Peter Lemkin
08-04-2012, 08:49 PM
I think we now know for sure that the inmates run the asylum (this crazy world)..

Peter, I got a kick out of your idea of a metal veil like your mother wore with her hat. Quite stylish. Perhaps lightweight metallic cloth could be devised for clothing with netting over the face. Oh, dear, it is so bizarre to even be thinking of this.

I went looking on the internet, but couldn't find my mother's hat....but this one has some resemblance. The netting was only to the neck and of finer mesh. No feather on the hat and less showy. Yes, RETRO may be necessary for survival in this crazy asylum. 3917

I read some of the other entries in Ed's links, and it is very sad and depressing.

What has to happen is that all such methods of mind and behavior control must be stopped, as well as the microwave killings. None of these serve any decent purpose. People should be informed of these psychotic plans of the uber-riche, who have no concept of what it means to be human. We must, somehow, restore our true sense of humanity and sanity and not be intimidated if we wish to survive as human beings.


It is all very sick and disturbing and we have no idea how much it is being used now - but one can be sure it will be used more and more if we don't stop it!

Just out of curiousity, I put Faraday cage clothing into google and got lots of interesting things. Here is one... (http://www.lessemf.com/personal.html)they even sell a sleeping bag EMF-free!

Ed Jewett
08-04-2012, 08:53 PM
I concur, Adele.


June 21, 2012EMF Killing Fields (http://jenniferlake.wordpress.com/2012/06/21/emf-killing-fields/)Filed under: Modern History (http://jenniferlake.wordpress.com/category/modern-history/),Psychological War (http://jenniferlake.wordpress.com/category/psychological-war/),radiation (http://jenniferlake.wordpress.com/category/radiation/) — jenniferlake @ 8:34 pm
Tags: Allen Frey (http://jenniferlake.wordpress.com/tag/allen-frey/), barcodes (http://jenniferlake.wordpress.com/tag/barcodes/), cell phones (http://jenniferlake.wordpress.com/tag/cell-phones/), Devra Davis (http://jenniferlake.wordpress.com/tag/devra-davis/), Dr. Ross Adey (http://jenniferlake.wordpress.com/tag/dr-ross-adey/), EMFs (http://jenniferlake.wordpress.com/tag/emfs/), health physics (http://jenniferlake.wordpress.com/tag/health-physics/),microwave radiation (http://jenniferlake.wordpress.com/tag/microwave-radiation/), Near Field Communication (http://jenniferlake.wordpress.com/tag/near-field-communication/), Neurophone (http://jenniferlake.wordpress.com/tag/neurophone/), Patrick Flanagan (http://jenniferlake.wordpress.com/tag/patrick-flanagan/), Qualcomm (http://jenniferlake.wordpress.com/tag/qualcomm/), RFID (http://jenniferlake.wordpress.com/tag/rfid/),TASER (http://jenniferlake.wordpress.com/tag/taser/), Tim Rifat (http://jenniferlake.wordpress.com/tag/tim-rifat/), transgenes (http://jenniferlake.wordpress.com/tag/transgenes/), ultrasound (http://jenniferlake.wordpress.com/tag/ultrasound/), West Nile Virus (http://jenniferlake.wordpress.com/tag/west-nile-virus/), zombie apocalypse (http://jenniferlake.wordpress.com/tag/zombie-apocalypse/)

I’m not fond of grim titles. In spite of it, they’re racking up on my blog index. I’ve been told that to make a point on the internet, I should say whatever I’m saying in “five words or less” and make itcatchy. ‘Catchy’ sounds cute, like a song: Catchy tunes, repetition in your head. Thatreally iswhat’s going on here and this post is about the biological and psychological cost of the contagion. It’s also about precious commodities, government intrusion, UFOs, mental health, life, death, and God-like powers. I could spend the rest of the summer amending this post and maybe I will (in the comments), but what I hope to do is make it a smooth read for you and say more about the speculative things I think on the subject. First though, I’ll explain the title.
EMF stands for “electromagnetic field” which can be found everywhere in some manner of degree. It’s the ‘free energy’ swirling around in toroid-like curvilinear space. If scientists are ever able to articulate the full activity of EMFs they would be describing the Mind of God as many people conceive it –nothing in existence operates outside the influence of EMFs. They present the conditionsin which all things behave, or “have being“. In different words, radiation, radio-frequency (RF), microwaves (MW) and the entire vibratory spectrum of energy called Light is referencing EMFs.“[E]nergy is clearly the fundamental concept. By energy, we mean an action principle, that which causes things to happen.” –Michael Mannion, ufologist (Mindshift, p106); “I, and many of us, take the view that the only real energy that we know about is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. That vibration and movement and energy are all interrelated. We are probably not dealing with strange types of energies..” –Edwin Mitchell, astronaut (ibid.)
Conscious Evolution (see Thrive or Threat), for all its semantic permutations, is the attainment of knowledge about EMFs. To you and me, it’s about coexisting with technology that is altering the electromagnetic conditions in which we autonomically have being. Autonomy, the power of self-governance, is a benefit of optimizing design; in a society, a system, or a cell. By definition autonomy is independent of outside control. The present applications of artificial EMFs erase all previous notions of autonomy.
Killing fields are the physical places bearing our grimmest reminders of war; collective impressions of slaughtered innocence; permanent losses for political, abstract and temporal objectives. Ground zeroes all, in the killing fields where Cosmic Order is punctured and replaced by manmade voids, mortification should hold us back and allow the forces that humans abandoned to refill the vacuum –God, nature, love, respect, generational time– if we were wise enough to hallow them and humble enough to accept the utter failure of understanding they represent.
Other people long before me have called artificial EMFs the killing fields: Arthur Firstenberg wrote,“In 1982 I was in my final year of medical school… One day I collapsed and was unable to get up… It wasn’t a heart attack, but it was six months before I could walk up a flight of stairs without becoming short of breath… I gradually found that I was being effectively disabled by my society. Having stumbled upon an obviously well-kept secret, I researched the world literature on bioelectromagnetics… together with other members of a support group I had found how best to live with my disability… But in July 1996, to my dismay, I learned that an innovation was coming to my city which threatened to make it impossible to avoid exposure any more… [On] November 14, 1996, Omnipoint, New York City’s first digital provider..open[ed] for business… According to health authorities, an early flu hit New York City –but not Boston and not Philadelphia– on about 15 November… I learned that in February 1996, Congress had passed a law prohibiting local governments from denying permits for cell phone antennae because of environmental concerns… I also learned that the FCC had just issued regulations setting public exposure limits for microwave radiation at levels..ten thousand times higher than levels..causing reports of illness from all over the world.” http://www.whale.to/b/elfb.html
Omnipoint, est.1987; “before Omnipoint, the use of encryption technology was mostly limited to military communications. Omnipoint is the first and only company in the New York metropolitan area to use GSM – Global System for Mobile communications.” http://www.schneier.com/cmea-omnipoint.html; Dec.1997–”In wireless, it is often said, coverage is king. Omnipoint has had its fair share of cell siting hassles. To get over objections, the carrier has placed its transceivers inside gargoyles on the facades of landmark buildings in Manhattan..”http://www.rcrwireless.com/article/19971229/sub/rcrs-1997-person-of-the-year-george-schmitt-omnipoints-george-schmitt-burns-the-midnight-oil-to-build-pcs-firm/
http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTdgM4uvj5NSA7kPl6yY0TYY4Ho31W8g JUnjdZoxW5XUgUjDxfP …and it was not long afterwards that unusual numbers of dead birds starting falling on city sidewalks: “ I first suspected a poisoning event, especially since someone had been poisoning pigeons in Central Park just previous to the finding of dead crows. The state pathologist’s lab, however, got some of the dead crows and tested them for a number of things, but found no indication of pesticide poisoning. Instead, the symptoms were consistent with a viral infection… At the same time the outbreak of “St. Louis encephalitis” was being reported in much the same areas where crows were being found dead. It seemed odd to me that crows would be dying from that disease, as most birds that are exposed to it get mildly sick, but do not die... On 23 September [1999], the State of New York Department of Health released the information that several bird specimens from the NYC area had been diagnosed as being infected with a virus that most closely resembled West Nile virus… The 17 Dec 1999 issue of Science.. described the strain found in North America as matching a strain isolated from the brain of a dead “goose” in Israel in 1998 …The authors state “The WN virus could have entered the Western Hemisphere through a number of mechanisms…” http://citizen2009.wordpress.com/west-nile-virus/
There is enough circumstantial evidence to suggest that Omnipoint’s Global System for Mobile (GSM) signal operations could be among the mechanisms spreading West Nile.
“The GSM standard was accepted in the United States in 1995. GSM-1900 cellular systems have been operating in the US since 1996.” http://inventors.about.com/library/weekly/aa072199.htm
Omnipoint’s “Personal Communications Systems, PCS..[was] a newer class of wireless..services..authorized by the FCC [which] use a different radio frequency, the 1.9 GHz band, than cellular phones and generally use all-digital technology for transmission and reception… In 1994, the FCC announced it was allocating spectrum specifically for PCS..”http://inventors.about.com/library/weekly/aa072199.htm
“PCS differs from existing cellular and SMR in three basic ways: frequency, spectrum and geographic division. PCS networks operates in a higher-frequency bank (1850-1990 MHz) compared to the cellular and SMR frequency (800-900 MHz). The higher frequency band for PCS networks requires a greater number of total cell sites to cover the same geographic area as existing cellular networks…http://www.hotstocked.com/companies/n/northeast-digital-networks-inc-GSMI-description-68560.html
“The 1.9 GHz frequency is set aside for cordless phones in the United States; the 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz frequencies also allow phone communication…Other radio bands are set aside specifically for international uses. For instance, the 1.9 GHz (1880 to 1900 MHz) frequency band is used by the DECT standard for international calls.” http://www.ehow.com/about_5070257_ghz-phone.html

“We used the pulsed RF fields at a frequency of 2.45 GHz that is commonly used in telecommunications to expose cultured human HL-60 cells… We observed that 221 genes altered their expression after a 2-h [hour] exposure. The number of affected genes increased to 759 after a six-h exposure… These results indicate that the RF fields at 2.45 GHz can alter gene expression..through non-thermal mechanism.” http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16107253
…then again, New York’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM) system could also be to blame:New York’s OEM frequencies transmit in a narrow range at 147 MHz.http://www.dhses.ny.gov/oem/radiological/
” …human neuroblastoma cells were exposed to electromagnetic radiation at 147 MHz, amplitude-modulated (AM) at 16 Hz… Enhanced efflux at 0.05 W/kg peaked at the 13-16 Hz and at the 57.5-60 Hz modulation ranges…These results confirm that..radiofrequency radiation can induce responses in cells of nervous tissue origin from widely different animal species, including humans…”http://www.scribd.com/doc/34980786/RF-Induced-Calcium-Ion-Efflux-Enhancement-From-Neuroblastoma
“Dr [Ross] Adey demonstrated how a 147-megahertz (MHz) field, which at tissue level had an intensity of 0.8 milliwatts per square centimetre, caused an efflux or release of calcium ions from the irradiated brain tissue…” http://www.whale.to/b/adey.html

http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQW7F9Ms74PFByyaL3VuEqUvKjVN_Odf MNX0a-DQ5onKDck8-U7-Q
Devra Davis, a celebrated US Public Health policy official renown for cancer expertise, has said,“We are, in fact, conducting an experiment right now on all of you… with 5.5 billion cell phones… you can see [on graphs] the exposure gets..through the brain [of a child]… they will readily absorb microwave energy…” (minutes 14-18) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNNSztN7wJc&feature=player_embedded Davis then describes the results of emf-pulse radiation at cell phone frequencies on the prenatal brains of rats and rabbits: “during embryonic development in the hippocampus…So, the results were pretty stunning; significantly decreased hippocampal granular cell number…parametal cell loss…significantly fewer brain cells… you’re getting fewer cells forming.” (minutes 22-24) “Increased DNA base modifications and free radical formation in brain tissues of adult rabbits and newborns… gliosis in the brain, epithelial degeneration… In the long run if we’re having an effect on ‘brain reserve’..I think it’s a very worrisome indication.” (minutes 30-31)…”It’s very important we get better science underlying our understanding of the potential biological impact that these devices may be having on our lives. Now, certainly the United States is unique in the world today by encouraging infants and toddlers to use cell phones. And…in fact, people are using phones somewhat like pacifiers. And on the case for the Baby iPhone rattle it says,’Protect your phone from drool and dribble.’ …So this is the future work…” (minutes 37-38) “Researchers want better resources for more study… We need a massive program of monitoring and measurement…” (minute 52) “The country that is doing the best job on this is Israel, whatever you may think about Israel today, they understand radar, they understand microwaves, and they understand cell phones… We would do well to take some advice.” (minute 55)
Devra Davis “also served as Lead Author of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – the group awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 with..Al Gore.”http://www.heartmdinstitute.com/about-us/contributing-editors/devra-davis-phd-mph; what might this have to do with radar-driven weather?http://jenniferlake.wordpress.com/2009/07/17/weather-control/ More to the point, the question is begging about radar-driven pandemics and “climate-dependent epidemic diseases” [see last note on post] http://jenniferlake.wordpress.com/2009/09/12/global-emerging-infections-system/

The most remarkable thing about Devra Davis’s presentation is not her deference to Israeli leadership. It is not the professing of her own ignorance and arrogance (“I just did not believe it“..min.4…”I thought there was nothing to it –really“..min.14… “The Telecommunications Act of 1996..was passed during my administration* because we didn’t know any better. I had no idea“..min.53). It is not the call for funding or time (..”things will become clearer when..more resources are applied to studying this problem. We really need more resources“..min.37). The most remarkable thing is the statement and restatement that among the generation of children today “[I]there will be no controls.” In medical jargon controls are the experiment contrast population meant to simulate an average, or normal, biological response versus the test subjects. Artificial EMFs erase all previous notions of normal.
*>>>”my administration” refers to Davis’s Senior Advisor appointment as a deputy assistant to the Assistant Secretary of Health (HHS), as of July 1993, the Assistant Secretary was Dr. Philip R. Leeof University of California, San Francisco and USAID; as a medical supervisor for San Francisco General Hosp., Dr.Lee oversaw the largest concentration of AIDS patients in the U.S.–following a previously epic concentration of historic polio at that institution (both diseases of radiation and chemical poisoning). Lee held the same post (Asst. Sec. Dept of HEW) under LBJ and was known as an insider of the Lasker Syndicate (controllers of the American Cancer Society and NIH); Dr. Lee was the Director of the Institute of Health Policy Studies from approx.1971 to 1993 http://aspe.hhs.gov/Progsys/Forum/leebio.htm; http://www.smokershistory.com/prlee.htm A note here about the campaign against tobacco is suggestive in the role of nicotine as a potent ‘agonist’ in the protection of nerve cell membranes against depolarization– in other words, nicotine (nicotinic acid) is radioprotective and highly sought after in pharmaceuticals today. Read more here: www.polioforever.wordpress.com/electromagnetism (http://www.polioforever.wordpress.com/electromagnetism) . The Laskers made a considerable fortune with tobacco and I suspect ‘radium fertilizer’ was used on tobacco since the fertilizer’s popularization (c.1915). Radium fertilizer ‘disappeared’ as a commercial product some time after the hazards of radium became well known, but who’s to know that a dying tobacco farmer named Henrietta Lacks had her cancer cells taken (HeLa cells), in February of 1951, for intensive experimental vaccine research precisely for this reason. The HeLa specimen was taken just as the first domestic nuclear bomb tests at the Nevada Test Site were concluding. The synchronicity of these events and the subsequent use of HeLa cells as the “seedstock” medium for polio vaccine virus leads me to contend that the mass polio vaccinations were marketed to the government as an anti-cancer “fallout” vaccine. http://jenniferlake.wordpress.com/2011/01/05/immortal-cancer/
http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQtFV0FO027F332e3R9XgRsQUTcloQq4 CRoR9iAUnyRAKRy-CkN Devra Davis
And then “On December 5, 1994 the FCC, in an attempt to help national development of evolving telecommunication, began to auction national licenses for narrowband PCS, a family of mobile or portable radio services that later evolved into voice paging and data services that could be integrated with a variety of competing networks.” http://www.fundinguniverse.com/company-histories/american-tower-corporation-history/
The breaking story that had just preceeded the new telecommunications expansion was the revelation of Human Radiation Experiments by Albuquerque journalist Eileen Welsome (The Plutonium File) that caused a scramble in Washington and led to the creation of the president’s Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments (ACHRE) and the Department of Energy’s “Openness Project” . This was to include disclosures that as many as 200 or more previously uncounted nuclear tests were performed over the heads of North Americans, estimated (in bombs only) to be worth its weight in fallout to 40,000 Hiroshima bombs. http://polioforever.wordpress.com/fallout/
Leaving Normal…
“The hippocampal formation is a compound structure in the medial temporal lobe of the brain…The temporal lobe is involved in auditory (http://us.mg4.mail.yahoo.com/wiki/Hearing_(sense)) perception (http://us.mg4.mail.yahoo.com/wiki/Perception) and is home to the primary auditory cortex (http://us.mg4.mail.yahoo.com/wiki/Primary_auditory_cortex). It is also important for the processing of semantics (http://us.mg4.mail.yahoo.com/wiki/Semantics) in both speech and vision (http://us.mg4.mail.yahoo.com/wiki/Visual_perception). The temporal lobe contains the hippocampus (http://us.mg4.mail.yahoo.com/wiki/Hippocampus) and plays a key role in the formation of long-term memory (http://us.mg4.mail.yahoo.com/wiki/Long-term_memory)… The medial temporal lobe consists of structures that are vital for explicit memory. The link between the medial temporal lobe and memory was first hypothesized a century ago. Explicit or declarative memory is the conscious memory of facts and events. Explicit memory is further sub-divided into semantic memory and episodic memory. The structures contained within the medial temporal lobe include the hippocampal regions and the parahippocampal gyrus…”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medial_temporal_lobe
“The dentate gyrus consists of three layers of neurons (http://us.mg4.mail.yahoo.com/wiki/Archicortex): molecular, granular, and polymorphic. The middle layer is most prominent and contains granule cells (http://us.mg4.mail.yahoo.com/wiki/Granule_cell) that project to the CA3 subfield of the hippocampus. These granule cells (http://us.mg4.mail.yahoo.com/wiki/Granule_cell) project mostly to interneurons (http://us.mg4.mail.yahoo.com/wiki/Interneuron), but also to pyramidal cells (http://us.mg4.mail.yahoo.com/wiki/Pyramidal_cell) and are the principal excitatory neurons of the dentate gyrus… The granule cells in the dentate gyrus are distinguished by their late time of formation during brain development. In rats, approximately 85% of the granule cells are generated after birth. In humans, it is estimated that granule cells begin to be generated during gestation weeks 10.5 to 11, and continue being generated during the second and third trimesters, after birth and all the way into adulthood…”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dentate_gyrus
“Although neurogenesis in the dentate gyrus persists into adulthood, and appears to be under environmental control, modern stereological studies have shown that the total number of granule cells does not vary in adult animals (Rapp and Gallagher, 1996 (http://jenniferlake.wordpress.com/pubmed/8790433)). This implies that there is a steady state turnover of granule cells rather than a continuous accretion.”http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2492885/
http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRjNyKdRkZFpNisGn_vR2TYXIKB2khcZ zksJB83S5eBqExtxFbWtemporal lobes (in red) http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSmffmfPf06DGcsXu1eIiFEQIQeD-IdFakkCt_9SiRSKw9jqa6vmg

Birth control for brain cells:
There are lots of ways that radiation injures brain cells but to prevent them from forming really takes the cake! Small wonder that cell phones come equipped with cameras, video, voice recognition, GPS locators, gigabyte storage, organization apps, clocks, docks, bells and strap-ons. These are functions of the temporal lobes. Adult users may have the luxury of renting spare lobes (paying their cellphone bills), just as Public Health officials have the luxury of characterizing them as addicts –“…preoccupation with a substance or behavior, followed by an increased tolerance… the “high” produced by those substances replaces the function of brain chemicals…”http://cellphoneaddiction.org/ –but new Generation Xers wont have that luxury. They’ll need implants. Conveniently, memory holes are becoming actual places. Forward-thinking entrepreneurs are probably already offering implant options in less centrally located areas (than your head). This is underway in the creation of SMART environments. Until now, I hadn’t quite gotten ahold of the tangible concept that coordinating SMART technologies are exteriorized brain implants. Besides carrying vital details about our life history, foreseeably near future phones could mediate all kinds of essential interactions like locking and unlocking doors, starting our cars, accessing bank accounts and broadcasting biometric data. Cell phones could become mandatory. Unsurprising, then, that nobody in policy-making suggests withdrawing phone technologies or allowing citizens to decide by democratic process whether antenna radiation is appropriate. It must be happening…
>>> news story, “Phones Gain Ability to Learn By Touching”…”known as Near-Field Communications, comes from companies that see the phone as the wallet of the future. When touched to payment terminals, NFC-equipped phones can act as credit or debit cards.“ http://news.yahoo.com/phones-gain-ability-learn-touching-213934413–finance.html (http://news.yahoo.com/phones-gain-ability-learn-touching-213934413--finance.html) More impressive is the NFC-capable phones of exchanging data: “Near field communication..and similar devices..establish radio (http://jenniferlake.wordpress.com/wiki/Radio) communication with each other by touching them together or bringing them into close proximity, usually no more than a few centimetres.”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Near_Field_Communication Imagine someone bumping into you and accessing all the data in your phone. Follow the links for wikipedia’s NFC and you’ll find theBiometric Passport: “The currently standardized biometrics used for this type of identification system are facial recognition, fingerprint recognition, and iris recognition…” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biometric_passports. Bump. Contact would actually be theatrical at this stage of the game. The technology already exists to harvest all this data remotely, including the scanning of iPhone images for medical diagnosis. See comment 3 ‘Future phones’ for more info on biometrics. There is no logical reason to think that Near Field Communication couldn’t employ Smart Meters for in-house phone taps.
Expanding cell service also now includes Wireless Emergency Alerts: “..starting April 2012. Wireless providers representing nearly 97 percent of subscribers are participating in distributing wireless emergency alerts.” These text-like (but not) messages are of 3 types: Presidential Alerts, Imminent Threat Alerts, and AMBER Alerts. “Mobile users will not be charged for receiving these..and are automatically enrolled… Users will have the ability to opt-out of the AMBER..and/or Imminent Threat Alerts but not the Presidential Alerts.” http://www.crh.noaa.gov/hun/?n=wireless_emerg_alerts –say what?–a spin on “Greetings, take us to your leader”??
http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS2xZZOc1HMs7eYjfWc066Nx9faMz23p 9fXpjFNzEPxMgY4vkgX …….oh http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRGdzmg7A8TTFQDnB46soW_WQXukuMa1 8z16yHC5d4NKhc0bNCW1Q
The NIH (1992) says the hippocampus is “necessary for the normal development in the child of language syntax, semantics and pragmatics; the capacity for creativity..in language and behavior..; integration of motivational states with experience and learning; and for the construction of a complex, useful and flexible structure of meaning.” http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/1553107
Hippocampal atrophy = Alzheimers
“Inward calcium leakage in the neurons of the brain stimulates hyperactivity..resulting in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)…When this happens in the brains of unborn babies and young children, it..can cause autism.” (Goldsworthy) In adults, it can cause electromagnetic intolerance, also called electro-hypersensitivity or in severe manifestations, Radio Frequency Sickness Syndrome. “The inward leakage of calcium ions..also opens the various tight junction barriers in our bodies that normally protect us from allergens and toxins in the environment and prevent toxic materials from entering sensitive parts of the body such as the brain. The opening of the blood brain barrier has been shown to cause the death of neurons and can be expected to result in early dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The opening of the barrier in our respiratory epithelia..has been shown to increase the risk of asthma in children and the opening of the blood-liver barrier may be partially responsible for the current outbreak of liver disease. The opening of other barriers, such as the gut barrier, allows foreign materials from the gut to enter the bloodstream…and has been linked to autoimmune diseases.” (Goldsworthy, 2012)http://polioforever.wordpress.com/electromagnetism/
This snip out of the timeline is beginning to tell a story:
–Mad Cow disease is identified, caused by ‘prions’, farmer/scientist Mark Purdey files suit in the UK; originally called “bovine AIDS”
–Feb., US Congress passes the Telecommunications Act of 1996; prohibits local gov’ts and citizens from siting cell towers based on health and environment concernshttp://www.stern.nyu.edu/networks/telco96.html
–May, Alzheimer’s world expert, Dr. Tsunao Saitoh, is murdered in La Jolla, California during broad daylight by ‘men in black’
–May-Oct, largest outbreak of E.coli in history; Japan; 17,877 cases, 12 deaths (peak in July)http://jenniferlake.wordpress.com/2011/06/25/shiga-boom/
–WAR in the Congo (initiated as ‘first Congo war’), ongoing… Hostilities estimated to have killed 10 million http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qa5391/is_200109/ai_n21477105/
–July, The US Dept. of Defense issues the Joint Non Lethal Weapons Directive featuring Active Denial acoustic frequency systems http://www.dtic.mil/whs/directives/corres/pdf/300003p.pdf
–US Food and Drug Administration “revised 50-year-old regulations to allow medical researchers to enroll patients.. without their consent” [see Jay Katz obit] http://www.nytimes.com/2008/11/20/nyregion/20katz.html……………
Part of that story is told in “Blood Coltan…the precious metal in the heart of every mobile [phone] from the Congo” http://wideeyecinema.com/?p=842
Another part of the story has roots in the late 60s with the development of genetic recombination and the successful achievements of Paul Berg combining E.coli with the SV40monkey virus “transgene”. SV40, an ingredient in mass-produced vaccines of the 50s and 60s along with HeLa cells, readily ‘expresses’ its genes under the influence of radiofrequency. The rapidly proliferating, gene-swapping E.coli are the most natural bacteria vector in the mammalian life-cycle.
In 1974, the Director of the NIH was one of the top “health physicists” in the country, Dr. Robert S. Stone of UCLA. Stone participated in the secret human plutonium injection experiments for the Manhattan Project (Atomic Energy Commission). In the early 70s, as the mobile-phone/cellular rollout was underway, NIH Director Stone penned this official note to a colleague: “…a year ago [1973] our concern was limited to only a few [genetically recombined] agents of importance to man, such as the infectious adenovirus 2-SV40 hybrids. In the past year, the technology for the production of autonomously replicating DNA recombinants has burgeoned, and we will have to be concerned not only with possible pathogens of human beings, but also..agents of agricultural and industrial importance…” http://profiles.nlm.nih.gov/ps/access/CDBBGK.pdf
Back in the 1940s, brain damage from radiation became a major military concern because of fallout. Biology research quickly expanded into a new set of disciplines called “health physics“ and took on the task of predicting human “performance deficits” under conditions of the Nuclear Battlefield. Military planners were preparing to harden and foolproof their systems against the acutely disabling, if temporary, effects from fallout. These next few italicized quotes are from military documents published in the 1950s and 60s, additions in brackets are mine:
“It may be that certain populations of proliferating neurons in the adult can be damaged or destroyed by relatively low doses of radiation…changes in brain metabolism were reported after very low doses of ionizing radiation..measuring local cerebral glucose utilization.
…Lower rates of glucose use [dementia, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's,http://www.neurology.org/content/39/11/1427.abstract] were found..after irradiation….hippocampal spike discharges..developed soon after irradiation when no other clinical signs of neurological damage or radiation sickness were present. [hippocampus damage: depression and/or hyperactivity, amnesia, memory loss, schizophrenia]
…the hippocampus is important in critical functions like learning, memory, and motor performance….these data suggest that hippocampal electro-physiology may be the most sensitive measure of functional brain changes after irradiation.”
“The radiosensitivity of certain types of glial cells (beta astrocyte) is well recognized…”
“Clinical evidence also suggests that radiogenic demyelination may occur…”
”…delayed damage of capillary..cells may occur leading to a [B]breakdown of the blood-brain barrier. This would result in vasogenic edema..and eventually neuronal and myelin degeneration. ”
Myelin is not just fatty stuff that coats your nerves. Devra Davis writes in her book Disconnect, “Myelin is believed to confer judgement, wisdom, impulse control, and many other properties we associate with maturity and a good life.” Kindle sample text ofDisconnect: http://www.skepdic.com/skeptimedia/skeptimedia108.html
Without healthy myelin, one ends up with polio-like disease.http://polioforever.wordpress.com/the-polio-like-diseases/
http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQw9AX9KdyaMDSmkgrPPBgc6jD4XdPg6 WyaQR-SrNM2vK5c3jT6eg
What becomes clearer is that EMFs and fallout produce identical types of damage to cells and tissues and that our governments have known it for many decades.http://polioforever.wordpress.com/radiation-injury/ Fallout injuries, in fact, were studied with X-rays and may or may not have included additional chemicals (as the category of ‘combined’ injury).
“The first proposed military application of atomic energy was not nuclear weaponry but radiological warfare (RW)– the use of radioactive materials to cause radiological injury. A May 1941 report by the National Academy of Sciences listed the first option as the ‘production of violently radioactive materials..to be scattered as bombs over enemy territory… Some..concluded that radiological poisons could be–strategic weapons against cities and their food supplies. Once absorbed into the body, radioactive materials would cause slow, progressive injuries. Others proposed that RW could be a more humane form of warfare…”http://www.hss.doe.gov/healthsafety/ohre/roadmap/achre/chap11_2.html
The more sophisticated approach to radiological warfare in our time makes a harvest of energy and frequencies without the telltale tracks of radioactive substances. The most infamous early example was the microwaving of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow by the Soviets which began in 1953 and ostensibly ended in the 1970s.
A 1985 news feature from CNN reports on radiofrequency weapons in which [minute 6] an anonymous government scientist says, “Certain kinds of weak electromagnetic signals work exactly like drugs, so the promise [of RF weapons] is anything you can do with drugs you can do with the right electromagnetic signals.” (1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgJ6SpHZir8; (2)http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&v=boZIofptQiw&NR=1
Even basic standard current at 60 Hz poses risks: “Human Tumor Cells Thrive in ELF Magnetic Fields…and are more immune to attack when exposed to power line fields, according to Dr. Jerry Phillips..in San Antonio, TX. Because the field effects persist for months after exposure to extremely low frequency (ELF) radiation, Philips argues that 60 Hz fields ‘are capable of producing significant permanent changes in cellular structure and function’..[and] may be the first step in explaining the abnormally high cancer rates..among people exposed to electromagnetic fields (EMFs).”http://microwavenews.com/news/backissues/j-a86issue.pdf (http://microwaves.com/news/backissues/j-a86issue.pdf)
“In 1948, the same year that Shockley invented the transistor, Claude Shannon invented the information theory that underlies most modern communications and computer science… In defining how much information can be sent down a noisy channel, Shannon showed that engineers can choose between narrowband high-powered solutions and broadband low-powered solutions… Engineers..have pursued a strategy of long and strong: longwavelengths and powerful transmissions…They have used power as a substitute for bandwidth… Telecosmic companies such as Qualcomm use Shannon’s bandwidth as a replacement for power..[p85]… Faster and better than the wireline mean, these new wireless systems are largely fruits of a new concept..that has been developed and launched..by a company in San Diego named Qualcomm that few people had heard of until 1999, when its shares rose in value by 2,619 percent and it became the leading star of the globe’s stock markets. Qualcomm could defy the world…” [p84] ..”As the only way to reach the entire surface of the globe at once, satellites play a key role in the Telecosm paradigm.. fiber [optics] is sparse in the last mile.“[p102] ..”LEOs [low earth orbits] fit the low-power paradigm…Decentralization of service coverage also favors LEOs [p105]..General Atomics and others have proposed to launch dirigibles and circling automated airplanes to cover urban areas. But satellite service becomes paradoxically more valuable as populations thin out.” [p106, Telecosm, by George Gilder, 2000 Simon and Schuster]
The comprehensive view on biological impacts from EMF radiation takes into account that in 2006 Qualcomm CEO Irwin Jacobs took the seat of Chairman on the board of the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, our paragon of “metabiology” since the 1960s. One of the Salk’s longest and most beloved Directors, Frederick de Hoffman who died in 1988 of AIDs, was a Manhattan Project veteran as assistant to Edward Teller and the founder of General Atomics, the subsidiary of General Dynamics. Without de Hoffman, nuclear historians say, the hydrogen bomb would have taken much longer to figure out. The Salk Institute has always been a scientific refuge for leading stars of the globe from its business chiefs to associate intstitutions; working partnerships with Scripps, Rockefeller U., Cold Spring Harbor Lab, the Weizmann and Pasteur Institutes in particular. This constellation of private laboratories, of which the Salk is newest, are the biological faces of advanced weapons in the west. The model parent, Pasteur, could fairly be called the “mothership of metabiology”. It’s westernmost counterparts became integral proving grounds for the University of California feeder system. Some of the most prodigious academic work on EMFs has been generated out of the UC schools (i.e. Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD).
For example: Dr. W. Ross Adey (1922-2004) was both a pioneer and leader in the field of electromagnetic effects on the brain. Adey came from his native Australia by way of Oxford University to the U.S. to join the faculty at UCLA in 1957… In October of 2000 he wrote, “Wherever we go, we will be immersed in a sea of low-level, pulsed microwave signals… It is not a good thing to proceed toward a world of ubiquitous wireless communication in a totally uncontrolled fashion…” In his 2002 interview [for the UCLA record], Adey recalled the question that led to the first studies with amplitude-modulated radio-frequency fields: ‘If we made a radio signal look like a brainwave, would it influence behavior?’”http://www.bri.ucla.edu/bri_weekly/special_adeymemorial.asp
Dr. Adey’s $64,000 Question landed him a place with the CIA’s Project Pandora, according to researcher Tim Rifat. “Adey found that by using 0.75mW/cm2 intensity of pulse modulated microwave at a frequency of 450 MHz it was discovered that an ELF [Extremely Low Frequency] modulation could be used to control all aspects of human behaviour… By use of my microwave detector, I have found that mobile phones of the newer type give off a pulse..signal of around 0.75mW/cm2 at the earpiece. This may be coincidence, but..in theory..[I] a precise behavioural pattern [I] into every mobile phone user in the UK.”http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/vision_remota/esp_visionremota_9d_a.htm
>>>The U.S. PAVE PAWS North American radar system, initiated in 1980, uses the 450MHz range in the 70 cm wavelength band: http://www.w5yi.org/ama_news_article.php?id=191l
If Tim Rifat is giving us good information, it certainly isn’t the first time an everyday microwave appliance for the public matched a known range for experiment use: “Microwave (MW) energy..is able to penetrate deep into biological materials. We investigated the effect of MW (at 2450 MHz) irradiation on gene delivery..and observed enhanced transgene expression… The specific wavelength used for domestic cooking and heating devices is 2450 MHz…”http://www.nature.com/gt/journal/v16/n1/full/gt2008144a.html
2450 MHz, which is a measure of frequency (and not power, measured in Watts or milliwatts) has become standard in RFID applications. Here’s an example of “Intellitag” reader-&-tag sets for inventory control: http://www.currentdirections.com/hardware/intermec/915-2450-fixed-readers.html, http://www.currentdirections.com/hardware/intermec/2450-metal-mount-tag.html
These 2450 MHz barcode reading gadgets are made by a company in Flushing, NY (Queens) that even calls itself Alien Technology Corporation http://www.geminicomputersinc.com/aln-alr-2850-devc.html
–okay, now, that’s just a little frosting for the shrinking cake. Wondering whether grocery counters are using these frequencies? The answer is Yes –maybe yours– and puts a touch of irony in the option for “Self Check-out”.
You may have already seen this recent story:May, 2012 — “Rockefeller University researchers have remotely activated genes inside living animals..[using] radio waves..and..coated iron oxide nanoparticles..injected..into tumors…”http://www.kurzweilai.net/radio-waves-switch-on-genes-for-non-invasive-treatments
“…The radio waves are ideal for this sort of remote manipulation because they can pass through thick layers of tissue, and they can be easily focused…Even better, the researchers have already developed a way to achieve similar, albeit weaker, results without having to inject nanoparticles at all. They have developed cells that can grow their own required nanoparticles…” http://io9.com/5908065/scientists-switch-mouses-genes-off-and-on-with-radio-waves?tag=genetics (http://io9.com/5908065/scientists-switch-mouses-genes-off-and-on-with-radio-waves?tag=genetics) Ever hopeful at Kurzweil AI (AI for accelerated intelligence), the report notes, “Friedman’s current method is not practical for clinical testing because it is not ethical to grow tumors in humans, so the researchers are planning to test alternative delivery systems for the nanoparticles.”
–no ethical problem getting humans to grow their own cancer with the help of cell towers, though. People willingly ingest nanoparticles for “health’ so it’s worth knowing how the mechanism works; the RFs ever-so-lightly heat up the nanoparticles to artificially warm the ion channels to ‘operating temperature’, which is cell-signal language for friendly ”incoming” messengers (electrolytes); the cell then depolarizes its membrane in advance of an efflux/influx of nutrients– or transgenes and nanoparticles. I’ll have to add this technique to my list of reasons for not drinking colloidal silver.http://jenniferlake.wordpress.com/2009/08/17/colloidal-silver/
So, radiofrequency-manipulated transgenes on cancer cell carriers are the evolving accomplishment of what I speculate are the ideal type of DNA computer. My thoughts are here:http://jenniferlake.wordpress.com/2009/11/08/a-few-words-about-the-agenda/

Frequency Basics….
“Electromagnetic waves are described in terms of their “wavelength” and “frequency.” The wavelength is the length of one cycle, which is the distance from the highest point of one wave to the highest point of the next wave, and the frequency is the number of cycles that occur in one second. Frequency is measured in units called “hertz,” named for the German physicist Heinrich Hertz. The frequencies of microwaves run from 300 to 3,000 megahertz (1 megahertz equals 1 million hertz, or 1 million cycles per second), corresponding to wavelengths of 100 to 10 centimeters.” http://what-when-how.com/inventions/microwave-cooking-inventions/; this range is also called UHF http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultra_High_Frequency
http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRItH2Clzmzujys3stWM0ndKTovxtvcz 1Zsa_lnVjj8vmIH6m1n
“The sine wave or sinusoid..describes a smooth repetitive oscillation… the amplitude is the peak deviation of the function from its center position… The sine wave is important in physics because it retains its waveshape when added to another sine wave of the same frequency…”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sine_wave
http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcST-fCKpe7br3aQxYBB6TPGOtX-M4ecr6t56qKEVGxR7vJDr5xJpg 2-dimensional model
“..modulation is the process of varying one or more properties of a high-frequency periodic waveform, called the carrier signal, with a modulating signal which typically contains information… modulation..[conveys] a message signal..inside another signal that can be physically transmitted.”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modulation
“In the case of frequency modulation [FM], a data signal is used to modify the frequency of the carrier. When this occurs, the frequency of the carrier will increase as the amplitude of the data signal increases. Amplitude modulation [AM] works in a similar way, though the carrier amplitude is modified to conform to the amplitude of the data signal.” http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-a-carrier-wave.htm
Pulse modulation –“Pulse-Amplitude Modulation is “pulse shaping”. Essentially, communications engineers realize that the shape of the pulse in the time domain can positively or negatively affect the characteristics of that pulse in the frequency domain. There is no one way to shape a pulse, there are all sorts of different pulse shapes that can be used… The square wave is a basic choice for transmitting digital data because it is easy to transmit, and is generally easy to receive… The most logical way to transmit a digital signal is through a stream of pulses. One distinct pulse for a digital “1″, and another distinct pulse for a digital “0″. If we take the fourier transform of a square wave, we get a sinc function. A sinc function is a never-ending function, which means that a square wave in the time domain has a very wide bandwidth….It turns out that simply by changing the shape of the pulse (changing it away from a square wave), we can create a signal with better properties: lower bandwidth, lower error rate, etc…”http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Communication_Systems/Pulse_Amplitude_Modulation
“Radiation from mammals and the living human body..emit peak radiation..in the far infrared. This is therefore the range of infrared wavelengths that pit viper (http://us.mg4.mail.yahoo.com/wiki/Pit_viper) snakes and passive IR cameras must sense.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wien%27s_displacement_law
“Spectroscopy is the study of the interaction of electromagnetic radiation with matter. There are many forms of spectroscopy, each contributing useful information to identify substances and to determine various characteristics of their structure… Atoms and molecules can absorb electromagnetic radiation, but only at certain energies (wavelengths)… we can note some general trends..The heavier an atom, the lower the frequencies for vibrations that involve that atom… Because the IR spectrum of each molecule is unique, it can serve as a signature or fingerprint to identify the molecule.” http://www.wag.caltech.edu/home/jang/genchem/infrared.htm
“Near infrared light is closest in wavelengh to visible light and far infrared is closer to the microwave region… far infrared wavelengths are about the size of a pin head…Far infrared waves are thermal… any object which has a temperature radiates in the infrared.. even an ice cube emit[s] infrared.” http://science.hq.nasa.gov/kids/imagers/ems/infrared.html; “This range of wavelengths corresponds to a frequency range of approximately 1 to 400 THz [terahertz, or trillion hertz]”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Infrared
[2008] “Security experts reckon the latest technology can detect hostile intentions before something bad happens…” http://www.economist.com/node/12465303
[2011]“New security scanners to reveal everything about you, instantly..ten million times faster –and one million times more sensitive– than any currently available system… The new technology could be used without us even knowing it.”www.prweb.com/releases/2011/GeniaPhotonics/prweb8922932.htm (http://www.prweb.com/releases/2011/GeniaPhotonics/prweb8922932.htm)


Sound and Fury
The healthy human brain naturally operates in the acoustic range of frequencies from 1 to 200Hz:
Normal wakeful brain activity is called betawave: “Beta is the frequency range from 12 Hz to about 30 Hz…” Soundwaves below hearing range are called infrasound and characterize the frequencies generally used in Active Denial systems (ADS).
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electroencephalography. The principle of ADS is electronic pest control and includes all kinds of unregulated devices: “Electromagnetic pest repelling devices claim to alter the electromagnetic (EM) field of household wiring, and vibrate the electromagnetic field that always exists around the wiring in the walls of your house.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Riddex
Active Denial-type example: “The possibility of a device that produces frequency that causes vibration of the eyeballs — and therefore distortion of vision — was apparently confirmed by the work of engineer Vic Tandy while attempting to demystify a “haunting” in his laboratory in Coventry. This “spook” was characterised by a feeling of unease and vague glimpses of a grey apparition. Some detective work implicated a newly installed extractor fan that, Tandy found, was generatinginfrasound (http://jenniferlake.wordpress.com/wiki/Infrasound) of 18.9 Hz, 0.3 Hz, and 9 Hz.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sonic_weapon
A truck-mounted military Active Denial device, operating at 95 GHz, is demonstrated for TV cameras: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmuyLIrSjxI&feature=related; at 30 GHz (30 billion hertz) and above the range is called Extremely High Frequency. “92–95 GHz bands are also used for point-to-point high-bandwidth communication links”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extremely_high_frequency
“The Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) is an acoustic hailing device and sonic weapon developed by LRAD Corporation (http://jenniferlake.wordpress.com/wiki/LRAD_Corporation) to send messages, warnings, and harmful, pain inducing tones over longer distances… According to the manufacturer’s specifications, the systems weigh from 15 to 320 pounds (6.8 to 150 kg) and can emit sound in a 30° beam at 2.5 kHz… Carl Gruenler, former vice president of military and government operations for American Technology Corporation [now called LRAD] said that being within 100 metres (330 ft) of the LRAD is extremely painful, and that it was designed for use in short bursts at 300 metres (980 ft), to give targeted people a headache. He said that “you definitely don’t want to be” within 100 m; and, that the device will cause permanent auditory damage” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Long_Range_Acoustic_Device; video demonstrationhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFd49kXdqhw&feature=relmfu


“In 1961, Allen Frey..reported that humans could hear microwaves…Pulsed microwave..(sound-to-skull) transmission was discovered during World War II by radar technicians who..could hear the buzz… By proper choice of pulse characteristics, intelligent speech may be created…”http://polioforever.wordpress.com/electromagnetism/ (http://polioforever.wordpress.com/electromagnetism/)
Allan Frey wrote: “Burr and Mauro (6) presented evidence that indicates that there is an electrostatic field about neurons. Morrow and Sepiel (7) presented evidence that indicates the existence of a magnetic field about neurons… we have obtained other nonauditory effects and found that the sensitive area for detecting rf sounds is a region over the temporal lobe of the brain. One can shield, with a 2-in.sq. piece of fly screen, a portion of the strippled area shown in Fig. 6 and completely cut off the rf sound…” –metal fly screen folks! Frey’s original paper:http://www.raven1.net/frey.htm
“The microwave auditory effect, also known as the microwave hearing effect or the Frey effect, consists of audible clicks (or, with modulation, whole words) induced by pulsed/modulatedmicrowave (http://jenniferlake.wordpress.com/wiki/Microwave) frequencies. The clicks are generated directly inside the human head without the need of any receiving electronic device.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microwave_hearing_effect
“The first known experiment with microwaved voices was conducted by Sharp and Grove** in the early 70′s… In the early 1990s, Dr. Edward Taub reported that words could be communicated onto a screen using the thought-activated movements of a computer cursor… In 1994, the the brain wave patterns of 40 subjects were officially correlated with both spoken words and silent thought. This was achieved by a neurophysiologist, Dr. Donald York, and a speech pathologist, Dr. Thomas Jensen, from the University of Missouri. They clearly identified 27 words/syllables in specific brain wave patterns and produced a computer program with a brain wave vocabulary.”http://www.surveillanceissues.com/default.htm
**”Sharp and Grove developed receiverless wireless voice transmission technologies for the Advanced Research Projects Agency at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, in 1973.”
Normal human perception of sound: “The human ear can nominally hear sounds in the range 20 Hz.. to 20,000 Hz (20 kHz). The upper limit tends to decrease with age; most adults are unable to hear above 16 kHz. The lowest frequency that has been identified as a musical tone is 12 Hz under ideal laboratory conditions. Tones between 4 and 16 Hz can be perceived via the body’s sense of touch.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychoacoustics
“Infrasound are sound waves that are felt by the body rather than heard…This is sound that is silent, below the range of human hearing. What happens when the human body is assaulted with infrasound repeatedly over long periods of time? Depending upon the amplitude or intensity, it produces feelings of extreme discomfort…Depending upon the frequency and intensity, infrasound can keep you awake, or, induce sleep. Therefore, it can serve as a remote means of causing sleep deprivation. Infrasound also has a deteriorating effect on work performance similar to alcohol ingestion… However, there is one effect of infrasound that can prove deadly during long-term exposure. Infrasound induces stress and causes the body to secrete the hormone Cortisol. This effect is a medically recognized danger of long-term infrasound exposure… during long term stress, or if Cortisol production is prolonged, its effects on the human body can become deadly. It can cause hyperglycemia, brain damage, weakening of the immune system, weight gain, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other complications (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cortisol). It actually begins to shut down immunity… infrasound weapons are used in conjunction with microwave (or millimeter wave) through-the-wall weapons that have a specific effect on brain activity.” http://www.darkgovernment.com/news/infrasound-stress-inducing-weapons/
“[An] audio signal can be modulated onto the microwave carrier and subsequently perceived as the original sound “in the head” of a person illuminated with the microwave radiation.”http://www.bio.net/bionet/mm/neur-sci/2002-May/048366.html
“Auditory hallucinations can range from primitive noises such as bangs, whistles, claps, screams, ticks, and others to speech and music. Commonly people who have auditory hallucinations hear voices which utter short comprehensible phrases. Sometimes the person may recognize the voice as one of a family member or deceased friend and sometimes it may be the voice of a stranger or even God. The voices or sounds can be thought to originate from anywhere.” http://neurology.health-cares.net/auditory-hallucination.php; “Because of long wavelengths, infrasound may not appear to be coming from a specific location.” http://old.nationalwind.org/events/siting/presentations/rogers-infrasound.pdf
–light-sounding snaps, ticks or clicks picked up by the ear are not hallucinations. If you can hear it, you’re being microwaved. The sound is produced by rapidly expanding cells.
“The Neurophone was developed by Dr. Patrick Flanagan in 1958. It’s a device that converts sound to electrical impulses. In its original form, electrodes were placed on the skin but with..developments, the signals can be delivered via satellite. They then travel the nervous system directly to the brain (bypassing normal hearing mechanisms.) Dr. Flanagan’s ’3D holographic sound system’ can place sounds in any location… This allows for a variety of deceptions for gullible victims.” http://www.surveillanceissues.com/default.htm (http://www.surveillanceissues.com/default.htm) “…Flanagan, then a child of 14 developed a radio transmitter that made the brain into a radio reciever. This device transmits acoustic information to the brain by means of radio waves into the skin, bypassing the 8th Crainial Nerve. When he applied for a patent on the device, the patent examiner rejected the whole thing saying that such a device would go against all known laws of science. Over the following years, Dr Flanagan fought against insurmontable odds to prove that the device did indeed work. In the meantime, LIFE magazine ran a major article on Flanagan and the Neurophone, naming him as one of the top ten scientists in the US at the age of 17! [c.1961] …”http://www.rexresearch.com/flanagan/neuroph.htm#breakthru (http://www.rexresearch.com/flanagan/neuroph.htm#breakthru) ; “Flanagan says he invented an electronic sleep machine at age 8, developed and sold a guided missile detector to the U.S. military at age eleven, gained his air pilot’s licence at age seventeen, and been employed by a Think Tank at The Pentagon, and later as a consultant to the NSA, CIA, NASA, Tufts University, the Office of Naval Research, and the Aberdeen Proving Grounds for the Department of Unconventional Weapons and Warfare.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patrick_Flanagan. Hypnotist Dick Sutphen says, “Dr. Patrick Flanagan is a personal friend of mine… When he attempted to patent the device, the government demanded that he prove it worked. When he did, the National Security Agency confiscated the neurophone…” http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~dst/Secrets/TR/sutphen.html Flanagan eventually got back the rights to his “Revolutionary Ultrasonic Neural Stimulation” device, patented in 1968, and sells them himself, marketed for relaxation and learning. The advertisements are haunting echoes of Sutphen’s warnings on brainwashing: Step One is Alertness Reduction… Step Two is Programmed Confusion (‘deluge of new information, lectures, discussion’,etc)… Step Three is Thought Stopping (by calming techniques, focusing awareness, repetition, etc.). www.phisciences.com (http://www.phisciences.com/)
Go ‘head. Brainwash yourself. Our ‘security’ agencies can repurpose the funds.
“In physics, the term “ultrasound” applies to all sound waves with a frequency above the audible range of normal human hearing, about 20 kHz. The frequencies used in diagnostic ultrasound are typically between 2 and 18 MHz.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultrasound_imaging
“Sonication is the process of converting an electrical signal into a physical vibration that can be directed toward a substance [like brain tissue]…The primary part of a sonication device is the ultrasonic electric generator. This device creates a signal (usually around 20 KHz) that powers a transducer. This transducer converts the electric signal by using piezoelectric crystals, or crystals that respond directly to the electricity by creating a mechanical vibration. This vibration, molecular in origin, is carefully preserved and amplified by the sonicator, until it is passed through to the probe… The rapid movement of the probe creates an effect called cavitation. Cavitation occurs when the vibrations create a series of microscopic bubbles in the solution [tissue], pockets of space wedged between the molecules that form and then collapse again under the weight of the solution, sending out tiny shockwaves into the surrounding substance. Thousands of these bubbles forming and collapsing constantly create powerful waves of vibration that cycle into the solution and break apart the cells.” http://www.ehow.com/how-does_5171302_sonication-work_.html
“Electroporation and ultrasound have been shown to facilitate the loading of drugs and genes into viable cells.” http://aiche.confex.com/aiche/2005/preliminaryprogram/abstract_24266.htm
“Electroporation is a technique that increases the permeability of cell membranes by changing the transmembrane [electric] potential and subsequently disrupting the lipid bilayer integrity to allow transportation of molecules across [through] the cell membrane via nano-size pores… Previously, the idea of destruction of cell membrane integrity by irreversible electroporation has been applied and demonstrated to effectively exterminate microbial organisms… IE can effectively create tissue death in micro- to millisecond ranges of treatment time… [In this experiment] electrodes made of sintered Ag/AgCl were used for irreversible electroporation.” http://www.tcrt.org/Imaging-Guided-Percutaneous-Irreversible-Electroporation-Ultrasound-and-Immunohistological-Correlation-p-287-294-p16021.html Electroporation, which has a use in transdermal drug delivery, can cause a cell to empty (efflux) “during and after..pulses several milliseconds in duration.”http://www.cell.com/biophysj/abstract/S0006-3495(95)80363-2
“The silver/silver chloride or Ag/AgCl reference electrode is many electrochemists’ reference electrode of choice…” http://www.consultrsr.com/resources/ref/agcl.htm
“[I]electroporation..therefore enables increased drug accumulation in the cells… our results in vitro demonstrated that electroporation of cells enhanced radiation [sensitivity] response… It is already known that reactive oxygen species are formed after electroporation of the cells in vitro [35 (http://us.mg4.mail.yahoo.com/pubmed/10556494),36 (http://us.mg4.mail.yahoo.com/pubmed/7737168)]. Reactive oxygen species are known to contribute to radiation damage to the cells. ”http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1261257/
Radiofrequency fabricated self-assembling silver nanocrystal-wire brain probes is a subject that can wait for a rainy day because there’s some on-topic real X-files-weird‘freq’show news:
“Scientists all over the globe have also been creating creatures that are part-human and part-animal in an attempt to find cures for various diseases. In a previous article, I quoted a Daily Mail article which discussed the “human-animal hybrid embryos” that are secretly being created in British labs….Scientists have created more than 150 human-animal hybrid embryos in British laboratories. The hybrids have been produced secretively over the past three years by researchers looking into possible cures for a wide range of diseases.The revelation comes just a day after a committee of scientists warned of a nightmare ‘Planet of the Apes’ scenario in which work on human-animal creations goes too far…”
http://www.blacklistednews.com/They_Are_Turning_Our_Crops%2C_Animals_And_Even_Our _Babies_Into_Freakish_Genetic_Monsters_/20358/0/0/0/Y/M.html (http://www.blacklistednews.com/They_Are_Turning_Our_Crops%2C_Animals_And_Even_Our _Babies_Into_Freakish_Genetic_Monsters_/20358/0/0/0/Y/M.html)
Zombie Apocalypse?
Face-eating attack: “Surveillance video shows that for 18 agonizing minutes [the victim]was.. kicked, punched and eaten alive before police shot Eugene four times.” The news announcer reports that the victim was “inadvertantly shot in the chest when police came to his rescue.”http://abcnews.go.com/US/miami-cannibal-victim-recalls-attack/story?id=16549861
The latest “attack takes place in front of the Miami Herald building. That is quite a coincidence. A security camera on the building captures the attack, but from a sanitized distance…[Rudy] Eugene was known to the North Miami Police Department cops as the first person they ever Tasered. That incident occurred in 2008 [correction, 2004; Eugene was tased 3 times]… both his girlfriend and mother believe someone did something to him, drugged him or cursed him, to cause his bizarre behavior, because it was so completely out of character…
“We know the technology exists to put voices in people’s heads, and to control their emotional states, and it can all be done invisibly…using the Pentagon’s silent sound spread spectrum technology, patented for decades and no doubt beyond our imagining in 2012. Perhaps his behavior could have been switched to the emotional signature cluster of a rabid animal… So at some point we expect them to tell us that there is a horrible disease, a form of weaponized rabies or mutated chimera virus, some such thing, that causes this ‘zombie’ problem.”http://twelfthbough.blogspot.com/2012/06/remote-controlled-fairy-tale.html. The media put out the word that the Miami attack ensued after Eugene took a ‘bath salt’ street drug but the toxicology came back negative. Now, officially, the “mystery deepens” in a case so strange that there is hardly a conclusion to make other than the perpetration of a staged-managed horror using targeted individuals.
In May of 2011 these headlines ran the circuit:”CDC Warns Public to Prepare for ‘Zombie Apocalypse’“, “Emergency agencies train for zombie apocalypse”in what a CDC website spokesman described as a “tongue-in-cheek” notice for Asst. Surgeon General Ali Khan to “instruct readers how to prepare for ‘flesh-eating zombies.‘” http://www.abc15.com/dpp/news/national/no-worries-emergency-agencies-train-for-zombie-apocalypse/ ;http://www.foxnews.com/health/2011/05/18/cdc-warns-public-prepare-zombie-apocalypse/
..yet another zombie case where a crazed man threatened to eat his subduers and took 6 tasings:http://www.ar15.com/forums/t_1_5/1339340_New_Zombie_found___This_strain_resistant_o r_IMMUNE_to_pepper_spray_and_taser_.html%26page=1
Tasers have been around since NASA scientist and inventor Jack Cover first introduced them in 1970, earning his patents in 1976. In April of 1981, the LAPD became the test force of choice to model Taser use as a ‘less lethal’ alternative. Cover created a corporation called TASERtron Inc. to market his “conducted electrical weapons” (CEW) and “Ultimately in late 1999 the ADVANCED TASER M26 emerged from a reorganized company known as TASER International. The TASER X26debuted in 2003…” http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/ccaps-spcca/cew-ai-eds-sda-report-rapport-eng.htm
http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTAHL8jKK9TjQhE-DKNZ9358r_BXIcsWz94O5WRBpu5Qdg6SE1h1w TASER X26

Electrical Incapacitation (EI) “devices generate sufficiently large transmembrane voltage..such that pores were created… More extensive EP [electroporation] is expected from the TASER X26[than the Aegis MK63, as compared]..due to the approximately eight-fold difference in the peak magnitudes..” http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19964168. During 2004-2005 many metro US police departments were transitioning to the TASER X26.
“CEWs were initially heralded as a Star Trek ‘Phaser-like’ device that incapacitated without lasting debilitating effects. However..they have also now become tied to very negative unpleasant things, such as “excited delirium”, “cocaine psychosis” and “in-custody death”….The high-voltage, brief pulse width stimulus train applied by the latest generation of..CEWs [TASER X26] delivers 19 very short duration pulses per second [19Hz]…generates open-circuit (arcing) voltage of up to 50,000 volt to arc through air or across thick clothing…[Chapter 5] …The stimuli from a CEW will override the motor nervous system and block the command and control of the human body. Conventional stun devices stimulate sensory neurons..and can be overridden by a focused individual. The CEW directly stimulates preendplate motor nerves, causing incapacitation regardless of subject’s mental focus, training, size, or drug-induced dementia. [Chapter 6, p.61] ”http://www.scribd.com/doc/32426047/TASER-Conducted-Electrical-Weapons
>>>this ‘scribd’ document, taser assessment, was issued and edited by Mark W. Kroll and Dr. Jeffrey Ho: “Dr. Jeff Ho, Department of Emergency Medicine for Hennepin County, Minneapolis…stated at the Excited Delerium Expert Panel [Oct.8-9, 2007 Seattle, American College of Emergency Physicians Research Forum]..that [of] his studies..None pointed to any adverse effects of the CEW on human physiology.” http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/ccaps-spcca/cew-ai-eds-sda-report-rapport-eng.htm; Mark Kroll is a board director of TASER International and “the most prolific inventor of medical devices in the world… Over 1 million patients have had devices licensing his patents implanted in them.” http://www.anderson.ucla.edu/x36754.xml
“The policy manual states the Taser X26 ‘should never be aimed at the subject’s head, neck, eyes, or genitals… While Taser use on children is strictly discouraged by the company, many police departments –including Cincinnati’s– have allowed the action in their policies.”http://www.citybeat.com/cincinnati/article-22438-taser-use-prompts-lawsuits.html
Taser International claimed in 2005 that 600,000 persons had been tasered by their products in the course of police actions, assuming the figure represents approved discharges and not cases like this: [May 2005] “..She was eight months pregnant. And..about to get a speeding ticket she didn’t think she deserved. So when a Seattle police officer presented the ticket..she refused to sign it. In the ensuing confrontation, she suffered burns from a police Taser… In a two-day trial..the officer..testified he clocked her doing 32 mph in a 20 mph school zone… the Taser officer said he pressed the prongs of the muzzle… twice to her exposed neck.” http://www.seattlepi.com/local/article/Pregnant-woman-Tasered-by-police-is-convicted-1172950.php
Miami-Dade police were implored to stop tasering children in November 2004 after a 6-yr-old was tasered at his elementary school for threatening to hurt himself, followed by a 12-yr-old girl truant who ran from police and was tasered in the neck. Taser International responded with a statement that “it is safe to use on anyone weighing at least 60 pounds.” http://articles.cnn.com/2004-11-14/us/children.tasers_1_taser-international-police-car-officers?_s=PM:US
News video of a 64-yr-old cancer survivor tasered for refusing to ride in an ambulance –in this case, the man’s wife who had called for paramedics, announces to the deputies “He’s got a heart problem”, thereafter he was tasered directly in the chest. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8sArlo-Scw
News video of a 14-yr-old girl tasered in the head, penetrated to the brain. The reporter remarks that the girl has epilepsy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7uNG7mRqB0&feature=fvwrel
AIR-TASER, a non-firearm by definition for using air bursts to launch the probes, made by Taser International, shows a graph of ‘effective target area’ covering the entire human body and this notable statement: “[A] study was conducted on patients admitted to the Emergency Department of the King/Drew Medical Center in Los Angeles who had been shot with a TASER between July 1980 and December 1985. [Of] these 218 subjects.. 92%..stated they had total amnesia about the event and could not remember being subjected to the TASER.” http://taser.org/medical
Others who did not survive are the subject of a documentary called ‘Killing Them Safely’ (trailer)http://vimeo.com/13190488
”DARPA, and defence companies in Europe have been working out how to create an electrically conductive path between a gun and a target without using wires. A weapon under development by Rheinmetall, based in Dorf, Germany, creates a conducting channel by using a small explosive charge to squirt a stream of tiny conductive fibres through the air at the victim (New Scientist print edition, 24 May 2003)…Meanwhile, Xtreme Alternative Defense Systems (XADS), based in Anderson, Indiana, will be one of the first companies to market another type of wireless weapon. Instead of using fibres, the $9,000 Close Quarters Shock Rifle projects an ionised gas, or plasma, towards the target, producing a conducting channel. It will also interfere with electronic ignition systems and stop vehicles. “We will be able to fire a stream of electricity like water out of a hose at one or many targets in a single sweep,” claims XADS president Peter Bitar.”http://www.envirosagainstwar.org/know/read.php?itemid=1550
Protocol No.1
“Might makes right…
“Our State…has the right to replace the horrors of war by less noticeable and more satisfactory sentences of death, necessary to maintain the terror which tends to produce blind submission….we must keep the program of violence and make-believe. WE SHALL END LIBERTY”http://jenniferlake.wordpress.com/2009/12/20/police-power/
Protocol No.22
“We shall contrive to prove that we are benefactors who have restored to the rent and mangled earth the true good and also freedom of the person…on the condition..of strict observance of the laws established by us… freedom of the person in no wise consists in the right to agitate oneself and others..before disorderly mobs…True force makes no terms with any right, not even with that of God”


Ed Jewett
08-04-2012, 09:06 PM
See also http://chaukeedaar.wordpress.com/2011/03/02/mind-control-why-we-need-spiritual-self-realization-to-free-us-from-new-world-order-tyranny/ and, in the comments there,


Michael Barwell
10-31-2016, 05:46 PM
Just found this thread. All true, & there's more.

Starting to get dream choreographies of mum, as of last night, didn't really catch it to recall. Strange one,; I mentioned a 'dc' of my watchstrap catch being broken in my 'Clyde Puffer' post; I'd been wondering why i was getting >click(s)< to putting-on/taking-off my watch for the last 10days or so, then I remembered that 'dc'. Odd ppl.

Next letter to distribute:

On Brainwashing, Indoctrination, Traumatising, Schizophrenia ‘Training’ & Torture-Murder in Britain Today: 2011-2016
There is a system, or ‘program’, in operation in Britain, whereby – by convenience & opportunity, ppl who have done nothing are declared ‘dead’ & ‘outlaw’ & are subsequently used in terminal human experimentation of new technologies by blackstate operators (& likely multi-national operators), initiating a broad-based attack upon them by degrees to the point where they are literally tortured to death. They are; afeared; traumatised; schiz- ‘trained, & with the tens of thousands of death & injury threats (partly referenced by ‘apophenic’ noises, pain pulses & neuro-linguistic programming techniques), ‘paranoid’ schiz- ‘training’ is an objective; burglaries; organised gang-stalking;; a specific inculcation of fear of the police (where I’ve had family in the police, & have always been well-disposed to them); poisoning; & torture – remotely induced extreme synthetic ‘trigeminal neuralgia’ for months, by the clock (each night for 180days, 5-10mins after going to bed); isolation; brainwashing/indoctrination – an Englishmans home his torture chamber.

The technologies & techniques are extraordinary; that they have many ppl watching ‘you’ with eyes- & ears-on, 24/7/52/+5, & constantly ‘commenting’ by sudden loud noises & more, to everything that you do in your own home (including bath/shower, on the loo, in bed) is just a small part of ‘the program’. They use hidden cameras, millimetre-wave surveillance (‘Ranger-R’, the airport body-scanners “We enjoy watching you walk thru’ town, naked”, there are portable versions of these, all of which can see straight thru’ walls as well as clothing), bugs, the feed of which is disseminated widely via the mobile ‘phone network & the ‘net itself, so that ie. siren(s) will go-off at the precise moment that you wipe your arse or drop a spoonful of coffee in the cup – every single time (or loud wall-thumps of your home, or etc.), for months & yrs.
Another aspect is that ‘they’ can irradiate you with radio-frequencies that will wake you precisely on command (‘e-caffeine’) to angry shouting below your bedroom window, as many times/night as they like, or to taunting intonationed shouting which includes the names of friends/family/loved ones/pets/favourite authors or something that you read or saw just an hour previously/places you used to live – anything, & then throw-in a sudden close cacophony of those sirens. The same technique can put you into a very deep trance-like state as you’re sleeping, when they enter your home & implant devices inside your body, smearing the blood across your mattress (they refer to these ppl as ‘MASH’ units – mobile army surgical hospital, & to themselves often, as ‘doctors’, because ‘you’ are a disease that ‘they’ have a clinical necessity to ‘cure’ – kill/destroy). They move ‘round/tip over, your furniture, move items in cupboards, taint foodstuffs with volatile aromatics, lock mobile ‘phones & steal chargers, steal by degrees each day/night small amounts of tea/coffee/sugar/milk, so that you’re wondering where the hell it’s all going; open windows; interfere with boilers/central heating so that it does-, or doesn’t work – you run a bath, and there’s only a fraction of the hot water that there should be; short-circuit your toaster so that the case is live, & many other ‘games’ that are ‘corrosive’ to your mental & emotional function – this is called ‘Zersetzung’ – ‘corrosion/decay’, Stasi & KGB tactics.

The implants are very hi-tech; they can allow remotely inserted/transmitted sounds & voices to be played directly into the mind & head, by the ppl who are watching you from afar or from next door, commenting on what you’re doing, what you’re watching or reading - & in fact, what is in your mind (this is science fact). They also enjoy putting things inside your mind, & then referring to it, in a deceit that is designed to convince the ‘victim’ of ‘paranormal phenomona’, which then transmutes into a scheme to convince of the presence of malevolent gods – within your mind. This is (at least in part), ‘synthetic telepathy’/’V2K’. The same technique can put prepared videos, as per ‘dreams’ (I call this ‘dream choreography’) direct inside your mind as you sleep (& indeed, can project imagery direct to the minds eye as you’re awake, tho’ they don’t use this often), so that you have stressing & anxiety inducing ‘dreams’ that tend to focus on your fears, heights, very constricted & flooding spaces, tunnels, night-time alone in woods, chase scenarios & many others (see film ‘Inception’ – it’s quite similar). They can scroll sub-black on black ticker-tapes with messages on them across your vision to indoctrinate; with these things, the victim is awoken at the tail-end of the ‘session’, so that it ‘fixes’ in the mind. You are accused of anything & everything bad (“The most evil man in the universe”) & the referencing & auditory ‘narrative’ adopts these fictional accusations as tho’ they were an established fact, & nothing that you can say or do changes those assumed & knowingly false ‘facts’. The ‘operators’ of this ‘program’, are deeply & pathologically disturbed, sado-narcissists, who are in competition with one another to destroy your mind & body, for fun. These effects are as tho’ an internal EEG/cortical modem (literally, a ‘brain modem’ effect) powered with energy-gathering antennae, as per the ‘internet of things’.

All these techniques are used to a scheme to convince you 1) you’re losing your mind 2) to kill yourself 3) that ‘Britain’ (if that’s where you are) wants you dead 4) that your torture-murder represents “democracy/law/justice”, you’ve been “elected/voted” 5) & if these things fail, as they have with me, that ISIL represents escape “We’re worse than ISIL” (because, if that works, they can point to that fact & say “See, we were right”, but I’m an atheist, secular, libero-conservative western democrat, who believes in science, drinks, smokes & likes old buildings; did I mention that these ppl are completely insane?).

They can hear what you hear, see what you see, sense what you think (all these things are ‘read & feed/feed & read’. A cheap brain-wave/mind-reading headset on Amazon will set you back $50), they’ve made of you a bio-hybrid/cyborg; the intent has been to turn you into an automaton/drone, a ‘sheep-dipped silver bullet’, in the parlance. Like I say, I don’t expect you to believe these things, but regardless of that, this is science-fact; over +5yrs, I’ve had all these things tens of thousands of times, and knew very quickly that it was all artificial to a scheme.

The more resistant you are, the more you get; for 180days/nights, 5-10mins after going to bed, I started getting the most astonishing levels of pain, on cue, to the right side of my face/head, the ‘synthetic trigeminal neuralgia’, consistent with this device used in reverse- http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-3659805/Tap-cheek-turns-red-hot-poker-headaches-almond-sized-implant-improve-lives-100-000-Brits.html 25June2016, by location & references to “Walton/Liverpool/ almond/silver” & more; the pain is as tho’ the side of the face is being drilled-out by a 3-4” wide slowly rotating jagged drill, ice cold & on very rapid hammer-action for up to 12hrs; knowing full well that the pain was artificially induced, I started calling Northumbria police about it; I got a synthetic telepathy ‘msg’ of “Respect”, then the suicide excitation potential (see: Tim Rifat, ‘Microwave Mind Control’ – on the effects of radio-frequency dosimetry on the human mind/body - this is entirely consistent with the effects I’ve had), to put the murder operation into effect as having “I’m being tortured by my neighbour” on police records is not so cloak & dagger; another thing that they can do, is to remotely static charge ppl – I had that each day for 10days. The first purpose of ‘the program’ is to destroy your autonomy & turn you into one of those supplicant slaves that the police keep finding, traumatised by gang-masters (part of this scheme being ‘trauma-based mind control’ – bullied to death; when you read about ppl being cyber-bullied to death, these are some of the same ppl).

When the direct-to-mind effects/influencing is used, particularly the dream choreographies (my mum died in early Aug’16; last night, 31Oct’16, I had the first dream choreography including her; they scan ppl by 3D/use ‘photos, and can CGI them for animating & broadcasting), almost the exact same place as the neuralgia becomes the focus of a very loud hissing sound & sensation (top, front, right ear; also the lower rear of the head). This sound can be very very loud at times, as a stressor.

Imagine being surrounded by sadistic psychopaths, inches from your face & body, constantly referencing themes such as “suicide” (& deliberately confusing things/concepts such as “racist” as tho’ it were an accusation, whilst calling you “black” & then referencing to every single African face that comes on tv with a sudden pain to ie. Your face); they establish very many of these ‘references/cues/triggers’. The moment that you have a reaction to any one of these things, such as an increase in heart-rate, you are subjected to a cacophony of auditory effects (staccato clicks, shrill tones), or more sudden pains, or they can set the heart racing or palpitating or both (this is very real – they can stop it in a moment or punch it thru’ your chest from the inside), or you start to experience point burning sensations actually inside your eyeball (as of late October’16, I’m getting tens to a hundred/day to my left bollock in synch to these established refs from tv; this same sensation when applied frequently to the arm/elbow, leaves it soon feeling very stiff & sore – microwave laser?), & then they claim the biorhythmic effects are proof of ‘guilt’, regardless of the fact that they’ve been doing this for 5yrs, & like Pavlovs dogs, like it or not, you’re ‘trained/conditioned’. This is the crux of the scheme, that they use their technology & techniques to force-in by night-time whispers & repetitions, a sense of accusatory guilt, which they then toxify. In just a half hour, one night, my neighbours in No.18 (who are very much a part of this ‘program’), referenced by wall-thump & synchronous to my tv, “lab rat/disposable/not a real person”, & over +3yrs, I’ve had thousands & thousands of these, including “revenge/die muthafukka, die” & “protected by the law”, up to a short hundred times/day/night. Another very frequent ‘referencing/Pavlovian’ pain sensation, is as tho’ I had a screwdriver pressed against the scalp & quarter twisted thru’ 90degrees. I have a very real suspicion that from the audio bugging, artificially intelligent ‘robots’ reference by all these means to the established ‘cues’ from a list they have programmed-in. As far as I can tell, this again seems to be very consistent with the field of technologies that are being tested & developed in this terminal human experiment operational research. When No.18 moved-in, they stood below my bedroom window having an artificial ‘conversation’ which included many items/words/names very relevant to me – this is all very standard fare; I’d gone-out to ‘meet’ the ‘challenge’, & noticed that one of them was wearing a T-shirt with a clown face with the right eye missing: this is very much part of the psychological attack – the causing of sufficient mental stress & ‘corrosion’, to eventually induce the victim, by insanity, to gouge-out their own eye – to free themselves of the referencing stress whilst reading or indeed, looking at anything (once the referencing ‘click’s have been established, a ‘click’ ‘before-the-fact’ will set the mind wondering what it is being referenced. As they say “After a while, it starts to drive itself”). Like I say, they have all the appearance of being able to actually see what I see, & everything – the pains, the auditory effects, everything, is right-side heavy by a very large ratio of incidence of effects. This is the certainty of success they have in operating this torture-murder-brainwashing-indoctrination program in Britain; hubris.

‘Crowding’ the victim in this program is a requisite (‘Monarch programming’?); with these regular ie. wall-thumps or tapping coincident & ‘msg’-inculcation to “death/gone/vanished/killed/suicide/pills/rope” (after +5yrs, there are now quite a lot of these ‘msg’s that are established; if ‘you’ respond to these with your own wall-thump replies, the neighbour(S) can & have come ‘round, feigning great anger; the next thing is that you get a copper at your door saying they’ve made a complaint to the council who have enacted RIPA legislation (Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000) on you and you now have sound monitoring equipments applied to party walls. This gave my mother some stress (I’d lived away from home for 30yrs, but this traumatising/schiz- ‘training’ program has an effect, even if you are fully aware that technology, rather than their ‘malevolent gods’ are being used, leading to me attempting suicide-by-command in mid-April 2013, from the start of the ‘program’ in Aug2011, soon after I’d taken to regularly calling the police in NuT, so that at least, they would have to include my calls & txts in their records; they were considerably less than helpful, tho’ I’m not suggesting that they’re all involved, or that they had the counter-narrative to what is called ‘narrative networks/N2’ – a black propaganda/PR ‘template’, which this document represents. I’ve posted often to a site called ‘Deep Politics Forum’ on most/all these techniques & technologies, as best as I can observe, guess & back-engineer them, & have stated many times that I’m very willing to take all this to trial, at which there is nothing written here & elsewhere by me, that I would retract – on the contrary. See DPF threads: US/UK State brainwashing/torture/murder; Dream Choreography; Secret Policing Dribbles; DARPA mind control chips; Suicide Groups & the Blackstate; Zersetzung – KGB & Stasi tactics; & even just now, I’ve found a relevant thread there from way before I found this once very good site – ‘Remote Neural Monitoring’.

One of these coordinating ‘Feathermen’ that I’ve spoken to via my analogue Radio4 (this isn’t particularly ‘clever’ technology in & of itself, they can & do give you your own radio & tv ‘feed’, again, full of their referencing cues/triggers, is a fella I called ‘Mr. “Stow-it”’, British accent, c.60’s, extreme authoritarian (judging by the tone; the “stow-it” was when I was pleasantly surprised to hear the radio speaking direct to me, as opposed to ‘over’ or ‘around’ me, at which point I’d replied – “Hang-on a minute – I’ve been fucking tortured here”, the immediate reply being “Stow-it”), ex-Royal Navy (a lot of this tech has similarities with submarine communications – Extremely Low Frequency radio transmissions which have long been known to have curious effects on people – the technology I’m assuming is at play with me, is ‘pseudo-ELF pulse-modulated signals on a microwave carrier’). The ‘Feathermen’, “don’t mind shedding blood, but they don’t like ink” – see book ‘The Feather Men’ & film ‘Killer Elite’. This document, represents ink & chatter.

John Knoble
10-31-2016, 08:04 PM
This seems to be the best they can do in that area right now...


Michael Barwell
11-04-2016, 04:07 PM
This seems to be the best they can do in that area right now...


Interesting enough, as far as it goes. I can only suggest to you that everything I've written is as it is; tens of thousands of auditory/pain/muscle twitch/neighbourly noises & sirens from distance & much else to eg. precise & repetative words that I'm reading - & I've made the point clear, that this is subvocalising AND scan-reading; also to img, colours, shapes, to a fine deffinition -the books I'm reading are ordinary, held at an ordinary distance, in ordinary light, so maybe 10point at 18", & at every "which" for eg., as I've said before, the effects will come. I'm satisfied that thats FACT; I DON'T expect you to beleive that, but I DO hope that on the broad front of what I'm saying, you leave the door open to the possibility that the vast bulk of what I'm saying may well be as I'm saying it.

'Course, I have reason to think that this site is nobbled & hobbled and you're a shitehound - the sudden 2x's 'Certificate Error's that started after the 'biomachine' diagram post, for eg., or the way this site used to be very informative, & now isn't at all. This site seems to have just stopped. On the other hand, I'm happy to have a direct line to shitehoundery: "Eat shit". Note - I DON'T walk around with an EEG cap on. I DON'T live the day to day carrying 'round an MRI or owt else - except that I have to assume a very high probability of implants; a dual function torture-implant with radial micro-electrode array as per from the Walton Centre -


Remember, I said a long while ago that I'd spent 10days or so statically-charged - that's never happened before- I've never had a shock thru' the escalator in a department store before, & there I am, 10days, static charged - I had to learn quick to discharge the voltage on my cats backs where they wouldn't notice it, rather than touching their nose or head/ears first as they quickly started, not so much to shy away from me, but they sure noticed my hand approaching, & I half suspect this was part of the gig. Lots of daft shit, like the way not last night but the night before, as I was trying to sleep, the word "caffeine" drifted into my mind - & I WAS tossing & turning. I took it to be a dream choreography was on the way, & that in 1.5/2hrs I'd be wide awake & unable for a while to sleep again: guessfucking what? It happened. I had 2 'dc's, one about txting someone precisely like I'd just been doing a few hors earlier - same person (I don't txt usually, no-one to-, & the shitehounds always advertise their presence), about his being in gaol. Then another involved one that they'd obviously had planned. It's all just mush tho'. I get very few these days (setting myself up there, ineveitably) (txt is playing silly buggers again), & anyway, they know on that front they're wasting their time, same as the strssing, sirens & NLP.

You can say what you like, they've had a fine deffinition tech on/in me since Aug2011, far in excess of that site or Jack Gallant - the augmented cognition i've mentioned - sans external headset or very close equipment, they can project imagery direct to the vision unit (minds eye or retina - whateverr) whilst yer conscious, day or night, & those 'cognitive whispers' - they're true - actually having one or many MINDS, INSIDE your mind, in realtime, 'whispering', nudging, influencing, & they've been able to do it for sufficiently long, & with a sufficiently high 'success' rate (death, schiz-, whateverr, that they get dickheads on it saying IN CLEAR VOCALISED ENGLISH, "You're/I'm being followed", rather than a 'cognition' of the same. Not only that, but it was shouted at a far higher volume than i might subvocalise to myself; & those dream choreographies & much else - they get transmitted/projected, whateverr, at a far higher 'voltage' into the mind, than your mind works with - that thing about carrying a rucksack bomb onto a train in NuT - that SCREAMED itself inside my head, overwriting/drowning-out my own thoughts of "Hmm, where to sit" as I'd stepped onto the thing. Like I say, they then use those 'influenceing' projections further, & when u have an emotional response to suddenly thinking to yerself in the supermarket as u look at your rucksack - "Ahh, they'd like me to think there was a bomb in there ". (Hmmm, not so oddly enough, this same thing was on telly the other day, but they're pissed at me for the new doc dist i'm about to do - I can always tell when I've 'kicked 'n' scored', 'cos the shitehounds get aggressive). - Which reminds me what i was on about before, lying in bed, trying to sleep; for a full half hour, I got neiralgis to my head, sharps to my face, masses & masses of pains to my left shoulder & upper arm, every single 4-5seconds aniother & more of them, stacking-up one on top of the other.

Interesting thing that about the supermarket - no matter how oftem they get no response from me, no matter how long it takes for me to suss what it is that they're on about, no matter how the 'dc's play-out, they're still blood-hungry & superdooper'eros. What they do, is use a plethora of hard & soft techniques to make of you what it is that they want you to be, so that they can amuse themselves ridgid by torture-murdering you, and claim that "we're very valuable, clever, smart, superheros" for curing the disease' they injected you with, or as firemen, putting-out they fire they set.

They're fucking full of shit; liars, frauds, charlatans, in an 'ugly Monday at the Gestapos special needs drama school' type way. Fuck 'em.

Dawn Meredith
05-28-2018, 02:41 PM
wasn't sure where this should go:
A couple of weeks ago Erick was looking on ebay for some art work to buy as a graduation gift for our oldest granddaughter.
This was on his computer, which I never use, in his office which I also ever use. A day later the artwork he was looking at was in my facebook newsfeed. Hmmmm.