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Magda Hassan
08-17-2012, 01:33 AM
Just had this sent to me from Tosh. I have't read the book yet but just thought it might be good to post it here.

http://www.amazon.com/Dead-Wrong-Str...DateDescending (http://www.amazon.com/Dead-Wrong-Straight-Controversial-Cover-Ups/product-reviews/1616086734/ref=cm_cr_dp_see_all_btm?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1&sortBy=bySubmissionDateDescending)

Book Description

Publication Date: August 14, 2012 | ISBN-10: 1616086734 | ISBN-13: 978-1616086732 | Edition: 1
Find out how the government has faked the suicides of politicians and government figures to cover up their assassinations.
For years, the government has put out hits on people that they found “expendable,” or who they felt were “talking too much,” covering up their assassinations with drug overdoses and mysterious suicides. In Dead Wrong, David Wayne argues that Marilyn Monroe was murdered, that the person who shot Martin Luther King Jr. was ordered to do so by the government, and examines many other terrifying cover-ups throughout our country’s history. The extensive research shows how our government has taken matters into its own hands, plotting murder whenever it saw fit. “Big Brother” is watching you—through the scope of a sniper rifle. Dead Wrong will give you the straight facts on some of the most controversial and famous deaths this country has ever seen. The harsh reality is that our government only tells us what we want to hear, as they look out for their own best interests and eliminate anyone who gets in their way.
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About the Author

Richard Belzer is a stand-up comedian, actor and author. He is currently cast and best known for his role as John Munch on the hit NBC show, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. He has written such books as UFOs, JFK, and Elvis (2000), and the novels I Am Not a Cop! (2009) and I Am Not a Psychic! (2010).

David Wayne grew up in the Chicago area during a period of tumultuous change in the 1960s, which fueled his interest in contemporary history. After attending college in the Midwest, he spent many years at Stanford University as an independent research consultant. He is now an investigative journalist with over twenty-five years of evidence-based research experience, with a specialty in the microanalysis of media events. He makes his home in Bogotá, Colombia, with his wife, Marta, and their daughter, Nikki.

Jesse Ventura is the former governor of Minnesota and author of four national bestsellers, including 63 Documents the Government Doesn't Want You to Read and American Conspiracies.Ventura is the host of the television show Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura on truTV. He lives in Minnesota and Mexico.

Bruce Clemens
08-17-2012, 01:59 AM
Thanks, Magda,
Heard him on Alex Jones today. Says he's parlaying his celebrity to get the word out on gov. complicity in these assassinations. Brought up some interesting things about Marilyn Monroe. I wish him and his book well. We need more high profile people with public credibility out there opening people's eyes and ears.

Peter Lemkin
08-17-2012, 04:16 AM
In what was one of the few true and memorable statements by Pres. Johnson, referring to all this, he called it a 'Murder Incorporated'. Least anyone think this kind of political convenience murder is a thing of the past....think again!....

Lauren Johnson
08-17-2012, 04:29 AM
I hope this book is better than Jesse V's: but here is Vince Palamara's brief endorsement.

Having read literally thousands of books through the years, as well as being an accomplished author and researcher on my own terms, I feel I have literally "seen and heard it all", especially with regard to the various prominent murder mysteries and political intrigue of our times. Well, let me tell you something: sometimes, in very rare circumstances, even I can still be amazed...and this awesome book "Dead Wrong" is just such a cause for celebration and wonder. Very well written and thought-provoking, Richard Belzer and David Wayne (and, in his own right, Jesse Ventura) wade through a mountain of facts and come out on the other side holding the unavoidable truth in the JFK, MLK, and RFK assassination cases, among others. Want me to give away details like alot of reviews appear to do these days? Sorry- read the book.

RUN, do not walk, to obtain this amazing book! Most impressive...absolutely essential!

Charles Drago
08-17-2012, 07:46 AM
Vince Palamara's reviews are worthless.

Vince tells us yet again that he has "read literally thousands of books through the years." These books include Posner's Case Closed, which shook Vince's conspiracy convictions to the core, and Bugliosi's Reclaiming History, which persuaded Vince that LHO acted alone after all.

A position which he softened when the research community he had betrayed took up arms against him.

How did Bugliosi wring a fawning review out of Vince? Simply by stroking his massive ego. In correspondence dated July 14, 2007, Bugliosi wrote this to Palamara:

"I want you to know that I am very impressed with your research abilities and the enormous amount of work you put into your investigation of the Secret Service regarding the assassination. You are, unquestionably, the main authority on the Secret Service with regard to the assassination. I agree with you that they did not do a good job protecting the president (e.g. see p. 1443 of my book)..."

The intended result? As Vince admits, "After being a fervent believer [!] in a conspiracy in President John F. Kennedy's death (from about the age of 12 to 41!), the Spring of 2007 yielded the Oswald-did-it-alone masterpiece "Reclaiming History" by the highly respected author and former prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi that, quite literally, made my world upside down and had me reassess everything I knew (or thought I knew) about JFK's murder. Result? While I still believed there were multiple conspiracies (plural) to kill Kennedy, and that (speaking as the leading civilian Secret Service authority) the Secret Service was grossly negligent on 11/22/63 in Dallas, at the end of the day, Oswald beat everyone to the punch, so to speak; for all intents and purposes, that solved it for me, albeit with a great deal of discomfort."

Vince aided and abetted the cover-up by championing Bugliosi's version of it. Why? Because to praise Palamara Almighty is to OWN Palamara Almighty.

Bugliosi knew it, and he played Vince like a guitar.

Of course, Vince "General Sherman" Palamara recanted -- sort of -- his Bugliosi endorsement when Doug Horne's five-volume masterpiece saw the light of day.

Vince hastens to add that he's "an accomplished author and researcher on my own terms." Which has what, exactly, to do with the merits of Dead Wrong?

Vince's Secret Service work is invaluable. Beyond that, he over and over again demonstrates himself to be a shameless, ego-driven self-promoter who, if you blow in his ear, will follow you anywhere.

Caveat emptor.

As for Dead Wrong: I've yet to read it, so I'll reserve judgment. But I do feel confident to note that I'd be far more excited about the book if its authors weren't indicting for deep political crimes "the government" -- which is as simple-minded and counter-productive as indicting "the" CIA, "the" FBI, "the" Mafia" ...

And just how, dear scribes, do you define "the government?"

Adele Edisen
08-20-2012, 08:27 AM
CNN Censors Richard Belzer

It seemed like a good idea. CNN’s ratings are in the toilet. The celebrity Richard Belzer has a new book out that he wants to plug, and it’s all about politics, which is CNN’s bread and butter. Unfortunately for CNN, politics has been particularly dull this year, what with the presidential race dominating the news and the race having come down to two unpopular, almost indistinguishable candidates.

The celebrity certainly seemed to have what it takes to draw an audience. Playing detective John Munch on a number of TV cop shows, most recently “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit,” Belzer is well known and recognizable, and show business celebrities almost always score higher ratings than political celebrities do. On top of that, his book, Dead Wrong: Straight Facts on the Country’s Most Controversial Cover-ups, co-written by David Wayne and with an afterword by Jesse Ventura, told us with its subtitle that it had plenty of what it takes to pique people’s interest, that is, controversy.

Therein lay a certain amount of risk to a mainstream guardian of the conventional wisdom like CNN, but they clearly felt that they could manage it with their Tuesday night, August 14, interview program. Belzer’s just an actor, after all, and they had the slick, super confident former Rupert Murdoch news manager, Piers Morgan, with his superior British accent to do the interviewing, and for a backstop they had brought in “conservative” P.J. O’Rourke, who is billed as a political humorist but to this writer comes across mainly as just smart-alecky, to counter any “conspiracy theories” that Belzer might try to peddle.

It probably didn’t take CNN very long to realize that they had made a big miscalculation. Morgan began by telling Belzer how much he admired his work on “Law and Order,” to which Belzer responded, “You should come on the show so I can arrest you.” The Belzer-conjured mental picture of Morgan in shackles and an orange jump suit, which he might well merit on account of his work for Murdoch, immediately put most of the audience in Belzer’s palm.

Morgan had archly introduced Belzer as a “conspiracy theorist” and the latter was quick to dismiss the term as an essentially meaningless put-down expression and to announce quite seriously that his new book deals only with facts and that he was proud that the book is properly being placed in the “history” category.

Dead Wrong has ten chapters of greatly varying length. Each chapter deals with the unnatural death of one individual. They are in chronological order, with the first one having occurred on November 28, 1953. The names of the deceased are Frank Olson, Henry Marshall, George Krutilek, Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., Robert F. Kennedy, Fred Hampton, Vincent Foster, and David Kelly. Marshall and Krutilek are the most obscure on the list, both of whose highly questionable Texas “suicides” in the early 60s were closely connected to the political career of Lyndon Johnson.

Morgan began with a cautious probe about Marilyn Monroe’s death. It had to be a murder, said Belzer, because none of the drug that killed her was in her stomach and they took hours to call the police after finding the body.

“So who did it and why?” asks Morgan, using #12 of the “Seventeen Techniques for Truth Suppression,” as though the private citizen Belzer had all the powers at his disposal as Detective Munch does on TV.

Belzer didn’t shrink from the question, though, and offered his opinion that neither of the Kennedys was behind it, that it was done for the purpose of embarrassing the Kennedy brothers.

At this point Morgan hastens on to the lesser known and what he must think is the easier of the two Kennedy murders. “Everyone saw Sirhan Sirhan shoot Bobby Kennedy, didn’t they?” he asks.

But he approached Bobby from the front, responded Belzer, and he never got closer than eight to ten feet. The fatal shot was behind Bobby’s ear, and it left powder burns. Furthermore, Sirhan’s pistol only held eight bullets and 14 spent bullets were found in the room. These are all established facts.

“Uh oh,” Morgan must have thought. “This isn’t going well at all.” So he attempted a low blow.

“So do you believe we never went to the moon?” he asks.

“I’m really disappointed in you for asking that question,” responds Belzer, and offers his congratulations to the moon explorers for their great accomplishments. The moon landings are not his chosen battleground.

At this point they go to a commercial break and I get a call from my brother in North Carolina, whom I have encouraged to watch the program in spite of what he describes as his inability to stomach Piers Morgan for more than a couple of minutes.

“This interview is over,” he informs me.

“But they’ve just got started,” I protest.

“You’ll see,” he responds. “Too much is getting out. They’ll pull the plug.”

And in so many words, he was right. Enter O’Rourke, stage right. He offers something incoherent that is apparently meant to be a one-size-fits-all put down of any judgment from on high rendered by authority, but is so weak that it doesn’t even merit a rebuttal.

And that ends all talk of conspiracies and Belzer’s book. At this point Morgan gets the bright idea that everyone has tuned in to hear a TV cop and an unfunny “satirist” debate the relative merits of Obamney from the left wing versus the right wing perspective. All subsequent questions from Morgan are aimed at soliciting the opinions of his two guests about the current presidential campaign. Yawn! You might as well listen to two predictable ideologues go at it in the barber shop. From questions that get to the heart of who really rules America we were quickly steered back to debate over the seeming rulers.

But what was the man to do? He works for a network whose star newsman, Anderson Cooper, was an intern at the CIA when he was an undergraduate at Yale, and the CIA is the prime suspect in fully half of the murder cases that Belzer is there to talk about, and he’s talking about them very effectively.

Morgan pulled the plug, and the plug stayed pulled when it came time for CNN to describe what transpired on Tuesday night on its web site:

Richard Belzer on the election; P.J. O'Rourke on the economy

On Tuesday, "Piers Morgan Tonight" welcomed actor and comedian Richard Belzer to the program for his unique and entertaining blend of perspective and insight.

Joining the host for a world exclusive interview, the longtime star of NBC's "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" shared the dilemma he'll take with him to the polls in November:

"The deciding factor for me is which person, when they're in office, will cause the least amount of suffering on the planet? And I know there might be a subtle distinction," says the man who has played Detective John Munch for nearly two decades. "This is a pretty stark choice that we get to make between [Barack] Obama, who I have problems with, and [Mitt] Romney, who I have more problems with."

Joining Belzer during the segment was well-known political satirist and author P.J. O'Rourke who offered his economic analysis of the country, in the process, referencing a certain well-known political figure from the host's home country:

"Margaret Thatcher made the point that sooner or later you run out of other people's money," began the 64-year-old journalist. "It sometimes seems like there are way too many rich people. And I may say, having recently been to Manhattan, it certainly looks that way to me down there. But once you start taxing the living heck out of them...they vanish."

Quick to rib his long-time colleague Belzer, a noted conspiracy theorist, quipped: "They don't have to vanish. They know how to hide their money, P.J., you know that."

Watch the clips, and listen to the interviews, as Belzer and O'Rourke join Morgan for a segment unlike any in recent memory.

Really. The editors in the old Soviet Union’s Pravda couldn’t have done it any better. There is no better distraction, no better misdirection, than the old left versus right debate.

But if you’re now inclined to dismiss Belzer because CNN has persuaded you that he’s just a left-wing partisan, take a long look at who’s #9 on his list of suspicious deaths, Vincent Foster. The propaganda press has told us that only extreme right wingers question the official suicide verdict in the case of Bill Clinton’s deputy White House counsel, but Dead Wrong has a 47-page-long chapter that does just that in spades. It is about as fair and thorough a treatment of the subject as one can make without reference to this writer’s work. To its eternal credit, it leans very heavily on the very best, most honest, most comprehensive analysis of the crime scene that has been done, that of John Clarke, Patrick Knowlton, and Hugh Turley in their Failure of the Public Trust. Belzer and Wayne also make a number of mainly minor mistakes relying on people that are not all that easy to recognize as fake critics, but that’s all part of the game. These are honest guys doing the best job they can.

Listen to Jesse Ventura in his afterword:

There is a famous movie quote that most people are familiar with where, during a trial, a Marine Corps Colonel is pressed on revealing the truth to a questioning attorney, until it gets to the point where the Colonel has finally had enough and he screams:

You can’t handle the truth!

That’s a good metaphor for the place that we’re in right now because apparently—based on their actions—our so-called leaders don’t seem to think that the American people are actually capable of handling the truth…

This book is a perfect example of how Americans have not been trusted with the truth; it profiles case after case where we have often been intentionally misled and even clearly lied to on the most basic points of important events that changed history. The fact that we have been lied to about the JFK assassination is so obvious that it’s outrageous. The government cover-up was—and still is—so transparent that it’s ridiculous.

The writers are absolutely clear that in the forefront of the liars and the misleaders are the major news media. CNN has now helped them make their point. (Belzer’s interview went somewhat better on the Alex Jones Show.)

David Martin

August 17, 2012

(Article from Tree Frog)
"CNN Censors Richard Belzer"
New article on the book...


Please check out the link at the end of the article, for a 38 minute video.

Jan Klimkowski
08-20-2012, 07:12 PM
This side of the Pond, we have a couple of words for Piers Morgan, the British gift to what passes for news in America.

One is Tool.

The other rhymes with Ranker.

Phil Dragoo
08-20-2012, 08:27 PM
Belcher citing Foster does indeed blow away the dismissal of skepticism on the subject as all Ruddy's delusion.

The fate of witness Patrick Knowlton rustles the leaves blown off the trees by the late Tony Scott's Enemy of the State (1998) with Gene Hackman, Will Smith, Jon Voight.

Full movie http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JeFv29xgsQA

As Hackman in The Package (1989) addresses the supranational coup of Dallas in an updated version, Scott/Hackman depict an NSA out of control--as in, building a million-square-foot data center in Utah at a time when a POTUS may sentence any citizen to death-by-drone.

Belcher had to be silenced.

I don't care if Palamara changes his views on Dallas as often as his underwear, I wouldn't dismiss Belcher on his account.

And the RFK/Sirhan take: classic.

When I suggested this to Dan Moldea's "good friend" Larry Leamer, he laughed at me.

Peers Up His Ass brought in a rodeo clown.

Anything to stifle.

Anything to silence.

Foster and RFK were threats. JFK, a threat.

To whom.

Peers knows; had that twilight confab from Network, and knuckled under (no parts to strap up to play eunuch--he are one).

Further this deponent sayeth not.

Dawn Meredith
08-20-2012, 08:38 PM
I was very disappointed as well but at least some of the truth got covered before Morgan pulled the plug. I thought Belzer handled it well given that the deck was stacked before the cameras began to roll. At least viewers heard some truth about Marilyn and Bobby's murders to contrast the lies by MSM.
The moon landing question was beyond annoying and designed to make conspiracy truth look foolish, as all MSM whores are paid to do.

Frankly I was stunned to see CNN even have him on. I am (online) friends with David Wayne so have known about the book for awhile now.


ps Ya any endorsement by Vince P is ignored by me ever since he fell for Bugliosi.

Jan Klimkowski
08-20-2012, 08:48 PM
Peerless Morgan at the Murdoch phone hacking thingie (https://deeppoliticsforum.com/forums/showthread.php?3260-Phone-hacking-scandal-deepens/page39):

Wankers - all of them.

Piers Morgan told me how to hack a phone, says Jeremy Paxman

Presenter tells Leveson inquiry former Mirror editor teased Ulrika Jonsson about private conversations she had

Dan Sabbagh and Lisa O'Carroll

guardian.co.uk (http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2012/may/23/leveson-piers-morgan-paxman), Wednesday 23 May 2012 16.15 BST

Piers Morgan described to Jeremy Paxman how to hack into a mobile phone at a lunch held at the headquarters of the Daily Mirror publisher, the BBC presenter has told the Leveson inquiry.

Paxman said on Wednesday afternoon that at the same lunch he attended Morgan also teased TV presenter Ulrika Jonsson about the details of private conversations she had had with Sven-Göran Eriksson, at the time the England football manager.

The presenter of Newsnight told the Leveson inquiry how he went to a lunch hosted by Sir Victor Blank, the then chairman of Trinity Mirror, held on 20 September 2002, where the subject of phone hacking came up.

Paxman said he was seated beside Morgan – now a New York-based CNN talkshow presenter – with Jonsson, Blank and Sir Philip Green, the Top Shop billionaire sitting nearby.

The BBC journalist said: "And Morgan said, teasing Ulrika, that he knew what had happened in the conversations between her and Sven-Göran Eriksson and he went into this mock Swedish accent."

Earlier that year, the Mirror had revealed that Jonsson had an affair with the then England football coach.

Choosing his words carefully, Paxman continued: "Now, I don't know whether he was repeating a conversation that he had heard or he was imagining this conversation. In fact, to be fair to him, I think we should accept both possibilities, because he probably was imagining it. It was a rather bad parody.

"I was quite struck by it because I'm rather wet behind the ears in many of these things. I didn't know that that sort of thing went on."

Paxman said that Morgan also turned to him at the lunch and explained how phone hacking worked.

"He then turned to me and said 'Have you got a mobile phone?', I said 'Yes', and he said 'Have you got a security setting on the message bit of it'," he added. "I don't think it was called voicemail in those days, I didn't know what he was talking about. He then explained that the way to get access to people's message was to go to the factory default setting and press either 0000 or 1234 and that if you didn't put on your own code … his words: 'your're a fool'."

He added: "I don't know whether he was making this up, making up the conversation, but it was clearly something that he was familiar with and I wasn't ... I didn't know that this went on."

Morgan told the Leveson inquiry in December that he did not listen to any of Jonsson's voicemails in relation to Eriksson.

He was also asked specifically if he had invited her to lunch that day and had her advised her to change her voicemail settings – but the former tabloid editor said he could not recall the episode.

Morgan later tweeted: "Right – that's the last time I'm inviting Jeremy Paxman to lunch. Ungrateful little wretch."

Phil Dragoo
08-21-2012, 08:27 PM
I listened to the two hours George Noory gave Richard Belzer last night.

George of course steered it too much to Marilyn and comedy, Diller and France.

Belzer says Marilyn murdered; shown by no crystalline residuals in system, hence lethal enema.

Marshall probably killed by Mac Wallace.

Wayne cites Hathcock among their five proofs vis-a-vis JFK.

RFK: too many (14) shots; impossible trajectory for Sirhan--"point blank from behind" when he was in front and distant.

King: 1999 jury said government in conspiracy to murder.

Frank Olson in 1953--Belzer says Cheney-Rumsfeld tasked to buy off family.

Belzer happy to be number one on Amazon Kindle; credits David Wayne for heavy lifting of research.

I question Belzer not understanding how things work when Noory got him to concede that the so-glorious Obama had "come down on whistleblowers harder than anyone"--Richard: one word: Joannides.

By any means necessary the people must question the pat explanations of the powerful cabal which rules them.

Even if one must sift through two hours of pining for Obama's re-election and lamenting the European low estimation of the pathetic American.

I don't care who's got a house in France--

--somebody got in the White House in CONUS and is still impeding justice.

Again for the record: it's supranational; suprapolitical.