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Magda Hassan
12-23-2012, 06:09 AM
I'm pleased Germany is decommissioning all their nuclear plants and this is one reason why.

Radiation in Garching at the limitGarching research reactor shut down due to high emissions
Munich 21, December 2012 - On 9November 2012, working at the research reactor FRM II in Garching was adjusted surprisingly, the reactor was shut down prematurely and canceled all experiments until the end. This was due to extremely high charges of the radioactive isotope carbon-14 in the air.
According to the operators, the annual value of licenses had already been utilized by 95 percent. "It is a scandal that the public was not informed", Christina Hacker, CEO commented in the Munich Environmental Institute. "You have to look closely to find the well-hidden messages on the home page of the FRM II," said Hacker.
Karin Wurzbacher, a physicist at the Munich Environmental Institute, remarked: "I am not a single case has come across, in which a reactor had to be shut down due to exhaustion of the approved fees for radioactive material Usually the license value of nuclear plants kept so high that the actual emissions only. about 10 percent of this amount. "
Meanwhile, the FRM-II is back in operation, various bodies have been approved by. Apparently intended in the last weeks of the year also the remaining five percent are exploited - to the detriment of local residents. The fact that the C-14 charges in recent years have increased steadily, and the reactor was started up, despite the unexpectedly high charges of C-14 again leaves us to doubt the reliability of the Technical University as a reactor operator.
The Munich Environmental Institute requires that the cause of high emissions informed immediately and will be publicly announced. It also called the Munich Environmental Institute to protect the public regular operator-independent measurements.