View Full Version : Reacquaintance with an old friend of a book

Jim Hackett II
02-13-2013, 12:16 AM
"RFK Must Die!", by Kaiser - 1970 2nd printing.

I am reading this for the second time. Slowly.

I first read this in spring of 1971 out of a small town Carnegie Library.
Same for Thompson's "6 Seconds in Dallas" earlier.

The slow epiphany I experienced from '70 to '72 was started by Thompson's explosion of the SBT and thereby the WCR crap.

When I read the Kaiser book I was pleased to know a little more than the press was saying. I had already given up on change from within the "game". June 68 ended the illusion forever.
This book confirmed the mass corruption of the law enforcement community as a whole. I had imagined it was only a "county" issue in my life.

Life kind of proved the point too.
Nixon as POTUS furthered the face of the trend dividing the country for political advantage. I had been changed by the events that put Nixon in the job as others had values confirmed by the same events.
I and all my friends had either been drafted or labelled bums by those folks.

I remember that this book at the time reassured me that I was right in my suspicions about the murder of Bob Kennedy. That was a first for me.

In a few weeks after I finished reading "RFK Must Die!", I checked out from the same Carnegie Library SUS (Special Unit Senator) a fable book by some damn spook. I am not going to honor the lies in that junk by looking up the author. Anyway I never finished that book and returned it unread except for a few pages.

RFK Must Die! is a great book.
Others on the RFK Murder I could recommend are not in any order of preference:
Bill Turner/Jonn Christian's "Assassination of R. F. K."
Melanson's "The R.F.K. Assassination" and "Shadow Play"

Great books are to be savored like fine wine. Slowly and with pleasure enjoyed.