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Magda Hassan
07-15-2013, 10:00 PM
A new social network platform being launched in South America. It has been set up in the tradition of the Bolivarian Revolution to draw people away from FaceBook which is no more than a CIA conduit. If you look at their privacy policy it is completely different to Facebook where you basically have no privacy. All the servers are based in Argentina. It is about to go live any day now and hundreds of thousands have already signed up. They have to make more servers available for the demand.
http://www.facepopular.net/ (http://www.facepopular.net/)

Magda Hassan
07-17-2013, 12:23 AM
For Facepopular, " Face "does not mean " face " as in English, but responds to the abbreviation of " Alternative Front Against Establishment " or Frente Alternativa Contra Establecimiento.
And important part of that establishment is his own alma mater: Facebook.
Facepopular is the new social network Argentina, Latin American pretensions, launched this week and hopes to become a direct competitor of his inspiration, Facebook.

In fact, Facepopular is the "flagship" of Red People, Argentina convergence initiative that combines radio, TV and web pages which aims to provide a platform for technological integration of the countries of UNASUR and CELAC.It has servers hosted in Argentina and its launch coincides with plans for the creation of Mega Optical Ring Unasur being developed for the entire region.
The network has been driven by Luis D'Elia, president of the Land and Housing Federation, and seeks to be declared "Cultural Interest of the Nation".
And its creators are optimistic Facepopular expect to become the dominant social network in Latin America within a year.
Instead of emoticons EmoperonesConceptually, Facepopular has many applications, settings and buttons from Facebook. Yes, with variations.
Instead of emoticons are "EmoPerones" and users will be able to send a "Evita" a "Peron" or even San Martin and Bolivar.
The burgers, in turn, will be replaced by choripanes.
Another difference with the social network created by Mark Zuckerberg is no limit Facepopular friends.
You will also have a button "I like" and will have a section called "The undesirability of the week." "They will always be characters that violate the principles proposed by the Facepopular" Paul Lenz, one of the initiators of the project to local television.
The Bolivarian social network
As their mission statement says, the Facepopular goal is to "create a channel of communication and community interaction without arbitrariness and imposition of other models of social networks designed and operated out Latin America by multinational corporations."
"It's a Latin American network, for Spanish speakers, designed and conceived on our own parameters and standards," says its website.
These words are part of the widespread condemnation that has had the spy scandal United States, which through its National Security Agency (NSA) intervened to users of companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple, Skype and Facebook, as the leaked documents by the NSA exanalista, Edward Snowden.
Especially in Latin America.
"Compatriots cancel their Facebook accounts as free unknowingly worked as informants for the CIA!" Called Prison Affairs Minister of Venezuela, Iris Varela.
The call was posted on his Twitter account the day after the launch of Facepopular.
Its ideologues declared it "without a bias Kirchner" in the local media, but expect the first official account on the open Facepopular own President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, as an honorary member.
According to the Argentine newspaper La Nacion: "Aesthetics Kirchner is present even in the smallest detail: in cases where the connection fails, you can read 'Kumpas working.'"
"It is projected that we will exceed 100,000 users for the weekend," said Paul Lenz, one of the initiators of the project to local television.
"We are about to add a fourth server, because they will not cope," said Lenz.
However, the day of its release had 400 users, according to information published in the local media. And at the end of this article, it was not possible to subscribe in your user record. Only enter through Facebook personal account.
Facebook: "We are reviewing"Given the obvious similarities to Facebook, ranging from typography to the various functions, BBC contacted the massive social network to ask your opinion about launching FacePopular and if they had considerations regarding copyright.
"We are reviewing. We have nothing more to say at this time," he told BBC Alberto Arébalos, head of communications for Latin America at Facebook via email.