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Peter Lemkin
04-23-2009, 06:50 AM

i don't know how many people remember this guy at ground zero on september 11th. It was right after the towers had come down and fox was interviewing witnesses. He is the guy that described that as he was watching he saw the plane "karine" in to the building "coming through the other side". "then, i watched as both the towers came down due to structural failure, because the fire was just too intense."

if any of you are familiar with the john stewart show "the daily show" on that show named rob riggle.

I believe that is who this man is. A paid actor who in 2001 was unknown.

Riggle was a major in the united states marine corps reserve where he served in liberia, kosovo, and afghanistan. He is currently a public affairs officer with the new york city public affairs unit and is a recipient of the combat action ribbon. He has referred to his military experiences on the daily show, often when acting as the show's "military analyst", sometimes facetiously claiming he could kill any other member of the show. He is the only daily show cast member to have been in the u.s. Military

here is the work-up of this guy. I spent a while on this taking several images from the daily show clips and matching them next to the original footage on 9/11.


...assigned to be the deputy director public affairs, new york city.while assigned to the new york office, capt. Riggle was deployed again to albania (joint task force shining hope). From there he was attached briefly to the 24th marine expeditionary unit special operations capable (24th meu soc) and went to kosovo as part of operation joint guardian.

Capt. Riggle left active duty in the summer of 2000 and immediately joined the marine corps reserves. In the fall of 2001 capt. Riggle was in new york city. His reserve unit, mtu-17, stationed in manhattan, were among the first military responders to the attacks on the world trade centers. Capt. Riggle was activated from sept. 12th through the 30th, 2001, where he worked at ground zero moving rubble by hand in the bucket brigades.


not a surprise to me that the daily show has a mole. Someone should warn them.
seems like the whole play was scripted. We already know the fake phone calls from the planes were.
Who's getting the royalties for this 'play' - follow the royalties! :burnout:

I posting this on the EF ,as well, but at least two of the links and the forum that hosted them are (strangely) blocked from there, but one can get there from here.

Peter Lemkin
04-23-2009, 07:33 PM
Here is his walk-on role to set-up the 'scenario' for the media. His wording is too pat. No one would say "I watched as both the towers came down due to structural failure, because the fire was just too intense." just after the collapse. Give me a break. Then he spent some weeks clearing-up [sanitizing] the debris......well at least they thought ahead to save taxpayers money by using one man for two roles. :bebored:
Who writes this stuff?!