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Magda Hassan
05-31-2014, 03:57 AM
Holy orders and court orders 28 May 2014

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This billboard, which appeared in San Luis Potosi two weeks ago, was the metaphoral lance that opened a huge boil in the side of the Mexican Catholic Church. The billboard features a photo of suspected pedophile Eduardo Córdova, and urges his victims to file criminal charges. There was no indication of who paid for the billboard and Cordova, at the time, was still a parish priest in the Diocese of San Luis Potosí. The State Prosecutor’s office claimed no criminal complaints had been filed against then Father Cordova, although Archbishop Jesús Carlos Cabrera Romero took the unusual step of opening church files related to Cordova to State investigators.
Within days, more than 100 cases of probable molestation were received by the prosecutors office, and a former priest who worked in the Chancellory came forward with claims he had covered up Cordova’s crimes in the past, assisting in his transfer from parish to parish ahead of “scandals”. Explosively, the former priest, Alberto Athié Gallo, claimed the state governor, Fernando Toranzo Fernández and his wife, had both participated in the coverup.
The Diocescan press office called a news conference to announce that Cordova was being defrocked, in itself an indication that seemed at first to suggest they were simply going to cut Cordova loose, by way of damage control. However, a team of lawyers representing fifteen working class families, not trusting that the those who covered up for Cordova (within the Church and within the PRI and the local establishment), have managed a “work around” : forcing the prosecutor’s office to name the Archbishop and his two predessors as co-conspiritors in a coverup.
This won’t be the first time members of the hierachy have been defendents in criminal cases. Cardinal NOrberto Rivera was forced to testify in a California court in a case also involving the transfer of a pedophile priest, but his testimony was limited to a deposition, and he never had to face any charges. Onesimo Cepeda, who had recently retired as Bishop of Ecatepac, was accused of fraud by the powerful Azucarraga family in connection with his role as executor of one family member’s large estate, and was arrested, but — given his ties to the establishment (including his accusers) — the charges were quietly dismissed and apparently the issue was resolved privately.
Given that this is a Mexican court, where the archbishops are co-defendants, and that there is less likelihood of a private settlement … and the Vatican itself has indicated it is willing to cooperate with legal authorities in these kinds of cases… there is every chance their Excellencies will have to answer in a public courtroom… and name names. I tend to think the latter is much more important than any punishment the court might mete out to the Archbishops. They are very unlikely to go to jail, and — thanks to Benito Juarez (http://mexfiles.net/2010/04/20/bishops-what-you-dont-know-cant-hurt-us/) — the Church really doesn’t have the deep pockets to pay out huge fines (it doesn’t really own any property of note), but putting the hierarchy in a position where they have to chose between saving their own skins, or ratting out the establishment, the cozy relationship between church and state will be sorely taxed.
And, perhaps more importantly, the Church is starting to realize it needs to be more proactive. It’s not easy for some, but even the often clueless “Padre Beto” seems to be getting the message:


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Magda Hassan
05-31-2014, 04:05 AM
A new twist in the already twisted tale of Eduardo Cordova Bautisa (http://mexfiles.net/2014/05/28/holy-orders-court-orders/)… the defrocked priest whose pedophilia was said to have been covered up by the political and clerical elites of San Luis Potosí.
He’s disappeared and is now a fugitive from justice.
Next question… who helped him escape?
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The priest fled Cordova Baptist and accepts the Ombudsman SLP; PGJE is just "to cleave data" case

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http://www.sinembargo.mx/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/zarate-3082-e1401319281445.jpgAttorney of San Luis Potosi, Miguel Angel Garcia, said in an interview that he knew nothing HOWEVER cases of pedophilia committed by the priest Eduardo Cordova Baptist. Photo: Martin Zarate, Pulse

Mexico City, May 29 (HOWEVER) -. I complained again and again. They said that man dressed in cassock and political influence in San Luis Potosi, Eduardo Cordova Baptist, had become the confessional in a trap that led to children and youth to sexually abuse them.
Victims, their mothers and fathers, I began to realize for 30 years, but just last Thursday, May 22 the Attorney General's Office (PGJE) of San Luis Potosi launched an investigation against the priest, who also served as City Councillor Transparency and Monitoring Procurement and Contracting for Public Works of the PRI Governor Fernando Toranzo Fernández.
Today he is considered a fugitive admits reluctantly Attorney Miguel Angel García Covarrubias interview HOWEVER .
"I requested location."
- And did you find?
-What are locating.
- Do you know where he is?
- Are you a fugitive?
He peeled them.
- (Silence)
- And already requested a warrant they turn against you?
-We are allegando elements.
- Why did not depending on the gravity of the charges?
-We are seeking the addresses and names of the victims to request we provide items and, where appropriate, request the court to order his arrest.
- Do not be prosecuted ex officio aggravated sexual abuse in San Luis Potosi?
Yes, but I did not know anything.
The case-time media and decades in the Church.
'But I did not know him.
- Do not heard of this situation before by the media?
Yes: by the media.


http://www.sinembargo.mx/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/eduardo-cordova-bautista1.jpgCordova is a fugitive Eduardo Bautista confirms the PGJE of San Luis Potosi. Photo: Archive

Former priest Alberto Gallo Athié reported that Father Eduardo Córdoba is protected by the Diocese of San Luis Potosi, as well as the PRI Governor Fernando Toranzo Fernández and his wife Maria Luisa Ramos Segura.
- What do you say?
- No way! Attorney-tone García Covarrubias finally seems to come alive. -These are those without any support.
-It is a serious situation that is calculated for 30 years of abuse about 100 victims.
-These are situations we do not know.
- Then why your previous and categorical refusal to investigate Toranzo the Governor and his wife?
-In your case will have to determine where responsibilities.
-You are under the political and administrative responsibility of a governor accused of protecting a pederast. Will investigate?
-If so, yes.
He insists that the Governor and his wife heard the case.
- I never said that!
-What other people say, what range you can take the case after his boss is reported to protect this child molester?
-We hope you'll join themselves elements.
-This political relationship is so clear that Mr. Cordova is the Citizen Oversight and Transparency Director for Procurement and Contracting of Public Works.
-Are given situations since 2009 and derived from administrative conditions.
-Three Archbishops of the Archdiocese of San Luis Potosí have been reported to provide protection within the Church Eduardo Cordova: Symanski Antonio Arturo Ramirez, Luis Morales Reyes and Carlos Cabrero Jesus Romero and Antonio Torres Herrera, Vicar General of the Archdiocese . Yesterday, the Ministry of the Interior (Interior Ministry) expressed its determination processing after the fact, what in this case?
-We are in the integration of information, but at this point there is nothing clear as to concealment.
- The complaint does not indicate these names?
-No. Nothing that concerns you.
-The Archbishop of San Luis Potosi, Carlos Cabrero Romero, has given all the information that the Archdiocese for 30 years over abuses by Eduardo Córdoba and has already delivered to the Vatican. Already you have that information?
-No. Since the request.
- And have some time to do?
- PRI's you?
-No military in any political party.

http://www.sinembargo.mx/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/zarate-3079-e1401319416112.jpg"Let them come and denounce" says Attorney on testimonies of victims. Photo: Martin Zarate, Pulse

-I will read one of the testimonials published ...
-As are in the media.
-I read and see what you think: "We entered the room. 'May I give you a neck massage?' Asked me Cordova Baptist. 'Lie down and teach you to relax, unzip your clothes and let me see what other physical problems can have if you let me touch', were some of the things he said to me while in fear without knowing why he allowed, passed ... Now hours continued laying on the bed with his arm as a pillow, and in a moment without any clothes. "
-Let them come and denounce it.
- But do you think?
- Let them come and denounce it. I have no knowledge of these situations.

-One more in a young Córdova says he asked: 'Leave me touch your crotch is where stress concentrates and pellets may notice a guy in that area'.
-I do not know that evidence.
- Do you personally know the Father Cordova?
-In view ...
- When?
Two or three years ago.
- Under what circumstances?
He initiated a complaint for theft in churches.
- What did you think of your treatment?
'It was a professional treatment, he is also a lawyer.
- And anyone who suffers a burglary can go to the office of Attorney San Luis Potosi?
'That I can brag itself.
- And no one can boast of solidarity with the suffering of others? Leo another testimony of a mother: "I do not mention in detail what a word can explain [as] 'rape', my son was violated in his person violated his life, violated his respect, violated their integrity, in their freedom and especially his faith and above all things in your life. All this my son fell, all his suffering what was keeping up falling into a major crisis, pain, helplessness, a crisis in which the father was taking advantage. "
None of that is known by the Attorney.
- Are you Catholic?
- What do you think of these acts within the Catholic community?
-Son misconduct.
- Do you only unreasonable?
And if a finding of other legal circumstances.
- Do not try this with all the energy? With all due respect it seems that you do not want to enter the subject.
-We are allegando of elements, we must rely on facts beyond those contained in the media.
- Is there justice in the earth, in San Luis Potosi?
-I hope so.
- And in the sky?
-No you could say. I have not died to know.

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