View Full Version : New Electronic Spying Discovered In Central Oslo Government District

Peter Lemkin
12-17-2014, 07:19 AM
Parliament and the Prime MinisterMONITOREDOutside parliament, government offices and residence of Prime Minister Erna Solberg is it taking advanced spy equipment that can monitor all mobile phones in the area. The question is: Who is behind?

JOURNALISTS PER ANDERS JOHANSEN (per.anders.johansen@aftenposten.no) & ANDREAS BAKKE FOSS (andreas.bakke.foss@aftenposten.no) VIDEO SANDRA MØRKESTØL (sandra.morkestol@aftenposten.no) MULTIMEDIA FREDRIK GARDENS-THORESEN (fredrik.hager-thoresen@aftenposten.no) & PER BYHRING (per.byhring@aftenposten.no)http://mm.aftenposten.no/stortinget-og-statsministeren-overvakes/ [maps and more information here at the Aftenposeten website]PUBLISHED 12. DECEMBER 2014 - AT. 10:00 P.M.

The false base stations to monitor the movements of ministers, politicians, government officials and ordinary people going in, out and around central buildings in Oslo. If there are criminals, foreign intelligence or other behind, is unknown.Norway's biggest secrets are managed here. Within a radius of one kilometer in Oslo is the Prime Minister's Office, Ministry of Defence, the Parliament and Norges Bank.
Ministers, state secretaries, parliamentarians, government officials, business stops and other socially important people working with the country's security, our defense or our oil wealth of over 6,000 billion, work in this area.
But those who go by, you know probably not: Several places are small, secret transmitters most likely acting as false base stations. They are so-called IMSI catchere, which can monitor all mobile activities in the area.
The governing surveillance equipment, will in principle be able to find out who moves past and into Parliament, government offices or other places in the area. They can also pick out certain people for monitoring and flood of data from the mobile phone.