View Full Version : Non European Alien tells Euopean state how to be European.

Magda Hassan
05-13-2009, 04:00 AM
The arrogance is breath taking. An American is telling a European country, Serbia, how to organise, 'reform' itself so that it can be 'intergrated' into Europe. As if the Balkans are an alien entity from the galaxy Zorg or something and he is the man to say so. Is no one going to tell this man to "Go Home Yankee"?


May 12, 2009

"Biden to place accent on reforms, integration"

[Someone from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean in no small way instrumental in the fragmentation of Yugoslavia wants to "integrate" European nations...into Europe.]

WASHINGTON - Joe Biden, due in Belgrade soon, will stress “the need for Serbia to hasten reforms and become an integral part of Europe,“ says Balkan expert Daniel Nelson.

The U.S. vice-president, who will also be taking in Pristina and Sarajevo on his tour, will be coming “without a carrot or stick,“ and will highlight the need for Belgrade to accelerate reforms and European integration, says Nelson, a director at the Global Concepts and Communications consultancy firm.

Biden will not be offering any incentives or threats to his colleagues, but will rather discuss the need to accelerate internal reforms with the goal of the Western Balkans’ integration into Europe, Nelson told VoA.

Jan Klimkowski
05-13-2009, 06:34 PM
Magda - I'm sure Biden has a blueprint for Serbia to follow. It's called Kosovo and Camp Bondsteel.

Key features:

i) grant defacto sovereignty to massive US military intelligence bases (blueprint: Camp Bondsteel);

ii) hire the most brutal local mobsters to trade people, drugs, weapons and human organs harvested from groups they've ethnically cleansed (blueprint: the KLA);

iii) allow foreign private ownership of anything valuable (eg mineral mines, pipelines, mobile telephony networks);

iv) actively suppress labour unions and anything else that might cause the serfs to think they have rights;

v) remember Halliburton, Manchurian Global, KBR and the rest of the private global government are entitled both to costs-plus contracts and to kill your indigenous population without being subject to your laws.

If the Serbs agree to points i) to v), the Americans may consider them suitable for membership of the European Union.