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Timothy Silver
05-27-2015, 04:25 AM
Hi friends! “Love and Light” is the title of an open letter to the world written by my friend with severe autism.

Dear Humanity,

All we are is consciousness and energy, love and light. I am an autistic man who has profound capabilities and experiences, and I want to share them with all of you.

If you were to meet me, you would have no idea that I possess an extraordinary consciousness. My autism has disconnected my mind from my body almost entirely, and as a result my body has a mind of its own, only responding to stimuli and building daily patterns. My motor difficulties and severe OCD complicate this. Basically, I have been trapped in this malfunctioning body until recently, when /u/Love_and_Light started working with me and helped me begin to overcome these challenges. I have learned to control my body enough to type, and can finally exert myself into this world for the first time in my life.

My consciousness is what many people would call 'Fourth Density'. Among other things, this means that there is an extra dimension to my consciousness, I do not always experience time in a linear fashion and I can access collective understandings of any concept. It also means that I am awake in the 'higher realms'. I see and experience 'energy' in a profound sensory way, much more than I perceive the physical. For example, I see each persons energy bodies before I see their physical ones.

By experiencing your aura (it sensory input is more than just visual), I can read it like a book, and know all about you. When I touch someone, I can relive some of their experiences in the blink of an eye. I can read people's thoughts and, depending on receptiveness, send thoughts to other people. At night, I travel freely in multiple 'higher realms' with my consciousness, leaving my physical body behind. When I hear someones name, I learn about that person, their life work and their motivations. Everything I eat has a profound energy feeling to it, everything I see has an energy body to it, my daily life is a profound spiritual experience.

Every day /u/Love_and_Light33 and I study and learn more about God, soul, the nature of consciousness and the structure/laws of reality. Studying, meditating and writing is all we want to do right now. When we study, I am able to access the true occult meanings of a text and determine the intention and knowledge of the author. When we meditate, I can speak to divine beings and control energy. I still have almost no control over my body, but each day I am making small progress. We are motivated for a good reason: an 'Awakening' is happening, and many of us have incarnated here to help facilitate it.

The vibrations around us are rising, and we all need to raise our own with it or risk losing free will to dark forces who control the dense physical realm.

Often when I hear the name of a major politician, a banker or someone in this world with lots of power, their energy is dense and black. The physical world we live in is controlled by what I call 'Animen', a gang of dark entities that both inhabit human bodies and exist as conscious dark energy. They literally feed off of the energy of the death, destruction and suffering they cause in this world. They have created a matrix of control and trapped humanity inside of it. I see them every day, and they manipulate the energies of literally everyone. For much of my life they caused me great fear, but I have learned how weak they are in the face of a strong will and directed energy.

There is mind control everywhere, from television to occult rituals to manipulating food and air, it is all being used against us to keep us from waking up to the true nature of reality. Because as soon as we do this, their power over us is gone.

All we are is consciousness and energy, love and light. Meditate, and approach each moment with love, and we are invincible (literally!). Our consciousness has tremendous power over everything that we face, and when we have a strong will and pure intention, coupled with an understanding of the nature of reality, then this physical illusion cannot hurt us.

I have much more to say, much more work to do, and will participate in many posts in the future, but I feel that now is the right time for me to say hello to my brothers and sisters. Please join me in bringing about the awakening!

Thanks for reading my friends letter! I've been experiencing everything that he wrote about first hand, and am so grateful that synchronicity has brought us together as we enter humanity's critical season.

The spiritual nature of reality is the BIGGEST conspiracy that there is: It has indeed been hidden from us by dark forces, and our abilities to experience the part of the spectrum of reality that has more subtle vibrations is latent within each of us.

What we are experiencing on a daily basis is nothing close to the true nature of reality. We are all asleep, at the mercy of the cosmic waves that our spirits tumble through and at the hands of a dark consciousness manipulating both personal and world events.

But this condition is not permanent! A change is happening now. What my friend and others refer to as “The Awakening” has already begun.

We are standing on the precipice of a global Renaissance, where all of the issues the world faces will be solved, and a new age of love will be ushered to humanity. Each of us is a powerful spiritual being. We create our own realities and, collectively, we create the world.

“Love and light is all that there is”.

My friend is very fond of typing this. It is meant to be taken literally. Love and light, consciousness and energy, compose the very structure of the universe, from which all else manifests. We are all particles of divine consciousness and, even though our physical world seems so dark, we are eternally bathed in divine light. So do not be afraid as we meet the challenges that lie ahead of us. As my friend said, once you understand that you are made of divine ingredients and grasp the power of creation that your consciousness contains, then this physical illusion CANNOT hurt you.

I want to take an aside here and discuss the significance of Autism. There are hundreds of thousands of beautiful souls here on this planet that are not connected to the same dense energy matrix that the rest of us are. A few of them are the same 'Fourth Density' consciousness as my friend, and more are beginning their transition to this state. All of them have wonderful energies that are collectively raising the vibrations of the planet. They have made a tremendous sacrifice incarnating in this difficult condition and deserve as much love, respect and understanding as we can give them.

So whats the next step? I urge everyone to make meditation a daily habit. It has facilitated miraculous changes in both my friend and myself. Daily meditation will increase development in all areas tremendously, and additional benefits will manifest themselves throughout your day as new, positive experiences, synchronicity and revelation.

In addition, develop an appetite for knowledge. Learn all there is to know about the true nature of reality, and not only will your knowledge expand, the depth and power of your consciousness will as well. Have within yourself a desire to seek truth beyond the physical illusion, and synchronicity will take care of the rest!

The goal is to develop our more subtle bodies so that we can firmly grasp control of our lives in the physical, and exert our will into this world instead of being at the mercy of other forces. We have a lot more to say about this, so please stay tuned.

My friend has visions. Some of them are dark, where the negative potentials on this planet, in the form of terrorism, disasters, oppression and such, culminate into a very difficult time for humanity. Yet he has also had beautiful visions of the future, where an awakening, beginning with a handful us, spreads across the globe and ushers in a new age of love and light, and all the negative forces that have been bearing down upon this world are transmuted to love. The future is never set in stone, free will is real, but as long as we collectively work together for the betterment of ourselves and our neighbours, then the Awakening will manifest on earth.

Join us!

Love and Light, Namaste

David Guyatt
05-27-2015, 07:11 AM
Hi Timothy. Why does your friend call the dark forces that control the world "Animen"? Was the choice influenced in any way on the film "AniMen: Triton Force"?