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David Guyatt
11-04-2015, 01:32 PM
With the new surveillance laws in the UK soon to be confirmed, does anyone have any idea how reliable the Zenmate Security add-on is for the leading browsers? Zenmate is registered in Berlin and my suspicious mind thinks that might open it to European wide surveillance laws and understandings?

Any thoughts?

Magda Hassan
11-05-2015, 01:01 PM
I can't say for sure David but it looks like just another company out to make a buck. And possibly playing both sides of the street to do so. Personally I would not touch it. If you are using the free version for Chrome of Firefox the reviews indicate that it is very buggy and that this does not occur on the paid version. How ever to me this is really shonky business practice. Germany does have really strict privacy laws as does the EU in general but I still don't really trust them. Switzerland is a better choice in these matters and several IT businesses have set up there specifically for that protection.

Everything you need to be private on the net is available for free and is all free and open source software.

I think you may find your solution on this page:

The Tor browser is probably the best one.

Important to note that Tor is not suitable if you are torrenting. But for general web browsing it is fine. If you are torrenting best use a VPN

If you want to pay for one this one comes highly recommended by some people I respect https://cryptostorm.is/ They take BitCoin

To be really anonymous you can buy BitCoin anonymously here. Use one of those gift card visa/mastercard type things to buy the bitcoins. https://belgacoin.com/ But then you could also use that anonymous gift card visa/mastercard to just buy directly as well.

This list might be good for you too. Don't see Zenmate Security there.

David Guyatt
11-05-2015, 03:06 PM
Thanks Maggie, I'll take a look at all the links. I used to use Tor but found it so turdigly slow that it was impossible to use effectively, but I guess things have changed. As it presently stands I have several browsers and for Firefox have a host of security add-ons. But as you say, I guess these are okay but up to a point only. Que Sera, I guess.

Magda Hassan
11-05-2015, 09:29 PM
Tor uses a search engine called 'Disconnect' It is a meta search engine using a combination of results from Google, Bing, Yahoo and others but protecting your privacy in the process. It also forces web sites to disconnect from you once you leave their page. https://disconnect.me/ It is also available as an add on to Chrome and Fire Fox.

Also, if you are using Chrome with a VPN you will need to use an add on for the Web RTC leaks which expose your real IP address. You can get it as an add on. http://lifehacker.com/how-to-see-if-your-vpn-is-leaking-your-ip-address-and-1685180082 and https://torrentfreak.com/google-publishes-chrome-fix-for-serious-vpn-security-hole-150729/