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David Guyatt
02-29-2016, 04:59 PM
I recently came across the below Youtube clip that discusses Chartres Cathedral and the education of the elite in Pythagorean thought in the seven liberal arts versus the tradesmen who were educated in the Servile arts that only had a practical application.


This is represented by the below from a Freemasonic website The Regular Grand Lodge of England (http://www.rgle.org.uk/RGLE_Liberal_arts.htm):


The Masonic website explains this thus:

"The seven liberal arts comprised two groups of studies: the trivium and the quadrivium. Studies in the trivium involved grammar, dialectic (logic), and rhetoric; and studies in the quadrivium involved arithmetic, music, geometry, and astronomy. The term liberal in liberal arts is from the Latin word liberalis, meaning "appropriate for free men" (social and political elites), and they were contrasted with the servile arts. The liberal arts thus initially represented the kinds of skills and general knowledge needed by the elite echelon of society, whereas the servile arts represented specialized tradesman skills and knowledge needed by persons who were employed by the elite. The seven liberal arts are part of the instruction of the Fellow Craft Degree."

(my bolding)

By all means say I'm prejudiced but I just cant help but conclude that today our education system is even more focused on this designer division and aimed at making us all servile rather than free men.