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Keith Millea
07-01-2009, 08:10 PM
An interesting interview with Grace Slick(Jefferson Airplane).Here's a little tidbit about her and Abbie Hoffman.:listen:


They make note in your F.B.I. file that you attended Finch College from 1957 to ‘58. I should tell you that my editor’s wife, Kimberly, went to Finch in the ‘70s, and like you, she also escaped to Florida in the midst of that.
(Grace laughs upon hearing this.) Well, that F.B.I. thing, that is apparently why they stopped me from going into the White House. Because I was invited. Patricia Nixon got a list of all the alumni of Finch College, or anybody that had ever gone there. I’m not really an alumni, because I didn’t graduate. I went to Miami the next year. But she got a list of all the girls. The school was small enough where they could do that, and she invited them to a tea. I got the invitation in the mail. “Grace Wing, we cordially invite you to a tea…Tricia Nixon at the White House. And I thought, “Oh, yeah, I think Tricky Dick needs a little acid.” So I took Abbie with me, because they said you could come with your husband, or whatever. We tried to (laughs) straighten Abbie out, so he’d look kind of normal and stuff.
Good luck…
He’s got curly hair, so we tried to slick it back. He looked like a mafia hit man.
Yeah, he used to call his hair a “Jew fro.”
Yeah, he had a Jew fro, and we tried to flatten that out. That didn’t work. But we went, and we were standing in line in front of the White House, with all these women from Finch College. Security came up to me and said, “You can’t go in,” and I said, “But I’ve got an invitation.” They said, “Yes, but you’re a security risk.” They didn’t even talk to Abbie! (Grace exclaims this, sounding utterly flabbergasted.) And I’m going, “What the fuck?!” You know? So they were right. They didn’t know why, but they were right, because I had six hundred micrograms of powdered acid in my pocket. And I also had a very long little fingernail, for snorting coke. And what I was going to do, because of Finch College, I know what formal tea is. You stand at a formal tea, you don’t sit at a formal tea. There’s a very long table, with probably tea at one end, in a long silver urn, and coffee at the other, and there’s somebody who’s serving. Usually the people who are serving, oddly enough, are your friends. So I don’t know if Tricia would have done it that way, but she probably would have had White House staff do it. But I knew what the set-up was going to be. Entertainers gesture a lot, we’re flamboyant, and I could just gesture over Richard Nixon’s teacup, and drop the acid in. It (L.S.D.) is tasteless. And forty-five minutes later, he would have been wandering around being crazy. What I didn’t know is that he was nuts anyway. He’d wander around and talk to the pictures and shit. So they would have thought, “Okay, he’s really gone over the edge now,” and they’d have had to take him to Langley, and all that kind of stuff. But the idea of it amused us anyway, even if we didn’t get in. It didn’t matter. He got himself out, because he was, you know, not right in the head.
That’s amazing, though, that they thought you were more dangerous than Abbie.
Well, on that day, they were right. Abbie wasn’t going to do it. Abbie just wanted to go in, and see the White House. Abbie just wanted to go with me, because we thought it was funny, because we were obviously not Richard Nixon people. We just thought it was amusing.

Magda Hassan
07-02-2009, 02:57 AM
Hey Keith, nice to see you again!
Interesting interview. She looks great in the photo for a burned out old hippie. I quite like her paintings too. I wonder if they would have gone through with it if they had got in? I just can't see Nixon on acid. He was pretty close to the edge anyway.

Peter Presland
07-02-2009, 08:33 AM
Thanks a bunch for that :shakehands:

Best extended laugh I've had in a long time - tears running down cheeks an-all. Pity she couldn't get Tricky away on that trip but, like she says, the guy was nuts anyway.

Dawn Meredith
07-02-2009, 04:51 PM
Oh my...just the tought old Tricky Dick on acid gives me goosebumps. He might have done something very rash. But what a fun fantasy!


Peter Lemkin
07-02-2009, 09:30 PM
At a concert of Jefferson Airplane way back 'when' at SUNY Stony Brook I was security and had a flashlight with a long-colored cone. Without knowing it, mine was pointing right in Grace Slick's face before the concert began. They were dong the 'one, two ,three, test 'stuff'...but Grace came to the mike ane said to me..'Hey, day-glow prick point that away from my face." She had long been my heroine, and even though she spoke in anger to me, she spoke to me! Seriously,.....I still think the world of here after reading that article....

Keith Millea
07-03-2009, 02:56 AM
The more I think about the comment,I'm not too sure she would have tried to dose Nixon.It's just too risky and if caught many years behind bars.If she was drunk,then well maybe.I am also reminded that Willie Nelson said he smoked pot with Jimmy Carters son on the roof of the White House.I believe him.Then the story from Neil Bush ex wife claiming that Neil and George W.snorted coke at Camp David.I am inclined to believe that story also.Anyways,Grace and Abbie together.What a dynamic duo.:D

Peter Presland
07-03-2009, 07:45 AM
Well you only have to look at my sig to see that I rate Our Grace.

I read the whole interview and there are other bits as funny as the Tricky Dicky episode. As something of an ageing Hippy myself, I easily identify with her irreverence for any and all authority. Have to say I was just an itsy bit disappointed at her apparent credulity about US 'Democracy' though. She seems to really believe that there is a substantive difference between Reps and Dems.