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Carsten Wiethoff
08-18-2009, 02:55 AM
This kind of talking makes me mad as hell.

Do I read there:

Targeted killings, like most other military actions in densely populated areas, will inevitably lead to some civilian deaths, but Israel has taken action to reduce the ratio of civilian to terrorist deaths to the lowest point in history for comparable actions.
The Israeli Supreme Court has limited targeted killing to those engaged in terrorism. They would never permit it to be used against drug traffickers or those who would not qualify as combatants.
There will be some criticism of the US, but not condemnations - no draft of Resolution, boycott or divestment.
There will not even be the type of criticism directed against Israel by the likes of former UK foreign secretary Jack Straw, who declared: "The British government has made it repeatedly clear that so-called 'targeted assassinations' of this kind are unlawful, unjustified and counter-productive."
Similarly, the French Foreign Ministry stated: France "declares once again that extrajudicial executions contravene international law and are unacceptable."
The Italian Foreign Minister joined this chorus of criticism, stating: "Italy, like the whole of the European Union, has always condemned the practice of targeted assassinations."
Martin S. Indyk, a previous American ambassador to Israel, was also open in criticizing Israel's targeted killings when he said: "The United States government is very clearly on the record as against targeted assassinations... They are extrajudicial killings, and we do not support that."
Former US Secretary of State Colin Powell said, "We continue to express our distress and opposition to these kinds of targeted killings and we will continue to do so."
What is unclear is whether these statements, when considered in the light of the recent announcement that drug traffickers are to be targeted for killing by US troops and drones, reflects a change in American policy, or is simply another example of the double standard applied against Israel. It certainly looks like the latter.
The double standard displayed by the world makes a mockery of universal human rights and international humanitarian law. Neither will retain any degree of credibility if the operating principle is "rights for me, but not for thee."
While the author is correct in his assessment that there is no real criticism of american drone strikes, the whole tone of this article suggests that there should be the same standards in the law (correct), so let's give Israel a free hand also (very incorrect).

Let me make one thing very clear: Targeted killings, by whomever, are a blatant violation of ALL human rights, international law, criminal justice and UN charta. In case of the US, this also makes it a violation of the US constitution, which makes it an impeachable offense.
It is about the lowest act morally, short of starting an unprovoked war.

So the difference in reaction between US and Israel doing similar things to me seems to stem from the different level of international media control that both have.

BTW, the comments to this piece from readers, mostly jewish, makes me shiver.

Carsten :mad:

Mark Stapleton
08-18-2009, 05:28 AM
That's rich--Alan Dershowitz lecturing others about double standards.

Israel's disgusting selfishness and misguided belief that they are God's chosen people has now evolved into a full blown malignant psychosis. I cite the bloggers comments at the end of the linked article (and many others) as irrefutable evidence. The fanatacism on display proves Israel has slipped over the edge. The Israeli public fervently believes that any crime against others is fully justifiable because they, as God's people, sit above the rest of humanity. They are as crazy, and more dangerous, than any Moonies or Orange cultists from days past.

While the planet groans from overpopulation, Israel encourages settlers to steal more land from a people demoralised and devestated by 60 years of Israeli cruelty and selfishness. While Israel claims eternal victim status, they openly assassinate troublesome dissenters in defiance of all the rules of civilised society.

Peace and two state solutions are a cruel fantasy, a fact now dawning on Barack Obama, imo.

A full blown war in the ME is inevitable.

Israel is the new Nazi Germany.