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Magda Hassan
08-29-2009, 06:52 AM
It is early days yet but some of the things he has said to interviewers has caught my interest in this case. He may be setting the stage for an insanity plea or he may have something quite interesting to say. We have to wait and see.

Sex offender's rambling account

http://newsimg.bbc.co.uk/media/images/46282000/jpg/_46282473_007856642-1.jpg The California Attorney General website information on Mr Garrido. He gave a rambling interview with KCRA-TV

"In the end, this is going to be a powerful, heart-warming story, one that you're going to be really impressed by."
In almost his first words of a 10-minute telephone interview from jail with KCRA channel in California, Phillip Garrido was eager to paint his situation as one of redemption.
Mr Garrido, 58, and his wife Nancy, 54, are being held in custody in California after the discovery that Jaycee Lee Dugard, who went missing at the age of 11, was alive and had been living in the Garridos' backyard for 18 years.
It emerged that Mr Garrido had fathered two girls with Ms Dugard, the first when she was 14.
Ms Dugard's identity was revealed after Mr Garrido brought her and the two children, now 11 and 15, to an interview with a parole officer. The convicted sex offender had been ordered to attend the interview after being seen in public with the two girls by police officers.
'Very serious'
Mr Garrido, who telephoned KCRA after they requested an interview with him, said he had "not talked with a lawyer yet", but wanted to prepare the media for a story that would make "world news".
Mr Garrido's responses to the questions were often rambling.

He repeatedly referred to a tranche of documents that he had left with the FBI in San Francisco - urging the media to read them.
"These are for you, the media, they have an investigation in them and powerful witnesses concerning my situation. What you will have in your hands will take [sic] world news immediately," he said.
Mr Garrido was asked to talk about the abduction but said he needed to talk to a lawyer.
"I'm so sorry. I've no desire to hold back these things... I don't mean to disappoint you, but I have to do this in an orderly fashion," he said.
'Major trial'
Mr Garrido admitted he was in a "very serious situation", but again stressed the documents would be vital.

"They're going to be part of the trial because this is going to be a major trial," he said, adding that the law enforcement authorities were "really impressed" with the papers.
They would "explain something that humans have not understood well".
He added: "I tell you here's the story of what took place at this house and you're going to be absolutely impressed.
http://newsimg.bbc.co.uk/media/images/46282000/jpg/_46282500_007856820-1.jpg Psychologists say Ms Dugard could make a good recovery

"It's a disgusting thing that took place with me from the beginning. But I turned my life completely around," he said.
Mr Garrido became emotional only once, when asked if his tale was a "love story".
"No, no. It's a constructive story of turning a person's life around."
His voice faltering, he said: "Having those two girls - they slept in my arms every single night - from birth - I never kissed them, you have to take this a step at a time."
Mr Garrido then again referred to his trial, saying: "You're going to be in a state of shock when you see how many hundreds of thousands of people are going to be coming out of the woodwork to start testifying about something."
He was unclear on the nature of the testimony, but did say: "The federal government will end up being involved."
"Just read the documents."
Unearthly voices
In a blog that purports to have been written by Mr Garrido entitled "Voices Revealed" he writes that he will provide a "wake-up call" that will "include the salvation of the entire world".
In the most recent entry, dating from 14 August, he writes: "The Creator has given me the ability to speak in the tongue of angels".
Calling himself "The Man Who Spoke With His Mind", the writer also refers to mind control and schizophrenia in several entries.
He posts links to empty blog sites entitled "Charging the angels with error" and "Exposed", and to a website called "God's Desire".
He also posts affidavits purportedly signed by people who have witnessed that: "Phillip Garrido [...] clearly demonstrated the ability to control sound with my mind [...] controlling a voice or set of voices that are unearthly in nature".
Part of the declaration includes phrases describing himself as "mature and intelligent" and not displaying "unsuitable, incoherent or improper cognitive behaviour".

Myra Bronstein
08-29-2009, 07:11 AM
Interesting. I hadn't really paid much attention to this story. And I still expect him to be a raving loon. But I'll watch with more interest now.

Keith Millea
08-29-2009, 05:41 PM
Thanks for posting this Magda.I was going to follow this story when it first broke.It's already getting pretty juicy.

Magda Hassan
08-30-2009, 02:38 AM
Alex Constantine is on the case also.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mind Control: Jaycee Lee Dugard and Phillip Garrido's Daughters 'like Brainwashed Zombies' (http://aconstantineblacklist.blogspot.com/2009/08/mind-control-jaycee-lee-dugard-and.html)

Children with "Soul Vision":" ... 'I was looking at the younger daughter who was sitting across from me and she was staring directly at me, it was almost like she was looking into my soul.' ... "

Satanism: "... One of the men, William Clark, described a strange display on the dashboard of Garrido's car. He said religious symbols including a pentagram were glued onto the dashboard, along with an array of nude baby dolls. Law enforcement officials did not return calls to confirm the display. ... "

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_mg7D3kYysfw/SpmSA7P8DII/AAAAAAAAN3k/4k6eHkpuhgs/s320/UnderMindControlMessage.jpg (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_mg7D3kYysfw/SpmSA7P8DII/AAAAAAAAN3k/4k6eHkpuhgs/s1600-h/UnderMindControlMessage.jpg)The campus police officer whose unease triggered the arrest of Philip Garrido for the kidnap of Jaycee Lee Dugard has described how his daughters looked like "brainwashed zombies."

By Paul Thompson
29 Aug 2009

Officer Ally Jacobs sat in on a meeting with Mr Garrido and his daughters after he requested permission to distribute leaflets on the Berkeley campus of the University of California.

But her suspicions were aroused by the strange behaviour of the two girls - and led to the eventual release of their mother, Jaycee Lee Dugard, after nearly two decades of captivity.

She said Mr Garrido arrived with the girls, aged 11 and 15, who stared at their father "like God" during the meeting. "They had this weird look in their eyes, like brainwashed zombies," she said. ...

CONTINUED: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/jaycee-lee-dugard/6110589/Jaycee-Lee-Dugard-and-Phillip-Garridos-daughters-like-brainwashed-zombies.html
'Robot girls' clue to Dugard case
29 August 2009

Two US policewomen say the "robotic" behaviour of two girls accompanying Phillip Garrido led to his arrest over the abduction of Jaycee Lee Dugard.

The officers met Mr Garrido and the two girls as he sought to hold a religious meeting on a California campus.

The officers said they were alarmed at the girls' "weird" behaviour. ...

Officer Jacobs said something about the girls, aged 11 and 15, alarmed them.

"I think Lisa asked, 'do you guys go to school?' and they both, like robots, [said] 'we're home schooled'."

The officer said they noticed the girls were "extremely pale in comparison" to Mr Garrido, and had "penetratingly blue eyes and I just got a weird uneasy feeling".

"I was looking at the younger daughter who was sitting across from me and she was staring directly at me, it was almost like she was looking into my soul.

"The older daughter, her eyes were darting up at the ceiling she was looking at her dad and just in awe, it looked like she was in worship of him."

The officer added: "I kind of got the feeling that these kids were like robots. It was my intuition." ...

Officer Jacobs said that Mr Garrido grabbed his older daughter, saying: "I'm so proud of my girls. They don't know any curse words. We raised them right. They don't know anything bad about the world." ...

FULL STORY: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/8228965.stm

A world of nightmare: Jaycee Lee Dugard's story
Jamie Doward
The Observer
Sunday 30 August 2009

... Garrido was known locally as "creepy Phil", while Nancy, who had married him in 1981 while he was still in prison, was described as "standoffish". Her brother-in-law has been quick to suggest that Nancy was a "robot" who "would do anything" Garrido asked and there is some evidence she was in thrall to her 6ft 4in husband ...

The couple's behaviour became more of a concern about five years ago when Garrido developed a fascination with hearing voices, believing that he had some sort of telepathic hotline to angels. His conversations had become peppered with a wired mix of psychobabble and religion, allusions to mind control and choice biblical references. ... He claimed to have created a device that would "pronounce words through my own mental powers" ...

Garrido's secret was finally uncovered due to the concerns of security staff at the University of California's Berkeley campus. ... They [the children] had pale complexions and their actions caused the officer, Ally Jacobs, to study them closely. ... "I wanted to basically ascertain if these girls were OK. Not from a cop standpoint, from a mother's standpoint," she said in an interview with ABC news. "It was like a wall, like talking to a robot almost. It was more like they were programmed. The older one almost had pride in her father, she was just looking at him like he was a superstar. They had this weird look in their eyes like brainwashed zombies. Their clothes were almost like Little House on the Prairie-type attire. ...

FULL STORY: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2009/aug/30/jaycee-lee-dugard-phillip-garrido
"Voices," The "Hate Man," Nude Baby Dolls & a Pentagram

Accused abductor of Jaycee Dugard turned increasingly zealous, customers say
By John Simerman
Contra Costa Times

... To some, he announced plans to give up the printing business and preach full time. Last year, he launched a company, God's Desire. His blog, called "Voices Revealed," describes a fascination with mind control and the ability to hear the voices in people's heads. "The Creator has given me the ability to speak in the tongue of angels in order to provide a wake-up call that will in time include the salvation of the entire world," he wrote.

On Monday, the same day he first sought an event permit at UC Berkeley, he delivered documents to the FBI in San Francisco. FBI spokesman Joseph Schadler described the documents as similar to the writings found on Garrido's blog. ...

"He seemed kind of hyper. He would rush around, passing out bottles of water and sometimes homemade sandwiches. He was always in a hurry," said one of the older, bearded campers, who identified himself only as "The Hate Man." ...

One of the men, William Clark, described a strange display on the dashboard of Garrido's car. He said religious symbols including a pentagram were glued onto the dashboard, along with an array of nude baby dolls. Law enforcement officials did not return calls to confirm the display. ...

FULL STORY: http://www.mercurynews.com/breakingnews/ci_13231389


Magda Hassan
08-30-2009, 02:48 AM

Jan Klimkowski
08-30-2009, 01:01 PM

From Garrido's blog:

PLEASE NOTE: This is a sample of the "DECLARATION OF AFFIRMATION" as the originals are photo copied and are not clearly legible.


This document is to affirm that I Phillip Garrido have clearly demonstrated the ability to control sound with my mind and have developed a device for others to witness this phenomena. by using a sound generator to provide the sound, and a headphone amplification system, ( a device to focuc your hearing so as to increase the sensitivity of what one is listening to) I have produced a set of voices by effectively controlling the sound to pronounce words through my own mental powers.

So I __________________________________ state that in the month of June 2006, I witnessed Phillip provide a demonstration at my place of business, controlling a voice or set of voices that are unearthly in nature. I have signed this affirmation to confirm my witnessing of this event.

Concerning the state of Phillips' mindfulness and his freedom to conduct himself appropriately: I will confirm that out of the many years I have interacted with him, business or otherwise, he has always acted mature and intelligent. He has had a steady personality throughout the many years I have known him and is fully capable of handling himself respectfully regardless of the possible out come of any given event. He has never displayed an unsuitable, incoherent or improper cognitive behavior all the years I have known him, nor has he ever mentioned the subject of him hearing voices to my staff or me.

Sign and date this line X_________________________________________

OK - Garrido believes he has psychic acoustic powers.

What is needed to work out why he believes this is an accurate biography of Garrido.

His military service. What prisons and programmes he's been in. Any links to cults or extreme religious groups.

Or whether he's mentally deranged or schizophrenic in the clinical "hearing voices" sense.

Keith Millea
09-01-2009, 07:00 PM
It's the damn pot and LSD that MADE him do it.We should have known.:bandit:

A defense expert, Dr. Charles B. Kuhn, testified that Garrido was dependent on both LSD and marijuana, and "did not have adequate control to conform his conduct."

Retired Detective: Garrido Preferred Sex By Force

ANTIOCH, Calif. (CBS) ?
http://llnw.image.cbslocal.com/22/2009/08/29/175x131/thumb_1251510801395_0p4964558344414453.jpg Click to enlarge 1 of 6[/URL]
Phillip Garrido, a suspect in the kidnapping of Jaycee Lee Dugard, who was abducted from South Lake Tahoe in 1991. CBS

http://llnw.image.cbslocal.com/23/2009/08/29/175x131/garrido_house_90144218.jpg Click to enlarge (javascript:displayDiv("img_1"))2 of 6
Tarps, tents and a wooden structure are seen in the backyard of alleged kidnapper Phillip Garrido August 28, 2009 in Antioch, California. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

http://llnw.image.cbslocal.com/23/2009/08/29/175x131/garrido_house_90144266.jpg Click to enlarge (javascript:displayDiv("img_2"))3 of 6
A fence surrounds the front yard of the home of alleged kidnapper Phillip Garrido August 28, 2009 in Antioch, California. Justin Sullivan /Getty Images

http://llnw.image.cbslocal.com/23/2009/08/29/175x131/garrido_house_90143876.jpg Click to enlarge (javascript:displayDiv("img_3"))4 of 6
Television trucks sit in front of the home of alleged kidnapper Phillip Garrido August 28, 2009 in Antioch, California. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

http://llnw.image.cbslocal.com/23/2009/08/29/175x131/garrido_house_90143882.jpg Click to enlarge (javascript:displayDiv("img_4"))5 of 6
Damon Robinson, the next door neighbor of alleged kidnapper Phillip Garrido, gestures as he speaks to reporters in his back yard August 28, 2009 in Antioch, California. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

http://llnw.image.cbslocal.com/23/2009/08/29/175x131/garrido_house_90143889.jpg Click to enlarge [URL="javascript:displayDiv("img_4")"] (javascript:displayDiv("img_5"))6 of 6
A walkway leads to the front door of the home of alleged kidnapper Phillip Garrido August 28, 2009 in Antioch, California. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Close (http://cbs13.com/ContentModules/Story/#) http://llnw.static.cbslocal.com/Themes/CBS/_resources/img/ico016x014close_modal.gif

numSlides of totalImages

Related Slideshows

http://llnw.image.cbslocal.com/23/2009/08/27/75x56/jaycee_dugard.jpg (http://cbs13.com/slideshows/dugard.jaycee.lee.20.1152798.html) Kidnapped Girl Discovered After 18 Years In Captivity (http://cbs13.com/slideshows/dugard.jaycee.lee.20.1152798.html)
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Police Tie Missing Girl Case To Prostitute Murders (http://cbs13.com/national/jaycee.lee.dugard.2.1151459.html)
Horrific Details Of Kidnap Victim's Ordeal Emerge (http://cbs13.com/national/jaycee.lee.dugard.2.1149054.html)
Missing Girl Gave Birth To 2 Kids In Captivity (http://cbs13.com/national/jaycee.lee.dugard.2.1146526.html)

The father of a man suspected of kidnapping a girl 18 years ago and hiding her in his backyard told CBS station KOVR-TV that his son is "absolutely out of his head."

Manuel Garrido said Friday that his son Phillip Garrido fell into a bad crowd when he was younger and started taking LSD.

The elder Garrido said the drugs changed him from a good boy, whom everybody loved, to a crazy person.

"He's crazy. He's out of his head," Manuel said. "He was on LSD and he had a very serious motorcycle wreck and hit his head."

Manuel Garrido says he hasn't seen his son in years and has never been to the house where Phillip Garrido allegedly lived with the missing girl Jaycee Lee Dugard, their two children and his wife, Nancy Garrido.

More: Read Phillip Garrido's Blog (http://voicesrevealed.blogspot.com/)
More: Read Official Charges Against Garrido (http://llnw.static.cbslocal.com/station/kovr/docs/2009/8/Garrido%20Charges.pdf)
Video: Police Expand Dugard Crime Scene To Neighbor's House (http://www.cbs13.com/video/?id=59458@kovr.dayport.com)
Web Extra: Kidnapping Suspect Is 'Out Of His Mind' (http://www.cbs13.com/video/?id=59418@kovr.dayport.com)

Phillip Garrido spent the 1970s on one debauchery after another including LSD trips, cocaine binges, pot smoking and public masturbation, KOVR-TV reported. In 1976, he found a new way to indulge his twisted sexual fantasies.

He kidnapped a woman from a South Lake Tahoe parking lot, handcuffed her, took four hits of acid and raped the victim in a storage unit in Reno. The investigator in the case described the storage unit as a "sex palace," with various sex aids, pornography, stage lights and wine.

The shocking rape case provided an early glimpse into the criminal exploits of Garrido, who allegedly snatched 11-year-old Jaycee Lee Dugard from a bus stop and held her captive for 18 years, fathering her two children, before being arrested this week in Antioch.

It also serves as an example of how he managed to somehow slip through the cracks of the system. In 1977, Garrido was sentenced to 50 years for the kidnapping conviction and life for the rape conviction, but he was granted parole in 1988 for reasons that are unclear at this point.

A retired Reno police detective assigned to the first criminal case said that Garrido indicated he preferred sex by force. At trial, he testified that he indulged his fantasies by masturbating in restaurants and restrooms and while reading magazines and watching movies.

Dan DeMaranville, 74, said that a cooperative Garrido came across as intelligent and educated during his interviews with him, despite heavy drug use that started in 1968.

"I asked him after he confessed why he did it, and he said it was the only way he could get sexual satisfaction. I think he had to use force to get sexual satisfaction," DeMaranville said.

"He gave the impression he was remorseful. But I don't know whether it was a put-on or not," he added.

At one point, DeMaranville asked Garrido where he got the handcuffs to detain the 25-year-old victim.

"He said it was a present from his wife. He was married at the time."

DeMaranville, who retired from the Reno force 20 years ago and now is a security guard in Reno federal court, praised a fellow officer for nabbing Garrido several hours after he drove the woman from South Lake Tahoe to the storage unit.

Officer Clifford Conrad stopped to investigate why a car with California plates was parked outside some storage units in the early morning hours.

Finding a door lock broken off, the officer tried to open the door. Garrido came out wearing only pants while the naked woman came out yelling for help from the officer.

According to court documents, Garrido's sanity was the main issue in the federal trial.

A defense expert, Dr. Charles B. Kuhn, testified that Garrido was dependent on both LSD and marijuana, and "did not have adequate control to conform his conduct."

But the jury sided with a government expert, Dr. Lynn B. Gerow, who said he thought Garrido was competent to stand trial and was responsible for the acts in question.

Garrido served 10 years in the federal prison in Leavenworth, Kansas, before being granted parole. He then served seven months for the rape conviction in a Nevada prison before being granted an early release in August 1988. Less than three years later, he allegedly kidnapped Dugard.

It's not clear why he did not do more time with such long prison sentences.

Meanwhile, DeMaranville said he was surprised about Garrido's latest arrest.

"Why is he out and about?" he asked. "If he's on lifetime parole, where was his parole officer? The guy was a sick puppy, and should have been neutered before he was paroled."