View Full Version : Confidential report on UK and Irish wind energy v. nuclear power

Magda Hassan
10-30-2009, 12:00 PM
This confidential May 1, 2009 report, titled "Impact of Intermittency", is a substantial study of possible future scenarios of high levels of wind generation in the UK and the Republic of Ireland and their effect on energy markets in these countries. It was funded by several companies in the UK energy industry. A public summary of this report is available at ilexenergy.com (http://www.ilexenergy.com/pages/documents/reports/renewables/Intermittency%20Public%20Report%202_0.pdf) and has been used to justify favouring nuclear over wind in choosing low-carbon ways to generate electricity, for example, in this article (http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/07/22/wind_intermittency_study/) published in the Register.
Given the political debate taking place now in the UK over this issue, it is important that environmentalists, NGOs and other concerned parties are able to see the full report as well as the companies that commissioned it. Furthermore, there are several serious question marks over some of the modelling done in this report. Making the full report with appendices detailing the methodology available means that these can be examined, whereas the public summary does not give any information on these—for example, in the last section of the appendices, compare the recommendations of the Met Office as to how their data should actually be used to model wind production with what was actually done, as described by Poyry.
Our source believes the debate over low-carbon energy is being dominated and distorted by large corporations and their special interests, and that this report in particular was used to do so.
DOWNLOAD/VIEW FULL FILE FROM fastest (Sweden) (, current site (http://secure.wikileaks.org/leak/poyry-wind-farm-research-2009.pdf), slow (US) (, Finland (http://wikileaks.fi/leak/poyry-wind-farm-research-2009.pdf), Netherlands (http://wikileaks.nl/leak/poyry-wind-farm-research-2009.pdf), Poland (http://wikileaks.pl/leak/poyry-wind-farm-research-2009.pdf), Tonga (http://wikileaks.to/leak/poyry-wind-farm-research-2009.pdf), Europe (http://wikileaks.eu/leak/poyry-wind-farm-research-2009.pdf), SSL (https://secure.wikileaks.org/leak/poyry-wind-farm-research-2009.pdf), Tor (http://gaddbiwdftapglkq.onion/leak/poyry-wind-farm-research-2009.pdf)