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Magda Hassan
11-07-2009, 11:59 AM
While some celebrate to anniversary of the end of the Berlin Wall there is deafening silence from the MSM about this wall. Why is that:questionmark:

From an email:
"Something there is that doesn't love a wall," wrote Robert Frost (Mending the Wall). Certainly this is true of Palestinians vis a vis Israel's wall that steals their land. The link at the bottom of this page takes you to a brief video showing today's protest-demonstration against the route of the wall and theft of the village's land toppling one segment of the wall. This is no great victory, because it is temporary. The IOF will make sure that the segment will be returned to its improper place. Yet though temporary, it is a victory, nonetheless, showing what can be done, and is also undoubtedly a foretaste of things to come.

One correction. The Haaretaz report states that the wall has "largely prevented" suicide bombers from entering Israel. This is nonsense. As I have said numerous times, daily, Palestinians without permits looking for work enter Israel. At times they are caught, but In Israel, not in the OPT or at the checkpoint. In fact no suicide bomber who is not completely off his/her rocker would go to a checkpoint. And the ways around them are known. Likewise, tunnels go under walls, and rockets fly over them, as Gaza should have taught everyone.

No. This wall is not intended to stop suicide bombings or other violence against Israelis. It is for one purpose only: to steal as much Palestinian land as possible. The protest demonstrations are not against the wall, as the media reports, but against the route of the wall. Had it been built on the so-called green line, resistance to it would undoubtedly have been minimal.