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Magda Hassan
01-10-2010, 10:40 AM
Plenty of good links some dead but use The Way Back Machine for those. From who is getting corporate subsidies, to who owns what brand, weapons production databases, government statistics, lobby watch and directories, Freedom of Information help, online encyclopedia for legal researchers, free Lexis Nexis search. Plenty more in this treasure trove of links. From Derrick Jensen via Ed Jewett. Thanks Ed.:ciao:

Topics A to Z:
Activist Research Manuals (http://www.endgame.org/arm.html)from Public Information Network.
Association for Independent Corporate Sustainability & Responsibility Research (http://www.csrr-qs.org/) (Europe)
Center for Corporate Policy (http://www.corporatepolicy.org/)
Citizen Muckraking (http://www.publicintegrity.org/citizenmuckraking_main.htm)from the Center for Public Intergrity.
Corp Watch (US) (http://www.corpwatch.org/)
Corporate Watch (UK) (http://www.corporatewatch.org.uk/) includes DIY Guide: How to Research Companies (http://www.corporatewatch.org.uk/publications/diy_research_2002.htm)
Crocdyl (http://crocodyl.com/) Wiki database of corporate profiles
DataCenter (http://www.datacenter.org/)
Dirt Diggers Digest (http://www.dirtdiggersdigest.org/) from Philip Mattera
eActivist (http://www.eactivist.org/) many social issues and a worldwide directory of politicians.

Endgame.org (http://www.endgame.org/index.html)you're already there!
Environmental Background Information Center (http://www.enviroweb.org/ebic/index.html)
How to Do Corporate Research Online (http://corp-research.org/howto.htm) from the Corporate Research Project of Good Jobs First
Internet Guide to Power Structure Research: Corporations (http://darkwing.uoregon.edu/%7Evburris/whorules/corporations.htm)
Jay's Leftist and Progressive Internet Resources Directory (http://www.neravt.com/left/frontpage.html)
Multinationals Resource Center (http://www.essential.org/clearinghouse/clearinghouse.html)
Probe International (http://www.probeinternational.org/)
Public Information Network (http://www.endgame.org/index.html) you're already there!
Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs) (http://www.pirg.org/)
Raising Hell (http://www.hungryminds.com/experts/gov002/index.html) from the Center for Investigative Reporting.
Researching Corporations (http://www.corpwatch.org/trac/resrch/resrch.html) from Corporate Watch.
Sourcewatch (http://sourcewatch.org/) Center for Media and Democracy project documenting public relations and propaganda

100 Leading National Advertisers (http://www.adage.com/images/random/lna03.pdf) [PDF Adobe software (http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/main.html)]
Adbusters (http://adbusters.org/)
Commercial Alert (http://www.commercialalert.org/) mission is to keep the commercial culture within its proper sphere, and to prevent it from exploiting children and subverting the higher values of family, community, environmental integrity and democracy.
Consumer Trap (http://www.consumertrap.com/) blog from Michael Dawson exposing capitalism, marketing & market totalitarianism
Obligation, Inc (http://www.obligation.org/) "reminding businesses and governments of their responsibility to children."
Center for Commercial Free Public Education (http://www.commercialfree.org/)
Center for Media & Democracy (http://www.prwatch.org/) publishers of PR Watch.
Center for the Analysis of Commercialism in Education (http://www.uwm.edu/Dept/CACE/index.html)
Citizens Campaign for Commercial-Free Schools (http://www.scn.org/cccs)
Telemarketing Do Not Call List (http://www.donotcall.gov/) 1-888-382-1222. Firms that call numbers on the list face fines of up to $11,000 for each violation.

Agribusiness Accountability Initiative (http://www.agribusinessaccountability.org/) of the Center of Concern and the National Catholic Rural Life Conference.
Agribusiness Center (http://www.agribusinesscenter.org/)of the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (http://www.iatp.org/) is a clearinghouse for information on agribusiness corporations, news, and activist campaigns.
Agriculture of the Middle (http://www.agofthemiddle.org/)
Corporate Agribusiness Research Project (http://www.ea1.com/CARP/) Al Krebs, the master of agribusiness muckraking, monitors the economic, social and environmental impacts on family farmers, rural communities, ecosystems and consumers.
Farm Subsidy Database (http://ewg.org/farm/) from Environmental Working Group.
GM Watch (http://www.gmwatch.org/) monitors genetically modified foods.
Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture (http://www.ag.iastate.edu/centers/leopold/)
Ram's Horn (http://www.ramshorn.bc.ca/) information and analysis of the whole food system, including food security, biotechnology & genetic engineering, corporate ownership, agriculture and farmers, international trade, organic standards & pesticides, government regulation, and consumer's rights.
USDA PACA database of fruit and vegetable growers (http://www.ams.usda.gov/pacasearch)

Most of the Endgame website is focused on exposing the dysfunctions in industrial culture.
Here are some organizations which focus on practical alternatives and postitive action.
Earth Charter Community Summits website has a large Resource Directory (http://www.earthchartersummits.org/ResourceDirectory.htm).
Breakthrough Institute (http://www.thebreakthrough.org/)
Community-Wealth (http://www.community-wealth.org/) from The Democracy Collaborative
Earth Share (http://www.earthshare.org/)
E.F. Schumacher Society (http://www.schumachersociety.org/) and SmallIsBeautiful.org (http://www.smallisbeautiful.org/)
Green Challenge (http://www.greenchallenge.com/)
Institute for Local Self-Reliance (http://www.ilsr.org/) and New Rules Project (http://www.newrules.org/)
Local Harvest (http://www.localharvest.org/)
New Road Map Foundation (http://www.newroadmap.org/)
OneWorld (http://www.oneworld.net/)
Simple Living Network (http://www.simpleliving.net/)
Sustainability Institute (http://www.sustainer.org/)
Sustainable Communities Network (http://www.sustainable.org/)
YES! Magazine (http://www.yesmagazine.org/)
Lao Tzu
Peter Kropotkin
Thomas Jefferson
M.K. Gandhi
G.K. Chesterton
E.F. Schumacher
Leopold Kohr
Wendell Berry
Ralph Borsodi
Jane Jacobs
Kirkpatrick Sale
David Morris
The Diggers


Sprawl-Busters (http://www.sprawl-busters.com/)
Culture Change / Sustainable Energy Institute (http://www.culturechange.org/) and the Alliance for a Paving Moratorium.

BankTrack (http://www.banktrack.org/) network of civil society organisations tracking the operations of the private financial sector and its effect on people and the planet.
Bank Information Center (http://www.bicusa.org/sitemap.htm)
Berne Declaration (http://www.evb.ch/) monitors the role of Swiss corporations, banks, and government agencies.
IFIwatchnet (http://www.ifiwatchnet.org/) monitoring international financial institutions (IFIs) such as the World Bank, IMF, and regional development banks.
Inner City Press (http://www.innercitypress.org/) covers banking, community reinvestment, redlining, insurance, telecommunications issues, etc.
Mobilization for Global Justice (http://www.a16.org/)
Rainforest Action Network Global Finance Campaign (http://www.ran.org/ran_campaigns/global_finance/)
Stanford Securities Class Action Clearinghouse (http://securities.stanford.edu/index.html)
Endgame bank links (http://www.endgame.org/bank.htm)

Campaign for Food Safety (http://www.purefood.org/)
Campaign to Label Genetically Engineered Foods (http://www.thecampaign.org/)
Human Genome Project (http://www.ornl.gov/hgmis/home.html)
Organic Consumers Association (http://www.organicconsumers.org/)
Primal Seeds (http://www.primalseeds.org/) untangling ourselves from the monocult.
ETC Group (Action Group on Erosion, Technology and Concentration) (http://www.etcgroup.org/)formerly RAFI (Rural Advancement Foundation International).
Union of Concerned Scientists (http://www.ucsusa.org/)

Boycott Board (http://boycott.2street.com/index.phtml)
Boycott Action News (http://boycotts.org/) from Co-Op America.
Envirolink Boycotts (http://www.envirolink.org/environews/boycotts.news.html)
Karma Banque (http://www.karmabanque.com/)
National Boycott List (http://www.unionlabel.org/boycott.asp) from AFL-CIO.

FindOwnerSearch (http://www.findownersearch.com/) Brand name owner search by Uchisearch



Derrick Jensen (http://www.derrickjensen.org/) explores the spiritual, psychological, cultural, economic, and environmental underpinnings of our culture's unbiquitous destructiveness and asks for sane, effective, and appropriate responses.
Primitivism: Index of Articles (http://www.primitivism.com/author-index.htm)
Social Criticism Review (http://www.socialcritic.org/)1,000 online readings on modern society and its ills, with a focus on alienation between man, nature, and a dysfunctional scientific-technical complex.



Commodity Fetish Times (http://www.geocities.com/WallStreet/9973/)
Consumers Digest (http://www.consumersdigest.com/)
Ethical Consumer (http://www.ethicalconsumer.org/) looks behind the brand names and helps you to vote with your wallet.
Council on Economic Priorities (http://www.cepnyc.org/)From the folks who brought you "Shopping for a Better World." CEP ranks corporations on the environment, diversity, charitable giving, working conditions, family benefits, and community outreach. It's all relative, so Chevron and Citicorp have been on their Honor Roll.
Recalls.gov (http://www.recalls.gov/) database of recalled consumer products from the Consumer Products Safety Commission, Food and Drug Administration, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, Coast Guard, and Agriculture Department.

Association Transnationale (http://www.transnationale.org/) citizen portal on corporations (English, French and Spanish versions).
Aurora Institute (http://www.aurora.ca/)
Business Ethics Network (http://businessethicsnetwork.org/) is a project of the Corporate Ethics International (http://corporateethics.org/) which builds the capacity of its members in their corporate campaign work, by providing education, facilitating collaboration, and increasing recognition of their campaign successes.
Campaignstrategy.org (http://www.campaignstrategy.org/) from Chris Rose.
Center for Corporate Policy (http://www.corporatepolicy.org/) working to curb corporate abuses and make corporations publicly accountable.
Corporate Accountability Project (http://www.corporations.org/)
Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) (http://www.xs4all.nl/%7Eceo/)
Corporate Power Information Center (http://www.timsbrain.com/Memes/Corporate_Power/)
Corporate Responsibility Coalition (http://www.corporate-responsibility.org/) in the UK.
Corporate Watch (UK) (http://www.corporatewatch.org.uk/) monitors social and environmental impacts of large corporations.
CorpWatch (US) (http://www.corpwatch.org/)
Global Exchange (http://www.globalexchange.org/)
Global Response (http://www.globalresponse.org/)
The Corporation (http://www.thecorporation.com/) documentary by Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbott and Joel Bakan, based on the book The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power.

State-level corporation records (http://www.llrx.com/columns/roundup29.htm)summary and liks from LLRX
Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (http://celdf.org/) includes a Manual For Revoking Corporate Charters and other information for individuals wishing to pursue charter revocation activities.
The Corporation (http://www.thecorporation.com/) documentary by Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbott and Joel Bakan, based on the book The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power.
CounterCorp (http://www.countercorp.org/) sponsors of the annual Anti-Corporate Film Festival
Program on Corporations, Law & Democracy (POCLAD) (http://www.poclad.org/) Richard Grossman, Ward Morehouse and others urging us to redefine corporations rather than regulate them.

Alien Tort Claims Act cases (http://www.usaengage.org/legislative/2003/alientort/alientorttpcases.html) from the corporate lobby group USA Engage. Organizations using ATCA to fight corporate abuse include EarthRights International (http://www.earthrights.org/) and Center for Constitutional Rights (http://www.ccr-ny.org/) and International Labor Rights Fund (http://www.laborrights.org/)
Corporate Crime Reporter (http://www.corporatecrimereporter.com/) includes a report on The Top 100 False Claims Act Settlements (http://www.corporatecrimereporter.com/fraudrep.pdf).
Corporate fraud database (http://www.law.com/jsp/ihc/PubArticleIHC.jsp?id=1193821435603) compiled by Law.com
CrimeZyland (http://userwww.sfsu.edu/%7Enetart/crimezy/crimelinks.html)
The Corporate Library (http://www.thecorporatelibrary.com/)investment research firm specializing in corporate governance and board effectiveness.
White Collar Crime Prof Blog (http://lawprofessors.typepad.com/whitecollarcrime_blog/)
Endgame database of corporate fines & settlements (http://www.endgame.org/corpfines.html)
Settlements, Verdicts and Rulings (http://www.lawyersandsettlements.com/settlements.html?sort=alpha) (Lawyersandsettlements website)
ECHO (Enforcement and Compliance History On-Line (http://www.epa.gov/echo)from the US EPA.
Government Accountability Project (http://www.whistleblower.org/) monitors governmental wrongdoing and protects whistleblowers.
New Internationalist (http://www.newint.org/) reports on world poverty and inequality; their July 2003 issue featured the Corporate Crime Wave (http://www.newint.org/issue358/facts.htm).
Royal Canadian Mounted Police RECOL database (http://www.endgame.org/Reporting%20Economic%20Crime%20On-Line)
Anti-scofflaw proposal (http://www.essentialaction.org/anti-scofflaw/) to keep corporate criminals from getting government contracts.
Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) (http://trac.syr.edu/) on federal government enforcement activities
US Federal Trade Commission decisions (http://www.ftc.gov/os/decisions/index.htm)
Ten Worst Corporations as ranked by Russell Mokhiber (Corporate Crime Reporter (http://www.corporatecrimereporter.com/)) and Robert Weissman (Multinational Monitor (http://multinationalmonitor.org/))
Ten Worst Corporations of 2005 (http://www.multinationalmonitor.org/mm2005/112005/mokhiber.html)
Ten Worst Corporations of 2004 (http://www.multinationalmonitor.org/mm2004/122004/index.html)
Ten Worst Corporations of 2003 (http://www.multinationalmonitor.org/mm2003/03december/dec03corp1.html)
Ten Worst Corporations of 2002 (http://multinationalmonitor.org/mm2002/02december/dec02toc.html)
Ten Worst Corporations of 2001 (http://multinationalmonitor.org/mm2001/01december/dec01corp1.html)
Ten Worst Corporations of 2000 (http://www.essential.org/monitor/mm2000/00december/enemies.html)
Ten Worst Corporations of 1999 (http://www.essential.org/monitor/mm1999/mm9912.05.html)
Top 100 Corporate Criminals of the 1990s (http://www.essential.org/monitor/mm1999/99july-aug/crime1.html)
Global Exchange's "Most Wanted" Corporate Human Rights Violators of 2005 (http://www.globalexchange.org/getInvolved/corporateHRviolators.html)
Global Exchange's "14 Worst Corporate Evildoers" (http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?t=oxz6lsbab.0.95iymsbab.zz8xlabab.33&p=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.globalexchange.org%2FgetInvolve d%2FcorporateHRviolators.html)

Corporate documents:
U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) gives instant access to the annual, quarterly, proxy, and other reports filed by corporations.
EDGAR database for searching a particular corporation's documents (http://www.sec.gov/cgi-bin/srch-edgar).
SEC Form 10K annual report
SEC Form 13D shareholders with 5% or more of a company's stock
SEC Form 13F institutional shareholders
SEC Form DEF14 proxy statement (board of directors, shareholder resolutions)
EDGAR Online (http://www.edgar-online.com/) and 10K Wizard (http://www.tenkwizard.com/) and Free EDGAR (http://www.freedgar.com/) and EdgarScan (http://edgarscan.pwcglobal.com/servlets/edgarscan) provide access to SEC documents including insider trading and other information.
Energy utility documents (http://www.ferc.gov/docs-filing/elibrary.asp) Form 1 annual report submitted by major electric utilities.
Corporate docs available from U.S. states (http://www.llrx.com/columns/roundup29.htm) by Kathy Biehl at LLRX.com
Non-U.S. corporations:
The Scannery (http://www.thescannery.com/) searches the websites of more than 10,000 publicly traded companies around the world.
Corporate governance standards (http://www.oecd.org/dataoecd/32/18/31557724.pdf) from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. [PDF Adobe software (http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/main.html)]
CANADIAN corporationsfile their disclosure documents with SEDAR (http://www.sedar.com/) and SEDI (http://www.sedi.ca/) is Canada's System for Electronic Disclosure by Insiders.
Strategis (http://strategis.ic.gc.ca/) business and consumer information from Industry Canada, including corporate profiles.
Identifying shareholders of particular corporations:
Compact Disclosure (a commercial database available in some libraries)
Lionshares (http://www.lionshares.com/)
SecForm4.Com (http://www.secform4.com/) insider trading
CNN Money (http://money.cnn.com/) company profiles and shareholder lists
Google Finance (http://finance.google.com/finance) company profiles
MFFAIS (http://www.mffais.com/)
MSN Money Central - shareholder lists (http://moneycentral.msn.com/investor/invsub/ownership/ownership.asp)
MSN Money Central - insider trading (http://moneycentral.msn.com/investor/invsub/insider/trans.asp)
Yahoo Finance (http://finance.yahoo.com/) company profiles and shareholder lists
Reverse listing directory (http://people.edgar-online.com/people/) (EDGAR Online People) - find a person’s stockholdings.
Corporate directors:
Corporate directors are named in public companies' annual shareholder proxy form (Form DEF14) which can be found by searching the SEC's EDGAR database (http://www.sec.gov/cgi-bin/srch-edgar).
They Rule (http://www.theyrule.net/) can be used to create maps of the interlocking directories of the top 100 companies in the US in 2001.

ActivistCash.com (http://www.activistcash.com/), a project of the Center for Consumer Freedom, "provides the public and media with in-depth profiles of anti-consumer activist groups, along with information about the sources of their exorbitant funding."
Capital Research Center (http://www.capitalresearch.org/) studies non-profit organizations, which it defines as "organizations that promote the growth of the welfare state." CRC principals include people from Heritage Foundation, Competitive Enterprise Institute, etc. CRC's projects include Green Watch (http://www.greenwatch.org/).
Corporate Social Responsibility Watch (http://www.csrwatch.com/) (CSRwatch and SRIwatch) from the Free Enterprise Education Institute.
NGO Watch (http://www.ngowatch.org/) from the American Enterprise Institute and the Federalist Society.
Center for Media & Democracy (http://www.prwatch.org/) includes PR Watch, Disinfopedia, and other projects.
CLEAR (http://www.ewg.org/pub/home/clear/clear.html) Clearinghouse on Environmental Advocacy and Research from the Environmental Working Group. Tracks industry-supported backlash against the environmental movement.
Disinfopedia (http://www.disinfopedia.org/) directory of public relations firms, think tanks, and organizations that influence public opinion and public policy.
Full Frontal Scrutiny (http://frontgroups.org/) exposes front groups that hide or obscure their identity, membership or sponsorship. A project of Consumer Reports WebWatch and the Center for Media and Democracy.
LobbyWatch (http://www.lobbywatch.org/) monitors lobbyists, PR firms, front groups, political networks and industry-friendly scientists.
Non-Profit Organizations With Ties to Industry (http://www.cspinet.org/integrity/corp_funding.html) database from the Center for Science in the Public Interest.
PR Watch (http://www.prwatch.org/) monitors the public relations industry.
Western States Center (http://www.westernstatescenter.org/) has a Wise Use Public Exposure Project.

CORPORATE LOBBYING ORGANIZATIONS (these are the corporate websites. For critical profiles see The Corporate Consensus (http://www.endgame.org/corpcon.html)).
Business Roundtable (http://www.brtable.org/)
Conference Board (http://www.conference-board.org/)
Council on Foreign Relations (http://www.foreignrelations.org/)
Industry Functional Advisory Committees (IFAC) (http://www.ita.doc.gov/icp/ifac.html)
Industry Sector Advisory Committees (ISAC) (http://www.ita.doc.gov/icp/isac.html)
Transatlantic Business Dialogue (http://www.tabd.com/)
Trilateral Commission (http://www.trilateral.org/)
U.S. Alliance for Trade Expansion (http://www.us-trade.org/)
World Business Council for Sustainable Development (http://www.wbcsd.ch/)
World Economic Forum (Davos) (http://www.weforum.org/)
World Trade Organization (http://www.wto.org/)

Local/regional business news from American City Business Journals (http://www.amcity.com/)
News by industry (http://biz.yahoo.com/industry/) from Yahoo.
Business.com (http://www.business.com/)
Strategis (http://strategis.ic.gc.ca/) business and consumer information from Industry Canada, including corporate profiles.

Some of these websites are designed by and for corporations, so they do not provide much history or perspective, much less any critical thinking. But they are places to find descriptions of corporations' operations, analyze corporate documents, and gather basic facts. A more critical and broad perspective can be found under other headings such as CORPORATE CAMPAIGNS and CORPORATE CRIME and in Endgame's Directory of Transnational Corporations (http://www.endgame.org/directory.html).
Gorporate governance rankings from Institutional Shareholder Services, covering board of directors, audit, charter and bylaw provisions, anti-takeover provisions, executive and director compensation, progressive practices, ownership, director education. Go to Yahoo Finance (http://finance.yahoo.com/), enter the company' stock symbol, click on Profile, then look at Corporate Governance.
Corporate Information (http://www.corporateinformation.com/) covers public and private corporations in the U.S. and in other countries.
The Corporate Library (http://www.thecorporatelibrary.com/) is an independent investment research firm specializing in corporate governance and board effectiveness. Their website includes Corporate and Director Interlocks in the USA (http://store.thecorporatelibrary.net/publications/files/Interlocks2003.pdf).
Crocdyl (http://crocodyl.com/) is a Wiki database of corporate profiles by using a global network of researchers, journalists and nonprofit organization members, including the Center for Corporate Policy, CorpWatch, and Good Jobs First.
EuroPages (http://www.europages.com/) the European Business Directory
FundingUniverse company histories (http://www.fundinguniverse.com/company-histories/).
Hoover's (http://hoovers.com/) corporate profiles, rankings, links to corporate websites.
Pacific Sustainability Index reports on corporations (http://www.roberts.mckenna.edu/PSI/ReportList3.asp) and industries (http://www.roberts.mckenna.edu/PSI/SectorReports.asp) from Roberts Environmental Center (http://www.roberts.mckenna.edu/) at Claremont McKenna College
Yahoo Finance (http://finance.yahoo.com/) corporate profiles, news, shareholder lists, links to corporate websites.
US SEC EDGAR database (http://www.sec.gov/edgarhp.htm%20to) of annual reports, proxy forms, etc. To search a particular corporation click here (http://www.sec.gov/cgi-bin/srch-edgar).
Sourcewatch (http://sourcewatch.org/) Center for Media and Democracy project documenting public relations and propaganda
Strategis (http://strategis.ic.gc.ca/) business and consumer information from Industry Canada, including corporate profiles.
Students for Informed Career Decisions (http://www.stanford.edu/group/SICD/)
Taiwancorpwatch (http://www.taiwancorpwatch.org/)
US Business Reporter (http://www.activemedia-guide.com/) The Digital Research Tool of Business.

Big Insiders (http://www.biginsiders.org/) tracks corporate governance, insider trading, and political influence.
BCSD and Corporate Governance Principles
Business Ethics magazine (http://www.business-ethics.com/)lists the "100 best corporate citizens" each year.
Business Ethics Network (http://businessethicsnetwork.org/)
Business for Social Responsibility - Issue Briefs (http://www.bsr.org/CSRResources/IssueBriefsList.cfm?area=all)
Caux Roundtable
Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions (http://www.iit.edu/departments/csep/PublicWWW/codes/index.html)
Coalition of Environmentally Responsible Economies (CERES)
Code For Corporate Responsibility (C4CR) (http://www.c4cr.org/) Minnesota-based effort to enact Robert Hinkley's 28 Words to Redefine Corporate Duties: "but not at the expense of the environment, human rights, the public health or safety, the communities in which the corporation operates, or the dignity of its employees."
Confronting Companies Using Shareholder Power: A Handbook on Socially-Oriented Shareholder Activism (http://www.foe.org/international/shareholder) from Friends of the Earth
Corporate Accountability Project (http://www.corporations.org/)
Corporate Governance (http://www.corpgov.net/) aims to enhance the return on capital through increased accountability. Good links page (http://corpgov.net/links/links.html).
Corporate Library (http://www.thecorporatelibrary.com/) is an independent investment research firm specializing in corporate governance and board effectiveness.
Corporate Responsibility Code Book (http://www.greenleaf-publishing.com/catalogue/codebook.htm) by Deborah Leipziger has a list of codes summarized (http://www.greenleaf-publishing.com/pdfs/codeexec.pdf) [PDF Adobe software (http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/main.html)]
Corporate Social Responsibility Newswire (http://www.csrwire.com/)
Corporate Watchdog Media (http://corporatewatchdogmedia.org/)
Council on Economic Priorities (http://www.cepnyc.org/) ranks corporations on the environment, diversity, charitable giving, working conditions, family benefits, and community outreach.
Council of Institutional Investors has a membership roster (http://www.cii.org/memberosters.htm).
Dow Jones Sustainability Index
Ethical Consumer (http://www.ethicalconsumer.org/)
Ethical Corporation (http://www.ethicalcorp.com/)
EthVest (http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?t=oxz6lsbab.0.65iymsbab.zz8xlabab.33&p=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.iccr.org%2Fethvest.php) Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility database of shareholder resolutions.
FTSE4Good Index Series
Global Citizenship 360 (http://future500.org/audit/) (GC360) software data-gathering and reporting tool developed by Future 500 that tracks shareholder, workplace, community, marketplace and environment.
Global corporate governance index (http://www.issproxy.com/pdf/FTSE%20022604.pdf) Institutional Shareholder Services and FTSE Group of Britain.
Global Reporting Initiative (http://www.globalreporting.org/) is a set of sustainability reporting guidelines.
Global Sullivan Principles
Goldman Sachs Corporate Governance Guidelines
Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR) (http://www.iccr.org/) coordinates shareholder resolutions co-filed by different investors. While ICCR's members are faith-based organizations, its broader constituency includes non-religious groups who look to it for guidance on social issues. ICCR's website includes a database of social-issue shareholder resolutions currently being filed
Investor Environmental Health Network (http://investorenvironmentalhealthnetwork.org/)
Investor Responsibility Research Center (IRRC) (http://www.irrc.org/) provides research, software products, and consulting services to clients representing institutional investors, corporations, law firms and other organizations.
Journal of Corporate Citizenship (http://www.greenleaf-publishing.com/jcc/jccframe.htm)
Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award
New York Stock Exchange Section 303A governance standards
NGO Guidelines (http://www.business-humanrights.org/Categories/Principles/GuidelinespreparedbyNGOs?&batch_start=11) from the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre (http://www.business-humanrights.org/)
Northwest Corporate Accountability Project's David E. Ortman gives step-by-step information on the shareholder resolution process (http://www.scn.org/earth/wum/2Whatsr.htm) and guides (http://www.scn.org/earth/wum/3SEC.htm) you through the maze of U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission regulations.
OECD corporate governance standards (http://www.oecd.org/dataoecd/32/18/31557724.pdf) [PDF Adobe software (http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/main.html)]
ONEREPORT (http://www.one-report.com/) SRI World Group data requests from 20 research and rating organizations.
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Principles of Corporate Governance
Pacific Sustainability Index reports on corporations (http://www.roberts.mckenna.edu/PSI/ReportList3.asp) and industries (http://www.roberts.mckenna.edu/PSI/SectorReports.asp) from Roberts Environmental Center (http://www.roberts.mckenna.edu/) at Claremont McKenna College
Responsible Shopper (http://www.responsibleshopper.org/)
ResponsibleInvesting.org (http://www.responsibleinvesting.org/) Natural Capital Institute analysis of the holdings and screening categories of SRI (socially responsible investment) mutual funds.
Smart Growth Network
Social Accountability 8000 (SA 8000)
Social Investment Forum (http://www.socialinvest.org/)
SocialFunds.com (http://www.socialfunds.com/)
Stakeholder Alliance (http://www.stakeholderalliance.org/)
Students for Informed Career Decisions (http://www.stanford.edu/group/SICD/)
Trucost Plc (http://www.trucost.com/) emissions and natural resource usage in financial as well as quantity terms.
United Nations Global Compact
United Nations Norms on the Responsibilities of Transnational Corporations and Other Business Enterprises with Regard to Human Rights
United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (http://www.unpri.org/principles/)
Center for Public Integrity (http://www.publicintegrity.org/)
Citizens for Tax Justice (http://www.ctj.org/)
Corporate Welfare Information Center (http://www.corporations.org/welfare/)
Corporate Welfare Shame Page (http://www.progress.org/banneker/cw.html)
Earmark Watch (http://earmarkwatch.org/) database of "pork barrel" spending measures
Export Credit Agencies (ECA-Watch) (http://www.eca-watch.org/)
Federal Procurement Data Center (http://www.fpdc.gov/fpdc/FpdsContractorForm1a.htm)
FedSpending (http://www.fedspending.org/) searchable database of US government spending by OMB Watch
Green Scissors (http://www.greenscissors.org/) annual reports from Friends of the Earth et al. 2002 report (http://www.foe.org/res/pubs/pdf/gs2002411.pdf) and 2003 report (http://www.greenscissors.org/publications/gs2003.pdf) [PDF Adobe software (http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/main.html)]
Illinois Corporate Accountability (http://corpacctportal.illinois.gov/)
Institute on Taxation & Economic Policy (http://www.ctj.org/itep/) from Citizens for Tax Justice.
No More Secret Candy Store (http://www.goodjobsfirst.org/research/resman.htm): A Grassroots Guide to Investigating Development Subsidies, from Good Jobs First.
Stakeholder Alliance (http://www.stakeholderalliance.org/) directed by former corporate accountant Ralph Estes, author of Tyranny of the Bottom Line.
State subsidies databases (http://www.goodjobsfirst.org/news/article.cfm?id=375) and State procurement contract databases (http://www.goodjobsfirst.org/news/article.cfm?id=362) linked at the Good Jobs First website
Tax Justice Network (http://www.taxjustice.net/)
Taxpayer Assets Project (http://www.essential.org/tap/tap.html)
Taxpayers for Common Sense (http://www.taxpayer.net/)
True Cost Clearinghouse (http://www.sehn.org/tcc.html) economic, health, and social costs of pollution, worker exposures, and resource exploitation.
USASpending.gov (http://www.usaspending.gov/) Where Americans Can See Where Their Money Goes

Forbes magazine (http://www.forbes.com/) provides lists of the largest 500 U.S. public and 500 U.S. private corporations, the richest people, the highest executive pay, and an annual report on U.S. industry.
Fortune magazine (http://www.fortune.com/) ranks the largest 1000 U.S. corporations, the top 500 global corporations, the corporations most admired (by corporate executives!), 500 Asian corporations.
Forbes Global 2000 (http://www.forbes.com/2003/07/02/internationaland.html)
Hoover's (http://hoovers.com/)Includes corporate profiles, rankings, and links to corporate websites.
Institute for Policy Studies Top 200 (http://www.ips-dc.org/downloads/Top_200.pdf) [PDF Adobe software (http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/main.html)]
Pacific Sustainability Index reports on corporations (http://www.roberts.mckenna.edu/PSI/ReportList3.asp) and industries (http://www.roberts.mckenna.edu/PSI/SectorReports.asp) from Roberts Environmental Center (http://www.roberts.mckenna.edu/) at Claremont McKenna College


Drug Compay Watch (http://www.drugcompanywatch.org/) Keeping tabs on the drug companies.
Drugs@FDA (http://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/cder/drugsatfda/) regulatory history of pharmaceuticals.

E.F. Schumacher Society (http://www.schumachersociety.org/)
Institute for Local Self-Reliance (http://www.ilsr.org/)
National Center for Employee Ownership (http://www.nceo.org/)
National Cooperative Bank (http://www.ncb.com/)
Natural Capitalism (http://www.natcap.org/) (based on book by Paul Hawken & Amory & Hunter Lovins)
New Rules Project (http://www.newrules.org/)of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance.
People-Centered Development Forum (http://iisd1.iisd.ca/pcdf/)
Research Foundation for Science, Technology & Ecology (Vandana Shiva) (http://www.vshiva.org/)

Endgame Oil Industry Information (http://www.endgame.org/oil-info.html)
CleanEdge (http://www.cleanedge.com/) clean-tech markets, trends, and opportunities.
Climate Action Network (http://www.climatenetwork.org/) working to promote government and individual action to limit human-induced climate change to ecologically sustainable levels.
Climate Solutions (http://climatesolutions.org/) accelerate practical and profitable solutions to global warming by galvanizing leadership, growing investment and bridging divides.
Oil Change International (http://priceofoil.org/) exposes the true costs of oil and facilitates the coming transition to clean energy.
Sustainable Energy and Economy Network (http://www.seen.org/) from Institute for Policy Studies & Transnational Institute; includes global map of energy infrastructure projects.

Amazing Environmental Organization WebDirectory (http://www.webdirectory.com/)
Chemical Scorecard (http://www.scorecard.org/)
Clearinghouse on Environmental Advocacy and Research (http://www.ewg.org/pub/home/clear/clear.html) tracks the industry-supported backlash against the environmental movement.
ECHO (Enforcement and Compliance History On-Line) (http://www.epa.gov/echo) from the US EPA.
Eco-Portal (http://www.eco-portal.com/) full text searches of reviewed environmental internet content.
EnviroLink (http://www.envirolink.org/)The Online Environmental Community.
Environmental Background Information Center (http://www.ebic.org/)tools and strategies people need to confront corporate power. Strategy Guide, Court Research Guide, Proxies for People shareholder activism, Operation SLAPP Back.
Environmental justice principles (http://www.endgame.org/ej.html)
Environmental justice resources (http://www.nyu.edu/pages/elc/ej/)NYU Environmental and Land Use Law Center.
Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide (http://www.elaw.org/)
Environmental Media Services (http://www.ems.org/) expanding media coverage of critical environmental and public health issues.
Environmental reports on corporations (http://www2.gol.com/users/hsuzuki/report.html%20lots)of them, gathered together by Hitochi Suzuki.
Environmental Working Group (http://www.ewg.org/)
European Pollutant Emission Register (http://www.eper.cec.eu.int/eper/) of industrial facilities by facility name, location, industry or pollutant.
Global Directory for Environmental Technology (http://www.eco-web.com/)
Global Footprint Network (http://www.footprintnetwork.org/) tracks how much individuals, organizations, cities, regions, nations or humanity as a whole consumes.
GRACE (Global Resource Action Center for the Environment) (http://www.gracelinks.org/) includes factory farm, nuclear, public health, and corporate accountability issues.
International Corporate Environmental Reporting Site (http://www.enviroreporting.com/)publishes expensive reports.
League of Conservation Voters Environmental Scorecard (http://www.eff.org/)
MapCruzin (http://www.mapcruzin.com/)
Millennium Institute: State of the World Indicators (http://www.igc.apc.org/millennium/inds/)
Money and Environmental Politics (http://www.ewg.org/pub/home/pacs/pacs.html) from Environmental Working Group.
Rachel's Environment & Health Weekly (http://www.rachel.org/)
Todd's Atomic Homepage (http://neutrino.nuc.berkeley.edu/neutronics/todd.html)
Waterjustice (http://www.waterjustice.org/) campaigns against water privatisation initiated by the Transnational Institute (http://www.tni.org/) and Corporate Europe Observatory (http://www.corporateeurope.org/).


Agribusiness Center (http://www.agribusinesscenter.org/)
Campaign to Label Geneticallly Engineered Foods (http://www.thecampaign.org/)
Center for Food Safety (http://www.centerforfoodsafety.org/)
Consumers Union (http://www.consumersunion.org/)has a food safety section.
Corporate Agribusiness Research Project (http://www.ea1.com/CARP/)
Drug Compay Watch (http://www.drugcompanywatch.org/) Keeping tabs on the drug companies
Organic Consumers Association (http://www.purefood.org/index.htm)
Ram's Horn (http://www.ramshorn.bc.ca/)
USDA PACA database of fruit and vegetable growers (http://www.ams.usda.gov/pacasearch)


FOIA Contacts at Federal Agencies (http://www.usdoj.gov/04foia/foiacontacts.htm)
FIO.net (http://faculty.maxwell.syr.edu/asroberts/foi/) resources for research
on freedom of information law.
Freedominfo.org (http://freedominfo.org/)
online network of advocates.
Freedominfo.org global survey (http://www.freedominfo.org/survey/global_survey2004.pdf)
of information disclosure in various countries. [PDF Adobe software (http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/main.html)]
Government Accountability Project (http://www.whistleblower.org/)
has a National Whistleblower Center
How to Use the Federal FOI Act (http://www.rcfp.org/foiact/index.html.)
from Reporters Committee for
Freedom of the Press.
LOUIS (http://www.louisdb.org/) Library Of Unified Information Sources (US federal documents)
Memory Hole (http://www.thememoryhole.org/)
OpenTheGovernment.org (http://openthegovernment.org/)
National Freedom of Information Coalition (http://www.nfoic.org/) list of State and National FOI Resources (http://www.nfoic.org/web/index.htm)
National Security Archive (http://www.nsarchive.org/)
Project on Government Secrecy (http://fas.org/sgp/)
Project On Government Oversight (http://www.pogo.org/)
Truth-Telling Project (http://www.ellsberg.net/truthtellingproject.html) of Daniel Ellsberg
WikiLeaks (http://www.wikileaks.org/)
Search Systems Free Public Records Directory (http://searchsystems.net/)
Public records links (http://www.brbpub.com/pubrecsites.asp) from BRB
Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE) (http://www.ire.org/)
Investigators Anywhere Inc (http://www.investigatorsanywhere.com/)
Merlin Information Services links page (http://www.merlindata.com/)
Getting Public Records (http://www.datacenter.org/research/publicrecords.htm)
DataCenter's overview of FOIA and public records.

Bank Information Center (http://www.bicusa.org/)
Bretton Woods Project (http://www.brettonwoodsproject.org/)
BRIDGES Weekly Trade News Digest (http://www.ictsd.org/weekly/index.htm)
Challenging the FTAA, NAFTA & WTO: Community Research Toolkit (http://www.datacenter.org/) from the DataCenter (http://www.datacenter.org/).
Council of Canadians (http://www.web.net/coc/)
Export Credit Agencies ECA-Watch (http://www.eca-watch.org/)
Focus on the Global South (http://www.focusweb.org/)
Foreign Policy in Focus (http://www.fpif.org/) project of Interhemispheric Resource Center (http://www.irc-online.org/) and Institute for Policy Studies (http://www.ips-dc.org/).
GATSwatch (http://www.gatswatch.org/)
International Business Forum (http://www.ibf.com/)
International Business Research (http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rulib/socsci/busi/intbus.html%20In) (Rutgers Univ) trade treaties, commissions, etc.
International Forum on Globalization (http://www.ifg.org/)
Federation of International Trade Associations (http://www.fita.org/)
People Centered Development Forum (http://iisd1.iisd.ca/pcdf/) founded by David Korten, author of When Corporations Rule the World.
Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch (http://www.tradewatch.org/)
Third World Network (http://www.twnside.org.sg/)
Transnational Insitute (TNI) (http://www.tni.org/) is a worldwide fellowship of committed scholar-activists working on democratisation, the global economy, peace and security, and shadow economies.
U.S. Trade Representative (http://www.ustr.gov.html/)
USTR's Industry Trade Advisory Committees (http://www.ustr.gov/Who_We_Are/List_of_USTR_Advisory_Committees.html)
World Trade Organization (http://www.wto.org/)
WTO Watch (http://www.wtowatch.org/) from the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy



Aboriginal Resources (http://www.bloorstreet.com/300block/aborl.htm)
Amnesty International (http://www.amnesty.org/) website includes Human Rights Links and country reports.
Business & Human Rights Resource Centre (http://www.business-humanrights.org/)
Cultural Survival (http://www.cs.org/)
Global Witness (http://www.oneworld.org/globalwitness/index.html) exposes the link between environmental exploitation and human rights abuses.
Indigenous Environmental Network (http://www.alphacdc.com/ien)
Native Americans and the Environment (http://conbio.rice.edu/nae/internet.html)
Native Web (http://www.nativeweb.org/)
Survival International (http://www.survival-international.org/)

Inner City Press (http://www.innercitypress.org/) covers banking, community reinvestment, redlining, insurance, telecommunications issues, etc.

NameTraq (http://nametraq.org/) gathers news articles containing specific last names.
Copernic (http://www.copernic.com/) has free software which will save and update Internet searches.
Highbeam (http://www.highbeam.com/) tracks mulitple news sources.
NewsTrove (http://www.newstrove.com/) tracks mulitple news sources.
Wayback machine (http://www.archive.org/) from Internet Archive stores earlier versions of websites.
Who is? (http://www.networksolutions.com/en_US/whois/index.jhtml) identifies who is behind a website.

LABOR (separate webpage (http://www.endgame.org/labor.htm))

The Land Lords (http://www.endgame.org/landlords.html)
This Land is Ours (http://www.oneworld.org/tlio/)
OneWorld's Big Issues Land Rights (http://www.oneworld.org/guides/land_rights/front.shtml)
Earth Liberation (http://www.geocities.com/earth_liberation_au/)

Capitol Reports (http://www.caprep.com/) guide to federal and state agencies and laws.
All Law (http://www.alllaw.com/)Internet legal gateway.
FindLaw (http://www.findlaw.com/) gateway to state, federal, and international law.
FindLaw Documents Archive A-Z (http://news.findlaw.com/legalnews/documents/archive_a.html)
LexisONE (http://www.lexisone.com/) free online version of LexisNexis.
Nolo (http://www.nolo.com/) self-help law center.
PACER (http://pacer.psc.uscourts.gov/) (ublic Access to Court Electronic Records) U.S. District, Bankruptcy, and Appellate court records
Zimmerman's Research Guide (http://www.lexisone.com/zimmermanguide/) online encyclopedia for legal researchers.

Hired Guns (http://www.publicintegrity.org/dtaweb/index.asp?L1=20&L2=9&L3=40&L4=0&L5=0&State=) searches lobbyists by state and industry.
Center for Responsive Politics (http://www.opensecrets.org/)Start here for data on Incumbent Campaign Finance, PAC contributions, Donor Lookup, Lobbyists, and much else.
Lobby Filing Disclosure Program (http://sopr.senate.gov/) from the US Senate Office of Public Records
LobbyWatch (http://www.lobbywatch.org/) monitors lobbyists, PR firms, front groups, political networks and industry-friendly scientists.
National Lobbyist Directory (http://www.lobbyistdirectory.com/)
State lobbying disclosure databases (http://www.goodjobsfirst.org/news/article.cfm?id=363) linked at Good Jobs First website
Tax Lobbying Report: Follow the Money Trail (http://www.tax.org/Lobbying/taxlobbying.htm) A public service of Tax Analysts Inc.
Where Are They Now? (http://wherearetheynow.sunlightprojects.org/) tracks Congressional staffers through the revolving door.

GoogleMaps (http://maps.google.com/)
TerraFly (http://www.terrafly.com/)
Virtual Earth (Microsoft) (http://local.live.com/)
YahooMaps (http://maps.yahoo.com/)

Border Information and Outreach Service (http://www.irc-online.org/bios/)

Search Tools
MediaQ (http://mediaq.enr-corp.com/) PR tool that integrates media contacts and content
NewsTrove (http://newstrove.com/) searches multiple news and websites simultaneously.
Highbeam eLibrary (http://www.highbeam.com/) searches multiple news and websites simultaneously. Free and subscription versions.
Links to News Media

ABYZ News Links (http://www.abyznewslinks.com/)
NewsLink (http://newslink.org/)
Common Dreams (http://www.commondreams.org/) homepage has good links to mainstream and alternative news sources.
Drudge Report (http://www.drudgereport.com/) major U.S. media and syndicated columnists.
WebActive (http://webactive.com/) progressive streaming media.
Yahoo News & Media Directory (http://dir.yahoo.com/News_and_Media/)
Media Monopoly
Media: Who Owns What (http://www.cjr.org/owners/) from Columbia Journalism Review.
Well-Connected (http://www.openairwaves.org/) includes a media ownership tracker by city/state/zipcode.
Big Ten Media Conglomerates (http://www.thenation.com/special/bigten.html) from The Nation magazine.
CJR magazine database (http://www.cjr.org/database/mags.asp)
CJR newspaper database (http://www.cjr.org/database/papers.asp)
Medialens (http://www.medialens.org/) monitoring the media for corporate and government distortion.

Mergerstat (http://www.mergerstat.com/)


Earthworks (http://www.earthworksaction.org/) (formerly Mineral Policy Center) protecting communities and environment from the impacts of mining and oil and gas.
Project Underground (http://www.moles.org/) monitors oil and mining impacts worldwide.
Mines and Communities (http://www.minesandcommunities.org/) worldwide database from the muckraker Roger Moody.
Mountain Justice Summer (http://www.mountainjusticesummer.org/) fights mountaontop removal, steep slope strip mining, and other forms of surface mining for coal.
Who Owns The West? (http://www.ewg.org/mining/page2.php) Environmental Working Group report on companies with mining rights on US public land.

Endgame list of corporate mergers (http://www.endgame.org/mergers.html)
American Antitrust Institute (http://www.antitrustinstitute.org/)
Antitrust Case Browser (http://www.stolaf.edu/people/becker/antitrust/)from St Olaf College
Antitrust Case Summary Browser (http://www.stolaf.edu/people/becker/antitrust/antitrust.html)
Competition Online (http://www.clubi.ie/competition/compframesite/index.htm) maintains a list of Competition, Anti-trust and Regulatory websites (http://www.clubi.ie/competition/compframesite/WorldsBiggestAntiTrustSitesList.html)
European Commission competition website (http://europa.eu.int/comm/competition/index_en.html) lists mergers (http://europa.eu.int/comm/competition/mergers/cases/) and anti-trust cases (http://europa.eu.int/comm/competition/antitrust/cases/)
Market Share Reports (http://www.activemedia-guide.com/mrksh_profile.htm)
Mergerstat (http://www.mergerstat.com/)

NameBase http://www.namebase.org/ index of individuals, corporations, and groups compiled from 600 investigative books published since 1962.


Lifting the Veil of Secrecy (http://www.cspinet.org/new/200307092.html) from the Center for Science in the Public Interest report on corporate funding of non-profits.
Guidestar (http://guidestar.org/) database of nonprofit organizations.
IRS Political Organization Filing and Disclosure (http://www.irs.gov/charities/political/article/0,,id=109644,00.html)

Nuclear Information & Resource Service (http://www.nirs.org/)includes background information on nuclear-related issues, including economics, decommissioning, radiation, reactor safety, radioactive waste, and more.
NucNews (http://prop1.org/nucnews/nucnews.htm)compendium of news about nuclear, plutonium, uranium, radioactivity, arms sales, and wars.
Downwinders (http://www.downwinders.org/http://www.downwinders.org/) "Welcome America, We're All Downwinders Now!"
WISE Uranium Project (http://www.antenna.nl/wise/uranium/index.html)

PETROCHEMICALS see Oil Industry Information Resources (http://www.endgame.org/oil-info.html)

American Voter Hotlist (http://voter96.cqalert.com/cq_hot.htm)Congressional Quarterly's links to political websites, with emphasis on the federal.
Buying of the President (http://www.buyingofthepresident.org/)from the Center for Public Integrity
Center for Public Integrity (http://www.publicintegrity.org/) investigative journalism to make institutional power more transparent and accountable.
Center for Responsive Politics (http://www.opensecrets.org/)Start here for data on Incumbent Campaign Finance, PAC contributions, Donor Lookup, Lobbyists, and much else.
Campaign Finance Information Center (http://www.reporter.org/) from Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE). Includes database of federal contracts granted to corporations, state campaign finance databases, tip sheets for doing investigations, etc.
Common Cause (http://www.commoncause.org/) Holding Power Accountable
Congressional Votes (http://projects.washingtonpost.com/congress/) database from Washington Post lets you browse every vote in the U.S. Congress since 1991.
Electionworld (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Electionworld/Electionworld)
Federal Election Commission (http://www.fec.gov/)
FundRace (http://www.fundrace.org/) searches donors by zipcode.
Guidestar (http://www.guidestar.org/) database for tracking non-profit organizations.
Hired Guns (http://www.publicintegrity.org/dtaweb/index.asp?L1=20&L2=9&L3=40&L4=0&L5=0&State=) searches lobbyists by state and industry.
IRS Political Organization Filing and Disclosure (http://www.irs.gov/charities/political/article/0,,id=109644,00.html)database of non-profit political organizations that contribute money to candidates.
Members of Congress and the people who pay them (http://www.opensecrets.org/)from Open Secrets.
Mother Jones 400 (http://www.mojones.com/) profiles the 400 biggest individual contributors to political campaigns.
National Institute on Money in State Politics (http://www.followthemoney.org/)Follow the Money.
National Lobbyist Directory (http://www.lobbyistdirectory.com/)
Open Secrets (http://www.opensecrets.org/)
Personal Financial Disclosure (http://www.opensecrets.org/pfds/overview.asp) forms filed by members of US Congress and Executive branch from Open Secrets.
Political Money Line (http://www.politicalmoneyline.com/)
Project Vote Smart (http://www.vote-smart.org/) Tracking the performance of over 13,000 political leaders: President, Congress, Governors, and State Legislators.
Public Campaign (http://www.publicampaign.org/) Advocacy group for "Clean Money, Clean Elections."
Soft Money Laundromat (http://www.commoncause.org/laundromat/) from Common Cause.
Sunlight Foundation (http://sunlightfoundation.com/) promotes transparency and accountability by US Congress.
Tax Lobbying Report: Follow the Money Trail (http://www.tax.org/Lobbying/taxlobbying.htm) A public service of Tax Analysts Inc.
Transparency International (http://www.transparency.org/) global coalition against corruption.
US Senate lobbyist registrations (http://sopr.senate.gov/)

PollingReport (http://www.pollingreport.com/) summarizes many current poll results.
Gallup Organization (http://www.gallup.com/)
Louis Harris and Associates (http://www.louisharris.com/)
National Network of State Polls (http://survey.rgs.uky.edu/nnsp/abtnnsp.htm)
Pew Research Center for the People and the Press (http://www.people-press.org/)
Polling Organizations (http://www.library.yale.edu/socsci/opinion/pollingorganizations.html) (Yale University)
Princeton University Survey Research Center (http://www.princeton.edu/%7Eabelson/index.html)
Program on International Policy Attitudes (http://www.pipa.org/)
Roper Center for Public Opinion Research (http://www.ropercenter.uconn.edu/)
Statistical Resources on the Web, Political Science, Public Opinion (http://www.lib.umich.edu/libhome/Documents.center/stpolisc.html) (University of Michigan)
Zogby (http://www.zogby.com/)

ACLU Privacy Issues Archives (http://archive.aclu.org/issues/privacy/)
ACLU In Congress on Privacy Issues (http://archive.aclu.org/congress/archives.html)
Center for Democracy and Technology (http://www.cdt.org/)
Consumer Privacy Guide (http://www.consumerprivacyguide.org/)
Electronic Frontier Foundation (http://www.eff.org/)
Electronic Privacy Information Center (http://www.epic.org/)
Law: Privacy News (http://dir.yahoo.com/Government/Law/Privacy/) from Yahoo.
Privacy2000 (http://www.privacy2000.org/)
Privacy Digest (http://www.privacydigest.com/)
PrivacyExchange (http://www.privacyexchange.org/)
Privacy International (http://www.privacy.org/)
Privacy Journal (http://www.privacyjournal.net/)
Privacy Page (http://www.privacy.org/)
Privacy Digest (http://www.privacydigest.com/)
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse (http://www.privacyrights.org/)
Privacy Times (http://www.privacytimes.com/)

Progressive Populist (http://www.populist.com/)

Progressive Review (http://prorev.com/)


Center for Media & Democracy (http://www.prwatch.org/) includes PR Watch, Disinfopedia, and other projects.
Disinfopedia (http://www.disinfopedia.org/) directory of public relations firms, think tanks, and organizations that influence public opinion and public policy.
Holmes Report (http://www.holmesreport.com/) "knowledge and insight for public relations professionals."
Jack O'Dwyer's Inside News of PR (http://www.1pr.com/)
LobbyWatch (http://www.lobbywatch.org/) helps monitors lobbyists, PR firms, front groups, political networks and industry-friendly scientists.

Computer Takeback Campaign (http://www.computertakeback.com/) includes a directory of places to recycle computers.
Earth 911 Directory of Reuse & Recycling Services (http://www.earth911.org/master.asp?s=ls&a=Recycle&cat=1) sponsored by Home Depot, Hewletter Packard, and ESRI.
Links to paper recycling from Endgame Clearinghouse on Forests & Corporations (http://www.endgame.org/gtt-arm.html)
Recycle My Cell Phone Campaign (http://www.recyclemycellphone.org/)

Internet Archive (http://www.archive.org/)
Library of Congress (http://www.loc.gov/)
Library Spot (http://www.libraryspot.com/)


SLAPPs: Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation
SLAPPs are often filed by corporations as a way to intimidate and silence activists. There are ways to fight back and protect both yourself and your activism.
General Information on SLAPPs (http://www.casp.net/mengen.html) from the California Anti-SLAPP Project.
First Amendment Project (http://www.thefirstamendment.org/slappx.htm) page on SLAPPs.
Survival Guide for SLAPP Victims (http://www.casp.net/survival.html)
Organizations for Help (http://www.casp.net/orglist.html) from the California Anti-SLAPP Project website.
Civil Liberties Defense Center (http://www.cldc.org/)

WiserEarth (http://www.wiserearth.org/) includes a directory of social change groups organized into 46 areas from Agriculture to Democracy to Human Rights to Work. Part of the World Index for Social and Environmental Responsibility from Paul Hawken’s Natural Capital Institute.

CIA World Factbook (http://www.cia.gov/cia/publications/factbook/)
EconData.net (http://www.econdata.net/) 1,000 links to socioeconomic data sources.
FedStats (http://www.fedstats.gov/) gateway to statistics from over 100 U.S. Federal agencies.
Librarians' Index to the Internet (http://lii.org/)
NationMaster (http://www.nationmaster.com/)
CityTownInfo.com (http://www.citytowninfo.com/) population, real estate, income, weather, maps.

Curious about how people in different locations commute to work? Need to know the time zone for anywhere in the US? Or the zip codes?




Bytes for All (http://bytesforall.org/) computing and internet for the majority of the world.
Center for Democracy and Technology (http://www.cdt.org/)
Social Criticism Review (http://www.socialcritic.org/)1,000 online readings on modern society and its ills, with a focus on alienation between man, nature, and a dysfunctional scientific-technical complex.
TechThuggery (http://www.techthuggery.com/) exposes companies in the tech industry that exploit monopoly power.

Anywho (http://www.anywho.com/)
Freeality (http://www.freeality.com/finde.htm) reverse call phonebooks, reverse email and cell phone
Infospace (http://www.infospace.com/)
NameBase (http://www.namebase.org/)
NNDB (http://www.nndb.com/)
Switchboard (http://www.switchboard.com/)
USA-People-Search (http://www.usa-people-search.com/)
White Pages (http://www.whitepages.com/) people, businesses, reverse phone and address lookup, zip code, area code
World Pages (http://search.worldpages.com/) people, businesses, reverse lookup, US and worldwide

Accidents - toxic chemical spills: reported incidents through year 2002 are in the old US EPA Emergency Response Notification System (ERNS) (http://www.nrc.uscg.mil/erns/epa.html). Incidents since year 2000 are available by searching the new US Coast Guard National Response Center (http://www.nrc.uscg.mil/foia.html).
Chemical Scorecard (http://www.scorecard.org/) map-based website to access TRI and other toxics data; from the Environmental Defense Fund.
Environmental Health News (http://www.environmentalhealthnews.org/)scientific links between environmental exposures and human health. Also publishes Our Stolen Future (http://www.ourstolenfuture.org/) and Protecting Our Health (http://www.protectingourhealth.org/).
Environmental Working Group (http://www.ewg.org/)
European Pollutant Emission Register (http://www.eper.cec.eu.int/eper/) of industrial facilities by facility name, location, industry or pollutant.
Health Alliance International (http://depts.washington.edu/haiuw/) promotes "the health and welfare of disenfranchised peoples worldwide and work toward more equitable delivery of health services;" its publications include Sickness and Wealth: The Corporate Assault on Global Health.
Investor Environmental Health Network (http://investorenvironmentalhealthnetwork.org/)
MapCruzin (http://www.mapcruzin.com/) community mapping resources, environmental risk, chemical exposure, right-to-know.
Misfortune 100: largest air polluters in the USA (http://www.umass.edu/peri/resources/Misfortune100.htm)
Occupational Safety & Health Administration (U.S. OSHA) (http://www.osha.gov/) databases include company-specific Establishment Searches (http://www.osha.gov/cgi-bin/est/est1) and decisions by the OSHA Review Commission (http://www.oshrc.gov/decisions/decisions.html).
OSHA Data (http://www.oshadata.com/) is a private for-profit company selling online and preprogrammed reports of federal regulatory compliance and enforcement data for every business nationwide. Custom hard copy and electronic data extractions are available by purchase.
Pesticide Action Network International (http://www.pan-international.org/) and PAN North America (http://www.panna.org/) and Pesticide Action Network Updates Service (PANUPS (http://www.panna.org/resources/panups.html))
PVC: The Poison Plastic (http://www.besafenet.com/pvc/index.htm) is part of the BE SAFE (http://www.besafenet.com/) campaign of the Center for Health, Environment & Justice (http://www.chej.org/)
Rachel's Environment & Health Weekly (http://www.rachel.org/) covers democracy, environmental justice, hazardous substances and technologies, landfills, incinerators, pesticides, organochlorine compounds, risk assessments, human and environmental health, corporate power.
Right-To-Know Net (http://www.rtk.net/) online environmental health and safety information, offering user-friendly versions of EPA and OSHA databases.
Toxic Alert (http://www.cqs.com/etoxic.htm) accessible information about health and toxics from an alternative health consultant.
Toxicology Data Network (TOXNET) (http://toxnet.nlm.nih.gov/) from the National Library of Medicine.
TOXMAP (National Library of Medicine) (http://toxmap.nlm.nih.gov/toxmap/main/index.jsp)
Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) (http://www.epa.gov/triexplorer) is a US EPA database listing toxic emissions from specific manufacturers. EPA also has an EnviroMapper (http://www.epa.gov/enviro/html/em/index.html) but better databases and mapping are available from Chemical Scorecard (http://www.scorecard.org/), Right-To-Know Net (http://www.rtk.net/), and other organizations.
U.S. HUD Environmental Maps (http://www.hud.gov/emaps/) correlate US development and housing programs with EPA information on brownfields, hazardous wastes, air pollution and waste water discharges.
World Health Organization (http://www.who.int/) has publications, databases, and links.


Babel Fish (http://www.babelfish.altavista.com/)

Capitol Reports (http://www.caprep.com/) US and US states agencies and laws.
Congressional Hearing Issues (http://www.hearingissues.addr.com/)
Congressional Research Service (http://www.opencrs.org/) reports from the Center for Democracy & Technology.
Congressional Research Service reports (http://www.law.umaryland.edu/marshall/ElectronicResources/crsreports/crsreports.asp?AlphaStart=ALL) reports from Univ of Maryland.
Federal Contracts Database (http://www.fpdc.gov/fpdc/fpdc_home.htm)
Federal Statistics (http://www.fedstats.gov/)
Federal Web Locator (http://www.infoctr.edu/fwl/)
First Gov (http://firstgov.gov/)
Global Computing's guide to federal agencies (http://www.globalcomputing.com/govern.html)
Global Computing's guide to U.S. states (http://www.globalcomputing.com/states.html)
Govee (http://www.govee.com/) US states and local US governments.
Government, Law and Society (http://english-www.hss.cmu.edu/Govt/agencies.html)
Governments on the WWW (http://www.gksoft.com/govt/en/) links to government agencies worldwide.
GPO Access from University of California (http://www.gpo.ucop.edu/)
GPO Access to U.S. government databases (http://www.access.gpo.gov/su_docs/aces/aaces002.html)
Juan Cabanela's Guide (http://www.visi.com/juan/congress/misc.html)
LOUIS (http://www.louisdb.org/) Library Of Unified Information Sources (US federal documents)
Thomas Legislative Information (http://thomas.loc.gov/)
U.S. General Accounting Office (http://www.gao.gov/)
U.S. Library of Congress (http://lcweb.loc.gov/homepage/lchp.html)

Arms Trade Resource Center (http://worldpolicy.org/projects/arms/) - World Policy Institute.
Center for Defense Information (http://www.cdi.org/)
Fiat Pax (http://www.fiatpax.net/) militarization of science and the university
Military Spending Working Group (http://www.fas.org/pub/gen/mswg/) - Federation of American Scientists.
National Commission for Economic Conversion and Disarmament (http://www.fas.org/pub/gen/ncecd/)
National Security Archive (http://www.gwu.edu/%7Ensarchiv/)
Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (http://www.sipri.se/)
U.S. Arms Sales (http://motherjones.com/arms/index.html) - Mother Jones magazine.
Military information links (http://web.nps.navy.mil/%7Elibrary/militaryinfo.htm) - US Naval Dudley Knox Library.
U.S. military contractor statistics (http://web1.whs.osd.mil/peidhome/procstat/procstat.htm)- US DOD.
Foreign military contractors and US corporate arms sales in 2001 (http://www.govexec.com/top200/01top/s3chart2.htm)and in 2002 (http://www.govexec.com/top200/03top/top03s3s1.htm)from Government Executive.
War Profiteers (http://www.warprofiteers.com/) - from CorpWatch. Includes news and company profiles.
Weapons production databases (http://web.sipri.org/contents/milap/) - SIPRI.
Top 100 weapons manufacturers (http://web.sipri.org/contents/milap/milex/aprod/top100/byrank.htm) - SIPRI.
SIPRI data on military expenditure (http://web.sipri.org/contents/milap/milex/mex_data_index.html)

Endgame webpage on wealth (http://www.endgame.org/primer-wealth.html)
annual bankruptcy filings (http://www.uscourts.gov/Press_Releases/) from the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts (personal and corporate).
Corporate Profitability by Industry: US National Averages (http://www.bizstats.com/corpnetincome.htm)
European Corporate Governance Institute (http://www.ecgi.org/) tracks executive compensation practices in Europe.
Executive compensation -- XBRL comparison of SEC data (http://www.sec.gov/xbrl)
Executive copensation Complete Compensation Database (http://www.freeerisa.com/ccc/) from FreeERISA.
Executive Excess (http://www.ufenet.org/press/2000/exec_excess_2000_pr.html) from United for a Fair Economy.
Executive Paywatch (http://www.aflcio.org/corporatewatch/paywatch/ceou/database.cfm) from AFL-CIO.
Federal Reserve Bank (http://www.bog.frb.fed.us/) has lots of statisics including the Survey of Consumer Finances (http://www.bog.frb.fed.us/pubs/oss/oss2/scfindex.html).
New Internationalist Publications (http://www.oneworld.org/ni/index.html) reports on issues of world poverty and inequality.
Public Education Network (http://www.penpress.org/) reports on national and global inequities.
Shared Capitalism Institute (http://www.sharedcapitalism.org/) includes statistics on ownership.
Top Hat (http://www.freeerisa.com/Extras/TopHat.asp) plans for executives.
United for a Fair Economy (http://www.ufenet.org/)
U.S. Census Bureau (http://www.census.gov/) has lots of statisics including the Asset Ownership of Households (http://www.census.gov/hhes/www/wealth.html).


Madre (http://www.madre.org/)demanding human rights for women and families.
Womens Human Rights Resources (http://www.law-lib.utoronto.ca/diana/)from Bora Laskin Law Library at the University of Toronto.
WorldViews (http://worldviews.igc.org/) peace and justice in world affairs.

Ed Jewett
01-10-2010, 06:02 PM
All for a worthy cause. :beerglass:

Ed Jewett
05-25-2010, 09:36 PM
To which, add http://timshorrock.com/.

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