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Bruce Clemens
01-14-2010, 01:48 AM
Here's a little gem courtesy of Google Earth:
Out in the woods near the little town Moyock, North Carolina,


Is the privately owned 7000 acre compound of Xe Services, the company formerly known as BlackWater. There is good money in the business of the outsourcing of war as can be seen by comparing this to the same plot of earth in 1998:


Here's a little tour of the facility, as seen through Google Earth:


The company airstrip.


Complete with assault helicopters for your mercenary pleasure...


Want to drive an armored car? We got that!


Here's all kinds of defensive driving opportunities.



From obstacle and agility courses...


...to simulated urban warfare environments...


...to railroad car situations...Xe has you covered!


And shooting ranges? Dozens of 'em! One more stop at the motor pool before we bid goodbye...


Two more APCs.

It is chilling to me to see this kind of facility in the hands of a for-profit corporation. While American citizens are losing their rights daily- to the point of not even being able to own a gun, government's corporate partners are able to grow businesses that impose lethal force around the world for profit. And when you screw up...just change the name and keep right on going.

It's interesting to note that with layoffs and downsizing and unemployment at record highs in this country, Xe Services is expanding and hiring!


Magda Hassan
01-14-2010, 02:23 AM
Great post Bruce and great to see you back by the way :hello:
Yes, for profit private corporate war machines are chilling and obscene. Xi are now recruiting off shore as mercenaries are cheaper there and the profits even greater. Wonder how they live with themselves? But I understand they are not selected for their IQ/EQS and are often medicated.