View Full Version : Mehmet Ali Agca attempted assassin of Pope JP 2 seeks asylum in Croatia

Magda Hassan
01-28-2010, 05:34 AM
A Turkish man responsible for shooting and injuring Pope John Paul II in 1981 is asking Croatia for political asylum, local media report.
Mehmet Ali Agca made the same plea to Italy and Spain, but was rejected. The two counties viewed him as a terrorist, Agca’s lawyer said. Agca refused to say whom he was working for when he attempted to murder the Pope. He has offered to do so in an interview for $3 million.
Agca served a 19-year sentence in Italy before being deported to Turkey. Once back in Turkey, he faced more jail time for killing a journalist in 1979. He was released on 18 January, and is now looking to call Croatia home, reports local media.
Agca was quoted in Croatian media saying, “Croatia is a Catholic country, and I am a Catholic. Jesus Christ was a prophet but not the Son of God as it says in the Bible we know. I am ready to write a new Bible and would love to do that in Croatia because Italy and Spain have refused to grant me asylum.”
Committing a serious, non-political crime prevents people from receiving asylum under the Croatian law. Croatian has granted asylum to 15 people since 2006.

Jan Klimkowski
01-28-2010, 07:27 PM
Um - holy shit.

As is the case with many other supposed assassins/patsies, eg Oswald, unpicking the tangled web cast by those running Mehmet Ali Agca is arduous, difficult and involves an inevitable degree of informed speculation.

Agca's target was of course Pope John Paul II. Given this, many people probably believe the claims that Agca was a Communist/Soviet agent, run at the operational level by the Bulgarian equivalent of the KGB, to be the most plausible. It is certainly possible.

The major alternative view is that Agca was run by Gladio elements. Here's wiki's not entirely accurate introductory overview to the claims that Gladio ran Agca:

Grey Wolves involvement
After training he went to work for the far-right Turkish Grey Wolves, who were at the time destabilizing Turkey, which led to a military coup in 1980. It has been claimed ultra-nationalist Grey Wolves were being used by the CIA. For instance, according to Kendal Nezan of the Kurdish Institute of Paris, they were infiltrated and manipulated by Gladio "stay-behind" networks, a NATO clandestine structure.[2]

On February 1, 1979 in Istanbul, under orders from the Grey Wolves, he murdered Abdi ?pekçi, editor of a major Turkish newspaper Milliyet. He was caught due to an informant and was sentenced to life in prison. After serving six months, he escaped with the help of Abdullah Çatl?, second-in-command of the Grey Wolves and a prominent Gladio operative, and fled to Bulgaria, which was a base of operation for the Turkish mafia. According to investigative journalist Lucy Komisar, Mehmet Ali A?ca had worked with Abdullah Çatl? in this 1979 assassination, who "then reportedly helped organize A?ca's escape from an Istanbul military prison, and some have suggested Çatl? was even involved in the Pope's assassination attempt". According to Reuters, A?ca had "escaped with suspected help from sympathizers in the security services".[3] Lucy Komisar added that at the scene of the Mercedes-Benz crash where Çatl? died, he was found with a passport under the name of "Mehmet Özbay" — an alias also used by Mehmet Ali A?ca.[4]


Gladio's primary MO is the false flag "Strategy of Tension".

Very loosely, this can be defined as the use and manipulation of primarily far right or extreme nationalist, but also occasionally far left, terrorist groups to commit atrocities, usually against civilians or left-wing governmental structures, with the aim of creating fear and terror. This fear and terror amongst the population is intended to lead ordinary people to demand more dictatorial and more militaristic law and order.

Coups in Greece and the 1980 Bologna railway bombing are typical examples of Gladio operations.

Search for Gladio on DPF to find a lot of information and resources.

Assassinating the "anti-communist Pope", John Paul II, and blaming it on the USSR, perfectly fits the Gladio MO.

Gladio networks have always had strong links with SMOM, clearly visible during the era of ratlines when Nazis were spirited out of Europe at the end of WW2. Croatian Ustaša elements were a key part of this.

In this light, Agca's attempts to seek political asylum in Croatia prompt a simple response from me.

Once more: holy shit.