View Full Version : Missionaries spread lies about Bolivia

Magda Hassan
02-08-2010, 12:10 AM
......because spreading the word about the truth and the light gives you the God given right to lie through your teeth.

"The Briles Family" are evangelical missionaries based in the USA with what seems like a normal stomping ground somewhere in Mexico. However, main man Chris Briles was recently in Bolivia and once back sent this report to his faithful that includes (http://brilesfamily.blogspot.com/2010/02/bolvia-report.html):

We must pray for Bolivia. The president does daily animal sacrifices in the Palace and he has had the Constitution re-written in a very socialistic manner. He is pushing a communist agenda and there is a lot of uncertainty about the future of the evangelical church.

Overall I found the people to be more reserved than most Latinos. They have a long history of witchcraft and pagan rituals that is intertwined and accepted in all society. For example, everyday the miners do an animal sacrifice to satan as permission to mine the silver. Also before construction of any structure begins there must be a sacrifice. The larger the building, the larger the sacrifice, up to and including human sacrifice. Look, we can argue the toss about "communist agenda". Also the constitution indeed has beeen re-written recently (and approved by the vast majority of Bolivians in a free democratic vote that got the full approval of international observers.....but lets not confuse the Briles too much with long sentences) and it does have a more social flavour.

But Evo Morales doing daily animal sacrifices?

Miners sacrificing to satan every day?

Human sacrifices for big buildings?

That's really a nasty case of making shit up, folks, as I haven't even heard this kind of difamation from Evo's worst enemies in the Santa Cruz region....people that want him dead and bought a lot of armaments for that very purpose don't even say these things about Evo. Also, miners have rituals yes, and one of them, occasionally, is to slaughter a cuy on site. But it's one of the cuy that was bred for food, would have shuffled off its mortal coil soon anyway and this does not happen every day...more like once a year to one guinea pig. As for human sacrifices for buildings, that's just silly. We could also talk looong talk about those "pagan rituals", which are in fact an integrated part of Andean Catholicism, or that Evo Morales is a practising Catholic himself. But that would be too much like analysis. I know there's no point whatsoever in tackling the Briles on these issues...you know how these bible-bashers are and these days I just don't engage the people that come a-knockin' on my door over the weekend (they get a simple and courteous "no gracias" and never get to tell me the good news about how much Jesus loves me). But I wrote this post to point out that:

1) the quality of information you receive on Bolivia (and South America in general) is rather shaky sometimes, and the mere fact that somebody visits a country does not make him an expert.

2) I really, really don't understand why people preaching the truth resort to outright lies and brainwashing propaganda to try and further their cause. The utter balderdash written by Chris Briles is a great example, but there are mountains of others from these people and from the history books back to (and probably beyond) the Inquisition period.Evangelical minister, missionary and self-important follower of Christ Chris Briles is a liar. As simple as that.