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Peter Presland
02-13-2010, 10:05 AM
English Translation of new Swedish 'Stop NATO' organisation pamphlet.

This is a cracking read - and scary with it. I defy anyone to read this and NOT see the relentless and ruthlessly determined push by the existing Western arbiters of REAL power dominated by the US Terror Industrial Complex, towards their much trailed 'Full Spectrum Dominance' and the enforcement of a 'New World Order'.

The full thing is over 8Mb but well worth it.

It prompted me to re-read that Harold Pinter acceptance speech again too. That is one Nobel Prize that really was deserved, though you'd struggle to find the speech anywhere in the Western MSM.

I've uploaded it with this and thoroughly recommend it to anyone who has not read it. (still pulished on the Nobel Site here aswell (http://nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/literature/laureates/2005/pinter-lecture-e.html).

Outpost in Kosovo, where Swedish troops serve under USA/NATO command.*


The “tyranny of small steps”
leading Sweden into the military alliance
In his 2005 Nobel Prize acceptance speech, Harold Pinter excoriated the U.S. empire and noted that it “now occupies 702 military installations throughout the world in 132 countries, with the honourable exception of Sweden, of course”.

Alas, he was misinformed about the honourable exceptionalism of Sweden. Around the same time that the mortally ill Pinter was video-recording his speech, an official of its Defence Ministry correctly observed that Sweden was already so deeply involved in USA/NATO that no one would be able to tell the difference if it were to formally become a member.

As yet, no U.S. military installation has been established within Sweden's borders, but that is hardly necessary. The Swedish armed forces are now almost completely incorporated into the USA/NATO system; and joint military exercises are carried out in the air, on the land and in the territorial waters of Sweden with increasing frequency. This past June, for example, a huge area of northern Sweden and adjoining Baltic waters were devoted to a war game that was dubbed “Loyal Arrow” and clearly aimed at Russia.

The process by which Sweden has been transformed from a comparatively independent nation with a strong peace tradition to just another vassal-state within the U.S. empire is the subject of “From Neutrality to NATO”, a review of the various large and small steps involved during the period from World War II to the present.

Although the focus is on Sweden, the process reflects some basic trends in Norden and Europe, including the ever-deepening crisis of social democracy and of democracy in general, the furtive methods used by USA/NATO to absorb additional member-states, the complicity of mainstream media, etc.

The PDF document* can be downloaded in its entirety or in four smaller parts via the following links:

Complete document (http://www.stoppanato.se/utred/steps/allsteps.pdf)
(8.2 MB)

Five separate documents
Part 1 (http://www.stoppanato.se/utred/steps/steps-1.pdf)(2 MB)
Part 2 (http://www.stoppanato.se/utred/steps/steps-2.pdf)(2 MB)
Part 3 (http://www.stoppanato.se/utred/steps/steps-3.pdf)(2.2 MB)
Part 4 (http://www.stoppanato.se/utred/steps/steps-4.pdf)(2.4 MB)