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Magda Hassan
03-09-2010, 02:36 AM
I hope you will forgive me for this post. In some ways it is not off topic as some might think. Things are getting rather tight and some in the know are getting "jumpie" and rather "nervous". In my little way I post this before the fact and in hopes of my protection: This section below was published some years ago and brought back to life a few months ago. It seems the Pentagon shooter's computer I.D. was associated with the xxxxx who posted the below article.

This was from a few years ago... I place it here for background as to El Toro and Col. Sabow's murder perhaps another reason as well as other matters pertaining to drugs on base via contract C-130's.

".... (parts of testimony to the Senate is still classified. The following is a rough recap of events before various details were classified and are found hidden in dark places of the public domain.)

Tosh Plumlee, one of the civilian pilots running guns for the U.S. government in the 1980s, has told this writer that he made a number of operationally approved trips to Latin America, trips that were described as “sanctioned drug interdiction operations.” These trips were approved by military intelligence personnel attached to the Pentagon, with CIA logistical support. They were made in total secrecy to the extent that other government agencies were not aware of the existence of these flights, or of the operation. The pilots were given a specific coded transponder number to squawk so their aircraft would not be challenged by U.S. Customs aircraft when patrolling the U.S. border.

When, in the 1980s, the 82nd and 101st Airborne were sent to Costa Rica for maneuvers, a great deal of weapons were sent with them. However, some of the weapons did not return to the United States and were later taken off the books by the military, marked as either lost or destroyed and reported to the Government Accounting Office as such. Plumlee and other pilots have testified to Congress that they were working for a secret U.S. military intelligence operation that clandestinely sent them from the United States to bring back the so-called damaged and disappeared weapons for retrofitting and repair.

When the weapons were repaired and tested at China Lake and Twentynine Palms, in California, they were staged and once again flown back from El Toro Marine Air Base to Latin America, via Mexico, to be supplied to the Contras, the American-financed rebel group seek- ing to overthrow the Sandinista regime in Nicaragua.
The aircraft used by this group were designated as “cutouts” and certified as belonging to the U.S. Forest Service’s air- craft fleet, but they were controlled by U.S. military intelligence, and contracted by civilian operators for whom Plumlee and other pilots worked. These pilots used secret air bases in Costa Rica, as well as on the notorious John Hall Ranch, as unloading and staging areas for the illegal weapons. They also used hidden runways in Costa Rica and El Salvador, controlled by the drug cartel, which then allowed them to bring into the United States drugs on the return trips.

These flyways and airstrips were secretly recorded by undercover flight crews and reported to various government interdiction agencies in the United States. In 1986, an early operation known by the code name, “Penetrate,” was shut down because of the politically explosive Iran-Contra matter. In 1990, however, there was still a covert weapons operation – detailed above – that continued to fly weapons to Latin America, mostly to Bogota, Columbia, which allowed the group to bring back illegal drugs into the United States via Mexico. These flyways and staging areas in Mexico were duly noted by undercover pilots and passed on to CIA and DEA personnel. According to Plumlee, an American DEA agent from Guadalajara, Mexico, by the name of Kiki Camarena, was killed because of his knowledge concerning the “CIA-Mexico” thing, as it was widely known among the covert civilian pilots.
Plumlee states that the word being spread from military personnel at El Toro through his group was that Col. Sabow had discovered illegal flights coming into El Toro Marine Air Base at 2 or 3 a.m., obviously carrying illegal contraband, and that he intended to blow the whistle. He had also heard that Col. Sabow was going to be relieved of his duties because of his intention to report the drug shipments.
Plumlee is convinced that Col. Sabow was murdered to silence him.

It is highly probable that Col. Sabow became aware of the night flights into El Toro, as his base housing was on the landing flight path. A serious hitch in the operation came when a new loadmaster assigned to El Toro complained about the unregistered planes landing at night and demanded that they be registered, but a senior officer ordered him to shut up and to stop insisting on registration. The loadmaster complained to the inspector general, which prompted the IG to come to El Toro for an investigation.

Dr. Sabow believes the inspector general was making an effort to force the officers under suspicion to resign for the good of the Corps. But because Col. Sabow knew he was clean so far as drug shipments were concerned, instead of quietly accepting the accusations, he planned to insist that a court martial be convened in order to clear his name. He was willing to expose the operation that sent American weapons into Latin America on American cargo aircraft, and he would prove that he had no hand in bringing illegal drugs into the country on return trips.
Sally Sabow, Col. Sabow’s wife, has told her brother in law that the day before her husband was killed, a senior officer had walked into Col. Sabow’s home, and, dur- ing a conversation overheard by her, she saw the officer shaking his finger in Col. Sabow’s face, shouting, “You will never go to a court martial". ...".

A repost by Tosh Plumlee (note: just to give you boys a little something to loose sleep at night.., I know where you are... SO, " lets rumble". It looks like, you guys are going to be working late these next few weeks. Remember Poinsettia? "Your Branches Speak to me of Love---- Pale moon casting Shadows from above". Come Back? )

Phil Dragoo
03-23-2010, 06:01 AM

I just found this site and read the home page. Fascinating stuff.

I had given several computer discs (a common medium in 2000) to an aide of Duncan Hunter regarding former Ranger Ted Maher held until 2007 in Monaco in the suspicious death of billionaire Edmond Safra.

The judge Hullin admitted the verdict was decided before trial.

The death was said to clear the sale of Safra's Republic Bank to HSBC for ten billion in the week following. His widow's share was three billion.

An Israeli radio journalist told me Banca del Gottardo maintained a branch in the lobby of Safra's penthouse where he died; that Banca del Gottardo was used by Pavel Borodin to buy new towel bars for the Kremlin from Home Depotski.

Borodin was arrested in New York January 17, 2001, on arrival (headed for Bush's Innaugural) on Swiss extradition, bailed by Putin for three million.

The Kennedy biographer Laurence Leamer called me for a copy of the Monaco fire report. He listened and scoffed at my suggestion Safra's death was deemed convenient for the Russian mafia by some.

I said so you are an anticonspiratorialist, believing there was no second gun in the Ambassador the night Robert Kennedy was shot--like Dan Moldea.

He surprised me--"Oh, Dan Moldea is a very good friend of mine."

Colonel Sabow's death would be all to familiar to John Carman former Customs whistleblower and his supporter and former Customs whistleblower now Democrat primary candidate for U.S. Senate in Kentucky, Darlene Fitzgerald Price.

It's clearly murder and there's no statute of limitations.

David Guyatt
03-23-2010, 04:34 PM
Phil, I'd be more than interested if you were to start a Safra thread. I remember the sale to HSBC and the fact that after his suspicious death the agreed price of the sale dropped to $9.5 billion (what's an odd half a bil. between friends).

The bit about Banco del Gottardo is also very interesting. I forget the background to Gottardo now but I have come across it several times before during research I conducted on the black gold market and have some original documentation connected to laundering gold through it (all now in storage).

Linda Minor
03-23-2010, 06:55 PM
The Los Angeles Times
EL TORO, Calif. — The Marine Corps on Wednesday removed the commanding general of the Western air bases from his post and reassigned him to Virginia amid an investigation into the general's use of base planes for personal purposes.
"This action was deemed necessary to ensure a fair and thorough investigation and to preserve the efficient and orderly functioning of the commands," officials from Marines Corps Headquarters said in a prepared statement.
The decision to remove Brig. Gen. Wayne T. Adams, 51, from his post at the
Marine Corps Air Station at El Toro, Calif., came less than a month after the
Los Angeles Times detailed five flights taken by Adams on a Marine-owned C-12 Beechcraft that raised questions about his use of base planes.
Named as a temporary replacement for Adams was Brig. Gen. Harold W. Blot,
assistant commander (rear) of the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, based at El Toro.
Blot was out of the state Wednesday and could not be reached for comment.
Adams was said to be in Washington, D.C., or on his way back to California
and also was unavailable to discuss the reassignment.
Lt. Col. Ron Stokes, a spokesman for the Marine Corps in Washington, said
that "basically, Gen.-Adams is being assigned as a special assistant" to the commanding general of the Quantico command, Lt. Gen. Ernest T. Cook Jr. "His specific duties have not been determined."
Adams suspended two of his top aides in January after allegations centering on their own use of the Beechcraft for golfing jaunts around the country.
One of the aides, Col. James E. Sabow, killed himself as the Inspector General's Office in Washington investigated the case. But just three months before disciplining Sabow and Col. Joseph E. Underwood, then chief of staff at El Toro, the Times investigation found, Adams had ordered a base plane to shuttle him between the El Toro Air Station and a Marine lodge at a Southern California mountain resort during a combination military inspection and vacation with his fiancee.
En route to a military convention in Virginia, Adams had flown a 552-mile side trip to Florida during a tropical storm in the C-12 turboprop and signed a divorce decree. He also met his fiancee in Washington state after flying there on a training mission and spent a weekend with a friend and golf partner in Pennsylvania during another training exercise.
Moreover, he ordered a plane to pick him up from the suburban Burbank Airport, just north of downtown Los Angeles, after a family emergency in 1987
and to fly him to the air station at Yuma. Adams, a 28-year veteran of the Marine Corps, has defended the trips as proper, paying he was getting in flight time at the controls of an aircraft. Military officials have said that all of the flights raise questions about the mix of business travel and personal flights. Such a mix is strictly prohibited by military guidelines.
--European Stars and Stripes - May 10, 1991
Pacific Stars and Stripes - May 16, 1994
Investigation of apparent suicide death reopened
CORPS AIR STATION ,CA —The military has reopened the investigation into the death of a Marine colonel amid allegations that he was killed and did not commit suicide. Two previous inquiries by the military found that Col. James E. Sabow shot himself in the head with a shotgun after being suspended for allegedly using base planes for golfing jaunts and other improper trips. His family denied he did anything wrong and speculated that he was killed because of information he had on drug trafficking at the base. An expert hired by the family said blood found in Sabow's lungs showed that he didn't die immediately, as would have happened with a shotgun blast in the head, indicating a possible prior head blow.

Magda Hassan
04-06-2010, 01:59 PM
Please post here or I also have email address for John Uldrich
A Team Sabow request:

Am working on a specific news article dealing with the request this week -- made by the Secretary of the Air Force -- that nine state governors agree to give up two each of their Air National Guard C130’s. This request (order) is ostensibly to create a new squadron of C130’s to be based in Arkansas.

I am trying to determine if there are any historical dots to be connected back to MCAS El Toro and Colonel Sabow’s death and the Mena Airport in Arkansas. As there is a tremendous amount of research that links the CIA-DEA-Barry Seals-C123’s-C130’s to the CIA ‘conversion’ of ‘aviation assets’ via the ‘cut-out’ process – modifying the aircraft in such a manner that it comes out of the Mena facilities re-certified under a new set of papers – sold or placed into questionable operations such as drug running and weapons transport – drugs coming north – weapons going south.

If you are not familiar with this situation and location, Google-up “Mena Airport – Arkansas” and go to the fourth post on the first landing page (The Crimes of Mena). This article, written for the Washington Post, was killed 12-hours be being run.

The response to the article by the London paper is interesting – and should also be taken note of.

Any thoughts – any source – much appreciated and confidentiality will be observed if so requested.

John Uldrich