View Full Version : Disparity Of Wealth Now The Only Real Issue

Don Jeffries
03-13-2010, 10:41 PM
While the republicrats argue over such things as "In God We Trust" and prayer in school, EVERY person with a public forum ignores the overriding issue of our time. Wealth continues to be shifted towards a very small minority of plutocrats (maybe 1% of the population), with another 20% or so compensated very, very well in return for managing the sordid, monstrous mess. Meanwhile, 80% of Americans struggle from paycheck to paycheck (or from unemployment and/or homelessness). The situation is shameful.

EVERY crucial issue; health care, social security- you name it, is tied to the simple reality that the vast majority of our citizens do not make enough income to meet the costs of living. Yearly raises- where they exist- do not keep up with the rising costs of everything. It's so simple, and so obvious. Yet, why is no one even mentioning it? The debates about all these other issues are futile, if the crucial question of wages vs. cost of living isn't addressed. There are only two solutions; either wages must be significantly raised for all workers, or the costs of everything all workers need in order to survive must be cut drastically.

I have long proposed that the minimum wage be tied to a maximum wage. For every company employing a certain number of workers, the highest total compensation package (not merely income- the rich are notorious for not factoring in their six figure bonuses and other perks) at a given firm should not exceed, say, 20 times the lowest compensation package. So, if you're going to pay your CEO a million dollars a year, then your housekeeping crew is going to have make at least $50,000. That's just one possible solution.

Huey Long is my political hero. I urge you all to listen to, or read his speeches. They are incredible. No politician before him had ever proposed such radical actions, and no one has since. This man was advocating a 30 hour (or possibly less) work week in the mid-1930s! He must be whirling in his grave over the tragic fact that so many are forced to work two jobs just to make ends meet now. Huey's "share the wealth" proposals were actually detailed and well thought out. They made sense then. They make sense now. Why should Bill Gates, or any other individual, have over $50 billion? Think how many families that could save from divorce, forceclosure and bankruptcy. There is no reason why any person can't make do on a given, maximum amount (say $25 million). More importantly, there is no reason why any person should not have a place to live or food to eat.

Without the pressure Huey Long placed on FDR, I'm convinced that we would never have had such things as the 40 hour work week, sick and vacation leave, pensions, etc. I used to be more libertarian overall, but I'm now convinced that, left to their own devices, big business leaders would still be working children in the mines and mills, and would not be giving any of the unwashed masses who toiled for them a aingle fringe benefit.

We often hear it said, by enemies of reform, that we can't have "class envy," or "class warfare." I would suggest that the rich declared war on the rest of us a long, long time ago, and that, given the situation, we are all quite justified in being envious of them. Left and Right "debates" are bread and circuses; the reality is we have had a bloated bureaucracy for decades, and pay more than enough taxes. The problem is, we don't get anything substantive in return. With what we pay, we ought to have a first class national health care system, a first class national mass transit system and a fully funded Social Security System. Instead, we have an antiquated health care system that is an embarrassment, no national mass transit system, and a Social Security situation that is a ticking time bomb (when the boomers start to retire in large numbers, there will not be enough workers to pay for their benefits). Our leaders respond to these problems by accusing the timid and inactive Obama with doing "too much," and ignoring the obvious solutions to the Social Security mess- tax all income (right now, most citizens don't realize only the first $100,000 of income is taxed- a reverse graduated tax), and make all benefits means tested.

Nothing will be solved, as long as everyone with any influence (politicians, business leaders, journalists, entertainers) is wealthy. People act in their own self-interest, and everyone who can effect change in this country is in that top 20%. Thus, they aren't prone to the problems the 80% below them face, and will never enact the necessary reforms.

Okay, I've ranted long enough. I guess you can tell I don't like the rich.

Magda Hassan
03-13-2010, 11:47 PM
I agree Don. Let's eat the rich! Most definitely there is a class war though few talk of it or even recognise it since it is the rich that most are taught to identify with. Citizens may not make enough income to meet their needs but they produce enough wealth to carry every free loading parasite in the nation. The distribution of wealth is very uneven. The wealth is, in almost all cases with out exception, socially produced but privately owned and not by the producers. It amazes me that in this day and age the US still does not have a universal health care system. But social development is also uneven and there are organised attempts to prevent its progress. Michael Moore in his recent movie has also pointed out that for a nation that thinks it has a love of democracy there is precious little in the work place which more often than not resembles a dictatorship. I really hate the concept that a country is considered a democracy because they are 'permitted' to have an pretense of an election once every few years while every other part of their lives they have no say at all. Don't know much about Huey but he sounds like some one I'd like to know.

Peter Lemkin
03-14-2010, 08:55 AM
Now expunged on the internet elsewhere was a long, long post in which I said I thought there has only ever been ONE conspiracy in human history - that being the conspiracy of the rich and powerful over all others. This continuous conspiracy takes many forms, and its various hydra heads pop up all the time and everywhere as (for example): JFK, MLK, RFK, and thousand of other assassinations; Iran-Contra, Watergate and endless manufactured and hidden scandals; _______ war (just fill in the blank); bankster crashes, stashes and thefts - plus monetary manipulations; government overthrows; covert operations (why do you think they call it the 'company'?!); manipulation/control of the media - i.e. propaganda; control of all natural assets of value that are the common heritage and the assets of all by the few; deep political machinations and control mechanisms - voting is a joke, as is representative democracy when 1$ = 1 vote; faux and controlled investigations of malfeasance and any peek into any of the above; divide and conquer techniques; military and police to protect the Oligarchy, not the People; rascism, sexism, slavery - even economic slavery; wars of drugs; wars of terror; and endless other control mechanisms. Just isolated/connected little 'tips' of the same deep political/unethical never melting 'iceberg' floating in spacetime on Earth. Sadly. IMO :ridinghorse: There is of course slight [SLIGHT] advances and retreats of the battle lines between the top Oligarchy and the Plebs [sounds like classwar to me!] over time and in certain places. In the West we the Demos were moving our picket pins forward in the 60s and early 70s IMO and have been in steady retreat ever since. At the moment we all but a few seem to be at the edge of the abyss - we have no choice but to fight or be pushed over that abyss to our total and common deaths - dragging along this time - a new feature! - much of the other species with us - including the Oligarchy who think they are immune to destruction of the Environment and fouling of our own 'bed'. One can only hope that sentient beings are doing better on other Planets elsewhere in the Universe. IMO, things are looking VERY bad now, here on our Planet. Take it back! Now!

Paul Rigby
03-21-2010, 10:58 AM
I have long proposed that the minimum wage be tied to a maximum wage.

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