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Magda Hassan
03-24-2010, 11:57 PM
LittleSis is an involuntary facebook of powerful Americans, collaboratively edited by people like you.

We bring transparency to influential social networks by tracking the key relationships of politicians, corporate executives, lobbyists, financiers, and their affiliated organizations.


1-20 of 81 :: prev 1 (http://littlesis.org/lists?page=1) 2 (http://littlesis.org/lists?page=2) 3 (http://littlesis.org/lists?page=3) 4 (http://littlesis.org/lists?page=4) 5 (http://littlesis.org/lists?page=5) next (http://littlesis.org/lists?page=2) Name Count Description United States (http://littlesis.org/list/79/United_States) 47787 People and organizations with significant influence on the policies of the United States. All members of Congress since 1981 (http://littlesis.org/list/41/All_members_of_Congress_since_1981) 1384
Fortune 1000 Companies (2008) (http://littlesis.org/list/1/Fortune_1000_Companies_%282008%29) 1000 Fortune Magazine's list of the 1000 US companies with the largest published revenue figures. HCIU Congressional staffers turned healthcare lobbyists (http://littlesis.org/list/35/HCIU_Congressional_staffers_turned_healthcare_lobb yists) 506 This is a list of ex-staffers to members of Congress who are currently lobbying on behalf of healthcare interests. This list is built and maintained by members of the Health Care Investigative Unit (HCIU). Forbes Largest Private Companies (2007) (http://littlesis.org/list/7/Forbes_Largest_Private_Companies_%282007%29) 423 Forbes Magazine's list of large US private companies Philanthropy 400 - America's largest charities (2009) (http://littlesis.org/list/85/Philanthropy_400_-_America%27s_largest_charities_%282009%29) 400 Charities ranked by fund raising totals and compiled by the Chronicle of Philanthropy. The 400 Richest Americans (2008) (http://littlesis.org/list/5/The_400_Richest_Americans_%282008%29) 399 Forbes.com's list of the 400 Richest Americans Buffalo (http://littlesis.org/list/78/Buffalo) 368 Powerful individuals in Buffalo, NY, including business, political, and social leaders. Obama White House visitors (http://littlesis.org/list/77/Obama_White_House_visitors) 250 People who have visited the Obama White House and met with top White House officials in small groups, or one-on-one. Obama Administration Officials (http://littlesis.org/list/23/Obama_Administration_Officials) 118 Top officials in the incoming Obama administration Chamber of Commerce board members (http://littlesis.org/list/63/Chamber_of_Commerce_board_members) 116
Chamber Association Committee of 100 Leadership (http://littlesis.org/list/69/Chamber_Association_Committee_of_100_Leadership) 113
Attendees of Ted Kennedy's funeral (http://littlesis.org/list/49/Attendees_of_Ted_Kennedy%27s_funeral) 106
Forbes Midas List 2009 (http://littlesis.org/list/58/Forbes_Midas_List_2009) 100 100 top Venture Capitalists ranked by Forbes in January 2009 NEWSMEAT Power Rankings (http://littlesis.org/list/75/NEWSMEAT_Power_Rankings) 100 Among the most famous and powerful Americans, whose campaign contributions result most often in victory? The Hill's Top Hired Guns (2008) (http://littlesis.org/list/19/The_Hill%27s_Top_Hired_Guns_%282008%29) 89 The Hill's list of the best lobbyists in Washington. Health Care Directors (http://littlesis.org/list/57/Health_Care_Directors) 73
Bush II Administration Officials (http://littlesis.org/list/3/Bush_II_Administration_Officials) 70 High-level officials in the George W Bush administration Obama's New Team (NYT) (http://littlesis.org/list/21/Obama%27s_New_Team_%28NYT%29) 70 The New York Times' list of Obama appointments and potential appointees. The Bubble Barons (http://littlesis.org/list/88/The_Bubble_Barons) 66 American multi-billionaires who saw astronomic gains in wealth during the housing bubble. Culled from Forbes 400 wealthiest Americans lists.